Light Spirit Epic Chapter 1381: Trapped in the deceitful way (53)


Chapter 1381 Trapped in the Bewildering Way (53)

Albert frowned. a week? The round table trial seems to have a long way to go. This arduous trial will definitely not end in a week.

If the [Great Hunting Festival] does take place in a week’s time, it means that Albert has to choose between the [Great Hunting Festival] and the [Round Table Trial], and there is no way to do both.

The Warcraft Hunters Association has very strict requirements for this annual [Great Hunting Festival]. All hunters who can participate must participate in this event compulsorily. After all, it is a major event of gathering the power of all hunters in the association and fighting the rioting army of monsters for life and death.

If there is any hunter who can participate in the [Great Hunting Festival] and deliberately does not go, no matter how high his status is in the association, the monster hunter’s license will definitely be revoked, and he will lose his qualification to become a monster hunter forever- —– will even be cast aside by his colleagues for life. This would be disastrous even for Albert.

But his withdrawal to participate in the [Great Hunting Festival] means that he must retire from the [Round Table Trial]. All the efforts he has made so far have all been in vain.

——What a joke!

Albert had hundreds of millions of insects gnawing in his heart. Fate really likes to tease him too much, and it’s been that way since a long, long time ago. As if all his efforts were in vain, all his suffering was in vain.

What should I do? !

“I know you will struggle, and I know you can’t make up your mind right now.” Castro looked at Albert and sneered cruelly and tenderly: “But I know you will eventually I came back to participate in the big hunting festival. Your destination is not the Knights of Great Britain, nor is it the rich and powerful world. Your destination will always be in the Dawn Region, in our Warcraft Hunters Association.

Remember the reward we got when we first went out to pick up a quest shortly after the Hunter Guild was founded? Two copper plates, hahaha. Simply a masterpiece. Just enough for one of us to buy a loaf of bread. However, you ate that piece of bread so deliciously that you almost wanted to grab another piece of bread from me and eat it. Al, I know you didn’t do this dangerous and thankless job for wealth and honor. Because the dawn area is your home, your destination, and you just want to protect it, right? “

Albert was speechless.

“I’m going back.” Vice President Castro saw that he had already explained what he wanted to explain, so he didn’t stay any more: “We will see you in Budapest in a week.”


lbs. The vice president closed the door and left. He’s never been the type to listen to what people have to say.

Albert is quite depressed, and there is one more thing to worry about.

And Mutter woke up at the same time, perhaps because Castro slammed the door too loudly as he left. The cat boy got up from the bed and rubbed his eyes: “Um…this is…?”

“Are you awake?” Albert tried his best to pretend to be natural, went to his bed and hid the document about Luf in his hand, “You little **** can really sleep, it cost me a lot of money. It took you all the way to carry you from the sand boat back to the hotel.”

“Uh, sorry.” The cat boy slowly got up: “Uh uh uh, all the muscles in my body hurt.”

Of course. After all, Mutter was poisoned and was in a state of powerful convulsions. Uncontrolled and excessively tensed muscles for a long time will strain tendons and tear muscle fibers during the tightening process. The sequelae it brings are no less than a knife and a fire.

“If you feel uncomfortable, just lie down for a while.” Albert advised: “I’m just going to take a bath, do you want to take a bath with me?”

Mutter’s face suddenly flushed: “You, are you an idiot.”

“I’m very serious.” The tiger said with a straight face: “Anyway, if you want to take a shower, you have to take off the bandage, right? After taking the bandage off, your hands and feet will become soft again. Can’t move, right? I think it’s better to throw you in the bath first, and then fish it out to dry after a while.”

“I’m not a puppet!” Mutter protested.

“Hahaha, it’s not a puppet, it’s a kitten.” The tiger went over to help the cat boy up and walked towards the bathroom: “My God. You really stink.”

Mutter blushed, but did not resist. Maybe he couldn’t stand the smell of sweat on his body and wanted to take a shower.

However, as soon as he stepped into the luxurious bathroom with one cat’s legs, he pushed Albert away with force: “Okay, you go out. I’ll wash first.”

“Huh!?” The tiger was quite dissatisfied: “Damn, you pretended to be exhausted just to monopolize the bathroom!”

“Perhaps.” Mutt closed the door with difficulty: “I’m going to take a shower, don’t break in, you pervert!”

Boom! The door was slammed down heavily, almost knocking Albert in front of the door.

