Light Spirit Epic Chapter 1336: Trapped in the deceitful way (8)


Chapter 1336 Trapped in the tricky way eight

One of those two is Viscount Roosevelt!

It was the guy who brought Seglade to this mysterious desert oasis palace!

And the [Solomon’s Black Ice Tool] they were talking about, no need to ask, it was Seglade’s Black Moon God Steel Tomahawk. Read the latest chapter full text

“Do you think the lord of the weapon made it himself?” another voice then pressed Rusford.

“That kid? Hmph, it’s hard to say.” Viscount Roosevelt was mercilessly mocking the owner of the Black Moon God Steel Tomahawk: “He hasn’t even been able to fully utilize the performance of his weapons, and his skills are still at a very immature stage. If this weapon was made by him, then he should fully understand the performance of this weapon, how could he not even use it properly?”

But Roosevelt had no idea that the Luna Steel series of weapons was a total accidental discovery. At least it looked like an accident. Seglade made Luna Steel, a special weapon material based on his intuition. At first, he didn’t even know what this weapon could do.

Roosevelt seemed to think it was not enough, and he complained even more vigorously: “In my opinion, he is just an ignorant kid. He is waving around with a high-end toy, but he has no idea how to use it. [Solomon] In the hands of this little devil, it is simply a waste.”

Enough, really enough. Countless blue veins appeared on Seglade’s forehead, and he was about to have a seizure, but he lifted the quilt and found that he was still naked. No, he had at least one pair of pants on. No, it would be wrong to call it panties. It was the strange loincloth-like thing used by the ancient Egyptians. The whole piece was a long strip of cloth that was wrapped around the waist to cover the shame. In the era when tailoring technology was not very developed, many clothes were directly a piece of fabric, just wrapped around the body in a different way. This kind of old underwear is really uncomfortable to wear. Not only does it make Seglade’s waist a little uncomfortable, but part of the fabric crosses his buttocks into the part, giving it a weird feeling.

Yeah, it feels a bit like wearing a diaper. Once such a bad association emerged, Seglade immediately felt that wearing this kind of thing was an extremely shameful thing. If there is no one else in the room, Seglade can go out and find other clothes to replace. But there were at least two strangers outside the cubicle. How can Seglade’s face be put to rest when he wears such a shame and runs out to be seen?

He crawled out of bed cautiously, trying not to make a sound. txt ebook download / He was lucky enough to find a nightgown-like piece of clothing beside the bed and draped it without much fuss—better than just wearing a loincloth. Then he half-knelt down and continued to observe the movement in the room. The two people in the conversation still didn’t notice Seglade’s awakening, and continued to talk.

“But if all this is true, it means that the prophecies in the hidden chapters of the [Book of the Dead] are about to be fulfilled.” The mysterious man who talked to Viscount Roosevelt said again: “[The end The day] is coming…?. This country is about to become less peaceful.”

“So, we must find the maker of [Solomon’s Iceware] as soon as possible. Only the legendary master craftsman can help turn things around.” Roosevelt added. Although he said it so righteously, Seglade could hear a hint of hypocrisy in the Viscount’s tone.

On the contrary, the other voice–sounds that should be the voice of a young man, but with a certain righteousness. The man’s voice was very soft, and when he heard it, it made people think that he was a gentle and decent person. Moreover, there is honesty in his words, as if every word comes from the heart.

“Then please try to find out about the swordsmith. If the lord will, please bring him, so that I can have a chance to persuade him. But you must not force him by force. We and That group of traffickers is different.”

“Understood, His Royal Highness Prince Said.” Viscount Roosevelt replied, “I’ll do it right away.”


Seglade, who was eavesdropping, couldn’t help but wonder. He seemed to have heard the name somewhere.

That’s right. The leopard youth recalled the narration of his werewolf friend earlier. Bedivere showed the lizard-tooth dagger made by Seglade on the black market in Cairo, which was later bought for an exorbitant price. The name of the high-roller buyer was this Prince Syed.

So, this is Prince Said’s palace? This nicely explains the lavish renovations surrounding it. Compared with the imagined royal palace, this place is actually very simple.

But why? Roosevelt actually knew the mysterious Prince Syed, and brought Syed to the prince’s palace?

And why a prince? Is he the prince of Egypt? Or a prince from another country in Africa? Although he didn’t know much about human history, Seglade had heard that the last pharaoh of Egypt was “Cleopatra”, Cleopatra VII, who died in 30 BC. Since then, the blood of the Egyptian royal family should have been cut off. Where did the Egyptian prince come from?

