Light Spirit Epic Chapter 1311: Explore in the Wilderness (26)


Chapter 1311 Exploration in the Wilderness Twenty-six

At the same time, somewhere in the Sahara Desert. Web

Albert took a shower in the sandboat’s bathroom and managed to wash off the blood and fishy smell. He let out a sigh of relief and walked out of the shower, only to see the cat boy Mutter sitting on the bench wearing only a pair of pants, doing some stretching.

Tiger couldn’t help but glance at Mutter. Really soft body, this guy’s arms and legs seem to have no bones, and his limbs can bend slightly while doing stretches. These whip-like limbs have surpassed the softening skills of ordinary cat people, making the tiger wonder if Mutt’s arm bones and leg bones have really been broken into pieces, and they are barely maintained by some magical force. .

“What are you looking at.” Mutter couldn’t help but be wary when he saw Albert staring at him again.

“It doesn’t hurt meow.” Albert asked in a low voice, “I always feel like it hurts when you stretch your arms.”

“No pain, no pain at all.” The cat boy replied indifferently: “I have been numb to the pain in my limbs a long time ago since the day my limbs were broken and put into [octopus pot]. “

“Sorry, I didn’t mean to bring up that sort of thing”

“Whatever,” the cat boy grabbed a bottle of drink from the bench beside him and threw it to Albert: “Your protein drink, drink it now.”

Tiger caught the bottle with one hand, and instantly remembered the weird taste of this weird drink, and couldn’t help but elongated his face: “It’s this meow again.”

“You’ve just finished exercising vigorously, so protein supplements are good for strengthening your body,” Mutter reminded without emotion.

“Okay, I’ll just drink it.” Tiger was too lazy to argue with the little housekeeper. He opened the lid of the bottle, pointed the mouth of the bottle to his mouth, and poured the liquid into his throat.

This time, the protein drink seems to be thicker than before, a bit like phlegm, and has a faint seafood-like stench, which is absolutely disgusting. The tiger shuddered all over, and finally swallowed all the drinks into his stomach. After drinking this, he was eager to find water to rinse his mouth immediately, to wash away the nausea that remained between his teeth.

It’s unpleasant to drink, at least it’s not poisonous, and it never made Albert’s diarrhea and stomachache. They’re going to have a game soon, and Mutter won’t at least do things to entrap Albert.

Tiger wanted to look for his jersey in the sports bag, only to realize that his jersey had been stained with blood from desert sharks and even people during the battle and had been cleaned. He looked at Mutter a little confused, but found that Mutter was in the same situation as him, sitting on the bench without clothes to change.

“Where’s the replacement jersey?” Albert couldn’t help asking, “Shouldn’t we just wait with our shirts on?”

“It should be delivered soon.” Mutter avoided Albert’s gaze, obviously he had no idea in his heart: “Be patient before that. Anyway, there are still dozens of minutes before the destination. voyage.”

The tiger man shuddered, gave the cat man a gloomy white look, looked around, and found a clean-looking bathrobe and put it on. At this moment, Phileos also pushed the door and walked into the bathroom: “Have you washed it, Mr. Albert.”

“What’s wrong with me.”

“About what happened just now, Father Sphinx wants to talk to you alone.” Phileos had a complicated look on his face: “Please come with me.”

“Okay.” Tiger agreed casually. Regarding the attack of the pirates just now, Albert had long wanted to ask the Sphinx to understand it, and Daddy Lion’s willingness to take the initiative to confess is even more desirable.

What is it that makes a group of desperate pirates go after the Sphinx’s sand ships so frantically. What, make those pirates rather die than stop the Sphinx from playing. This is obviously just a stupid American football match. Do you need to be so serious and fight for your life?

And, the man named [Set] is probably the mastermind behind all this. Albert had heard from the Sphinx and Phileos once each, though they only missed the point. Could it be that this Seth and the Sphinx have any deep hatred?

The more you guess, the less you can guess. Chanel may have said that the Sphinx is a big villain, yes the boss, a careerist trying to plan a coup d’etat. But what is the truth. Albert had a hunch that what was involved might be deeper, much deeper than it appeared on the surface.

The boat rocked, and Albert, who was slightly seasick, walked barefoot on the wooden boat floor, making a harsh creaking sound. He followed behind Phileos, walked through a corridor, went down a flight of stairs, and soon came to the luxurious cabin where the Sphinx was.

