Light Spirit Epic Chapter 122: Lost in the Holy Spirit


Chapter 122: Lost in the Sacred Relics (Part 2)

When Arthur saw Kay who was staring at the blood on the ground, he couldn’t help but scolded: “Kay, what are you doing in a daze? You’re going in, alert me!”

(What am I doing?)

Kai walked into the ruins, carefully observing the surrounding bricks.

(This, obviously, is my adventure.)

Arthur pulls Kai. He pointed to his feet. That subtly protruding floor tile would be very bad to step on!

(Obviously it was my adventure, but my brother was also involved.)

Bediver shook his head at the others as he sniffed. The left branch of the road ahead is full of the smell of **** death, and there is no doubt that you will die if you walk this road! So he made a big cross on the offending branch with red spray paint, and marked the other branches with green spray paint.

(Obviously it was my adventure, but he was involved in this danger!)

In front of an intersection, Evan shook his head, signaling everyone not to go forward. There are terrifying monsters waiting on the road ahead, and it is not a wise move to fight hard! He also made a big cross on the problematic branch with red spray paint, and marked the other branches with green spray paint.

(Why do you want to protect him!?)

With Bedivere’s sense of smell and Ivan’s powerful eagle eye technique, Arthur and his party successfully navigated this labyrinth full of traps.

“There’s a little left, and it’s almost there.” Evan said, “There is a very large space in front, I guess it is the center of the ruins, where the sword of the king is placed.”

“Then let’s go quickly,” Kai said absently.

(My brother is too bad!)

“Wait a minute.” Arthur grabbed Kai, “something’s wrong.”

“What’s wrong? Thanks to the abilities of Bedivere and Evan, isn’t it smooth?”

“It’s because it went so well.” Arthur’s face became solemn, “Indeed, we avoided the road with the most dangerous organs and the area with the most powerful monsters all the way. But the choice of the safe road is more Less and less. All safe paths gradually converge into one, as if the maze designers themselves expected us to take this path.”

“Using your own alertness to avoid danger and take the safest road, what’s the problem?” Kai asked inexplicably, “Do you really want to take the risk to take the dangerous road, but instead of taking the safe road? ?”

“…Beddie, Evan, did you feel that any of those dangerous branches looked particularly dangerous, but were actually designed to pass by skill?”

“There are several such branches, although they seem dangerous——“

“—But on the way after the branch, there are traces of other people’s successful passage.” Bedivere and Evan said each and every word.

“Let’s turn back.” Arthur said solemnly.

“What?! Are you **** crazy?!” Kai couldn’t help shouting, “Even though the destination is not far ahead, but you are walking back, and you are looking for those dangerous roads?!”

“I’m not crazy. No, that’s the most correct explanation!” Arthur said with more certainty, “It was the ancients who created the orcs. The elves and the ancients lived in the same era. The ancient Celts did not As for countermeasures that are too stupid not to take precautions against these two races.”

“Beddy and Evan’s abilities alone can’t break through this maze. If you rely entirely on their abilities, you will fall into the trap of the ancients!” Arthur said, “The road ahead seems safe. , but it is a dangerous place with no way out. If we go forward like this foolishly, we will be trapped in some kind of dilemma – and finally death.”

“So go back now. It’s still too late! We’ll find another way to reach the center of the maze, which is the safest way!”

(No kidding!)

In fact, it is not that I do not know, such an analysis is correct.

However, a certain sour feeling broke out in Kai’s heart.

So he would rather be blindfolded, deliberately ignore the truth, and stick to his own.

In order to maintain the dignity of being a “brother”.

“Okay, then, let’s go back.” Kai said, “I will walk the road ahead myself.”

“Kay, didn’t you hear what I just said?” Arthur said, “The road ahead is a trap!”

“Even if it’s a trap, I’ll go.” Kai said stubbornly, “Who told me that I was not smart. Who told me that I was a stubborn idiot!”

“I won’t let you go. Even if I knock you out, I’ll drag you back!” Arthur threatened.

“You can try.” Kai clenched the weapon in his hand, “Only if you can beat me.”

“Don’t… force me to do this!” Arthur said.

The spear swung down, and Arthur raised his sword to block at the same time. The weapons collided, making a dull sound!

Bedivere secretly drew his weapon, ready to rush over to attack Kai if Arthur was at a disadvantage.

(If Kay dares to hurt Arthur, just…kill him!)

Kai withdrew his weapon and posed again, and said, “What’s the matter, are you that much?! Or ——“

He didn’t go on. Only then did he realize that there were two tears on Arthur’s face.

“The blow just now…are you serious about killing me?” Arthur whispered.

After a long silence, Kai replied, “…Yes.”

“Very good,” Arthur retracted his sword and sighed deeply: “Then, let’s go What?!” Kai was stunned.

“I said, what I’m going to do is when you’re hot and rushing forward. Pull you from behind.” Arthur said, “but now I can’t pull you. You’ve already It’s not the Kai it used to be.

You are too stubborn, you are too heavy. I can’t hold you anymore. The only thing I can do right now is to follow behind you and see what else I can do for you. “


“Let’s go. No matter what traps lie ahead, there’s still no way out. There’s always a way to fix it.” Arthur said, “So you go ahead and let me handle the rest.”


(Don’t be so nice to me! I’m just a selfish bastard!)

(We were originally just strangers, we were all together, just fake family members!)

(Why are you so nice to a stranger?!)

(You do this, call me this selfish bastard, what’s the face?)

(My heart hurts. What’s going on?)

“…whatever you want.” Kai said coldly, withdrew his weapon, turned and walked forward.

Knowing that unknown dangers awaited him, Kay still resigned himself to pushing the last door open.

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