Light Spirit Epic Chapter 1281: Hunting on the Silent Night (24)



Chapter 1281 Hunting Demons in Silent Night (24)

In front of everyone is a black horse without a head.

It was enveloped in black gas, and the occasionally exposed flesh exuded a rotting aura, inexplicable, making it difficult to tell whether it was a living creature or a corpse. Nightmare creatures have always been fantasy species wandering on the edge of life and death. The difference between life and death is very vague.

The attacked it was looking at the crowd with its lost head, and the empty part above its neck let out a silent neigh!

Horrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrful echoes echo in the valley.

“Woooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooh, there’s a woof!” Husky was so frightened that he ran away and shrank behind Uncle Shaxing.

“What the hell…” Juliet also pulled out a light gun and slipped to the side of the evil star: “Beheaded but not dead yet, this nightmare really is a new species!?”

“No.” Xinghuilong hurriedly used the blade to draw a protective circle around himself: “It is the effect of the dragon’s lair. The dragons who once lived here left too much residual magic power, and the creatures like nightmares You can collect these residual magic power to strengthen yourself.——This guy has a hand!”

That’s right, like a dragon that can regenerate **, the Nightmare has grown a new head – although the regeneration process is not smooth! There is no regenerated epidermis on its face. It looks like a skinned horse’s face as a whole. The constantly twisted muscles are squirming between the exposed blood vessels.

“Don’t be in a daze! Hide behind me!” Sha Xing emphasized again, reaching out to pull Daniel into the protection circle: “Do you want to die, boy!”

Daniel ignored the evil star’s advice, and clenched the photon’s head: “Can’t let it escape! We must flank it from both sides!”

Although he has never learned the art of war or tactics, even Daniel understands this truth. If everyone hides in the shield of the evil star and cannot come out, the nightmare will have a chance to escape in other directions. In order to prevent the monster from escaping, someone must take a greater risk and attack the monster outside the protection circle.

“You really don’t want to die!!” Shaxing said angrily: “Your responsibility is to bring back the head of this monster, and you have already done it! The next thing has nothing to do with you, you don’t need to work hard to That’s the point!!”

“Necessary!” Daniel raised his blade and pointed at the monster angrily: “My duty is to kill this monster, it’s not enough to bring back a head!”

“So the knights in Great Britain are all idiots with long brains!!” Xinghuilong said angrily. ()

Fizz sizzle sizzle sizzle! ! Nightmare ignored the conversation between the two, and had already released a black miasma from his body. This is different from powerful mental interference magic. It is a toxin, mixed with powerful sulfur and rot, which can instantly erode the miasma!

“Humph!!” The evil star released a stronger protective shield to block the oncoming miasma!

And Daniel, who was not protected by a protective shield, was not so lucky. He was swallowed by the miasma!

“Brother Daniel!!” Husky screamed.

“Don’t go out! Do you want to die too?!” Sha Xing grabbed the dog boy with one hand.

Ahhhhhhhhhhh! ! ——Nightmare rushed up frantically, stepping on the shield of the evil star with his front hooves, creating an earth-shattering sound!

“But, but brother Daniel he——“

“He’s already dead, and you can’t save him if you go out.” Juliet raised her gun and shot, but her light bullets landed on Nightmare like a mosquito bite, with no effect at all.

What’s more, the monster’s body seems to be getting bigger and bigger.

“Damn…” Shaxing put his hand on the scabbard of the crimson demon sword: “I can even use the gigantic technique, so it really absorbs too much dragon power.”

Shaxing is waiting for the right moment to strike, however he cannot disarm his shield and attack Nightmare in this situation. He himself is fine, but once the two women and children behind him are exposed to the black miasma, I’m afraid they won’t be able to last even a second!

Clap! Clap la la la la la! The protective cover could not withstand the attack of the violent nightmare, and began to crack gradually, making a sound like glass shattering!

Xinghuilong frowned. The situation is getting worse and worse! How can I keep the two burdens behind me? ! Can only use a stronger shield? Do not! That will only consume more magic power, while Nightmare’s trampling attack consumes only physical strength. If the two continue to stalemate, the evil star will only consume all the magic power in the end, and no one can save him if he loses to the nightmare! I can only risk it once, cut a gap in the shield, and use the crimson demon knife to kill the nightmare before the black miasma invades! But if he misses, or starts late, the two burdens behind him will be swallowed up by the miasma! Do you really want to gamble?

Do you really want to gamble? !

Plan! A red light flashed, and a large wound was drawn behind Nightmare! The figure of the boy fell on the back of the huge black horse!

“What?!” Shaxing exclaimed. It’s Daniel! That kid is still alive! Living in that black miasma, but not being eroded to death by the poison? !

“Ahhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhly His photon head made cuts on the monster’s back! However, the huge nightmare is not the same as before, it is not so easy to be hacked to death!

Ahhhhhhhhh! ! Nightmare leaned back, almost throwing Daniel away!

“You bastard!!” The apprentice knight boy quickly grabbed the horse’s mane on the back of the monster’s head: “Be honest with me!!!”

He raised his photon head and stabbed Nightmare at the back of his neck! Countless black fountains of blood emerged from the wounds that were first opened! !

And the black miasma released by the injured and distracted nightmare has also diminished!

It is now! !

“Boy, hold on!!” Shaxing shouted, suddenly rushing out of the shield!

Zha! ! Daniel stabbed hard, and his photon head pierced deeply into the back of the monster’s cervical spine! !

Click! ! Sha Xing’s demon saber was also unsheathed instantly, rushing with all his strength! His crimson demon knife instantly burst into Nightmare’s heart! !

Smack zi zi zi zi! ! Countless black blood spurted out from the monster’s body, dyeing the world into pitch black! Sha Xing turned his head worriedly and saw that his protective shield was collapsing, and the black miasma had not had time to completely subside, and was attacking Husky and Juliet in the protective shield! !

Sure enough? Xinghuilong gritted his teeth, seeing that Husky and Juliet were about to be swallowed up by the poisonous miasma, either dead or injured.

But not so! Shaxing’s crimson demon blade has the characteristic of absorbing magic power. It is like a black hole that has opened up, and it starts to **** away the miasma around it frantically! Before the miasma surrounded Husky and the others, the suction of the crimson demon knife completely absorbed all the vicious aura! !

As Nightmare’s struggle became weaker and weaker, its body returned to its original size, the black energy dissipated, and the fur on its body gradually changed from pitch black to pale. Then it collapsed, twitched twice, and finally died!

“Phew!” Shaxing breathed a sigh of relief: “I never thought that a mere nightmare could be so difficult!”

Xinghuilong glanced at the apprentice knight boy Daniel again: “Infiltrated in that miasma, you can’t even die?”

“I was lucky enough to hold my breath in time and didn’t inhale that kind of thing.” Daniel put away the light blade of the weapon and handed the photon head back to Husky: “Thanks, what a good weapon. “

“Hey, of course, this is a gift from Uncle Arthur to Husky.” The canine boy wagged his tail and hung the hilt of his lightsaber back on his belt.

And Juliet remained silent, looking at Daniel all the way.

It doesn’t mean “without inhaling the miasma” to be intact. The powerful and corrosive poisonous miasma of Nightmare can erode the flesh, and ordinary people will be directly eroded to death. If they cannot die, they will be burned to the skin of level 5 or above.

However, attacked by the powerful miasma released by the nightmare, Daniel, who should have been poisoned and even corroded, not only showed no signs of poisoning, but even his coarse cloth remained intact——no, also It wasn’t perfect, at least it was smeared with the black blood of the Nightmare, and some parts were torn apart in battle — but its damage was definitely not eroded by miasma. That is to say, Daniel’s bizarre anti-magic physique not only protected him from the miasma, but even deployed some kind of invisible biological shield to protect his clothes.

Is it true that the non-magic just can’t use magic?

“Uh, Miss Juliet, do you want to bring back the corpse of this nightmare?” Seeing Juliet in a daze, Daniel couldn’t help asking the supervisor and the monitor of the trial.

“Take it back. Take it all back.” Juliet was a little absent-minded, casually.

Daniel shook his head helplessly, took out a specially constructed cloth bag from his waist, and picked up Nightmare’s head: “But the [frozen meat bag] I brought is only enough for the You have Bring a bigger [frozen meat bag]?”

“Frozen meat?” Husky wanted to ask something else, but he just happened to see Daniel open the cloth bag and stuff Nightmare’s head inside. The mouth of the bag is not large, but it magically holds such a huge nightmare head in it, seeing that there must be a subspace inside the bag. In the process of bagging, white freezing mist also continued to emerge from the pocket. It can be seen that the subspace of the pocket also used freezing magic to prevent the contents of the bag from rotting.

“Uh…whatever it is, it’s enough to take the head back.” Juliet then recovered from her meditation and glanced at the dead body of the headless Nightmare, since she knew that the Nightmare was just absorbing The power of dragons becomes unusual, and there is nothing worth studying.

As soon as Daniel put the Nightmare’s head on and hung the “frozen meat bag” around his waist, his eyes began to be drawn uncontrollably by the treasure beside him.

The moment he focused his attention on the treasures and saw them clearly, Daniel couldn’t help but swallow.

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