Light Spirit Epic Chapter 1332: Trapped in the deceitful way (4)


Chapter 1332 Trapped in the tricky way four

A certain day of a certain year.

At first I just wanted to. But not even allowed. The world has never been fair. Some people spend their whole lives trying to get what others are born with, and even if they get it, it will be forcibly regarded as a major sin.

Exiled for a felony, the man drifted at sea for three days and three nights.

When he was washed ashore by the relentless tides of the Mediterranean, another **** awaited him.

Desolate and cruel, the sandy sea of ​​the Sahara Desert stretches as far as the eye can see. With no water and no food, this middle-aged man who was on the verge of weakness walked in the sandy sea like a corpse.

He broke off the bulb of the cactus with the little strength he had left, ignoring the sharp thorns to **** his hand, frantically tore off the outer skin of the bulb, and drank the sap which was not known to be poisonous to moisturise his dry cracks The lips, so live a day;

He fought with poisonous snakes and survived the thrilling battle, eating raw snake meat to satisfy his hunger and drinking snake blood to prolong his life, so he lived another day;

He ate the carrion of the beast, endured the stench, sucked the little bit of water left in the corpse into his mouth, and lived another day;

He was attacked by a desert shark, and at the most dangerous moment, he grabbed the shark’s mouth full of sharp fangs and ripped apart the monster’s jaw. He gnawed at the shark’s almost bloodless and fleshless body and ate the stench of its entrails. So live another day;

During the day, the sun’s rays were vicious and relentless, burning his cracked body with countless hairs on it;

At night, the light of the stars and moon accompanied the extreme cold, draining his physical strength bit by bit from his internal organs.

He’s skinny and hideous, like a creeping demon in the wilderness.

He has no home to go back to, no heaven to ascend to after death, his heart is full of despair, emptiness and pain, but he is still a survivor and chooses to continue to live as a survivor, just like Walking dead, living with no purpose, but still stubbornly alive. txt e-book download/

Because he vaguely felt that at the end of this vast desert, something seemed to be waiting for him.

He has no gods to pray to, no beliefs to convert to, and in a daze, he sees only a looming flash of hope on the far horizon.

He vaguely remembers one thing his people did in the village where he lived as a child, following the custom – they hung beautiful stones from the wilderness on the top of the tallest building in the village . In this way, even in the darkest night, the faint light reflected by the stone can be vaguely seen from ten miles away, and it is the light that guides the people on the way home.

Go home. Even if there is no home to return to, he still thinks about going home in a hazy mind. Even if you die, you can’t die in vain in this desolate desert; even if you die, you have to sleep in your own destination.

Just for this light that doesn’t exist or not, he took his heavy legs and headed for his destination step by step.

However, with great hope comes great disappointment. When the man reached the end of his goal, thinking that he could finally see the true face of the light of hope, he was disappointed to find that the so-called flash was just a huge and weird glass pillar in the desert.

Whether it was naturally formed, or how it was formed, it doesn’t matter anymore. It’s just a stupid glass pillar.

This is not his hometown, this is nothing. Because there is no place for him in this world.

The man’s last ray of hope was also shattered. this is the truth. In this cruel world, there is no God, no kingdom of heaven, no paradise, and no savior.

The man fell weakly into the sand, his body as thin as firewood. With no love, emptiness and despair, he no longer wanted to get up and continue to live.

At this moment, however, a sand boat passed at high speed.

“That’s it.” The captain said to the real boss on the ship: “The crystallization of high-purity [Sunstone]. Before we have not obtained the mining license from the Libyan government, we can only open our eyes and can’t touch it. Things are different today.”

“Okay. Bring it back.” The big boss glanced at the huge glass pillar in the cabin and replied in a low voice. But compared to precious ores, the big boss is more concerned about another thing. He fixed his gaze on the man lying beside the glass pillar: “Who is that person?”

The captain said disdainfully: “I guess they are homeless people. Those who have committed crimes and were sentenced to exile and can only wander forever in the desert waiting to die. Just leave him alone.”

The big boss didn’t answer, but pushed out the door and jumped off the edge of the ship’s deck.


The big boss gently kicked the homeless man in the back: “Are you still alive?”

The man looked lifelessly at the big boss with dry, bloodshot eyes.

“Also alive. Very good.” The big boss looked down at the thin man: “Do you want to die here, or come with me?”

The man closed his eyes and didn’t answer.

