Light Spirit Epic Chapter 135: Trembling in the Night (Part 2)


Chapter 135: Trembling in the Night (Part 2)

On the other hand, the streets of London.

“Wait a minute!” Evan finally caught up with Kai, “Where are you going?”

“Why did you follow?” Kai was a little stunned, “You should follow Arthur, your eyes can help Arthur avoid that guy to the greatest extent possible!”

“It’s none of my business, that kind of heartless **** who wants to help him!” Ivan said in a rage, “Don’t forget, even so, I’m still [your] lieutenant (assistant).”

“I’m no longer in the Northern Heaven Knights, are you still thinking about this?” Kai walked on indifferently, “Following me doesn’t do any good, I’m just going to have a feast and then find something else. Fun to pass the time. The battle of the five kings and the sword of the king have nothing to do with me anymore!”

“I don’t care where you’re going. Answer the question for me before you go!” Evan asked, “Why is Arthur so afraid of that knight? Who is this [Gunther]?”

Kay paused, a complex expression on his face, ranging from anger to sadness, and more to indifference.

“Boy, buy me a drink and I’ll tell you.” Kai said.

Ten minutes later, in the bar of the Imperial Capital.

“I didn’t expect—” Evan sighed, looking at his wallet that was about to flatten, and then at the wine glass on the table.

“Ah.” Kay drank another beer, “I wanted to have a drink like this for a long time, but I never had the chance.”

“Please tell me quickly? I’m about to go bankrupt!” Evan said with tears in his eyes.

“Humph,” Kai wiped the corner of his mouth, his face flushed, and he seemed to be a little drunk, “Do you know how many ways to kill a succubus?”

“What?” Evan was confused, how did he get involved with the succubus?

“Don’t play tricks on me, what I’m asking is ——“

“——Blast the succubus’ head completely, or use a divine enchantment,” Kay snapped, “I thought until I was twelve years old that there are only two ways, There will be no third.”

“I don’t understand what you’re trying to say——“

“However, there is a third way to kill a succubus in this world. And it’s the most inhumane one.” Kay said, “that is, tying a succubus at the stake and burning it to death. “

“Succubus do have a very strong recovery ability, they will not be burned easily. They will die and regenerate endlessly in the fire until all their strength is exhausted.”

Kai looked at Ivan, who was already drunk, with tears in his eyes, “That succubus burned at the stake for ten days and ten nights. She didn’t scream or cry. She knew that every scream she made would only add to the pain of her husband and son, so she endured it until she was completely burned and turned to ashes.”

“The succubus was named Iglin, and she was Arthur’s mother. The greatest mother.” Kai said calmly, but there was a trembling in his tone.

Evan took a deep breath.

“And it was Arthur’s half-brother, the same Gunther, who made Iglin look like that.

So, do you understand? Why can’t I tell Arthur about Gunther—”Kay Dale,” Arthur only knew that he killed his mother for [some reason]. He wouldn’t remember how Iglin died. The memory of Iglin has been sealed. If Arthur was reminded of the time when his mother died——

——He’s bound to collapse again. “

“Then he will shut himself in his inner world again. This time, no one can save him.” Kay cried.

Slap. Drunk Kai lay unconscious on the table.

Gunther? Evan shook Kai, thinking about Gunther.

A terrible thought came to him.

This black knight Gunther, he must die!

As long as this person ceases to exist in the world, Kay and Arthur can go back to what they were before. Brothers coexisting in harmony, like that.

When Kai woke up, he found himself handcuffed to the head of the bed.

“Wake up? I’m sorry, I used your money to buy equipment without authorization,” Evan said, busy assembling a terrifyingly huge sniper rifle.

“What do you mean? Let me go,” Kai said, trying to use his gigantic ability to break free, but he immediately realized that he couldn’t gigantic.

“Before you become a giant, you need to absorb photons to activate, and that handcuff is equipped with an enchantment generator, which can seal the photons.” Evan said, “Don’t struggle. You can’t break free with the ability of your flesh. It’s.”

“What the **** are you trying to do? Let me go!” Kai said angrily.

“No, I know you will stop me Ivan said firmly, “The next thing I want to do is to assassinate Gunther. “


“From this room, you can clearly see the Royal Library, which is five kilometers away. Palinlor and Gunther will definitely go to the library tonight, and then I can find the right time and shoot Gunther in the head. Boom!”

“Are you kidding me?” Kay said incredulously, “This is about me and Arthur, what’s your business? Why did you go out there to assassinate Gunther?! What the **** is going on in your kid’s head? ?!”

“As long as Gunther doesn’t exist, doesn’t it?” Evan said coldly, “As long as the guy dies, you and Arthur can reconcile, and there’s no longer a chance for Arthur to remember his past. Gunther must die.”

“Ugh.” The pain and dizziness from the hangover hit Kai’s head. He endured the urge to throw up and said, “Stop it! You can’t kill Gunser!”

“I’m going to kill now.” Ivan put up his sniper rifle. His target had already appeared in front of the big square in front of the library, and he was slowly walking towards the main entrance of the library!

“Kay is such a good brother, Arthur doesn’t know how to cherish it. When I go back to find him with Gunther’s head in hand, I want Arthur to kneel in front of you and apologize to you!”

Bang! ! ! ! ! ——The huge sniper rifle fired a powerful light bomb composed of high-concentration photons, which shot at the square of the Wangli Library.

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