Light Spirit Epic Chapter 1359: Trapped in the deceitful way (31)


Chapter 1359 Trapped in the trick (31)

The whole world immediately slowed down again. However, the slowing down of the world does not mean that Bedivere can ignore the inertia and stop the momentum of falling out! cant! All he could do was to hug himself into a ball and continue to roll forward, praying in his heart that a miracle would happen so that he would not be chopped up by the laser!


The next second, the time-stop effect has passed. Bedivere timidly got up from the ground and found that he had passed the laser array. He was covered in green smoke, and his fur was indeed scorched black by the laser, but he was not cut into dozens of pieces! ?

What’s going on here? Even Bedivere himself couldn’t explain it, he just felt confused.

“Mr Bedivere!” shouted Duke Gwynne.

“I’m fine! I’m fine!” The werewolf patted some sparks on the fur on his body and waved: “I finally survived.”

“Just, what happened just now?” The golden knight who was taken down shouted in surprise.

“Just a little trick to stop time, don’t mind it,” Bedivere said lightly.

The mage in the team spoke up: “Time stopped?! Could it be Archmage Logan’s——“

Bediver did not answer directly. He knew that the mage came from the ivory tower and was hired by Great Britain to help. Since he is a member of the Mage Association, of course he knows about such a big man as the Mage Logan. But the werewolf didn’t want anyone to know that he was Logan’s apprentice. He was unfamiliar with the Mage Association and didn’t want to be involved in the power struggle of various Mage factions.

“What a marvelous spell, it accelerates itself to such an unbelievable level in an instant.” Knight of the Round Table Gwen said, “But, Mr. Bedivere, I really can’t compliment what you did just now. For the commander, even taking the lead and risking to rescue a subordinate who fell into a trap?”

“Uh…” Bedivere knew that he was going to be punished again, and quickly thought of an excuse for himself: “But… I still have confidence in my ability… ..You see that I have successfully saved people and come back alive?”

“Almost dead, but still alive.” The Knights of the Round Table looked at the laser-scorched wounds on the werewolf, turned to the mage, and said, “Can you treat him?”

The mage nodded and began to use healing magic to heal the werewolf youth.

“A qualified commander needs to live until the end of the mission and command his own team to fight until the end of the mission.” Duke Gwyn continued to teach Bedivere, “If you let yourself lose small children in order to rescue your subordinates Life, what should your subordinates do? Those who lose their commanders are likely to be in chaos on the battlefield, and more people will die at that time. Killing a group of people to save one person, this is your kindness ]?”

“Then do you think that you should die for the subordinates who are in danger?” Bedivere was a little dissatisfied.

“It may sound inhuman, but it is.” Gwen glanced at the golden knight. The golden knight Tarkas could not help but shyly ducked.

“For the sake of the overall situation, in some cases it is really necessary to wait for the members of the team to die.” Gwen said dispassionately: “If it is necessary to save it in time, I will try not to let you as the commander as much as possible. Go out in person, but let other members of the team act as rescuers. I was there just now, why didn’t you order me to rescue people, Mr. Bedivere?”

“You can———“

As soon as the werewolf youth expressed his doubts, Gwen, the Knight of the Round Table, held out a hand. Smoke came out of his arm and rushed into the net of laser traps not far away. The high-energy laser was blocked by that special black smoke, as if the smoke was a thick wall, and even the high-energy laser that could easily cut through the body could not pass through this seemingly thin smoke!

Then Bedivere realized what a foolish act he just used [Time Magic] to rush to save people. Duke Gwyn’s shield wall of smoke can be released with just a wave of his hand, allowing the golden knight to easily pass through the extremely dangerous net of laser traps. The werewolf youth spent so much effort to die—and was almost cut into pieces by the laser.

Bedivere is still standing here and talking to Gwen now, entirely because of his own insane luck. Even Bedivere himself didn’t know why he was able to smash through the wall made of lasers without being cut into hundreds of pieces. I really feel terrified when I think about it.

“Well, I know I was wrong, sorry,” the werewolf sighed.

“Just don’t do it again next time, Mr. Bedivere.” Gwen couldn’t help laughing.

And the werewolf youth finally knew why King Arthur didn’t come to participate in this battle. Because there is Gwen, the Knight of the Round Table. If Arthur were to fight, he would surely be the commander of the team. But Duke Gwynne likes to pick on the side so much, and King Arthur, who is in charge, must feel the pressure.

“Can I ask a question?” The werewolf whispered in disapproval, “Is His Majesty King Arthur often taught by Lord Gwen…?”

“Only in combat, yes.” The Knights of the Round Table replied unabashedly.