The more Seglade thought, the more confused he became, the more he felt that something was wrong. At the same time, the door of the room was also pushed open, and with the “squeak” of the ancient ebony inlaid gold door, Viscount Roosevelt also withdrew.

The room fell silent immediately.

There is only one person on the other side, and Seglade is confident that he can subdue the other side, then take the hostage and escape from this mysterious palace and regain his freedom.

But is this really good? Strictly speaking, he is not actually imprisoned now, and the other party has not done anything to hurt him. Just like this, I can’t help but move my hands. What if I wronged a good person?

The most important question is, what is the purpose of the mysterious Prince Syed who ordered Seglade to be brought to such a place? Shouldn’t it be better to ask the other party clearly before doing it?

But…really don’t do it? Saeed is a prince, and usually his bodyguards must stay with him. There is rarely such a chance to be alone in the room. If he doesn’t take the opportunity now, when he walks out of this room, there may be no way to find an opportunity to hijack the prince and escape from here!

To do it or not to do it. Seglydes thought about it and couldn’t decide. Just when he was in a dilemma, Prince Said, who was outside the cubicle, suddenly said:

“Everyone else has left, don’t be shy, please come out.”

Seglade can’t help but hit a shiver all over his body. It turned out that the prince had already noticed that he had woken up.

In desperation, the leopard youth pushed aside the silk tent and walked out of the compartment.

Sitting quietly in the center of the room is a young man with dark hair and fair skin. His black and translucent hair was originally shoulder-length, but it was rolled up with a hairpin and tied around his head so that he could move easily. His hairstyle was quite Egyptian. On the other hand, the prince was wearing a simple yet elegant silk suit, sitting on a chair inlaid with gold and ebony, and quietly playing with Seglade’s Black Moon God’s Steel Tomahawk with one hand, and the handle could be broken with a single wave. The dangerous weapon of the rock breaking wall, cherished like a sympathizer.

“[Osiris’s celestial black steel].” Prince Said said suddenly.

“Uh… what?” Seglade was startled.

“The Roosevelts seem to call this [Solomon’s black ice weapon], and according to our classical Egyptian prophecy, this is called [Osiris’s celestial black steel]. But I guess, you are not interested in this weapon. There’s an original way to call it, right?”

“It’s called Luna Steel Meow.” Seglade whispered, “As for who made it and how it was made, I can’t comment.”

“It doesn’t matter.” The prince put the Luna steel long tomahawk down, showing generosity on his face, as if he had no intention of forcing Seglade to say anything: “Please bring your own weapons and leave freely. You can see the edge of the city of Cairo just a short walk east from here. I have already told my men that I will not stop you from leaving.”

On the contrary, Seglade thought it was incredible: “You just let me leave meow?”

“That’s right, just let Your Excellency leave.” Prince Said held the Luna Steel Tomahawk in both hands and handed it to Seglade, with the gesture of handing over his weapon: “Your Excellency’s The clothes were soiled in battle and have been sent for washing. But they will then be delivered to your hotel room, don’t worry.”

Seglade frowned suspiciously and reached out to take his Black Moon God Steel Tomahawk. When the weapon returned to his hands, the young Leopard Man felt at ease.

“Mass collapse.” Prince Syed’s words pierced like a sharp needle, which startled Seglade: “Use magic to compress a huge mass into the warp, only to hit Is the target’s instant release and the surface coating of this Luna steel weapon is the result of phase shift, presumably to facilitate temporary enchantment, so that the power of various enchantments can be maximized.”

The leopard youth broke into a cold sweat involuntarily while listening. After Prince Said finished his analysis, the leopard asked timidly: “You…how did you know me…”

“After seeing your battles, I can probably analyze one or two.” The prince smiled politely, “I’ve actually held the weapon in my hand and waved it, and I’m even more sure. And you have one in your luggage with a A cloth bag with a small amount of powder, the powder seems to be the magic turpentine that was very popular centuries ago, a kind of prop that can temporarily enchant the weapon as long as it is smeared on the weapon. Therefore, according to my analysis, the special characteristics of the Black Moon God Steel weapon The surface coating is designed to meet the needs of powder enchanting, right?”

Seglade’s pupils dilated in shock, stunned.

He knows! He knows it all! !

Prince Saeed, he had already seen through everything!

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