Light Spirit Epic Chapter 132: Exploring the Dark History (Part 2)


Chapter 132: Exploring the Dark History (Part 2)

“Go, go over?” Kai couldn’t help saying, “Go over? Go over under the guard’s eyelids?!”

“Whose prank is this?” Evan couldn’t help but question.

“No, this is—” Bedivere smiled and boldly stepped out of the shadows.

“Are you crazy? Come back!” Kai called in a low voice.

It’s too late! There are guards around the corner, and Brady should have been spotted by the guards!

However, the guards did not respond.

It’s like, completely ignoring Bedivere’s existence. Let the werewolf boy pace back and forth in front of them, scratching his head and making gestures, the guards just didn’t react at all.

“What’s going on?” Kai asked blankly.

“It doesn’t matter, you guys can follow quickly.” Bedivere said with a smile, “The guards shouldn’t bother us anymore.”

Everyone came out suspiciously, and followed Bedivere to the door.

The five swaggered over, opened the door, and entered the underground passage. The guards were like a bunch of deaf and blind people, turning a blind eye to this group of uninvited guests.

“What’s going on? I don’t understand?” Evan became more and more puzzled.

“You’ll see in a minute. Come on, come on,” Bedivere said.

The crowd continued to trot forward for a while. Not too far away, another snow butterfly flew over and landed on the wall to make an arrow mark, which seemed to signal everyone to go in the direction of the arrow.

There is a door before you take a few steps. The guards were blind again, indifferent to Arthur and his party.

He kept running like this, being guided by the road sign of the snow butterfly, and it didn’t take long before he came to a room deep in the ground.

“Please come in”. Two large characters made of frost appeared in front of the door.

“Could it be a trap?” Kai said.

“Is it necessary to make such a big circle to set a trap for us?” Bedivere pushed the door open without hesitation.

There is no one in the dark room.

Beddie took a few steps forward suspiciously.

A figure suddenly rushed out and rushed towards the werewolf boy, “Are you surprised?!”

“Not surprised at all.” Bedivere laughed, “The snow butterfly has your scent faintly attached to it, so I knew it was you.”

“Long time no see, Tristan,” Bedi said.

“Hehe, long time no see, Bedi.” The murloc prince smirked, observing the new faces in the team with hostility.

“Why are you here?” Arthur asked.

“I can predict the future.” Tristan smiled mysteriously.

“Stop bragging, because someone told you?” Kai said.

“Hmph, okay. You’re right.” Tristan said, “I originally handed the trident back to my mother, and planned to come back to Pantoraken to find you right away. However, my mother heard about your Pantola. Ken’s internal situation started to become unstable, and he ordered me to return to Iceland. I managed to sneak out of the return boat.

Then, while I was hiding, I met a strange old man. He said that as long as I wait in this underground library, I will meet you. “

“Sure enough, Dad is doing the trick again,” Kai said. Sir Arctor is also a genius, isn’t he?

“Perhaps. But, he did help a lot.” Arthur thought, “Did you hypnotize the guards?”

“It took me a whole month,” Tristan said. “I went into the library early in the morning and stayed there until it closed at night, releasing photons for hypnosis non-stop. The guards here Received a very simple order: [As long as anyone passing by with me or with Bedivere doesn’t see it]. You can come to this place with such a swagger, thank me quickly!”

“Well, well done.” Arthur asked, “but?”

“You guessed there was a ‘but’.” Tristan smacked his lips, “Okay, there are a few garrison captains who are very strong-willed, and I can’t hypnotize them. That’s why I asked you to take a detour. .The biggest problem is that the Dark History Library requires authentication of at least two garrison captains to enter.”

“That’s great, so we still can’t get into the library,” Kay muttered.

“Don’t worry, I’ve already figured out how to do it.” Tristan said, pointing to the corner of the wall, “You think it’s pointless for me to lure you into this room?”

“There’s not much time, don’t give a shit.” Arthur said coldly.

“Okay, let’s watch.” Ivan waved his hand, and a hole appeared out of thin air on the wall of the room.

“This is the tunnel I dug secretly two days ago. After that, I use the ice-based modeling technique to seal it up and reproduce the material*, so that I don’t know it.”

(*Note: As long as high-level ice magicians carefully control the ice surface, they can produce light refraction through the extremely fine concave and convex surfaces on the ice surface, and reproduce any material they want, including color and Texture. If you don’t look closely, you won’t be able to see the difference.)

“When did your kid use so much advanced magic?” Kai asked involuntarily.

“I spent a full month in the upper floors of this library, hypnotizing the guards and reading books to pass the time. I study hard from morning to night, and you don’t seek to improve but only know how to fight and kill. Of course there’s a gap between the guys!” Tristan said smugly.

“Understood, let’s talk about the stinky words later.” Arthur said indifferently, “Can you get to the ground by climbing in here?”

“Not exactly, there’s a protective barrier that can’t be breached. But, I guess you can always do something, right?” Tristan quipped.

“Lian Yin?”

“If you actually get close to the barrier, there may be a gap in the barrier that is enough for people to pass through.” Lian Yin replied, “It depends on the strength and regeneration speed of the barrier.”

“That’s it, you go ahead.” Arthur ordered, “It’s up to you to decide how to break the barrier.”

“Understood.” Lian Yin walked ahead and entered the tunnel.

“Hmph, you didn’t even say thank you?” Tristan said dissatisfied.

“If you’re not going to follow, I’ll leave you alone, thank you,” Arthur said as he walked.

