Light Spirit Epic Chapter 1218: Selection in the ring (49)


Chapter 1218 Selected in the ring (forty-nine)

At the same time, on the Red Sea Pillar Forest in Africa, Seglade and Viscount Roosevelt’s duel.

The battle between the two can be described as thrilling. Although outsiders may not be able to see the brilliance of it, the two who are on the battlefield are very aware of the terrifying lethality of the weapon in the other’s hand, so they never dare to neglect half a point, and while attacking, they also put up a tight shield. defensive. As long as one is not careful, one of them will be stabbed by the opponent’s weapon and be seriously injured!

As a result, the battle between the two turned into a depressing situation of hiding behind a shield and poking each other with weapons, turning a fierce battle into a “turn-based” boring situation. The candidates watching the battle on the deck of the battleship had lost interest in the battle and turned their attention to the more exciting battles of other candidates. It is just because the weapons and defenses in the two’s hands are abnormally high in offensive and defensive capabilities that this stalemate of shields and mutual jabs is really ridiculous.

“Yo, little blue cat, aren’t you tired after poking for so long? Your tomahawk seems to be heavy?” Viscount Roosevelt wanted to break the stalemate. He tried to provoke Seg with words. Ryder, let the leopard youth lose his mind and reveal his flaws.

“I’m not tired, this is a very light meow.” Seglade replied coldly: “It’s you, you are poking people with that kind of high-output lightsaber, don’t you feel tired, meow?” Leopard young man I ask this not to provoke the other party, but out of genuine curiosity.

Although the lightsaber is as light as a plastic toy when not in use, once its light blade is unfolded and the user swings it, the photons in the light blade will strongly rub against the free photons in the space, forming a A friction similar to air resistance. Swinging a lightsaber is not as easy as one might imagine, but it takes a lot of effort, like moving an arm in a sticky swamp. Moreover, the more powerful the lightsaber, the more powerful arm strength is required to swing it smoothly. As far as “weight” is concerned, lightsabers and physical weapons are not much different, and how “heavy” they are, depends entirely on the actual lethality of the weapon.

Since Roosevelt’s lightsaber is a top-notch product with the highest output power, it should be extremely difficult to swing. Here comes the question——Looking at Viscount Roosevelt’s arm that is not particularly strong, as a human, how could he have such great arm strength?

“Huhu, so you don’t understand.” Roosevelt did not intend to hide the secret, and recklessly revealed the secret of the lightsaber: “This lightsaber does not rely on more powerful damage to increase its lethality, but relies on the highest The pure photon reflector produces the purest stream of light. Its blade has almost no excess energy consumption, and all the energy is concentrated on improving the lethality of the blade, so it uses the output of a standard lightsaber, but It can have more than ten times the attack power of a standard lightsaber.” “So that’s what it is.” Seglade replied while avoiding Rusford’s stab, “It’s cheating, meow.” The principle is actually very similar to the Luna Steel made by Seglade? Luna steel weapons rely on the principle of mass collapse to compress a huge mass into the subspace, so their blades are usually very light, and only release the huge mass at the moment of hitting the target, causing powerful lethality. They are also a “cheat” weapon whose weight and ultimate lethality are completely disproportionate.

“Speaking of cheating, your weapon should not be much better, right?” But Rusford also saw through some of Cyglade’s trump cards, knowing that Luna Steel’s weapons were both light and powerful.

The two weapons should be comparable in performance. That being the case, the key to determining the victory of this match is only the user. The real victory belongs to the one who fully utilizes the weapon’s performance!

Roosevelt took a deep breath and began to get serious!

Swish, swish, swish, swish! ! Tempest-like sword stabs rained down on Syglade, and it was impossible to prevent! The speed of the sword moves is so fast and so frequent that the light of the blade almost forms a light beam after another in the air! They are continuous, from the line to the surface, like a tulle dancing gently, and like the aurora in the sky!

