Light Spirit Epic Chapter 1242: Break in the silent night (19)


Chapter 1242 Rest in Silent Night (Nineteen)

Bediveville can’t help but feel a little confused. At this moment, Evan turned his head and glanced at Bedivere: “Did it work successfully?” (It? What it?) “Oh, by the way, you can’t speak now, you can only see the sight.” Ivan touched his head with all his thoughts, and then waved his hand in front of Bedivere: “In short, the headband you just wore is an auxiliary device that produces [super vision]. It has What is the use, let’s not go into it.” (Super vision? Do you mean [Eagle Eye]? It’s the same as Ivan’s Hawk Eye?) Bedivere looked down at himself, but what he saw was a haircut. Body made of shimmering mist. He waved his hand, and his arm was so illusory, like a cloud, shaking and constantly deforming, and it was difficult to restore the shape of the arm after stopping.

A spirit body? !

Bedivere’s consciousness seems to have turned into a spirit body?

Is this what the old doctor called the “Separation of the Ghostly Body”? !

(Then what the **** am I now? A ghost?) The werewolf was about to question him, but he couldn’t make a sound. Of course, Bedivere, who has become a body of spirit, has no [organs] that make sound.

“Don’t worry, your consciousness is still well preserved in your body and has not been moved.” Because Bedivere couldn’t speak now, Evan tried to explain: “You are in this [body] now. It’s just a prosthetic body, an artificial spirit body. Your consciousness is connected to it through the headband, which is like a remote control to control the movement of this spirit body.” (Technology in Great Britain has been able to control the Holy Spirit with human consciousness. ?!) (But it’s obviously only a half-finished product——?) Seeing the clothes he’s taken off being thrown away at random, Bedivere tries to pick them up. But his cloudy arms easily passed through the clothing, unable to move its half-filament fibers at all.

“It’s useless, you can’t do anything right now, at best you can only do [reconnaissance].” Ivan waved: “If you feel bored, just go out for a walk, most areas of Ettenberg are open. The part that is not open to the public has an enchantment anyway, so you can’t get in.” Bedivere was stunned for a moment, but did not speak.

However, Evan and the old military doctor began to discuss a lot of very professional medical topics, and the werewolf didn’t even understand the slightest bit. There was still a full hour to wait, and he felt bored, so he had to sneak out and look around.

At the same time, outside the gates of the east wing of Ettenberg.

“Are you sure my little Howl is here?” Palamedis asked as soon as he walked in the door, “You said they were in some fishing club, so shouldn’t they theoretically be at the seaside? “”Trust me.” Tristan analyzed dispassionately: “I know my ghostly brother very well. How could Calvin have the patience to go fishing. It’s late, and the lights are usually on for fishing by the sea, but We just came up from the coast, and we didn’t see the lights.” “That means they must be in the castle, not fishing safely, but doing some tricks.” Palamidis couldn’t help laughing: “Hal turned out to be such a young man. Naughty.” “It must have been taught by Calvin. Those little devils have been sticking together and playing together recently, and they have become more daring.” Tristan hummed, and took out the phone to contact someone in the castle: “And there is the Grand Duke of Yones. Support him, Calvin is even more reckless.” The spoiled little murloc prince. Palamidis couldn’t help but wonder. Let Hal play with this little bully, will the weak kitty be bullied?

“Calvin?” The voice of Ao Yun, the Knight of the Round Table, came from the microphone: “Father should have taken them to the simulation training room in the east wing.” “Simulation?” “Probably the training procedure of the apprentice knights Transform it into a game for the little devils to entertain, let them play.” Ao Yun explained: “Anyway, let’s go and see. If they are doing something bad, it’s better to catch them.” Cui Stan hung up the phone, turned to Palamidis and said, “You heard that, right?” “My little Howl.” The Leopard Warrior has long drawn his face: “Come on, look at that group. What the **** are you doing!” The two figures hurried up the stairs and headed towards the simulation training room on the top floor.

Meanwhile, Manx, who was busy washing Husky’s pants in the bathroom, noticed something behind him and glanced back alertly.

Seeing this, Xinghuilong’s heart skipped a beat!

As a dragon, he may not believe in evil, nor be afraid of the monsters in the human world, but the supernatural things that cannot be explained by science suddenly appear in front of his eyes, and anyone will be shocked!


A misty thing, vaguely humanoid, stood in front of the evil star.

“Damn—!” The dragon’s first reaction was to pull out his scabbard and slash the human-shaped mist with his crimson demon sword! Yes, humans may be frightened and flee, but Shaxing is a dragon, and dragons are aggressive creatures. Even in the face of unknown terror, they will kill the opponent first!

