Light Spirit Epic Chapter 125: Sounds to the King’s Day


Chapter 125 Vibration to the King (Part 2)

At the heart of that dragon golem is a cabin. It’s just the size to accommodate one person.

“I see.” Arthur rolled into the cabin, sat on the seat, and looked at the dashboard. Although he can’t understand how these complex machines operate, he knows the only solution:

“Stop it!!!!” Arthur slammed a punch on the dashboard!

—[Violence can solve all problems].


The lights on the dashboard faded, and the dragon golem moved more slowly.

This guy is released from automatic control mode and finally willing to be honest.

—— Arthur didn’t know, in fact, the dragon golem was voice-controlled, he didn’t need to smash the dashboard at all, he just needed to sit down and give orders. However, this is for the future.

“I hope you are the last dragon I meet. It’s really tiring to fight with dragons, and I really don’t want to meet again!” Arthur sat down and sighed (gasps).

The people at the foot of the dragon golem still had lingering fears as they looked at the still dragon.

“A… Arthur? Are you okay up there?! What’s going on?” Bedivere yelled from below.

“I’m fine, I’ll be down soon,” Arthur said. Looking at the cabin full of dashboards and various button handles, he vaguely felt that the dragon golem could be manipulated by hand.

If you can really tame this gigantic mechanical monster, wouldn’t Pantorakon be invincible? … Of course, that’s for later.

“Does it really matter?” Evan looked at the giant mechanical dragon standing behind him tremblingly. It seemed that it would move again at any time to attack everyone’s backs. Evan couldn’t help but feel a chill behind his back.

“I turned it off, it shouldn’t move.” Arthur sorted out the tattered armor on his body.

It hurts to do this. The black dragon armor can automatically regenerate by absorbing free photons in the environment, but it takes a lot of time, and Arthur estimates that he will wear this rag for a while. Fortunately, all the places that should be covered are well covered…

“Don’t worry about that dragon, let’s go quickly,” Kay urged. He thought the only way to escape the dragon’s fear was to ignore it.

Bedivere didn’t speak, he pulled Lian Yin and ran forward, fearing that the giant dragon would attack them.

In this dark and vast space, everyone is moving towards the place where there is light. The destination of everyone… is in the center of this vast battlefield, a place illuminated by a faint light.

Not commensurate with the huge and magnificent battlefield, and even less worthy of the terrifying and powerful dragon golem guardians, this is just a small place. Unpretentious…or even, a shabby little place.

The statues of two dragons and an unmarked stele set off this place. Everything has been baptized for a long time and has become tattered.

The dust shone in a ray of sunlight. The light shone down from an opening in the sky, presumably a vent connected to the ground.

Ancient and sacred. But…

In front of this semi-circular arched stone tablet, a black, broken, ugly iron sword was inserted into a small, equally broken anvil.

So rustic, so unremarkable, so unremarkable.

Although I can feel the ancient and sacred aura, this sword is too… ordinary.

This is the so-called King’s Sword—Caliburn?


“Kay, this is the result you want.” Arthur finally couldn’t hold it anymore, his anger exploded in an instant: “Look! This piece of rotten iron is the one that everyone risked their lives to accompany you to get it. What you want to get! You’d rather abandon your companions than you want! Are you satisfied now?!”

(No! It shouldn’t be like this.)

“Only, it’s just a rotten appearance. Of course, the things left over for thousands of years are a little broken.” Kai said, “But, it must be a powerful artifact!”

(I originally hoped for a heroic adventure, a shocking treasure, and a legendary story for generations!)

“Do you really think that a piece of rotten iron can make you a king? Hehe, let alone this piece of garbage, no matter how powerful it is, it is impossible to balance you and the heavenly position even if it is a powerful weapon that cuts iron like mud. The strength gap between the knights!” Arthur sternly rebuked, “Kay, it’s time to wake up!”

(What kind of bad ending is this!?)

“You—-what do you know!!!” Kay looked at Arthur, and at this moment, he finally couldn’t hold back and cried.

The feelings he had held in his heart for many years burst out at this moment.

“Arthur, you are so strong! Of course you don’t have to care about anything!” Kay cried, “You can’t think about the feelings of those who are weaker than you?!

—— No matter how hard you try, you will simply be surpassed by you!

——No matter how much you practice, you will never be as talented as you!

Don’t get stronger, **** bastard! ! ! ‘ he shouted, ‘what do you want me to do? ! What if you call me this brother? ! ! ! !

—————————– Obviously I want to protect you! ! ! ! “

Seeing Kay kneeling on the ground crying, Arthur fell silent for a while.

(No, not like that.)

“You don’t need to protect me.” Arthur said, “I’m no longer a child, so I don’t need your protection.

Kay doesn’t have to be better than me. You just need to be strong enough to protect yourself, don’t worry about me, that’s enough.

No matter what we become in the future, you will always be my dearest brother. ‘ Arthur cried.

(It turned out to be like this. It was just like that.)

“Arthur.” Kay put his arms around his unrelated brother, “I’m sorry, I’m really an idiot. I’m sorry.”

He was relieved.

Bediver just watched Kay and Arthur quietly. He put away his weapon, ashamed that he had doubted Kay.

The world is not just about malice. People’s hearts are still full of Then, one day, kindness will change everything and sweep away the original darkness.

Actually, Arthur has a good brother. Just knowing this is enough.

Finally, Ivan couldn’t bear it anymore. He pointed to the ancient sword beside him and asked, “But, what about that?”

Kai wiped the tears from the corners of his eyes, showing a funny expression, “That…let’s try to pull it out and see?”

“Don’t pull it out, it will break as soon as you pull it out.” Arthur wiped away his tears and said, “Do you want to damage the precious cultural relics?”

Kai looked at the rusted and rotten sword, hesitated for a moment, “No. The legends have made it clear that it is to be pulled out.”

“It will break, it will definitely break.” Bedivere shook his head vigorously.

“Hey, so what if it’s broken? At least we can take the hilt back to cross it! If it’s broken, it’s a holy sword, isn’t it? And there’s no evidence that we broke it, so what can the archaeologists do to us? ‘ said Kay.

“You shameless vandal,” Arthur said.

“Noisy! … Then, I’m going to draw my sword!” Kai said embarrassedly, blushing.

Arthur looked at Kay’s back. For some reason, he suddenly felt a warm feeling in his heart.

The idiot Kay he knew has finally returned.

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