Light Spirit Epic Chapter 1295: Explore in the wilderness (10)


Chapter 1295: Exploration in the Wilderness Ten

“How is it possible?” The pirate leader turned his head in surprise and looked at the burly man who had succeeded in a sneak attack behind him. Copy URL access: 7777772e766f6474772e636f6d

Puff, puff, puff. The heart was caught in the man’s hand, wrapped in cloth torn from the giant. It’s still beating hard, making an unimaginably ferocious vibrato, telling people that it’s still “alive”

And the burly figure also appeared under the sunlight. He is none other than Daddy Sphinx

Daddy Lion ran out of the sand boat at some point and came to the pirate ship to rescue Albert

Dad Sphinx, in a straight black suit, is grabbing the **** hill giant’s heart with his hands. He was the one who attacked from behind just now, taking out the heart of the pirate leader and attacking with his bare hands

Daddy Sphinx attacked with his bare hands, pulling out the giant’s heart from a mountain giant covered in steel muscles

And the heart didn’t bleed heavily, there was no splattered blood, and there was no flying flesh, and the stealing of the heart came so neatly that the pirate leader didn’t notice it for several seconds after it was stolen

It’s beyond logic. It’s amazing how Daddy Sphinx did it

Albert gulped as he looked at Daddy Lion.

“Bastard, what do you want to do to my little grandson?” Father Sphinx asked with a flat face: “I’ve also heard that the Sand Sea pirates are daring. But you dare to take action against us. Are you impatient?”

“Isn’t it, give me back my heart,” exclaimed the hill giant stammered.

Yes, the giant’s self-healing ability is very powerful, as long as you return this heart to him, after putting it back, after a period of rest, this guy may still be able to recover a small life

But Father Sphinx firmly grasped the giant’s heart, maintaining a state that could crush it at any time, and asked coldly: “Come on, who is paying to kill us, your client is called What’s the name”

The hill giant’s face darkened and he stopped talking.

Maybe it’s because I’m afraid to say it.

If he dies here, he’s just dead. But if he confesses who is behind all this, he may be treated far more terrible than death

The sphinx squeezed the giant’s heart with more force: “Really don’t say it, then I’ll crush this one”

“I can’t say” The pirate chief’s eyes showed nothing but panic.

Daddy Lion smiled mysteriously and whispered, “It’s Seth, right?”

This unremarkable sentence seems to have stabbed the giant on the hill. The big wound on his chest spurted blood with excitement: “I don’t know anything”

But his eyes had betrayed him.

Seeing this, Father Sphinx smiled lightly. He already knew what he wanted to know, and it was no use keeping the pirate alive. The big hand of the lion man squeezed hard, and the giant’s heart burst with a pop

“No” The hill giant screamed in despair, and at the same time hemorrhaged from excitement, and fell down without holding on for a few seconds.

“Ow” Albert got up from the ground with a look of embarrassment.

“Are you all right?” The Sphinx seldom cast a concerned look at others, and it was at Albert, a stranger he had only just met.

He glanced at the tiger’s left foot, and immediately smiled: “I see, you don’t need my help at all.”

Albert shrugged and remained silent.

Actually, Albert, who was hanged upside down just now, was not idle either. At the very moment when he was torn apart by his opponent, his Storm Sword also opened an inconspicuous wound on the left hand of the pirate leader. What was torn apart was the tendon on the pirate leader’s arm. When it was tearing Albert with force, it was torn apart by its own strength

With this alone, Albert may not be able to completely escape the pursuit of the pirate leader. But Papa Sphinx’s heart-stealing attack completely distracted the hill giant, giving the tiger a chance to escape. At this moment, the fallen hill giant didn’t even know that his broken left hand was still choking on the tiger’s condyle. Albert tried to pry the broken arm apart with the tip of the spear blade, but it was tight enough, and it really wasn’t that easy to break free.

And the group of pirates on the deck have not yet died. They have recovered from the chaos just now. They saw that their leader was killed, but they were not surprised at all. Instead, they all grinned and surrounded this place. The desperadoes who see money and open their eyes are not afraid of death at all

Sphinx glanced at Albert’s left foot: “Is it easy to move around and leave these guys to me?”

“No.” Tiger raised his spear to aim: “Even if I don’t move, I can easily get rid of this mob.”

