Light Spirit Epic Chapter 1378: Trapped in the deceitful way (50)


Chapter 1378 Trapped in the trick (fifty)

What a terrifying power! Seeing the destruction in front of him, even Bedivere himself was frightened.

With little knowledge of physics, he certainly couldn’t understand the principle. He just used [Accelerating Water] to accelerate himself outside the time of the world. His body is extremely fast, which means that the wolf roar he uses, and the speed of its shock wave (in terms of real world time) is also extremely high. quick! The shock wave breaks through the sound barrier, and the speed above the speed of sound spreads out, and its destructive power will have a qualitative leap! Such a terrifying supersonic shock wave is actually superimposed on two, it can completely shatter the weak enemy into fly ash, which is also a matter of course!

However, he missed one point: sound waves don’t travel in just one direction.

“Wow!” The magician beside him spat out a mouthful of blood, then his eardrums were completely pierced, and bright red flowed from the corners of his eyes and nostrils.

The magician Qikong was bleeding and dead!

“What?!” The werewolf was dumbfounded. He really didn’t expect that the new move he used without consideration would be so dangerous!

He hurriedly turned around and glanced at Tarkas, the silver knight behind him. Fortunately, Tarkas was farther away from Bedivere and suffered less damage, but the eardrum was shattered, and two bright red blood flowed out of his ears. Gwen Green behind Tarkas has one more layer of protection and is not injured!

“Hmm.” Gwen, the Knight of the Round Table who was guarding in front of the door, also cleaned up the remaining army of stag beetle golems. He walked out of the smoke and glanced at the mess on the ground. At that time, Bedivere was busy wielding his whip to wipe out the remaining scarab golems. When Gwen came to help, the number of enemies was very small.

“All resolved?” The Knights of the Round Table came over and asked.

“Sorry, I sacrificed a person.” Bedivere glanced at the magician who fell beside him, feeling guilty: “And he was accidentally injured and died by my move.”

“Never mind. You have to do this in order to save your team. There’s nothing you can do about it.” Duke Gwyn advised: “You did what a good commander should do: sacrifice a few troops to Saved most of the troops. You’ve done a great job.”

“I didn’t. I should have pushed him away first and saved him from fatal injuries.” Bedivere sighed, and he looked again at Talka, the silver knight who fell to the ground in pain due to a pierced eardrum s. If the werewolf youth knew in advance that the wolf roar in the accelerated world had such amazing power, he would definitely push the magician beside him away first. But everyone is dead, and it is meaningless to regret it now. Bedivere had to sigh deeply and closed the eyes of the dead magician.

“Are you all right?” Gwen also went over to help up the Silver Knight. Tarkas grimaced in pain, and gave the Knights of the Round Table a pale smile that he forced to endure, as if to express his happiness that he was still alive.

“Seriously, how long will Gwengreen’s kid have to crack?” The werewolf couldn’t help shifting his resentment elsewhere: “If he could have done it sooner, we wouldn’t have to sacrifice anything. Human.”

“He’ll get things done, just give him a little time——“

The Knight of the Round Table, Gwen Green, who was sitting there like a stone, suddenly shouted: “It’s done!!”

Whoosh! ———The alarm in the entire data room suddenly stopped, and the red lights on the ceiling all faded away, and the whole tense scene suddenly became quiet and deserted.

“Done? What have you done to the system?” Bedivere asked curiously.

“Huh? Why are you?” Gwengreen gave the werewolf youth a disdainful glance, and then glanced at his adoptive father, Gwen, out of the corner of his eye. He immediately turned to look at the Knights of the Round Table: “You’re here too?”

Duke Gwyn looked stern: “Where’s your politeness, young man? Mr. Bedivere is asking you something.”

“Humph.” Gwengreen then gave Bedivere another glance, this time even more icy and frosty: “The main system was not completely cracked, but I removed their security system. This **** ship. The ship won’t be able to show my teeth and claws at me in the future, it really deserves it.”

“What about the information in the boat?” Bedivere asked eagerly.

“Hmph, that **** computer woman was racing against me just now. I was trying my best to save the data, and she was trying to delete it. There were a lot of data hidden in this ship, but she deleted 100% of them. Ninety.”

“Tsk.” The werewolf smacked his lips again. I only hope that there are clues to rescue Queen Greenville in the remaining information, otherwise everything they do will be in vain.

