Light Spirit Epic Chapter 1324: Explore in the Wilderness (40)


Chapter 1324: Exploration in the Wilderness (Forty)

Killing the red-eyed Daniel, there seemed to be a burning flame in his eyes. His eyes were fierce like a beast, and he was engrossed in searching for his next prey.

His body wasn’t shaking with fear, no. On the contrary, its subtle and steady trembling stems from its deep inner excitement. Even he didn’t realize it, the corners of his mouth were rising excitedly at this moment, happy because his bloodthirsty **** was satisfied.

This guy is very bad! All the thieves present felt this deeply. The teenager in front of them looked like a reaper, a frenzied, restless Ripper. The killing intent released by Daniel was like a thick black mist, spreading throughout the cave!

——Can’t fight this guy! Once you do it, it will definitely end in a tragic death!

The thieves were timid and withdrawn, despite their large numbers, despite their burly physique, and in front of them was only a teenage boy. They were retreating and distanced themselves from the black iron knight boy, and no one wanted to mess with him.

However, Daniel had no intention of letting these people go. With the red eyes of killing, he gradually lost his mind, eliminated his worries, and acted only on the instinct of killing. To a mad beast, morality, logic, and reason are all insignificant things!

“Hey —————” The boy screamed and rushed up.

The frightened thieves took up weapons to protect themselves, and pointed at Daniel at the same time. However, their weapons trembled with them, they lost their strength because of fear, and their movements were stiff because of hesitation, which not only did not delay their death, but accelerated their destruction! The teenager easily bypassed the sword strike of one of the thieves, slipped into the middle of the three enemies, slashed with a whirlwind, and killed the three at the same time! Before waiting for the next thief’s spear to stab, Daniel had already leaped high, stunned another enemy with a shield slap in the air, stepped on his head and leaped away, and at the same time used a dagger to create a dagger on the man’s head. A **** mouth about four inches deep!

He stomped on another thief’s face, smashing the enemy’s armbone. The thief was screaming in pain, but Daniel fell from behind him, and the dagger had slashed the poor fellow’s back! The young man raised his shield and bounced off another enemy’s long sword, forcing the long sword to pierce the forehead of the thief beside him, and he also stabbed at the same time, the short sword hit the heart of the long sword thief!

Two more enemies who are not afraid of death raised their axes and spears to attack, while the short sword in Daniel’s hand was deep in the body of the thief! He was adaptable, grabbing the long sword in the thief’s hand is a diagonal sweep! Sweeping and slashing the arms of the enemy with the axe, a large bloodstain was left on the man’s chest, while Daniel took advantage of the opportunity to raise his shield and slap it out, as if playing a ball, he slapped the fallen axe out, and let it strike without bias. Take the gun on the forehead of the thief!

The sword dangled in the back of Daniel’s head and in front of his chest. In a bent over, the broadsword slashed above his head, and the longsword was blocked by the shield. With a backhanded sword, he solved the sneak attack behind him, the long sword drew a large half circle, and killed the enemy in front of him!

A sharp spear strikes from his left side, and a throwing axe falls from the top of his head. He took advantage of the momentum to raise his shield to the top of the spear. When the shield hit the spear, it also made him spin! While turning, he grabbed the handle of the gun and slashed out a sword, slashing the enemy while the flying axe smashed into the air behind him! He threw the half-broken shield he was using, hit the attacker who threw the throwing axe, and smashed the enemy into the eyes of gold stars! He grabbed the flying axe on the ground and threw it again, shattering the man’s skull!

With the accumulation of combat experience, the boy’s movements become more refined and fights become easier! The speed of his killing is obviously accelerating, and with his current skill and speed, in fact, these thieves can’t stop him at all! Kill, kill, kill, kill! ! Daniel’s blood-soaked crimson figure interspersed among the thieves, and in an instant, dozens of people fell. Between swords, lights, swords and shadows, it is full of blood rain of death!

“Time is up!” The director of the Oscar branch in the distance suddenly announced: “It’s alright, everyone will stop for me!”

“Ha, ha, ha, ha!” When he was panting to get up from the pile of corpses, looking around, there were only a dozen or so thieves left, and these guys had already run far away , I am afraid that he was afraid of Daniel from the beginning and ran away.

In the entire assembly hall, there were about two hundred corpses with **** flesh and blood lying on the ground. Ninety-nine percent of these dead thieves were the hands of Daniel.