“If you want to die, you can do it at any time. But if you want to survive, you need the courage to live.” The big boss turned his head and looked at the huge glass pillar that stood up: “Gusta.”

The man’s body trembled slightly. He was actually quite surprised, but at the moment he was so weak that he struggled to even move, so he could only tremble slightly if he was surprised.

“You sure know.” The big boss continued: “What a coincidence. I used to live in a cat-people village, and this interesting village has a custom, that is, I like to use this kind of [sun wheel]. The crystal of the stone] hangs on the highest part of the village, so that their clansmen can see it from a distance. Even if they lose their way in the darkest night, people in that village can find their way home just by looking up at the flash of this stone. Road. The building with this stone hanging is called [Gusta] in the dialect of the cat people.”

The big boss suddenly chuckled: “Stranger, I don’t care if you were exiled here or not, and why you were exiled. If you don’t want to die, if you want to go back to your hometown again, just do it for me. Work for free. When you work for me and the remuneration you should have earned is enough to offset the value of this Sun Wheel Crystal Pillar, I will be responsible for sending you back to your hometown. With my money and power, helping you to wash away your sins is just a side dish. One plate.

——How about it? Do you want to promise? If you agree, nod your head, if you disagree, keep silent. “

The man was stunned for a few seconds before exhausting the last bit of strength in his body and nodded slightly. When he used up his strength, he fainted.

“Very well, Gusta.” The big boss turned to the sailors on the sandboat and said, “Send this man to the boat, feed him, and keep him alive. I’ll keep him for good.”

So, the exiled man survived. He dropped his old name and was renamed Gusta. He had just struggled to survive from the brink of death, ate more than anyone else, and fully recovered within half a month, turning from a scrawny guy to a big, fat man.

He worked for the Big Boss, doing three times as much work as anyone else, from the lowest level of coolie to the cleaners, to the hotel security, to the Big Boss’ personal bodyguard, and finally to a full-time American football player.

He has not had a day off for more than ten years, but it is not to return to his hometown as soon as possible. Not also. The idea of ​​returning home has been completely forgotten by him in the long years, because he has no need to go back to his hometown at all.

——This is his home.

The game between the Sandstorm Sphinx and the Ghana Black Kings continues.

Albert looked at Gusta lying unconscious on the bench, and couldn’t help but stretched out a finger and curiously poked the big tiger’s abdominal muscles.

“What are you doing?!” The cat boy Mutter was still helping the unconscious Gusta take off his shoes. He saw that Albert was not only not helping, but harassing the wounded, and he couldn’t help but sullenly turned Ai. Albert glanced: “Don’t interfere with Mr. Gusta’s rest!”

“But,” Albert looked at Gusta, who had just taken off his jersey and bare his upper body: “Captain Shiloma always called Gusta [Dead Fat Man], I thought he was really good Fat—but there is no fat on the belly at all!”

So Mutter rolled his eyes at Albert: “Don’t—obstruct—hinder—gu—st—tar—sir—sir—hugh- –breath!!!”

“I got it, I got it!” The tiger took a half step back: “It’s just a joke, there’s no need for this fierce meow!”

Another whistle sounded on the pitch, and Albert turned his head to look. It turned out that the Sphinx’s bonus attacking round was also successfully scored, and it was a beautiful goal by the kicker. The Sphinx are leading Ghana 7-0.

But then comes the real question. The Sphinx’s offensive and defensive line is much weaker without Gusta. It’s about to be replaced by Ghana’s attacking round. Is there really no problem with this?

“How’s Fatty Dead?” Captain Shiloma came back from the court to rest, seemingly not planning to take part in the commanding job of the defensive bad. very bad. “Mutter took off Gusta’s leg armor and saw the tiger man’s calf with bulging veins due to long-term muscle tension.

Isn’t that just cramping?

Albert frowned. that’s terrible.

Due to prolonged exertion, the muscles are in an overexcited state, and twitching will not only strain the muscle tissue, but also make people temporarily unable to move, and the movement will be stopped by severe pain. In this way, even if Gusta can wake up from a coma, the tiger man, whose body has reached the limit, may not be able to continue to participate in the competition today – it may even take several days to rest!

Quarterback Shiloma looked coldly at the unconscious tiger man for a few seconds, and then suddenly said: “I know, the physical strength of the dead fat can’t be this bad, and after one round, down.”

He scolded calmly and angrily: “Damn the Ghana team, they still resorted to dirty tricks.”

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