(Damn! —) As the evil star shouted, Bedivere’s heart roared the same way.

It’s so frustrating! The werewolf just wanted to see what he looked like when he turned into a spiritual body, so he ran into the bathroom and looked in the mirror. He didn’t expect to encounter a shaxing in such a place, and this crazy guy could not help but pull it out. Knife cut!

You can only avoid the immediate crisis first! flash! ——Bedivere retreated abruptly, dodging the evil star’s blade. Fortunately, his skills were not affected by this spiritual transformation, and his dodging movements were as sharp as ever.

“Ha, not bad! It’s obviously just a **** ghost!” Sha Xing sighed. There is such a ghost that can dodge in the world. This guy must have been a good knight in his lifetime, right?

However, this didn’t stop him, but made Xinghuilong’s attack even more violent. The dragon roared loudly, and drew three knives in a row! The weird crimson demon light formed three deadly arcs in the gloom!

Bedivere can only continue to dodge! At this moment, as a mist-like spiritual body, he can neither fight back, nor speak to stop the other party, he is simply indescribable! At this moment, his heart collapsed. Why should Bedivere in the world be chased and cut down by the evil star in the world for no reason?

However, it’s no use complaining. Xinghuilong’s blade is sharp and full of killing intent. Even Bedivere, who is composed of a group of spirits, can feel a needle-like stabbing when the demon knife is swept across his chest. Sharp pain!

That weapon must have some kind of special power that can damage spirits! It can not only hurt the spirit body, but also the Bedivere who is remotely controlling the spirit body! The pain of the spirit body is transmitted to Bedivere through the headband, which is synchronized with the somatosensory nerves of the werewolf! Just being touched lightly by that demon knife is already so painful, if it is cut in half by it, Bedivere’s nerves will definitely be severely damaged!

Swipe, swipe! The dragon was still unreasonably swinging his sword and attacking Bedivere. The werewolf was still struggling to dodge.

“Don’t hide! Obediently stop and die!” Shaxing shouted while slashing.

(The ghost will stop and let you cut!!) The situation is really critical. Shaxing’s demon knife is so sharp that it can even directly leave deep cuts on the surrounding walls and floors, and the cramped environment of the bathroom is not easy Easy to dodge the werewolf! If it goes on like this, it will really—— eh, wait.

Bediver slammed into the wall suddenly.

“What?” Shi Xing was slightly surprised, but still did not stop, chasing after the spirit body and slashing. His demon knife slashed straight down, and he was about to cut Bedivere’s head in half!

Whoosh——but the spirit body is completely hidden in the wall and disappeared!

That’s right, the current Bedivere is just a spirit body, a thought body composed of a mass of photons. Photons are not limited by physical collision conditions, and things like passing through walls can of course be easily done!

Bediver went through the wall like a real ghost!

But Bedivere still feels a pain in his back. That’s right, the moment he passed through the wall caused a slight delay in his movements, and this delay was enough for the evil star to slash Bedivere! That extremely dangerous crimson demon knife is so sharp, it cuts through the wall of the bathroom like cutting butter, injuring the spirit body hidden in the wall!

It hurts! So bad! Bedivere can neither persuade the opponent nor counterattack, and staying here will only become a living target! Only run away!

Fortunately, he realized in time that he had the ability to pass through walls. Since the spirit body he controls can pass through walls, of course it can also fly through the ceiling, right? The werewolf fled in the direction of the rooftop without thinking too much, thinking that as long as he could escape from this building and fly high into the sky, the evil star with the demon knife would be no match for Bedivere!

“Don’t run!” I saw the “ghost” flying towards the The evil star shouted loudly, and at the same time threw the demon knife in his hand! This time, however, he was a step too late. Although the demon knife pierced the ceiling deeply, Bedivere had already escaped.

At the same time, hiding on the roof of the same building, the canine boy Husky couldn’t help but get nervous.

The current Husky has a bare bottom and can only pull his shirt down as much as possible to cover his lower body. Despite this, he still felt very ashamed and was afraid of being discovered by anyone passing by, so he hid as much as possible in the shadow of the roof. The night was falling, and under the dark night, the cold wind was blowing through a thin shirt, blowing the **** of Husky’s puppy, which made him feel particularly uncomfortable.

“Why hasn’t Uncle Shaxing come to Wang.” Husky shuddered: “Could it be that he really encountered some ghost and was caught Wang?” At the same time as he glanced at the stairwell—Bediver, who had turned into a mass of spiritual body, collided head-on, and glared at Husky at zero distance!

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