As soon as the door opened, there was a strong smell of smoke, no, cigars in the cabin. White mist emerged from the open door, as if to set off the mystery of this room or the owner of the room.

“Go in.” Phileos winked at Albert, but he didn’t seem to have any intention of going in. There seems to be only Sphinx in the cabin. After Albert enters, I am afraid that he will have a face-to-face, one-on-one discussion with the Sphinx, which makes the tiger a little nervous. Sphinx is not a good man and a woman. Accidentally, Albert’s plan may be seen through by the other party.

Tiger walked into the slightly darkened room and saw Daddy Lion sitting on a luxurious leather chair. He nodded to the sphinx, and sat down on the leather chair one size smaller in front of the big chair, with only a table between the sphinx.

“You’re here.” The Sphinx seemed to chuckle, though his face was hard to see right away in the gloom. Daddy Lion shook the cigar lighted in his hand on the ashtray on the table, shaking off some ash.

Albert took a natural look at the “ashtray”, only to find that it was just a paper cup filled with water. It was very out of tune with the luxurious layout of this room, and it was obviously a temporary improvisation. By the way, the Sphinx just threw the ashtray on the table here. The ashtray brushed past Mutter and ran through three desert sharks chasing behind Mutter in a row, saving the life of the cat boy. Now that I think about it, I only used one iron ashtray to pierce through or even smash three sharks directly. How terrible is the Sphinx’s arm strength.

Albert was about to speak, but the Sphinx spoke first: “I know you have a lot of questions to ask, but please calm down first, and let me tell a story to suppress the shock.”


“Yes, it’s just a story, please don’t care about its authenticity.”

The Sphinx grunted and began to tell his story.

“A long time ago, it was a time when [God] created everything in the world, and everything had to be thankful and surrendered to [God].

The gods created human beings, and the gods also enslaved human beings and used human beings as a tool.

The gods are few and dying.

On the contrary, human beings are numerous and increasing day by day.

The gods know that their age must come to an end, and that the age of mankind must come. The gods were afraid that humans would rebel, so they created more races. They are basically enhanced races created based on human beings.

Among these races, some were ordered to manage the tools left by the gods and survived as the right hand of the gods; some were ordered to manage humans and prevent riots. Of course, the number of enhanced races is very small, and the factors that must absolutely obey the gods are buried in the body. In addition to being slaves, they are also loyal dogs to the gods, faithfully carrying out the tasks they have been given.

With the help of these right and left hands, the gods thought their rule would last forever. But all this was in vain.

The demise of the gods was not due to human rebellion, but because their time had come. Everything in this world has its lifespan, and no species can truly live forever. The law of heaven is like this, maybe even the gods can’t defy it.

However, in those days nearing its demise, the gods were divided into three factions.

One of the factions believes that they should not die, so they try their best to continue their lives. They failed, and they even brought in [darkness], an unforgivable and devastating disaster;

The other faction believes that they should not continue to be selfish, and should leave all the technology and treasures they have to their descendants, that is, human beings;

The last faction, however, is constantly looking for opportunities for resurrection, looking forward to the rebirth of their descendants after tens of thousands of years.

Among these three factions, the gods of the first faction have been completely swallowed up by the darkness, and it is estimated that they are all dead;

However, the gods of the second and third factions are constantly fighting, choking each other’s throats before they die. Who among them survived, how many survived, and how many are waiting to be resurrected, we don’t know.

What we do know is that the second faction, the human-friendly faction, holds much hope for a world that should have been destroyed early.

Hearing Albert frowned: “For example, the wall of the world.”

“Perhaps.” The Sphinx said ambiguously, “but it’s not over yet, and [hope] actually hides [despair].

Speaking of which, let’s talk about another thing.

It is said that among the [enhanced races] created by the gods, some were given the task of [protecting the world]. Of course, they cannot protect the world, they are at best guardians, responsible for guarding some kind of [device to protect the world].

And this device is mainly maintained by two gatekeepers. Both of them are [Outlaws] who have been endowed with special powers in the enhanced race. Both of them have all the characteristics of the enhanced race, and they are the strongest and most powerful beings in the race.

They are [Origin] and [End]. They can turn the device that protects the world on and turn it off. Together, the two of them guard the device, and at the same time guard the balance of the world.

Until a certain day”


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