Light Spirit Epic Chapter 1287: Explore in the Wilderness (2)


Chapter 1287: Exploration in the Wilderness (2)

“Oh, **** it!” Palamidis was so frightened that he hurriedly shrugged: “Oh my God, Lian Yin, I didn’t mean to, the corridor was too dark so I could only **** forward——“

“I know you didn’t do it on purpose, Mr. Palamidis.” Renine waved her hand and released an illuminated ball of light magic, and the surrounding environment suddenly became brighter.

She looked at the leopard warrior who had just got out of bed and was disheveled: “Mr. Palamedis, you got up early in the morning?…Want to go to the bathroom?”

“I’m looking for Vivian.” Palamides glanced at Lian Yin, his eyes involuntarily swept across Lian Yin’s chest, and then moved away in embarrassment: “You got up early too. , do you usually go to work so early? It’s a lot of life pressure.”

“Something special happened today.” Lian Yin’s words were a little hesitant. Maybe the research project she participated in was a military secret of Great Britain. The — uh, a research project — has been completed, I just got an emergency call and have to rush over to help make the final adjustments.”

“Vivian has a share too? Has she left?”

“No. She’s still fiddling with something in her lab.” Lian Yin looked at Palamidis with a little unease: “If you want to chat with Vivian, you’d better hurry up. This Research projects can keep us busy all day.”

“Understood, thank you.” Palamidis and Lian Yin said goodbye briefly, and the two hurriedly walked away, each going their own way.

Palamidis ran into Vivienne’s lab and saw his wife playing with the Lunasteel gauntlets he brought back.

“Palami, it’s just in time.” Vivian just glanced at the leopard warrior and continued to work: “Your weapon has been adjusted, I still have work to do, come and listen. After the explanation, I have to go.”

“Okay.” Palamidis walked up to his wife in a loneliness: “So… eh? You added a pair of claws to your armguards?”

The crystal-clear, glass-like arm armor is equipped with two silver alloy claws. They are exquisitely constructed, glowing with a cold and cold light, and there is a faint icy blue light between the gaps of their claws, which has a very high-tech feeling.

“This is a mithril claw made of a special alloy.” Vivian put on the arm armor as a demonstration and swayed a few times: “It is usually stored in the arm armor, and the claw can be unfolded during battle. You are using photons. Claw warriors, these lightweight claws must be familiar, right?”

“Very good.” Palamidis was drooling at the sight of the paw.

“Seglade deliberately left these vacancies when casting the armguards. I think this is what he meant.” Vivian continued: “I just had extra materials in hand, so I helped to install it at my own discretion. up.”

“It seems that you know the child very well.” Palamidis played with his new weapon and smiled knowingly: “Sure enough, it’s the child Moruomu.”

However, the unintentional words of the big cat stinged Vivian, she rolled her husband’s eyes and did not continue. Safer and Seglade had always called Vivian “Auntie” but never called her “Mama”, and Vivian knew that the brothers would probably never call her be a mother. Even with Palamides, Vivienne’s relationship with those two stepsons may never get any better.

“And then, there is a mechanism in this claw.” Vivian hurriedly changed the subject and raised her fists towards the wall. She clasped her palms tightly and pressed some kind of mechanism inside the glove.

With a swoosh, the mithril claws attached to the Luna steel glove flew out and grabbed the wall with a clatter. With a metallic luster of Cheng Liang, a steel cable as thick as a finger connects the mithril claw and the glove together. It looks very tough, enough to withstand the pulling force of several tons.

“My God, you put a pair of claws in your gauntlet?” Palamedis exclaimed with joy: “Ha, this thing would be fun to climb walls!”

“The wire rope is 30 yards long and has its own rewinding ability. As long as the wall is not too hard and smooth, you can use this hook to grab it.” Vivian explained without emotion: “You originally You can change the barbed bristles in the palm of your hand to walk along the wall, coupled with the wall-swinging ability of this pair of hooks, your three-dimensional space combat ability will definitely be greatly improved.”

“Very good, I can be Spider-Man!” Palamidis put on his armguards, and the joy involuntarily floated on his face.

“Spider-Man?” Vivian frowned at the big cat.

“Uh, nothing.” Palamidis scratched his head. The words he blurted out sounded silly, and even he himself didn’t know where the words came from.

