Light Spirit Epic Chapter 1386: The ultimate battle is in the deep end


Chapter 1386 The ultimate battle against the hidden teeth (2)

Dragon Knight Doha’s eyes faintly revealed a murderous light in the darkness. Holding a sharp steel sword in his hand, he walked to the door step by step, and was about to push the door and come out to hunt down Chanel and Albert.

The dark elf girl’s hearing is very keen, so she can hear Doha’s every steady and slow step, and she can clearly know how far Doha is from them. When she pulled Albert to open the door of the storage room, Doha was probably about a yard away from the door of the VIP room, and was about to open the door soon.

What should I do? ! Running from here to the end of the corridor, there is absolutely no time to escape! Even if they run to death, they will definitely be seen by Doha. Albert and Chanel will inevitably have to fight the Dragon Knight Doha here, then their previous disguises will be exposed and everything will be for nothing!

If you don’t run away, it won’t work, their existence has been detected by the other party, and Doha is specifically looking for them with weapons! Standing still here, I can’t say anything, and it’s pointless to hide in the storage room. In short, how to hide and hide can only be waited for death!

The only way, only ——

Chanel’s mind turned in an instant, dragged Albert, and rushed into the closest room!

That’s right, it’s another room adjacent to the VIP room where they were in Doha. Of course, it was not used at this time, and the whole room was completely blackened. But this is exactly what the dark elf girl wanted. The moment she rushed in, she closed the door, pushed the tiger down on the sofa in the room, and started to take off Albert’s shirt!

“You, you, you, what do you want meow?!” Albert shouted in horror.

“Shh! Don’t make a noise! ​​Just cooperate with me!” Chanel lowered her voice, and then she tore off Tiger’s pants and pressed down heavily on Albert in total darkness, making a wrestling-like gesture. Inappropriate poses for children!

“Wow!” The tiger was stimulated and let out a strange cry.

“Oh—” Chanel also panted, reaching out and rubbing Albert’s body.

“Huh?” At this time, the dragon knight Doha just groped for the sound, pushed open the door of the unused pitch-black VIP room, and saw two shadows lingering on the sofa. In order to deceive Doha, Chanel even used more realistic acting skills to collide with the tiger with her lower body. When the dragon knight raised his sword and looked at it with the faint light from the blade, the dark elf girl just stopped and turned her head to look at Doha innocently.

“Oh——” Dohama immediately (mis)recognized (would) what the two people in the dark room were doing, and immediately took a step back: “Sorry for disturbing you.”

Because this is a tavern of this nature. Even at noon, it is probably a common thing to have unbearable and lonely guests and waitresses looking for a place to vent. Influenced by this preconceived opinion, Dragon Knight Doha did not go into details, but withdrew with embarrassment and closed the door.

Dah, dah, dah, dah. The sound of Doha’s footsteps went further and further, and then there was the sound of the door opening and closing. He seemed to go back to their VIP room and continued drinking with Shiloma and others.

“Huh.” Chanel sighed, and finally got through again: “I just hope he didn’t see our faces clearly.”

“You take advantage of me every time…” Albert muttered in a low voice: “What are you waiting for? Get up, you make me feel so uncomfortable!”

Chanel rolled her eyes at the tiger: “Okay. Next, let’s go to the narcotics factory according to the address mentioned in Doha.”

She crawled up in the dark, but accidentally touched something wet and hard with her hand, and couldn’t help exclaiming: “What the hell?!”

“Uh…a little problem…” Albert faltered: “I might…need…change a pair of pants. …”

“Evil! Unbelievable! What kind of animals are you men!”

“Hey, you pressed on me just now, and you were groping everywhere!” Albert protested in a low voice: “A normal man would react, blame me?”

“Forget it, it’s stupid to die.” Chanel stayed away from Albert like she was hiding her dirty things: “I’ll go first. Come and join me after you’ve dealt with your [physical] problems. .I don’t know exactly where the drug factory is hidden, but I’ll try to find it and give you signs along the way.”

“Yes, be careful not to die.” Albert grabbed his crotch, got up, and walked towards the bathroom in the room.

Chanel also shook her head and pushed out the door, leaving Albert alone in the dark room.

At the same time, in a small combat conference room of the [Attack Palamidis] in the Stone Column Forest in the Red Sea in eastern Africa.

“Okay, okay, that’s it…” Bedivere painstakingly typed out the more than 10,000-word report, printed it out and handed it over to Gwen, the Knight of the Round Table: “This is , This time should be the final version… Please don’t change it again, I’m exhausted…”

“Hehe.” Duke Gwyn smiled lightly, picked up a red pen and began to circle the error on the manuscript. At first glance, he circled more than a dozen grammatical errors and typos: “I have to say, your language organization skills are at the level of elementary school students, Mr. Bedivere.”