In the pitch-black tunnel, there was only a faint light from the lighting magic ball emitted by Renane, and everyone could only barely **** through the stone wall to move forward.

“How long is this tunnel?” Kai asked, touching the slippery rock wall of the tunnel.

“I don’t know, this was dug by the familiar I released. It kept digging for two days and two nights. It’s estimated to be very long.” Tristan said.

“Keep your voice down,” Arthur said.

“So,” asked Tristan, “it looks like you’ve had a lot of adventure. What’s wrong with your hand, Bedi?”

“Burn as part of [the price],” Bedivere whispered. He briefly recounted what had happened since he parted ways with Tristan.

“Oh, yes. Sorry, I don’t know about your brother——“

“It doesn’t matter anymore.” The werewolf boy pretended to be nonchalant and said, “My brother finally told me to protect the last key and to live well. It’s not the way to continue to be depressed. before.”

“You’re so optimistic. If my mother died, I might be depressed for decades.” Tristan said, “I can’t be as strong as you.”

(Strong? It’s not strong.)

(Just one last chance.)

(This time, definitely guard it.)

(Already lost my brother. Already… can’t lose any more.)

Lian Yin came to the barrier and pressed her hand on the barrier.

“Can you do that?” Arthur asked.

“There is no command to add an alarm, just a simple defensive barrier.” Lian Yin explained, “This is exactly where the distribution of photons is weak. As long as interference magic is used, a small gap can be opened.”

“Go ahead,” Arthur said.

“Leave the weak point of the enchantment in the wall? Probably didn’t expect someone to dig a hole to sneak in?” Kai sneered.

“It was not easy to dig a hole from that kind of place,” Evan explained.

“Really? I really am a genius, ahahahaha.” Tristan laughed.

“There’s a little left, dig it out, genius.” Arthur said.

“Humph.” Tristan summoned a small familiar.

“Mole?” Kay asked hilariously.

“Ice mole,” Tristan said, “a small animal that burrows into the diamond-hard wall of eternal ice. A birthday present from my mother and mother on my tenth birthday.”

“No need to explain, hurry up and work.” Arthur said impatiently.

“There are so many requests, why don’t you dig?” Tristan put the Ice Mole on the ground and muttered a few words, and the Mole immediately moved forward to dig a hole. The diamond-hard claws of the little thing dig very efficiently, and the excavated soil is instantly compressed and piled around, forming a tunnel that is as hard as a diamond, and there is no danger of collapse.

“When is your birthday, Brady?” Tristan asked with a smile, “I’ll give you a gift for your birthday that you will absolutely love.”

“Well, is it your birthday?” Bedivere thought for a while, but he suddenly felt sad, “I’m sorry, I can’t remember.”

“Can’t remember?” Tristan asked in surprise. “How long has it been since you had a birthday? Poor Brady.”

“No, it’s not what you think.” Bedivere lied to make up for it, “Our people don’t have the habit of celebrating birthdays, haha.”

Arthur glanced at Bedivere and said nothing.

The tunnel is soon dug through, and a wall is in front of it. Evan walked over and observed it, “There are no guards nearby, a little noise will not be a problem.”

“Then——” After finally finding an opportunity to shoot, Kai smashed the wall with one punch!

“Long!” Bricks were scattered all over the place, and in front of them was a storage room.

“Are you crazy!? I told you to ‘make a little noise’, not to ask you to ‘make a huge noise’!” Evan hurriedly cursed.

“Are the guards responding?”

Evan looked at it intently: “Well, not really.”

“That’s fine, what are you nagging about,” Kay said.

The crowd cast a disgusted look at Kai.

“Okay, let’s start searching the library now.” Arthur said, “Bedivere, Lian Yin and Kai, are in charge of searching the library in the east, and I, Tristan and Evan are in charge of the west.”

“Wait a minute, why did you separate me from Brady? I want to be in the same group as Brady!” Tristan protested.

“Because Bedivere is in charge of vigilance. Although not as good as Evan, his group only has his hearing that can be used to guard against being discovered by the guards.” Arthur explained, “You and him will definitely talk a lot. The Jedi speaks, affecting his vigilance work.”

“Che, I haven’t seen each other for so long, of course I have a lot to say! Your wooden head is really unreasonable.” Tristan said.

“Don’t do that, Tristan,” Bedivere stopped.

“This machine can release the enchantment magic for warning. As long as someone enters the range, they can know it immediately.” Lian Yin said.

“Look then there will be no problem.” Tristan sneered.

“Tsk. Lian Yin, don’t condone this kid?” Kai said.

“The master*’s order includes the clause ‘make Bedivere happy’. This machine judges that this will make Bedivere happy.” Renine said dispassionately.

(*Note: refers to Mogos.)

“Thank you…Thank you, Lian Yin.” Bedivere blushed.

“Huhu.” Tristan snickered beside him.

“I really can’t do anything about you guys, forget it.” Arthur said, “Then I, Kai, Evan and Bedi, Tristan, and Lotus. We will meet here in five hours, and now we will split up. Well. Also, you two little idiots, don’t patronize the chat! Seriously find information for me!”

“What should I start with?” Bedivere asked.

“I’m more concerned about ancient civilizations, especially what happened in the [Lost Millennium]. How should I put it…you should try to find the oldest books.”

“Don’t open it if you find it.” Evan said, “You can’t see the traces of magic like I do. Some books have been cast with trap magic, and you may be injured if you open them casually. Even death. If you have to see it, you have to let Lian Yin use the detection magic to check it clearly.”

“Got it, it’s long-winded!” Tristan pulled Bedivere, “Let’s go!”

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