Light Spirit Epic Chapter 1255: Recuperate in the silent night (32)


Chapter 1255 Rest in Silent Night (Thirty-two)

At the same time(?), Egypt.

Above the Red Sea, a golden light pierced the night sky, dragging a hundred-foot-long ribbon in the quiet night.

This golden light comes from a dragoon. It hovered in the night sky for a while, and after finding its destination, it descended slowly, entered the enchantment of the Stone Pillar Forest, and finally moored on the deck of the Great Britain battleship [Attack Palamedis].

As soon as the dragoon came to a stop, King Arthur immediately stretched his muscles and unfastened his belt.

“Greenville, here we are.” With affection, the king turned to look at his queen.

Queen Greenville, fastened by several belts and attached to King Arthur in a hugging position, is still sleeping. There was some mysterious power that kept the queen awake, and it had been six or seven hours now.

It’s not a big deal for ordinary people to sleep for six or seven hours because of excessive fatigue. However, King Arthur knew very well that his queen, Greenville was a professional therapist and nutritionist, and it was absolutely impossible for her to miss the lunch and dinner she should have eaten because of snooze.

“I can’t believe that, Your Majesty, you really came from Great Britain with the Queen…” Cador, the Knight of the Round Table who came to meet him, sighed as soon as he appeared.

“There is no other way.” Arthur hugged his queen: “Send Greenville to the infirmary, hurry!”

Needless to say, a large group of professional medical personnel have already come here carrying stretchers. The knight of the round table Constantine followed.

“Your Majesty.” Constantine’s face didn’t seem very good.

“Constantine, grit your teeth,” Arthur said suddenly.

“But, sir———“

Pounds! Before Constantine could react, King Arthur’s punch had smashed the young Knight of the Round Table into the air! Constantine dragged a full twenty yards across the smooth deck before stopping.

“Your Majesty!” Cador exclaimed.

“I also don’t want to hit you in public.” Arthur looked at Constantine coldly: “But what I said will definitely be done. I said that when the time comes, I will come and give you a good beating. This agreement must be fulfilled.”

“I understand…” Constantine covered his swollen face and slowly got up, and asked in a low voice, “How is the Queen’s condition?”

“Very bad. Very bad.” Arthur sighed as he watched his queen being carried away by the medical staff: “I have asked Merlin to conduct a thorough physical examination on Greenville, but what’s the problem? None found. No symptoms of poisoning, allergies, infections, hypnosis, magic, or coma like trauma, internal trauma, or physical exertion.”

“How could it be possible…” Constantine looked puzzled: “Since the cause has not been found at all, the queen should be very healthy——“

“But she was still asleep, no matter how much I called.” Arthur’s face became even more gloomy: “There must be some reason for this, we just haven’t discovered it yet.”

Constantine frowned: “Since even the supernatural Prime Minister Merlin can’t find the cause, I can’t do anything. Your Majesty, you don’t use the teleportation system, you directly drive the dragoon to send the queen from Great Britain to Egypt. , in fact, it makes no sense at all…”

“I don’t care.” The King of Knights gave Constantine a white look: “Intuition tells me that you are probably the only person in the world who can make Greenville wake up again, so I brought her here. Kang Shi Tan Ding, no matter what method you use, no matter how much manpower and material resources it takes, I must make Greenville wake up again, understand?”

Despite all the doubts in his heart, and despite the overwhelming wonder, Constantine nodded to the King of Great Britain: “Yes, Your Majesty.”

Because King Arthur’s orders are absolute, no one in the world can overturn them.

——Constantine had a huge problem.

At the same time(?), in the Cairo Hotel, in the rooms of Safir and Seglade.

Ding dong. Someone is ringing the doorbell.

The two leopards looked at each other with displeased expressions.

“Seglade, you go to meow.” Saifer was fiddling with an electronic component with a welding torch, and he couldn’t be too busy.

“No, I’m busy, my brother is going to open meow.” Seglade was also grinding the blade of the Luna Steel Scimitar to the finest detail, but he couldn’t be too busy.

The brothers glanced at each other again.

“At a time like this, the fairest way is——” Saifer took out a coin from his pocket: “Last time I guessed first, this time it’s your turn meow.”

This is their old habit. Once the brothers have a dispute, it must be settled by tossing a coin. It’s the only way they think is fair and doesn’t hurt brotherhood.

“Okay—” Seglade glanced at the coin: “Heads meow.”

“I wanted heads… just let you know me.” Saifer flicked his finger and tossed the coin into the air.

Shake Shake Shake Shake—The coin circled dozens of times in the air, rose to the highest altitude and then fell. Boom~ It brought a crisp echo when it landed, spun dozens of times on the ground, and then lay down peacefully.

The result is negative.

“Ow… how come every time I flip a coin, my brother wins meow?” Seglade was frantic for a few seconds, and got up from the floor with a face full of displeasure.