“Damn!” Tiger grinned. His wishful thinking didn’t work out. Originally, he planned to take a bath as soon as possible to settle Mutter, so he went to Chanel to report the situation. Now that Mutter is awake, not only does it prevent Albert from taking a shower, but he must also stick to him all day long, making it inconvenient for him to talk to Chanel.

Have to figure out a way to put the kitten to sleep, and then take the opportunity to run away. But how exactly?

The tiger thought and thought, but had no idea. He couldn’t leave the suite at the moment, so bored, he had to go to the living room and turn on the TV to watch the show. Of course, he did not watch TV aimlessly. What he most wanted to see was, of course, the replay of the first knockout match of the round table trial yesterday.

Bediver vs. Logan the Mage, Palamides vs. Swordsman Syron, Seglade vs. Viscount Rusford–even Elaine the Ice Bear vs. Scimitar Moron The battle, Albert watched in fast-forward. When he looked at it, he felt drowsy, and when his eyelids were about to droop——

“Uh, Mr. Albert…?” A cat called from the bathroom: “Help, help!”

Albert, who was almost asleep, immediately got up on the sofa and scratched his head irritably: “That little idiot…”

He knew that Mutter would die alone in the bathroom.

Tiger walked to the bathroom and was about to push the door in, only to find that the bathroom door was locked.

“It’s just a shower, you still locked the meow door!” The tiger man youth was furious.

“I’m sorry! I just locked it!” Mutter’s voice came from the bathroom, sounding anxious: “Can you knock on the door and come in? I…I’m a little inconvenient. …..”

“Unbelievable!” Albert, who was almost jumping up in anger, took a step back. He aimed his right shoulder at the center of the bathroom door, got ready, and immediately charged towards the door!

Pounds! ! A crash made a loud noise. However, the impact of the tiger seemed to have no effect on the door at all. The seemingly fragile obsidian gilt door was unimaginably strong!

“Damn. Why do you use this hard thing to make a bathroom door!? I’m really afraid of a pervert breaking in, meow!?” Albert was anxious. He was about to get his Stormblade, trying to smash the bathroom door with one shot.

But he suddenly remembered that this luxurious suite is the most luxurious room in the Cairo Hotel, and the interior decoration is often priced in the millions. When the shotgun hits, those large-caliber steel **** will not only smash the door, but will also bomb everywhere, destroying the walls and some home decorations! Now that Father Sphinx treats Albert as a guest, he will let the tiger live here for free. But who knows when they turn their backs, will Daddy kick Al out of the suite? ——It was only then that I found out that the bathroom door was broken by a gun, and I asked Albert to accompany him, but Tiger couldn’t afford to sell himself 10,000 times!

Damn. The tiger man scratched his head. If you can’t force a breakthrough from the front, you can only invade the bathroom from the side. He cast his gaze towards the balcony. That’s right, if you climb over from the balcony, you can indeed go around to the other side of the bathroom and enter through the floating deck exposed in the bathroom.

The problem is just height. Tiger ran to the edge of the balcony, glanced down, and shivered. From here, you can see the invincible sea view of the Mediterranean Sea about a thousand feet below, and you can also see the crowds moving like ants on the coast. Falling from here is no joke, even with Albert’s physique, he will definitely fall to pieces (in fact, anyone who can’t fly will fall to pieces).

But the balcony and the bathroom float are only two yards apart, which is the kind of distance that you can jump over casually. In addition, there is a protective cover outside, even at such a high-rise, the wind is not too strong. No problem, just jump.

Albert climbed onto the balcony railing and made a great leap!

Clap! He reached out and grabbed the guardrail of the floating counter in the opposite bathroom.

Hoo! ! ——However, the surrounding wind suddenly became stronger, which startled Albert. The range that the protective cover can cover is actually very limited. It is half a yard away from the balcony, and the protective cover cannot block the storm outside!

Going to fall! ! Albert was almost blown away by the strong wind, but he was well-trained and adjusted his posture instantly, his legs clenched! What a scissor leg! With his strong legs, he firmly clamped the floating table in the bathroom! Tiger did a pull-up stretch and climbed in from the edge of the floating platform. He let out a long sigh, glad that he was able to come back from the gate of hell!

“Mutter?” Albert walked into the bathroom from the floating table, glanced at the empty bathroom, and shouted the name of the cat boy: “Where did you go?”

“This…here!” The cat boy’s voice came from the bathtub, extremely vague, as if it came from the water.

“Mutter!” Albert hurried over, only to see the cat boy whose body was almost completely submerged in the bath water!


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