Light Spirit Epic Chapter 1240: Break in the silent night (17)


Chapter 1240 Rest in Silent Night (Seventeen)

After some rectification, the game continues. The ball is still in the hands of the Guinea Giants.

“Humph.” The giant who was leading the enemy line gave a contemptuous laugh: “With Phileos not here, the Sphinx’s defense is useless. The six points for this touchdown are guaranteed!” The players of the Sphinx team did not respond, but all of them looked like torches, with anger burning fiercely in them. A group of dwarf orcs are challenging giants that are many times taller than themselves, but they are not afraid. Instead, they show such ferocious beast appearances, as if they want to swallow the giants alive.

Albert was also infected by this group of temporary companions, staring at the ball with energy.

Kickoff! ! ——The enemy center threw the ball behind him and gave it to the Giants quarterback. Without even thinking about it, the quarterback threw the ball to the running back and let the running back charge!

“Death to stop him!!” Captain Shiloma shouted.

However, the offensive and defensive lines of the giants came together, and their brute force instantly destroyed the offensive and defensive lines of the orcs! In the collapsed human wall, the three giants rushed out with the ball and went straight to the bottom line of the Sphinx! !

They must be stopped! Albert is the only one who can act! Tiger hurriedly chased away, recalling the captain’s instructions——reach out and pull the back corner of the running back! ! This time, he is starting from his own position, and he has an absolute advantage in distance! His explosive sprint was just enough to catch up with his opponent!

Avoiding two guards, Tiger hits the running back with the ball like an arrow, and his hand has been shot like a hook, hooking the corner of his opponent’s shirt!

“What—?!” The Giants’ running back didn’t expect the Tiger to do this at all, and it was too late when he sensed it! He lost his balance and was falling weakly to the ground! !

Yes, although height is an advantage for giants, the taller their body is, the higher their center of gravity is. If their lower body is attacked, they will easily lose their balance! Albert’s full-strength pulling at the corners of his clothes was very effective, and he knocked down his opponent with a single blow!

Pounds! ! The giant fell heavily, setting off a shock wave! He fell so badly that even the ball in his hand flew away! !

“Grab the ball!!—————–” Shiloma shouted from behind.

Albert just knocked down his opponent and landed, but he regained his balance quickly as a small man, and he stood firm in no time! The ball was less than three yards in front of him!

However, the two guards running with the running back also flanked from left to right, intending to destroy the unsightly tiger before Albert could grab the ball! !

Oops, you’ll be seriously injured if you get caught directly! Tiger gave up the idea of ​​grabbing the ball in an instant, and protected himself first! He shrank all over to the ground!

Pounds! ! Two giants collide on the tiger’s head, but miss Albert! El swiftly slipped away! ! However, the weight of the giants is still deadly and cannot be neglected for a moment! El rolled and ran forward, escaping from this death trap first!

Boom! He slammed his head into the flying ball, knocking it farther!

“What are you doing?!” Someone yelled from behind Albert. A figure flew over the tiger’s head and hit the ball in mid-air like a cannonball. Before hitting it, it stretched out its limbs and used all of its strength to hug the ball firmly and firmly! !

Go go go go go go! The receiver rolled at least 20 yards on the artificial turf, protecting the ball with all his strength, but also using his body to withstand the friction of the ground — it hurts to look at!

“Ha, ha, ha!” The bruised cat man Mutter got up and roared imposingly: “Grab the ball ah ah ah ah ah ah ah ah ah ah ah ah ah ah ah ah ah ah ah ah ah ah ah ah ah ah ah ah ah ah ah ah ah ah ah ah ah ah ah ah ah ah ah ah ah ah ah ah ah ah ah ah ah ah ah ah! ——” the sports field once again Boil up. No matter who it is, no matter what background, as long as the performance is exciting enough, the audience outside the venue will return with sincere praise and applause!

This is Dark American Football!

At the same time, Great Britain, the base of the Knights of the West, Eitenberg, in a certain virtual world.

“Ha!” Husky raised his heavy iron sword and slashed head-on, instantly smashing the head of a giant forest bear.

Whoosh! The leopard boy Hal also raised his scorpion needle stabbing sword, stabbed out in a super-accelerated sprint, piercing the chest of the other giant forest bear.

“Die!” Calvin, the little murloc prince, waved his staff and fired three fist-sized ice arrows, which successfully smashed the heads of the two Timberwolves.

Although there are still a few miscellaneous soldiers left on the battlefield, the battle is temporarily over, and everyone can’t help but take a breath.

“Woo—” Husky suddenly covered his lower body: “Damn it!—You help Husky to guard it for a while, and Husky will come back when he goes to the toilet!” “What meow? “Hal, who was concentrating on dealing with the remaining troopers, was startled by Husky and almost got injured by a Timberwolves’ claws.

He stabbed the monster with one sword, then turned his head and complained, “But you can’t just run away meow!” !” The dog boy agreed irresponsibly, having opened the menu bar to log out of the game: “I’ll be back soon!” Whoosh! The canine boy has logged out of the game, leaving his uncontrolled body in place, and will be attacked by monsters at any time!

“Damn meow!” Howl hurried to Husky’s side to **** him. Several monsters have already gathered around!

