Light Spirit Epic Chapter 145: Come back to the wounded first


Chapter 145: The Second Coming to the Scar (Part 2)

Arthur led the crowd through the ruins, and in less than a minute, he came to a large pool.

The remnants of the building are surrounded by lush green bushes, and among the ruins, there is such a vibrant pool.

“Sure enough. This should be the ruins of the Imperial City Bathhouse. Although the explosion razed the entire Imperial City, the underground water supply line was not affected.” Arthur said, “The waterway has been seeping out, and it has been drained for decades. It has become such a small lake.”

“Uh, there aren’t any monsters in the lake, right?” Tristan looked at the lake worriedly. The black water looked bottomless.

“No, don’t worry,” Arthur said. “Oh, what is that?” He pointed to somewhere in the lake.

“Where—wow!” Tristan was kicked into the lake by surprise.

“Ugh, I hate you, Arthur!” Tristan stood up, wiped the water from his face, and said angrily.

Then he discovered that the pool was only waist-deep. He couldn’t help blushing at the foolish worry before.

“Quick wash, wash off the blood on your armor, we have to hurry.” Arthur said ruthlessly.

“Hmph, I’m really sorry for dragging you down!” Tristan said angrily while rinsing his armor with water.

“Uh… I’m so sorry for this.” Bedivere smiled embarrassedly.

“Why did Brady apologize? After all, it wasn’t because of Arthur that it was so troublesome.”

“Tristan, behind you!!!!” Arthur suddenly yelled.

“Hmph, are you trying to lie to me again? No way! Your lies are lame enough, isn’t there a monster in such a shallow pool——“

Before he could finish speaking, Tristan’s leg was caught by something, and he was pulled into the air.

“Come out, there’s an octopus monster!!!” Tristan exclaimed, and in front of him was a deep sea troll more than ten feet tall! Its countless tentacles are waving in front of Tristan!

“Aren’t you joking?” Bedivere pulled out a lighted arrow and shot it at the troll’s head. This time, he was afraid that the arrow would explode for no reason, so he deliberately left Tristan far away to launch it.

But it was useless. The output of the light arrow was lower than expected at the critical moment. The light arrow disappeared before hitting the monster.

“Useless guy!” Arthur rushed over, slashed the troll’s tentacles with a sword, and rescued Tristan. “Swim back to shore!”

“What about you?!”

“I–do this!” Arthur raised the King’s Sword and slapped the water hard!

The lake water was split in an instant, making way for a road covered with silt!

“Okay, okay, I’m shocked.” Tristan was stunned.

“What the hell?! Run!!!!” Arthur shouted, dragging Tristan to the shore. They ran so fast that they swept away the sluggish deep-sea trolls in no time.

“What’s wrong with that guy?” Arthur looked back, and the troll was still chasing slowly behind him, “It’s too far from the deep-sea troll we fought before. Is this really the same one?”

After finally waiting for the deep-sea trolls to come ashore, they can fight with peace of mind on the shore. The knights who thought so were full of energy and raised their swords to fight.

Countless tentacles attacked. However, the troll’s attack was disappointingly monotonous. Arthur easily avoided the first wave of attacks and rushed over immediately. The blow of the king’s sword immediately cut the troll in half.

The baby octopus flopped on the ground for a moment and died.

Arthur looked at the octopus on the ground that returned to its original shape, “It really isn’t the one I fought before. This so-called “deep-sea troll” just mutated by absorbing Camilo’s exotic photons Octopus.”

(However, why do marine octopuses appear in cities?)

“But, it really looks exactly the same -” Bedivere said.

“No. There are subtle differences in the colors, you’re just too flustered to see it.” Arthur carefully looked at the octopus corpse on the ground and analyzed, “The most important evidence is that this guy hasn’t experienced much combat. , the attacks are very simple. The previous deep-sea trolls are much more difficult to deal with than this fake.”

“What I’m more concerned about is whether the deep sea troll came from the same way before.” Tristan said, “For example, there was a war in a certain deep sea, and some ancient people used it again. The ultimate magic, similar to nuclear fusion, makes photons heterogenize somewhere on the seabed——“

“It is indeed possible. But it doesn’t make any sense to think about it now.” Arthur said, “We still have a dark history library to look for, so we should continue on our way——“

“There’s no need for that anymore,” Bedivere said. “Arthur, look at that!”

The pool where we fought just now showed numerous cracks due to the destruction of the battle. The water gradually slipped through the cracks, eventually revealing a secret door at the bottom of the pool.

