Light Spirit Epic Chapter 1307: Explore in the Wilderness (22)


&nb7 Chapter Exploring the Wilderness (22)

As soon as King Arthur finished speaking, the mage Logan exclaimed, “What?!”

“You should use the bracelet’s teleportation function to go back to the battleship’s teleportation room.——Bedivere, you also use the bracelet to open the teleportation door. It would be better for the two of you to meet and discuss in detail. I will follow up. The signal you sent will be here as soon as possible.”

“Understood, Arthur.” Bedivere pressed the teleport button on the Demon Sealing bracelet. He had expected a portal to open in front of him, but nothing happened.

“Eve?” the werewolf grunted reproachfully.

The AI ​​navigation system of the Golden Ship was silent for a while before saying: “The anti-intrusion firewall has been closed.”

This time it’s true. Without the obstruction of the enchantment, a portal appeared in front of the werewolf youth.

And the Great Mage Logan, wearing a light cloth robe, walked leisurely from the transmission room of the Great Britain battleship, crossed the portal, and entered the power room of the desert ship.

“Oh.” The old man glanced at the almost naked Bedivere and let out a sigh.

“Seriously, this is an emergency.” Bedivere rolled his eyes at the old mage.

“It’s really urgent.” Logan looked at the huge, frantically running machine in front of him: “Constructed a sophisticated bomb.”

Bediver nearly spat out a mouthful of old blood: “Who told you it was a bomb, it was the powerhouse of the spaceship! But it went out of control and exploded——“

“Can flatten half of Africa, yes, I’ve heard of it.” Logan said all the dialogue before Bedivere, bluntly: “What’s the way to stop it?”

“Avoid all the flywheels, run to the center of it, and press the emergency cooling device.” The werewolf repeated: “It is an impossible task according to common sense.”

“According to common sense.” Logan smiled confidently: “But it is because you can go against common sense that you called me an old man to come from such a place, right?”

Bediver doesn’t answer, just nods.

“Bedivere, Bedivere, I predicted that one day you will come to me to learn [time magic].” The old mage chuckled, his mighty and sturdy laugh. The chest muscles trembled faintly under the cloth robe: “I didn’t expect you to come to me so soon.”

“What? I never said I was going to learn any magic from you.” The werewolf was unhappy: “I want—you—to turn off that **** power stove, it is—you— -Go!”

“Oh, how can this be done.” Logan covered his stomach pretending to be injured, and smiled slyly: “My injury from yesterday has not been fully healed! You asked me to do this kind of trick with my old bones. A dangerous mission that will kill you if you go wrong? No way.”

A huge vein emerges from the top of Bedivere’s head: “You mean…”

The big mage Logan looked at the werewolf with humorous and sinister eyes: “Of course, I will teach you [time magic], and then you will do it. Even if you fail, you are the only one who will die.”

Bediver is angry: “I don’t have time to do this! This thing will explode in a few hours, how can I find time to learn some magic from you?!”

The old man smiled and shook his head.


Bedivere himself should also be very clear, the so-called [time magic] does not need to be learned at all, it is actually learned immediately.

Because Logan’s [time-magic] is already a finished product – he encapsulates the magic-created [time] in pure water and hides it in his Warp bracelet. Whoever injects these “accelerated water” into the body can get amazing speed (in fact, extra time) in a short period of time.

The old man took out a silver bracelet from his arms: “You are lucky, although one is broken, I still have spare parts for this thing. Wear this, you are my apprentice. The old man never accepts apprentices, but Make an exception today.”

“It doesn’t make any sense for you to do that.” Bedivere shook his head: “I’m an orc, and I can’t use magic in the first place. Even if you taught me everything about time magic, I still can’t. Use it alone. Those [times] have to be produced by other magicians.”

“I know. But you don’t need to be a [producer] of time, you just need to be a [consumer] peacefully.” Logan said in a profound and profound way: “Orcs have a very special physique. And the physique of a werewolf is even more special. [Time Magic] is more effective for you than it is for me, right?”

In other words——

“Actually, you just want to use me as a guinea pig for testing.” Bedivere suddenly exposed Logan’s intentions.

“Correct answer.” Even though he was exposed, the old man still smiled shamelessly.

The werewolf sighed suddenly, only to feel the whole body lose its strength. Magicians are really eccentric and unreasonable guys — or it is because of their eccentricities that they become magicians. Negotiating conditions with such a person is basically a waste of time.

“Okay.” Bedivere nodded: “Just learn, as long as you don’t put forward too harsh conditions, it should not be a bad thing to learn one more subject.”