“I’ve never been taught to read and write, I’m really sorry.” The werewolf youth mocked himself with a slight exaggeration.

“And the grammar is weird, why do you always have French grammar?”

“Because I grew up in the French countryside when I was young,” Bediveville replied in a low voice. He suddenly remembered the days when he was a child, thinking that his village was annihilated by the Fierce Fang, he fled to a small village on the French border and was adopted by his grandparents. A few years later, the village was also attacked by the Fierce Fang looting team and perished. Only Bedivere was left, who was rescued by Arthur, who was a fledgling.

“Mr. Bedivere?” Duke Gwynne’s words brought the brooding Bedivere back to reality: “Are you listening again? I mean, the sentence is wrong. It shouldn’t be [ Gwengreen’s reckless actions betrayed the team], but [the team was in danger because of Gwengreen’s reckless actions]. This is the most basic grammar, how can you even get this wrong? You Are you serious about writing a report?”

“Hey——” The werewolf youth scratched his head tirelessly, took a long sigh, and said straight to Duke Gwen: “To be honest, you really want me to report this report. Write to perfection? I’m really not that kind of stuff, I do things with a fist, not a pen. Can’t you just let me go and let someone else write this report, Lord Gwen?”

“That means you really don’t want to be a Knight of the Round Table, Mr. Bedivere?” A sneer appeared on the face of the middle-aged Knight of the Round Table: “Even if every Knight of the Round Table recognizes you, but If I don’t nod in agreement, you’ll still be disqualified from being a Knight of the Round Table. Is that okay?”

“Listen, Lord Gwynne.” Bedivere glared at Duke Gwynne and said, “I don’t know what you think. But I will never try to please you because I want to be a knight of the Round Table. Even if you Use that to force me to do what you want me to do, and I won’t listen to you anymore.”

Duke Gwyn smiled knowingly: “That’s what you said. You really don’t regret it?”

“No regrets.” Bedivere said solemnly.

Then the Knights of the Round Table accepted the report: “Okay, this is enough to write the report, you can go.”


“Hoohoo, I’m just kidding you, Mr. Bedivere.” The bearded knight of the Round Table stroked his beard down his jaw,” the knights of the Order of Great Britain who don’t write reports There are too many, and some are illiterate who have not even read the book. It is often the case that high-level knights are not good at writing reports to their lieutenants, so you don’t need to worry too much about such trivial matters.”

“You’re the one who’s bothering me…” Bedivere looked at Duke Gwyn depressedly.

Duke Gwyn smiled mysteriously and said nothing. At the same time, a figure rushed in outside the door, and as soon as he entered the door, he shouted at Bedivere: “Elaine! Go and save Elaine immediately, Mr. Bedivere!”

“Solar?” The werewolf recognized the other’s voice and turned to look. I saw the magic swordsman Solar, with a bandage wrapped around his head, rushing in panting and embarrassed. As soon as Solar saw another person in the room, Gwen, the Knight of the Round Table, he immediately put away his embarrassment and uttered a wonderful syllable: “f——“

“Look,” Gwen, the Knight of the Round Table, sarcastically interrupted the magic swordsman: “It’s rare that the famous magic swordsman Solar would have such a troubled moment.”

“Cough cough…” The magic swordsman cleared his throat and glanced calmly at Bedivere and Duke Gwen: “You…what are you doing here?”

“Writing a report for the last combat operation. And still forced.” Bedivere spit out his belly full of bitterness squinting at Duke Gwynne.

“I know, he likes to do it the most.” Solar replied casually. Then he thought about it, and became anxious again: “No! This is not the time! Mr. Bedivere, Elaine was taken by the traffickers! We have to go and save him immediately!”

“Yes, this is the same as I guessed.” The werewolf didn’t seem particularly surprised, “I knew when the medical staff brought you back from the comatose outside, something must have happened to Elaine.”

“It’s all my fault!” Solar couldn’t help but look embarrassed: “You clearly told me to take good care of Elaine, but I still lost the child!”

“No, you can’t blame it all.” Bedivere said, “Elaine is an adult after all, and he’s responsible for his own actions. You can’t watch 24 hours a day either. Him. If he can’t even take care of himself, what will he do in the future?”

Bedivere turned to Duke Gwynne and said, “Lord Gwynne, I have friends with Solar that need to be rescued. I’m sorry.”

“No.” The Knight of the Round Table stroked his beard with interest: “It seems interesting to save people. I’ll go with you.”


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