“Hehe, because I’m lucky meow.” Saifer picked up the coin and stuffed it into his pocket.

“Okay.” Segly snorted slightly unconvinced, walked slowly to the door, and asked casually, “Who is it?”

“It’s me.” The voice outside the door replied, a rather unfamiliar voice.

Zefel and Seglade glanced at each other. Strangers come to visit at this time? It must be a bad visitor. What’s more, the two brothers are currently renovating and transforming the Luna steel weapons, and everything in the room is inconvenient for outsiders to see.

Seglade frowned, glanced through the fish eyes of the door, and found that the person standing outside the door turned out to be the opponent he fought with today, Viscount Roosevelt. The Viscount was still covered in bandages, his nose was swollen and his face was blue. But this guy’s breath has improved a lot, and the medical technology of Great Britain is really amazing.

“It’s you again.” The leopard man frowned again, and the leopard paw that had been moved to the doorknob immediately retracted: “If you came to get that lightsaber back, I’m sorry, it It has been dismantled by us, meow. Please come back meow.”

“No, I’m not here to get [Breath of the Sky].” Roosevelt said calmly, “I just want to talk to you, okay?”

“No, meow.” Seglade was upset, and at this moment only planned to drive Rusford away as soon as possible: “If you are here to get information about those [glass] weapons, please give up, meow. We have an agreement at First, since you lost the bet, don’t harass me again meow.”

“I know, just——“

“I thought the famous Roosevelt family would be more tidy, but I didn’t expect the Rusford family to be the kind of brazen stalkers meow.” Seglade began to use vicious words to try to let the other party know Reluctant to retreat: “You will really be ashamed of your family, my lord Viscount.”

Roosevelt immediately pouted in anger, and his frantic appearance outside the door was reflected in Seglade’s eyes through the convex lens of the fish eye, making his appearance even more comical.

However, Viscount Roosevelt is also a cultivated person. The frenzy only lasted for a few seconds, and he calmed down and coughed: “Cough cough… It’s good, then I won’t harass you. I I just want you to know what you’re doing. Digging up ancient Egyptian tombs without authorization and stealing ancient Egyptian artifacts is a serious crime that can kill you hundreds of times.”

Seglade thought it was ridiculous when he heard it: “nonsense, who went to steal the Egyptian artifact meow.”

Roosevelt suddenly threw out an astonishing fact: “Oh, you don’t admit it? But the batch of [Solomon’s ice tools] in your hands was originally an ancient artifact recorded in the Egyptian history books. There can be no craftsmanship for making such weapons, even if you didn’t steal the weapons from the ancient ruins, you definitely stole the craftsmanship. Am I right?”

Although he knew that the other party was lying to them, but when he heard Rusford talking nonsense in a serious manner, Saifer couldn’t help but scolded: “Fart! That’s obviously Sai——“

He was only halfway through when he was stopped by his brother’s sharp knife-like gaze. Saifer couldn’t help but apologize to his brother for sticking his tongue out. It’s too risky, I almost gave out Seglade’s name.

However, Roosevelt still smiled smugly: “Oh, the name of the craftsman who made [Iceware] started with [Sai], huh——“

Seglade had blue veins on his forehead, quickly locked all the locks that could be locked on the door, and then roared viciously: “Listen meow. Stop dreaming, we will never tell you any more. Information meow. If you think the name of the craftsman who made the weapon starts with [Sai], you can go and investigate it, meow. Investigate all the people whose names start with [Sai] in the whole of Africa. But you will never find the master craftsman, he is no longer here, everything you do is just a waste of time meow.”

This is of course just Saifer, the talkative guy, has revealed the fact that the craftsman exists to Rusford, and the danger of Seglade’s identity being exposed has increased several times; now he has to keep putting Smokescreen, I hope the idiot Roosevelt can turn his attention to others and stop sniffing around Seglade.

“We’ll see.” Roosevelt replied calmly. The Roosevelt family also has a lot of influence in Africa. It is only a small effort to find a mere person from the household registration information of African countries. Of course, he couldn’t be foolish enough to be deceived by Seglade’s smokescreen. The suspicion that the brothers Syfer and Seglade were the makers of those “glass” weapons has not been completely eliminated.

“Even if it’s just a leak, you did tell me good information.” Viscount Roosevelt tentatively said again: “In exchange, let me tell you about [Solomon’s Iceware] as well.”

“I don’t want to hear it, thank you meow.” Seglade checked the door lock again, then walked away from the door with disgust.

“A long time, a long time ago—-” Rusford ignored Seglade completely and began to tell the story. () “The Legend of Light” only represents the views of the author Raven D Vixas. If you find that its content is in violation of national laws, please delete it. The position is only committed to providing a healthy and green reading platform . 【】,thank you all!


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