Daniel breathed a sigh of relief, thinking that it was finally over. At least he survived temporarily. When he thought like this, the tense nerves relaxed in an instant. With all his strength, he finally climbed to an open space without so many corpses, and finally completely collapsed.

He thought it was due to the exhaustion from the battle—but in reality, a small snake slipped through Daniel’s numb legs and disappeared into the pile of corpses.

It just created two pinhole-like wounds on the Dark Iron Knight’s calf.

“How many people did that kid kill?” Oscar asked suddenly, looking at the unconscious Daniel.

“It is roughly estimated that there should be 170 people.” A cadre next to the branch head said: “What a good response ability, what a powerful fighting force. We have found a treasure.”

“Yes, I found a treasure.” The cold-hearted young man smiled mysteriously, and first looked at the lower-level thieves who had been frightened and hid in the dark: “Just give them some duties, after all, these The guy is also the one who survived the massacre just now, so he has a little ability to give birth.”

He glanced at Daniel again: “Take that kid to wash, wash off the blood, and send it to my room. I want to have a good chat with this kid.”

Several cadres next to him suddenly let out a slight sneer.

“The branch manager’s preference is to be different, and even this kind of kid likes it. No, it’s because of this kind of kid that he likes it, right? Now he’s a dirty kid, but wash up In the future, it will indeed be a bit more beautiful.”

“Long-winded. If you continue to talk nonsense, I will kill you.” Oscar said indifferently, and then walked away.

Several cadres held back their laughter and walked over to pick up Daniel, who was sleeping like mud, and take him away.

At the same time, somewhere in the Sahara Desert, inside the Golden Ship—Desert Ship.

“Hu, huh, huh, huh, huh.” Bedivere fell to his knees, a series of gasps like a wave of waves rising and falling at the same time.

“Again!” Logan erected the wooden obstacles on the ground again, and tapped the route drawn with white chalk on the ground: “Go more accurately! If this is an actual combat, a little bit If you go wrong, you will be blood and blood, and you must not be sloppy!”

“Ugh…” Bedivere got up and touched the silver bracelet on his arm.

Fuck! He could clearly feel fluid being injected into his veins from the needle inside the bracelet. [Accelerating Water] suddenly accelerated Bedivere, and in contrast, the whole world began to slow down, twist, and darken, as if it had merged into a dead silence, extending toward nothingness.

When the effect of [Time Magic] gradually stabilized, Bedivere was in front of a dark world with almost no light, and the outline of things could only be faintly seen.

As for the obstacles that Logan placed around and the route of travel drawn by chalk on the ground, Bedivere must completely memorize the moment before the [acceleration], and then act under the dark in this dark world to avoid those complicated Changeable obstacles, exactly follow the established route map.

And his time is actually only tens of seconds. Injecting highly pure water into the blood vessels will cause water intoxication, so don’t inject too much. Because the injection of pure water made his blood pressure rise, it made him dizzy. In short, there are many restrictions on his movements, and everything is going very tight.

One step, one step, another step. Every step was like walking in greasy, thick mud, unable to breathe, and his feet were as heavy as lead. When Bedivere staggered and finally walked the set route, the scene in front of him began to brighten, stretch, from tight to loose, restoring the original flow of time.

“Wow!” The werewolf fell to his knees again, gasping for breath! Walking in [Accelerated World] is so exhausting, Bedivere almost doesn’t want to try it a second time!

“It should be almost there, right?” Logan looked at the werewolf youth with cold eyes, “Your [breath-holding practice] and [black action practice] are gradually taking shape. In the limited time at present, you can practice It’s only at this level, and then you can only rely on your own on-the-spot performance.”

“I always feel,” the werewolf touched the sweat on his forehead, “I feel like I’m going to take the exam (to die)?”

“It’s almost like that.” The master smiled cruelly: “Fortunately, it was you who went to die instead of” At this time, Arthur also brought Tristan and Evan into the In the training room: “How are you getting ready?”

“Probably…successful.” Bedivere wiped the sweat from his face and got up, his whole body, clothes and pants were soaked with sweat.

At the same time, Eve also said: “The route has been calculated. The flywheel group is scheduled to arrive at the designated location in ten minutes.”

“Route?” Evan, who was beside him, didn’t understand what he meant, and couldn’t help frowning in confusion.

“Let’s go.” Bedivere sighed: “When you get to the power room, you will naturally understand what this means.”

The group followed the werewolf through several corridors of the ship, and soon came to the power furnace of the desert ship.

There, a guiding light belt composed of holographic images is building a “road” in twists and turns, leading to the center of the power furnace protected by countless flywheels.




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