“Acting Captain Bedivere.” Eve’s voice only sounded at this time: “Please stop the sabotage of this ship immediately. The sabotage done by you and your companions will be regarded as damage to this ship. The rebellion of the captain and the direct commander of the fleet, if you do not stop the destruction of this ship, your qualification as acting captain will be cancelled.”

“Oh. So you used the names of the captain and the direct commander to scare me?” Bedivere smiled contemptuously: “Tell me, what are the names of the captain and the direct commander? “

Eve paused for a while: “The request could not be passed. The names of the captain and the direct commander are military secrets.”

“Humph.” The werewolf youth said angrily: “Forget it, they are probably people who died tens of thousands of years ago. What kind of military secrets are they? It’s stupid enough. Gwengreen, Can you stop this wreck completely? I don’t want to hear Eve’s voice again.”

“I could indeed use a logical error to force the ship to shut itself down.” Gwengreen murmured: “The ancients were very smart, but their thoughts occasionally short-circuited and made something completely incommensurate with their ingenuity. Stupid things, let people take advantage of them.”

Bedywell is fed up: “Just tell me: [Can] or [Can’t]?”

“Yes. It’s possible to stop it, but it’s harder to start it later.”

“It’s okay, let it stop for good,” Bedivere replied grimly. He knew in his heart that keeping this ship was always a hidden danger. After all, once its power furnace explodes, it can blast half of Africa.

“Very good.” Gwengreen obeyed Bedivere’s suggestion: “Initialize the virus program. There are still ten, nine, eight –” before the virus is injected.

“Stop it! You’re doing something very wrong, Acting Captain Bedivere!” Eve was clearly anxious.


“If I don’t stop, what can you do to me?” The werewolf sneered proudly: “Send your golems to kill me again?”

“Seven, six, five——“

“Or maybe, close the floodgates, take out the oxygen, and let us suffocate here?” Bedivere scolded relentlessly.

“Four, three, two, one——“

“Go to hell.” The werewolf youth hummed as if the ship was sentenced to death.

“The virus injection begins.” Gwengreen snapped the [Enter] key on the keyboard with a little smugness. A dangerous computer virus was injected into the control system of the desert ship, causing irreversible damage to the ship’s control system!

“No!—————————-” Eve screamed in despair, but everything was back. Tired of days.

Her voice is gradually distorted, replaced by bursts of electronic noise. Not only that, but the lights of the entire library became flickering, fading in flickering. The virus is destroying the system of this ship, and it is estimated that it will be completely paralyzed soon.

“Oh, I forgot to mention one thing.” Gwengreen suddenly showed a sinister face: “This ship is currently lurking in the sand sea, and it is only by the protective cover that it is propped up that it will not be completely buried alive by the sand. If If the ship stops completely——“

“Why didn’t you say it earlier!” Bedivere hurriedly pressed the communicator: “Tristan, we’re retreating! How is the situation on your side?!”

“Right behind you.” The murloc prince appeared behind Bedivere with a displeased expression. It seems that they have just arrived, but they will retreat as soon as they reach the battlefield, which must be very unhappy.

Boom! ——Five minutes later, Bedivere, as the back of the team, also climbed out of the bunker. The sand boat desert boat behind him was completely engulfed by 10,000 tons of yellow sand, making a thudding sound, and ejecting sand and dust from the pothole.

Bediver pretended to pat the dust all over his body casually: “Mission accomplished. Now I have to go back to the Cairo Grand Hotel and take a shower——“

However, Duke Gwynn held the werewolf back: “Don’t go yet, Mr. Bedivere. You have to go back to the [Paramedis] to write a report on this mission.”

“Oh, damn… can’t we talk about it another day?!”

“No. As the commander of this operation, you have the responsibility to carry it through to the end.” The Knights of the Round Table said solemnly: “Although you are the commander this time, I am the Knight of the Round Table.”

“What do you mean?” Bedivere frowned disapprovingly.

” literally means. Don’t forget, if you want to pass the test to become a Knight of the Round Table, you must get the unanimous consent of all the Knights of the Round Table in Great Britain. Of course, this includes the old man.” Deville: “If I consider you an irresponsible commander, then you will never be a knight of the round table from now on. Do you know what I mean, Mr. Bedivere?”

“Very good.” The werewolf youth drooped his ears and did not argue much.

Evan and Tristan gave the werewolf youth a malicious shrug, as if they had expected things to go this way. No wonder Tristan and Evan would “recommend” Bedivere as commander. Afterwards, they turned and left with a relaxed look on their faces. It turned out to be the biggest mockery of Bedivere, the commander.


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