But with Vivienne’s transformation, the value of these armguards has indeed increased greatly. Palamidis had long envied Bedivere who could use his tungsten tortoise-tongue whip to swing around the walls. Now that he has two hooks, he may be able to catch up with or even surpass Bedivere’s agility in some respects. Considering he might end up fighting the Werewolf in the ring finals, that small advantage could be the key to his victory over Bedivere.

“That’s all I need to explain to you. You can explore the rest slowly by yourself.” Vivian grabbed the robe from the chair beside and put it on, and hurriedly left: “When are you going back to Egypt? If you’re not in a hurry, let’s accompany the children to finish breakfast before leaving. The Knights of the West will send someone to pick up Hal and Husky, and go to their fishing club for a while, and I’ll pick them up at night. Put your child in their hands and you can go back to Egypt with confidence.”

“Understood.” Palamidis nodded in agreement, watching his wife Vivian hurried out of the laboratory.

He remembered the promise he had made with Rosetta, the queen of gems, and then looked at the pitiful figure of his wife, and he couldn’t help feeling uneasy, and he almost wanted to tell everything.

He swallowed a mouthful of saliva and quickly grabbed his wife: “Wait, I have something to ask.”

Vivian turned to look at her husband, a trace of impatience flashed across her eyebrows: “Oh, what’s wrong?”

“You know, Vivienne, I’ve always loved you.” Palamides asked courageously, “But suppose, if only, what if I were unfaithful to you. punish me?”

“What a strange question.” Vivian couldn’t help laughing disapprovingly, thinking her husband was joking with her.

“Just answer, okay?” Big Cat urged seriously.

“Then,” the corner of the succubus’ mouth curved into a comical angle: “If I find out that you’ve been unfaithful to me… don’t worry, Paramy, I won’t do anything to you. I will not hurt you, at least not sexually. But I will ignore you and never say a word to you from now on. If love can’t tie you to me, I will choose not to I love you, that’s all.”

Palramidis felt a chill when he heard this. He swallowed, then asked timidly, “Then, suppose I’m dating a certain woman without telling you, but I don’t have any bad thoughts about her, and all I do is to get something out of her. What about a crucial item that is related to world peace?——If I do this, do you think I am disloyal to you, and will you forgive me?”

“Oh, Palamidis.” Vivian laughed suddenly, wrapping her arms around her husband’s waist.

Actually Palamidis was only wearing a loose nightgown, and his chest was still bare. The woman’s hand stroked down from Palamidis’ hairy and strong chest, and stopped meaningfully on the belly of the big cat.

A cold sweat broke out from the big cat’s forehead. He knew that if his wife touched another half an inch, he might get out of control.

The woman smiled wickedly: “Why are you so excited? Didn’t you make out enough with me yesterday?”

“No, it’s not…” The big cat couldn’t help but guiltily moved his eyes away, not daring to look directly at his wife.

“Look.” So Vivienne sneered and said with a conqueror-like tone: “We all know very well that men always only know how to think with their lower body. At the real critical moment, what morality, Ethics are all just empty talk. Don’t try to fool me with such a big reason, let alone use excuses to justify yourself.”

More cold sweat broke out of Palamidis’ forehead: “You mean…?”

“Don’t ask me, let alone the world. Ask your heart, Palamy.” Vivian circled Palamedis’ belly button with her slender, white jade fingers , made the big cat itchy for a while:”

If you really love me, you can resist all the temptations of beauty in the world, and when she pulls out your words, you can consciously put them back;

If you have a clear conscience, there is no need to seek my understanding or forgiveness, you know I won’t mind;

If you have a conscience and have done something you shouldn’t have, it’s useless to get my forgiveness or cleverly deceive it. You will be tormented by your conscience from now on, and you have received the punishment you deserved.

Just do it Since you have the courage to say you love me, keep that promise and don’t let me down.

——Okay, that’s all I have to tell you. Should I really go, see you later? “

“Okay, okay…” Palamidis said gloomily.

Then, Vivian held Palamidis’s cat face and placed a lip print on the big cat’s cheek before turning away with a satisfied smile, leaving the leopard warriors in a daze.

The cheeks are hot. After the big cat was taught by his wife, he did not feel lost, but felt like his first love.

Maybe, this is love. God knows.

There is only one thing that Palamidis can be sure of at this moment.

——He definitely did not marry the wrong Vivienne.





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