Sure enough. Bedivere thinks he’s really bad at chess. He shouldn’t have taken the commander’s responsibilities from the start. It would have been so much easier if he could have put all the blame on Duke Gwynn back then.

“It’s all good.” The mage quickly healed Bedivere’s wounds to the point where it would not hinder the youth of the werewolf, so he was unwilling to continue using magic. Of course, he is a human. The number of times a human can use magic in his life is limited. Who would be willing to cut his life too much to help a stranger heal?

“Then let’s keep walking.” The werewolf moved his arms and walked at the front of the line.

At the same time, the battleship Britannia, the Palamidis.

“Have they all set off yet?” King Arthur peeped half-faced from the portal door.

“Your Majesty, you don’t need to hide like this, right?” Cador turned his head and glanced at the King of Knights, a drop of sweat appeared on his forehead.

“You don’t know something. Gwen is so long-winded.” The King of Knights walked out from behind the door and sighed, “Although his advice has always been pertinent and useful, he is so annoying and one of the people I can’t stand the most. It’s him.”

“Pfft.” Cador sneered. Although the king of knights is expensive as the king of a country and will turn thirty in a few years, sometimes the king is quite childish.

“I asked you to repair the iron cavalry, how is it?” Arthur urged again.

An hour ago, Bedivere’s iron cavalry forcibly rushed out of the portal, and its tail was neatly cut off by the fractured time and space. In addition, the knights of Great Britain were busy preparing for the next battle, and they had no time to pay attention to the damaged iron cavalry, so it continued to be abandoned in this transmission room until someone moved it.

“Is that the werewolf’s iron cavalry?” When the Knight of the Round Table heard this, Cador frowned immediately: “It’s damaged so badly that it can’t be repaired by ordinary means. If you really want to repair it, just Only the power of the Holy Spirit can be used.”

“Then you can use it, I allow it,” said the King of Knights.

However, it was knowing that King Arthur would say permission that Cador frowned: “Your Majesty, this is the second time. You want me to use the precious Holy Spirit summons in this kind of place, for a Restoration work on the iron cavalry of a werewolf of unknown origin?”

“What does it matter. Just to fix this little thing, you can summon the Holy Spirit on a small scale several times a day, and it’s not a big deal to consume it once.” It’s like I’m begging you. I promised Bedivere to fix his cavalry, and I’ll do what I say.”

“If something big happens today, I need to use the power of my Holy Spirit?” Cadore said with a straight face: “If you use it less than once, it may lead to a defeat in a certain battle. Even serious casualties. Is this responsibility your Majesty?”

“This responsibility is up to me, let’s do it quickly.” The King of Knights had an irresponsible expression on his face: “Oh my God, did Gwen infect you with his preaching habit? ? Even you have become long-winded.”

Cador rolled his eyes at the King of Knights. Although there are many shortcomings in the practice, King Arthur is still King Arthur, the absolute king of Great Britain. Protesting to Wang too much will not end well. The Knight of the Round Table, Cador, could only sigh a long time before walking towards the damaged iron cavalry of Bedivere, ready to summon the Holy Spirit.

At this moment, the light of the teleportation platform was lit. Someone made use of the transmission system of Great Britain and traveled thousands of miles to Africa.

“Your Majesty!” The Knight of the Round Table, Lancelot, just walked out of the portal, and immediately shouted: “Where’s Queen Greenville?”

“Oh, Lancelot.” The King of Knights was not too surprised when he saw the blond Knight of the Round Table. After all, Lancelot was instructed to protect Greenville, and it was only reasonable that he would follow the [Paramedis].

“Didn’t I send you a message, I will take Greenville to the infirmary of the [Paramedis] and have Constantine give her twenty-four hour medical care. “

“I didn’t receive that kind of wiped the sweat from his face:” His Majesty took the Queen away without a word, almost scared me to death. My knights and I have been searching for the queen in the palace all day. “

The King of Knights is slightly displeased: “The message has indeed been sent, and the Palamedis has my sending record. So… do you blame me?”

“Don’t dare…” Lancelot whispered.

“Okay, since you’re here, go to the medical room to guard.” Arthur said perfunctorily: “Although the security in the battleship is good enough, there may be people who will be detrimental to Greenville. Go and be your escort.”

“Yes, Your Majesty.” Lancelot saluted the King of Knights and was about to leave. But at this time, Cador also summoned the Holy Spirit [white gear], and used the effect of reversing time to restore the iron cavalry that had been cut in half by Bedivere.

“That’s…” Cador’s actions caught Lancelot’s attention, and the handsome blond knight couldn’t help but glance at the iron cavalry.

However, this unintentional glance turned everything upside down.


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