Light Spirit Epic Chapter 1316: Explore in the Wilderness (31)


Chapter 1316 Exploration in the Wilderness (31)

It’s hard to imagine that in a hot and dry area like Cairo, so much moisture can gather in the air to form such a large area of ​​ice on the ground! But the truth is, what’s supposed to happen always happens!

Following the ice fog, a large piece of frozen ground spreads outward with Seglade as the center. They slanted out regularly and quickly turned into a shoulder-high ice fence!

Although the mine array on the ground has not been cracked, the charged mines are no longer in operation, and the long and sharp ice thorn fence makes it difficult for people in black to approach!

Of course, that also means Seglade can’t get out of the Ice Fence. All he can do now is to stay where he is, and always guard against the people in black attacking from midair!

But at the very least, the opponent must jump high and cross the shoulder-high ice fence before attacking Seglade! If the opponent does this, it will give the Leopard youth an excellent counterattack advantage, because ordinary people can’t change direction in the air, and they can’t dodge attacks!

But is that really the case? These men in black are not human beings, but golems made of wood, and they will not play cards according to common sense at all! The two men in black jumped at the same time without hesitation, leaping high over the ice fence and attacking Seglade! Their tacit understanding is first-class, and simultaneous attacks from two tricky positions in the front and rear make it difficult to deal with them at the same time!

The young Leopard Man, who was attacked by the enemy, knew very well that if he raised his yakuza and slashed at one of the enemies, he would definitely be sniped by another man in black. And the opponent dared to make such a bold jump, they must have kept one hand, and they were confident that they would be able to evade Seglade’s attack in the air!

Therefore, the leopard youth must also play their cards out of common sense and deal with this attack in other ways!

His Black Moon God Steel Tomahawk did not stab at any man in black in the air, but held it high above his head, waving it like a whirlwind! The enchanted Black Moon Shinto Tomahawk also rubbed the air while flying rapidly, creating an extremely cold freezing front. The two people jumped in the air, and the electric shock rods in their hands first hit the frozen air, frozen in a very short time of one hundredth of a second and lost the ability to discharge, and then hit the blade of the Black Moon Shinto Tomahawk , was smashed to pieces! Seeing that the two men in black were about to collide with the tornado of the Black Moon God’s Steel Tomahawk, Seglade was about to be proud when the two men made an incredible backward motion in mid-air, float away!

Yes, because these men in black are golems! They have invisible jet holes hidden all over their bodies for emergency avoidance! In the event of a crisis, a large amount of propelling gas will be ejected from the golems, causing them to retreat sharply in the opposite direction of the danger! No wonder they felt light and airy when I saw their movements before, no wonder their movements in the air were so unscientific!

But Seglade wasn’t going to let the two men in black go. Even if one blow is dodged, he should be able to do something to pursue it! The leopard youth ran in the direction where one of the men in black escaped. Before stepping on the sharp ice thorn fence, he used the handle of the long tomahawk as a pole to make a difficult pole vault! He jumped over the fence with a perfect flip, and raised his long tomahawk to the top of the man’s head!

The man in black who has already retreated sharply once, and who has not yet landed in the air, is about to eject propellant gas from his body to get out of the way again! But Seglade’s speed is always better. After all, the Black Moon Shinto Tomahawk in his hand is made with a special process, and it is as light as a plastic toy! The long tomahawk that fell rapidly just brushed the belly of the man in black, and the flower of ice and cold spread on the enemy in an instant. When he landed on his feet and stabilized his body, half of his body had been eaten away by a large number of ice crystals, and he could not move!

Clap! ! Seglade angrily raised the handle of the long tomahawk and swept it, smashing the wooden golem gracefully!

Another one solved! In the end, only three men in black remained! And the Frozen Enchantment on the Cyglade’s Tomahawk can be used twice!

The remaining enemies saw that their various means were ineffective, and decided to suppress Seglade only by the advantage of numbers! The three of them attacked at the same time, two attacked from the front, and one attacked the Leopard youth from behind! They came to fight with the consciousness of being killed and injured by the Leopard youths, probably thinking that even if one or two of them were eliminated, the remaining ones would definitely hit Seglade!

However, with a sneer, Seglade raised the Black Moon Shinto Tomahawk toward the ground directly in front of him!