Before the Sphinx could answer the next sentence, the pirates were already rushing in frantically. The tiger fired three shots in a row, the bullets fell on the crowd, and the five pirates fell instantly

And the Sphinx also raised his fist and swept out, his giant fist like steel easily slapped a pirate minion who flew up and smashed the flying minion on the other three minions, They immediately spread out like bowling balls

The **** on the Sphinx’s ship also arrived at this time. Judging from their dusty appearance, this group of orcs probably swam all the way from the sandy sea between the two boats. Swimming in that highly fluid sand without being buried alive, the swimming skills of these guys are also evident

“Father Sphinx” Phileos rushed over to help and slashed the throat of an enemy with a gun: “This is dangerous, please go back to the sand boat first”

“It doesn’t matter. The most dangerous target has been solved.” Father Sphinx lifted the body of a pirate on the ground and threw it heavily on the deck like a cannonball. A hole about five feet wide was smashed into the solid wooden floor. The impact it caused made the surrounding pirates bloody.

Albert, who was handicapped, continued to shoot with his gun. The large-caliber steel ball shot was in countless overlapping fan shapes, and flew on the flat deck. Every blow caused the pirates to fall to the ground. The minion took advantage of the interval of shooting to approach Albert, but was blasted away by the kinetic energy shock wave of the Storm Gunblade

The bodyguards of the Sphinx also lined up in front of the Sphinx. With the primary purpose of protecting the big boss, they fired a row of light bullets with their guns. After the pirates passed, a few pirates were left. The remnants were defeated, and Phileos rushed forward to chase after them, killing the last few enemies.

This aggressive pirate group, who came to kill Albert and the others, was killed by the Sphinx guards like this

But it’s not over yet

“Wow you” the pirate leader has not yet completely died. He lay on the deck and whispered: “You will definitely regret it”

“Regret what?” Albert asked curiously.

The pirate leader with only his last breath took out a bag from his arms and crushed it with one hand before everyone stopped him

Suddenly, an almost vomit-like stench filled the deck

“That’s shark-inducing medicine” the captain of the guard shouted: “Oops, the desert shark is coming. Everyone, go back to the sand boat and stay on the sand boat”

“Damn” Albert tried to move his left foot, covering his nose. no. The severed arm of the hill giant still held his condyle so hard that he could not break free

The tiger looked out, and suddenly there was a monstrous sand wave a thousand feet away. Hundreds, if not thousands of desert sharks are attracted by the stench of shark-inducing medicine, and are frantically rushing to join in the fun

The Sphinx suddenly picked up Albert with one hand: “Don’t move, I’m going to lose it.”

“To lose” Albert didn’t realize what was going on for a while: “To lose meow

Wow ah ah ah ah ah ah ah ah ah ah ah ah ah ah ah ah ah “he can only exclaim the next moment, because Dad Sphinx has pouted the tiger hard and let Albert Draw a long arc in mid-air and fall to the deck of the Sphinx’s sandboat

The tiger saw that it was getting closer and closer to the deck. Although it would not be fatal, it would definitely hurt to have a close contact with the deck.

Father Sphinx stepped on the edge of the ship with great speed, and jumped from the edge of the pirate ship to his own sand ship

Bang Daddy returned to the deck earlier than Albert. He stretched out a hand and accurately caught Albert who was about to fall.

“This, this is also possible” The tiger man youth was full of horror. The sphinx father, who is full of strange strength, makes a series of unreasonable actions, and the tiger doesn’t know where to start complaining.

“Of course, because I” Sphinx wanted to say something when he put the tiger down, but he immediately showed a painful expression: “Ow”

“Why meow”

“It’s Dodge, it’s just to the waist.” Daddy Lion covered his waist with his hands, looking quite painful.

“Dad, you are getting old, so it’s better to avoid strenuous exercise. Let the young people do the fighting.” The tiger man Shiloma was already waiting on the deck. He saw the Sphinx dodged to his waist, so he hurriedly came over to help him, and at the same time persuaded: “Go back to the cabin to rest, the guards you hand over here are enough.”

“Um, sorry.” Father Sphinx gave Albert a wry smile and walked to the cabin with the help of Shiloma: “You can find a solution for the next thing.”

Albert looked back at the approaching army of sharks, and at the orcs swimming in the sandy sea between the two boats, rushing back with all their strength. Even if the guards were counted, the army of desert devil sharks was still a hundred times their number. That is to say, each of Albert and the others is responsible for dealing with an average of one hundred sharks.

“Oh, damn.” Tiger sighed with wide eyes.

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