“Woooooo” As soon as Husky logged out of the game and returned to reality, he immediately jumped up from the bench: “Toilet, toilet is awake——” He glanced at Uncle Shaxing beside him, He glanced at the dark and deep corridor outside the training room again: “Uncle Shaxing, Husky wants to go to the toilet.” “Then let’s go.” Xinghuilong was a little absent-minded, and kept his hand on the handle of the demon knife around his waist. .

The dog boy looked uncomfortable: “Come with Husky, Husky is afraid of the dark bark.” The evil star glared at the dog boy: “Are you afraid of ghosts?” The young man looked at Xinghuilong with big watery eyes: “But Uncle Shaxing agreed to be Husky’s bodyguard Wang.” Let’s go.” The two of them pushed the door open and headed towards the sign of a bathroom in the depths of the corridor.

Wow ah ah ah ah ah ah ah ah ah ——— There was a shrill scream from the depths of the castle.

“Wow!” Husky was startled and quickly hugged Uncle Shaxing’s leg.

“Just, what the **** was that just now?” “God knows. Maybe it’s really a ghost call?” Shixing continued to walk forward in disapproval: “Hmph, was scared to flow out?” “No, no Wang! Just enough to hold the wang!” Husky replied with a blushing face: “Let’s go, let’s go.” Long didn’t say anything, but he did feel some kind of unpleasant smell in the air, a kind of The breath of death. Just in case, he took out the photon dagger from Husky’s waist, adjusted its output to the minimum, and let a small red ball of light emerge from the hilt of the dagger to serve as illumination.

“Huh.” Looking at the light of the photon dagger, Husky breathed a sigh of relief and asked casually, “Why doesn’t Uncle Shaxing play in the game?” “I don’t have time to accompany you brats all the time. Play.” Xinghuilong replied coldly. He had just received an incomparably evil crimson demon sword from Pasiva, and just carrying this demon sword on his body made his nerves tense, and he had no time to play any more games. Moreover, there are very few knights patrolling the fortress of the Knights of the Western Heavens, the garrison is not strict, and they are the only group in the simulation training room. Sha Xing is afraid that when he logs into the virtual game and plays with the little ghosts, someone will hit them with the idea of ​​​​being in the real world. So he would rather sacrifice game time than stay on guard in the training room.

After a few steps, they finally came to the bathroom. The restroom of the Western Heavenly Knights seems to be fairly clean, but the lights are dim, giving people a very strange feeling. Especially those compartments, there are many dark places where the light cannot be found, and there seems to be something hidden in them

“Can’t Uncle Sha, Sha Xing come with you?” Husky asked timidly.

“Have you ever seen a dragon go to the toilet?” Shaxing asked rhetorically.

“But you have to go to the toilet, don’t you?””Don’t ask too much, stinky boy!” Shaxing pushed the dog boy: “Go! If you slow down, I will leave you alone!” “Then please return the photon dagger to Huskiwang.” The dog boy said again.

The evil star shoved the dagger into the hands of the canine boy with an angry face, then stuffed Husky into the compartment while he waited outside.

“Huh” Husky hummed dissatisfiedly, and there was a sound of water flowing from the compartment at the same time: “Uncle Shaxing is also afraid of ghosts.” “Nonsense, how could I be afraid.” Xinghui Long replied in disbelief.

“However, Uncle Sha Xing was so scared that he didn’t even dare to go to the toilet.” “I’m not in a hurry!” Long roared. Dragons can go without sleep for hundreds of years, without food for thousands of years, and their digestive systems are surprisingly good, the nutrients of the food are extracted to the maximum extent, and there is almost no residue left. The material utilization rate of eating and drinking is so high that there is almost no need to defecate. Moreover, they can also simply dispose of the waste in their bodies with sub-space magic, and their living efficiency is inferior to that of human beings.

But the more convenient life is, the thinner the real sense of existence. Eating, bathing, and sleeping like humans every day, although it is a very inefficient way of living, is surprisingly interesting for the evil star.

(Am I envious of human life?)” Having said that,” Xinghuilong asked curiously, “What kind of ghosts are there in the human world that would appear on such occasions?””Uh, evil star Uncle, do you want to ask this question at a time like this?” “Just curious.”” Husky heard from Mommy that there might be a female ghost called [Bloody Mary] in the toilet or bathroom. Wang” the dog boy explained reluctantly: “It’s just the image of a female ghost covered in blood, often appearing in the mirror as Wang——uh, out——!” “Out?”” Out, out, out!” “Appears ah ah ah ah ah ah ah ah ah ah ah ah ah ah ah ah ah ah ah ah ah ah ah ah ah ah ah ah ah ah ah ah ah ah ah ah ah ah ah ah ah ah ah ah ah ah ah ah ah ah ah ah ah ah ah ah ah ah ah ah !! ———” Husky slammed open the door of the compartment, and rushed out, as if he saw what a horrible thing.

“Wait!” The evil star hurriedly stopped the canine boy and wanted to chase, but was curious about what Husky had just seen. Long turned his head and glanced into the shadow of the cubicle, and something appeared in the toilet exhaust pipe that immediately gave him a chill!

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