Light Spirit Epic Chapter 149: Westworld


Chapter 149: The Chapter of the West (Beginning) Exploring the Ancient Capital (Part 1)

The next day, Arthur woke up to find it was noon.

“Why didn’t you call me?!” Arthur hurried out of the bedroom.

The sun was shining outside, and it was a beautiful day. Arthur saw Bedivere and Tristan practicing swordsmanship outside the house, and the boys were sweating profusely.

“But, Arthur was so tired yesterday, so he planned to let you rest for a while.” Bedivere stopped and said. (At the same time, Tristan’s wooden sword slapped Bedi on the head.)

“Damn! Didn’t I tell you earlier that we should leave early today for the Camelot Ruins?!” Arthur said angrily, “What if you set off late and end up at night?”

“Then… why don’t you go? Have a good rest for a day, and tomorrow—–“

Before Bedivere could finish speaking, Arthur received a heavy punch on the head.

“Ow. Don’t knock, knocking so much will make you stupid.” The werewolf boy protested.

“You’re already an idiot. Maybe you’ll get smarter if you knock a few more times.” Arthur sarcastically said, “I changed my clothes and ate lunch and left immediately.”

“Arthur, you haven’t eaten anything yet——“

“My portion has been eaten long ago.” Arthur pointed to a table for lunch (breakfast) that was swept away in the room.

“Speaking of which,” Bedivere asked while chewing the bread hard, “Arthur, you drank the dragon’s blood again, aren’t you afraid of another problem?” trembling.

“I’ve already asked Greenway for her opinion. She also said that I will drink the right amount of dragon blood if my body can handle it.” Arthur said, and then he suddenly remembered and Greenway. There was a subtle look on his face about his son’s engagement.

“Huh?” Tristan captured the momentary expression on Arthur’s face, and he suddenly thought he had figured out something, so he smiled strangely.

“Okay, we’re done.” Bedivere devoured his lunch, then picked up his equipment and stood up.

“Don’t waste food, eat the carrots in your bowl.” Arthur said coldly.

“Aren’t you in a hurry?!” Bedivere couldn’t help laughing.

“That’s why I want you to hurry up.” Arthur said.

“Beddie, it’s not good to always be picky eaters, you won’t grow taller like this.” Tristan said with a sneer.

“What’s the matter with you pretending to teach me a lesson, but you keep putting green beans in my bowl?!” the werewolf boy said angrily.

“It’s so noisy, I’m allergic to green beans, there’s nothing I can do about it,” said the murloc prince.

“This kind of crappy lie can’t believe you!” Bedivere angrily exclaimed.

Then Arthur rewarded the two teenagers with a fist.

“If you don’t eat quickly, I’ll put these radishes and green beans in your noses!” he said angrily, making a ‘wipe neck’ gesture.

It’s two o’clock in the afternoon.

“Oh, it’s finally here.” Patrick the Platinum Griffon was waiting at the entrance of the library, “Stinky boy, bit me yesterday and my arm is still hurting. I’ll ask you for the account later. .”

“We’ll talk about it later. Can I go in now?” Arthur said nonchalantly.

“Come in. Leon Dickens is waiting for you.” Platinum Griffin made way.

When Arthur and his party walked over, Arthur suddenly opened his mouth to the platinum griffin in a mischievous manner, making a “bite” gesture. Griffin jumped back in fright, and Bedi and Tristan, who were following behind Arthur, couldn’t help laughing.

After walking a long way in the damp and musty passage, everyone went deep into the ground, and the surrounding space became dry and comfortable. The Grand Duke of Lyon Dickens was waiting in front of a huge door.

The Celestial Knight looks very good. Except for the bandage on his right hand, he can’t use it temporarily. No matter how he looks, he doesn’t look like he just experienced the battle of life and death yesterday.

“Grand Duke Leon Dickens, have you got your hand?” Arthur greeted.

“It’s done, Greenville said that it will heal in about a month, so don’t worry about it.” Celestial Knight Leon Dickens laughed, “Now, come in.”

Like inviting guests into his home, Leon Dickens gently pushed open the ancient door with his left hand, and what came toward the crowd was the smell of old books and wood.

This huge underground structure seems to have a very long history, and the destruction of the first imperial capital Camelot has accelerated its decline. But the library is guarded by some kind of magic, and although it is dilapidated, it is not damp and moldy.

“There…isn’t there any monsters living in here?” Tristan asked in a low voice, shrinking behind Bedivere.

“The library is protected by an enchantment, so monsters can’t get in.” The Celestial Knight said.