Clap la la la la la la la la la la la la la la la la la la la la la la la la la la la la! ! The moment the long yue blade touched the ground, a huge icicle rose from the ground, forming an ice wall in front of the young Leopard Man, no, a huge wave of ice! This ice wave composed of countless sharp ice thorns and extremely cold air sprayed forward aggressively. It was too late for the two men in black in front of Seglade to dodge, and they were hit by the waves from the front! The spikes ran through their wooden bodies, and the freezing air froze them. Seglade rushed forward to make up for the knife, and with a heavy stab by the Black Moon Kobelco, the two men in black froze were smashed to pieces!

But there was another man in black who rushed behind Seglade, only a yard away, and the stun stick in his hand was about to stab the young Leopard Man’s ass!

Seglade certainly did not forget the opponent behind him. As soon as he stabbed the long tomahawk, he immediately pulled the long tomahawk back. The handle of the long tomahawk was much longer than the opponent’s electric baton. Poke, the end of the handle is just on the chin of the man in black!

Boom! There is a muffled sound of wood being hit. The moment Seglade turned his head and glanced at it, he just saw the picture of the man in black’s wooden chin being shattered! The man also wanted to stab Seglade with a stun stick, but the huge kinetic energy didn’t allow him to do so! Before the electric baton stabbed the young Leopard Man’s butt, the man in black was knocked out and slammed into the door of a broken house!

Boom! The dilapidated wooden door of the house was smashed, and the man in black flew in!

“It’s over, meow.” Seglade muttered in a low voice, walking into the room with a long tomahawk.

However, things went far beyond Seglade’s expectations.

“No! —————” A woman’s shrill scream came from inside the house.

Before Seglade entered the house to pursue him, the man in black took the initiative to walk out of the house. In his arms, he also held a little girl about six or seven years old, who seemed to be a resident of this deserted area!

“What meow?!” The leopard youth couldn’t help taking a deep breath. In order to avoid the trackers, he ran to a desolate and populated area like Cairo. He thought that this was a completely abandoned old town, and no one would live in it at all, but he miscalculated!

There are still people living on this street full of dilapidated buildings and everything is dead! The people in front of him were ragged and their faces were thin and pale, and it was conceivable that they were the poorest poor in Egypt! These people are wandering around like beggars, living in the most dilapidated houses in deserted urban areas, which is only slightly better than sleeping on the streets!

“Don’t come near, I will kill this child any more.” The man in black threatened with a sharp dagger against the little girl’s neck.

“Damn…” Seglyde was at a loss for a moment.

The woman on the side seemed to be the mother of the child. She was terrified at the moment, murmuring a lot of words that Seglade could not understand, as if begging the man in black to let her child go. But just as she approached the man in black half a step, the man in black flashed a sharp dagger from the tip of her shoe and kicked the woman’s forehead! One foot in the past, the woman has no voice!

"哇啊啊啊啊啊啊啊!!———————"眼看着自己的母亲被杀,那名小女孩尖叫stand up. But the man in black squeezed the little girl’s neck so hard that the child couldn’t make a sound!

“Count down three seconds, put down the weapon in your hand, otherwise don’t blame me for being rude to this child!” The man in black said without emotion. These golems are heartless and soulless, pure cold-blooded machines, they can’t care about human life!


Seglade frowned deeply. Although that child has nothing to do with Seglade, he can’t just let him die!


The leopard youth trembled with excitement and hesitated. Do you really want to trade your own life for a stranger’s life?

“One! Time is up! Then I’ll kill——“

“Stop meow!” Sagrad had no choice but to drop the Black Moon Shinto Tomahawk.

“Very good——then, lie down!” The man in black pushed the little girl away, raised the electric baton and knocked on the forehead of the young Leopard Man!

Boom! The world was spinning, his head was bleeding, Seglade’s eyes were black, and he almost fainted. He knelt down on the ground weakly, and he didn’t even have time to catch his breath, but the other party’s stun stick had fallen again!

Smack zi zi zi zi zi! A strong electric current flows from his chest all over his makes the Leopard Young man go numb. His body was out of control, and a warmth spread between his pants.

Not anymore. If it goes on like this, it’s all over!

The leopard youth tried his best to maintain his consciousness, and at that moment, he exerted his last strength and reached out to touch the ground! He was lucky and touched something, and before the other party noticed it, he quickly raised the thing and made a backhand stroke! !

Clap! ——The Black Moon God’s Steel Scimitar easily chopped off the hand of the man in black holding the stun stick! The shock is terminated! !

“Ha, ha!” At the moment when his body was able to resume activity, Seglade recklessly got up quickly, and before the opponent had time to attack with his other hand, he split the man in black by the middle!

The golem was completely destroyed by the heavy blow, and it stopped moving after struggling twice!

Finally, Seglade has taken down the last enemy!




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