Bedivere recognizes the secret door. The design was identical to the doors they had seen in the Dark History Library of the Second Empire.

“Is there an entrance to the Black History Library hidden in the basement of the large bath? This is a wonderful idea.” Arthur said, walking over and swinging his sword to open the door.

(Isn’t moisture the enemy of books?)

The dark tunnel seems to lead all the way to the depths of the earth, and a strong musty smell comes from the bottomless place.

“Do you really want to run into this kind of place?” Tristan asked, covering his nose. In fact, he was very reluctant to enter such a damp and moldy place. “Maybe it has become a monster’s lair?”

“They must have secretly moved the library out of here after the First Empire was destroyed.” Arthur checked the scratches on the ground, “and part of the library was left behind. Why is that? .”

“Because some of the books are already damaged, they are not suitable to be moved around.” A voice in the sky said.

“Who?!” Arthur and his party raised their weapons immediately.

A huge body with dazzling brilliance, the upper body is a silver eagle body, and the lower body is a golden lion body, [Platinum Griffin], descended from the sky and landed gracefully.

“To find this place so quickly, that guy Leon Dickens is right, you are indeed a dangerous character.” Platinum Griffin said, full of arrogance.

“Who are you?——You know the Grand Duke of Leon Dickens?” Arthur asked.

“You’ll know the answer soon, Knight Arthur.” Platinum Griffin said, as if he was just passing on this meaningless question.

“…let me go there, I don’t have time to play quizzes with you,” Arthur said, trying to walk into the tunnel.

“Oh, that won’t work.” Griffin stood in front of Arthur, “Not yet.”


“Wait until you beat Leon Dickens tomorrow. Go in if you want, and I won’t stop you.” Platinum Griffin said coldly.

“If I have to go in?” Arthur said angrily, already raising the King’s Sword to attack.

“Then give it a try.” The Platinum Griffin said nothing.

As soon as he finished speaking, Arthur rushed forward with a single stride and stabbed at the head of the griffin. The tip of the sword hit the powerful shield and bounced off instantly.

What a tough shield!

Arthur rolled into the air with the force of the rebound, and drew several swords again, but he was still bounced off by the invisible strong shield!

So weird! The touch of the sword on the shield is very strange. It is not “blocked” by the shield, but “deflected”. The attack trajectory of the sword is changed by an invisible force in an instant, as if touching an extremely smooth surface. The plane slid away in an instant.

How on earth could such a shield be made? This made Arthur full of doubts.

He had to distance himself from the gryphon, and kept this distance on guard, “Oh, the rainbow-colored shield? How rare?”

Platinum Griffin also said with a sarcastic tone: “Oh, did you see the excess light from the shield at the moment when the attack was deflected? Boy, your dynamic vision is commendable.”

That seemingly completely transparent photon shield is actually composed of photons of very high purity. The sword tip and the shield collided, and in just one hundredth of a second, a rainbow-colored excess light splashed.

Arthur had never seen or even heard of this shield magic. But he can be sure that this is definitely a very powerful shield that cannot be easily broken.

Realizing this, Arthur realized that as long as the platinum griffins were consciously defending, they would not be able to break through the griffon’s shield even if it took days and nights. Continuing on is just a waste of time.

“Hmph, that’s boring.” Arthur put his sword in the sheath, then turned and walked away, “I’ll settle the account with you tomorrow after I beat Leon”

“I’ll just look forward to it.” Platinum Griffin sneered arrogantly.

“Arthur?” Bedivere looked at Arthur, who had returned in disappointment.

“Let’s go, let’s leave the ruins of the imperial capital for a distance before teleporting home.” Arthur said.

“But——” Bedivere had to trot to keep up.

“You still don’t understand?” Arthur whispered after walking away, “That guy dared to use such advanced protection magic in an area full of heterogeneous photons, proving that his control over photons is How ingenious. That is the insurmountable strength gap between the epic photonic creatures and us mortals, and this gap cannot be caught overnight.”

“But, are we going to go there for nothing?” Tristan said dissatisfied.

“No,” Arthur said, “it’s worth the trip to meet such a rare species as the platinum griffin, and to find out the abilities of this guy.”

“I didn’t know you had such a strong interest in zoology before,” Tristan quipped.

“There must be some meaning to all of this.” Arthur said thoughtfully, “When we go back, we have to visit London’s dark history library again. I want to look up some materials.”

Tristan complained impatiently: “Want to accompany you on another trip to the muddy water? Well, I hope the tunnel dug before is still useful.”

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