“So… Grand Duke, you turned out to be the manager of the Black History Library in the first capital?” Arthur asked tentatively.

“Black History Library? No!” Leon Dickens laughed as if he had heard some funny joke, and his laughter echoed in the silent and empty library.

“This so-called black history library is just superficial. The really important things are buried here and below. I don’t manage any library, I only manage [that place]. This is The responsibility and mission of my family passed down from generation to generation.”

Arthur seems to have heard this rumor too. It is precisely because of a certain “mission” that the Lyon Dickens family has been able to prosper.

“Is that so?” Arthur replied calmly. From the weight of the other party’s words, it can be seen that it may be a very important [mission], so he decided not to go into it, pretended not to care, and just passed it on.

“Huh? Don’t you want to know what that is?” The Grand Duke of Leon Dickens asked when Arthur didn’t take the bait.

“Don’t tell me. I don’t want to know.” Arthur said, “I just came here to find a book, and I’ll leave when I find it. As for what’s buried deep in this place, I’ll leave it to those who Let’s worry about playing with the big figures in the government and politics. A small citizen like me, who has no connection with politics, doesn’t want to touch the darkness of this country.”

“Hmph, do you think it’s a secret weapon or something?” Celestial Knight Leon Digens sneered, “You guessed wrong. It’s not a dirty and ugly murder weapon. That is The ancients left us mankind, the greatest legacy. Borrowing the power of that can even change the world in an instant——“

“I said it just now, I don’t want to know.” Arthur interrupted hurriedly when he saw something wrong.

“Huh, you will know when you should know.” Leon Dickens saw that the fish didn’t bite the hook, and threw out a new fact: “When you finally defeat Palinlor, Come find me here again. Then I will tell you everything. The secrets of this place, and what your father Uther Pantoracken has always guarded.”

“Is it my father again?” Arthur said absently, he thought it was really despicable that Leon Dickens used his father to whet his appetite, “You say it as if he used nuclear fusion to blow up the entire building. The imperial capital is not to protect the fleeing people, but to protect the ‘thing’ buried deep in the ground here.”

The Celestial Knight Leon Dickens sighed and said mysteriously, “Arthur, Arthur, do you really think Uther blew himself up to cover the fleeing people? If you think so… …. your idea is too stupid and naive!”

Arthur stared at Leon Dickens in surprise, as if he had been stabbed hard with a dagger.

(This is not true.)

“My father used nuclear fusion to cover the crowd who escaped from the city at that time. My father was to protect me, who was running away from the crowd at that time.” Arthur insisted.

(No! Don’t speak ill of my father!)

“Uther is not as great as you think. He just fulfilled his mission as a celestial knight. The only reason he blew up Camillo was to avoid [that] underground here. into the hands of the enemy.” The Duke of Leon Dickens sneered,

“He himself only intends to fight until the last moment to launch the nuclear fusion technique. The timing of the nuclear fusion technique has nothing to do with the fleeing people.——I know what kind of person Uther is, he does not Why don’t you pay attention to the life and death of the fleeing people!”

“If you didn’t run away in time, you might have been involved in the explosion of nuclear fusion. I’m afraid there will be no son like you who admires his father like a hero.

Please, this is not a novel. Do you think such a vulgar plot will appear in reality? ‘ Lyon Dickens said coldly, ‘It’s cruel, but it’s the truth. This is the [black history] that was dusted in the ruins of the imperial capital. “

Arthur stopped talking. He could not refute, and he was powerless to refute. There was something slowly crumbling inside him and he felt an indescribable grief.

(It’s not me that my father guards with his life, but some stupid thing buried deep in the ground here.)

(Has he really loved me?)

(Or, like when you abandoned your mother, you actually abandoned me long ago?)

(Am I just a burden to him?)

“Arthur, Arthur?” Bedivere shook the dazed Arthur.

“…Uh, uh? What’s wrong?” Arthur asked, coming back to his senses.

“I found it! There is a very old and very old book hidden in the dark room. I think that is the second volume of “Secrets of the Holy Sword War” you are looking for.” Bedivere said.

“Understood, here we come.” Arthur said, following Bedivere away.

The Celestial Knight, Leon Dickens, looked at Arthur’s back.

(Yes, cast away your kindness and become ruthless, King. Only then, Pantoracken… no, can humanity be saved.)

Leon Dickens looked at the back of the orc boy again.

(You kid is the culprit who made the king weak. One day he will get rid of you, and the king himself will get rid of you.)

Only by discarding the last ounce of kindness will the king become the real king. Leon Dickens was so convinced at the time.

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