He said this now because of a request from Logan. When this crisis is resolved smoothly, it’s enough to get rid of the eccentric old man Logan, it’s no big deal.

“Very good.” The old man seemed very happy: “Then call the master first.”

“No way.” Bedivere rolled his eyes at the mage, and his patience had reached the limit: “You love to teach or not, so letting the power furnace explode is also an option, and I won’t care. Don’t be on me. What kind of stinky air is put in front of you.”

“Hehehe, he’s young, but he has a big temper. Well…” Logan glanced at the werewolf slyly: “Is there a training room or something? And you’re better off. Put on some clothes first, your virtue is too easy to distract.”

“Eve?” Bedivere did not respond directly to Logan’s words, but instead asked the ship’s artificial intelligence: “How long until the furnace explodes?”

“All energy consumption has been minimised to reduce the burden on the power furnace. Even so, there are only five hours left before the explosion.”

The werewolf smacked his lips. These five are not much, but they are not much. It is quite subtle: “Five hours, is it enough for you to finish teaching?”

“What joke are you talking about.” Logan rolled his eyes: “All you need to learn is the [using] part of time magic—you just need to learn some basic operations and get used to when the magic is activated. The feeling. Even the stupid apprentice, three hours of study is definitely enough.”

“Okay. Eve, is there a training room that can be used? A larger space is also possible.”

“Authorization complete. The third mechanical warehouse has been vacated for the training of Acting Captain Bedivere.” After Eve finished speaking, a very dim guiding beam appeared on the ground.

“Let’s go.” The werewolf winked at the mage.

“Your female secretary is pretty good, don’t be so indifferent to her.” Logan followed behind Bedivere, scratching at the same time with interest.

“Eve is not my secretary, she is the AI ​​navigation system for this ship.”

“What is artificial intelligence?”

Bedivere suddenly turned his head in surprise and glanced at the mage in disbelief: “Artificial intelligence is the core of… er… golems.”

Logan smiled stupidly: “Oh, is it that kind of thing. You’d better say no at the beginning.”

(Sorry, I really can’t keep up with your mage’s thinking.)

The “temporary” mentor and apprentice travel farther and farther in the darkness, leaving only the hustle and bustle of the power stove in the room.

At the same time, somewhere in the mountains of southeastern Great Britain.

Led by a silver knight, a group of dark iron knights headed deep into the jungle.

The armor they wear is clearly not suitable for the jungle. The soles of their iron boots slip easily on the slippery moss-covered woodlands, and their armor is easily tugged by the dense twigs and vines, making it impossible for them to walk. The knights had to swing their lightsabers and chop down trees to clear the way, but the light of the lightsabers and the hum of their swinging revealed the location of the group of knights at least ten kilometers away.

However, their captain thinks it doesn’t matter. They are the knights of Great Britain, well-equipped and well-trained, and they face nothing but a gang of thieves. Even if he revealed his position to the bandits, it would have no effect on their next actions.

The captain’s arrogant judgment will make the knights suffer.

However, in this pair of knights, there is a black iron knight who is not wearing full armor, and his movements in the dense forest are particularly easy. It wasn’t because he was disobedient and didn’t put on enough protection to attack, but because this is a child of only ten years old, and the armor specially tailored to suit his figure has not been delivered yet.

Therefore, Daniel could only wear a light medium armor to perform the mission, with almost no protection except for the upper armor plates on the chest and abdomen. Not right either. Daniel wrapped enchanted bandages on his arms and feet, which could provide extremely weak defense, and ordinary swords, feathers, and arrows could not penetrate these reinforced bandages.

“Follow me.” Commanded the leading silver knight, Sir Stross, “I’m afraid the thieves have spotted us and are besieging us. Be aware of every move in the forest.” “

“Yes, sir,” replied the six Dark Iron Knights behind him. And Daniel felt that this answer was stupid, so he kept silent.

“Especially you, little one.” Stross glanced back at Daniel: “Pay attention to me. Your father has a precedent of disobedience and death, and I don’t want you to repeat the mistakes of your father.”

Daniel frowned, remaining silent. Several of the dark iron knights in the team let out malicious sneers, but Daniel pretended not to hear.

At the same time, an iron arrow flew out between the shadows of the dense forest. It shot straight at one of the dark iron knights, and before the knight could open the protective cover of the armor, it went through the throat of the knight through the gap in the armor.

“What?!” The silver knight Stross saw one of his men fall down with blood spraying, and hurriedly shouted: “Enemy attack! Prepare to fight!!”

Hundreds of iron arrows have swarmed from every corner of the jungle. hTFsj1




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