[Aurora storm]——This is one of Viscount Roosevelt’s secret skills! Slam your opponents with overly flashy stabs of speed, and destroy everything with the unparalleled lethality of the lightsaber itself! Every blow is extremely deadly, which means that Seglade must guard against every stab closely, and he will be severely injured if he misses! This move fully explains the true meaning of “attack is the best defense”, because every move the opponent has to defend, the enemy who is busy defending has no time to fight back!

Seglade was sweating coldly on his forehead. While retreating sharply, he raised his shield to block in fear, and even used the God Steel Tomahawk to fend off the opponent’s attack! But [Aurora Storm]’s sword moves are fast and ruthless, making it dazzling, and the Leopard youth who is struggling to block knows that he can’t keep going, and it’s only a matter of time before being stabbed by the lightsaber!

Why meow? ! Why was that guy able to attack meow at such an amazing speed all of a sudden? Seglyde was only extremely bewildered.

The answer is actually quite simple. This is exactly the nature of lightsabers!

Because of the photon friction phenomenon, when the user wields the lightsaber, the “weight” of the blade makes the user feel like they are waving their arms through a sticky swamp. But this problem basically only occurs when the sword is swept, and when the lightsaber is stabbed, the resistance will be much less! This is just the most basic common sense of physics: it is also waving a wooden stick in the viscous mud. The larger the area swept by the wooden stick, the greater the resistance it receives! Conversely, moving a stick longitudinally through the swamp is almost effortless!

Roosevelt has used the lightsaber for thrusting frequently since the very beginning, based on the same principle! He gave up the sweeping attack that could hit a large area, and used the form of a stab to carry out a small-area attack, precisely to give full play to the characteristics of the lightsaber!

In contrast, although the Luna Steel weapon is extremely light, its attack speed remains constant regardless of whether it is swept or thrust. Due to the problem of the center of gravity, long weapons always have a certain degree of bulkiness – this slight difference in performance is enough to put the Leopard youth at a disadvantage!

Viscount Roosevelt comes from a family of weapon craftsmen after all. He knows the performance of weapons like the back of his hand, and he can be said to have brought out 100% of the power of the lightsaber! So although Roosevelt’s personal ability is not outstanding, it can be so powerful!

——Knowledge is power! !

Clang! An extremely dull and heavy sound, like the announcement of the **** of death. After enduring the opponent’s repeated onslaught, Seglade finally couldn’t hold up his shield, his left arm was bounced off by the stab of the lightsaber, and he lost his balance, starting from his shoulders and twisting to the left! At this moment, he can be described as full of flaws, and he can no longer make the airtight defense before! !

“Successful!” Seeing that the time was ripe, the Viscount rushed forward with great strides, raising his sword and stabbing the Leopard Man’s heart!

Seglyd, who lost his center of gravity and twisted his entire torso to the left, could only swing the Luna Steel Long Tomahawk he held in his right hand, and slashed towards his right shoulder! He hoped that this blow would at least force Roosevelt back! !

No use! ! The Viscount had already anticipated that the young Leopard Man would do this. He shook his body lightly, twisting the attack trajectory of the long yakuza with the slightest movement, and he could completely evade this threatening attack and directly capture the heart of the young Leopard Man! !

Viscount sneers—Seglade’s defeat lies in using long weapons to fight! No matter how light the weight is, the Luna Steel Tomahawk is still too long and bulky, and is only suitable for long-distance wounding! From the shot to actually hitting the opponent, the time delay is enough for the master to dodge! At the moment of the short arms handover, it is useless at all!

The key to this victory and defeat is whether both sides can fully utilize the performance of their weapons. And Seglade, who fought with such a half-baked long weapon, was doomed to fail from the very beginning! !

With the tip of the lightsaber only half a foot from Seglade’s chest, the foolish young Leopard Man loses! !

——Or maybe not! !

I saw a treacherous smile on Seglade’s face. The gaffe that was broken just now is not a real thing at all, it’s just that the young Leopard Man deliberately acted because the other party was fishing! ! Because he still has a hand hidden behind his back, which is enough to kill the opponent’s hidden trick with one blow! !

——Already swung out and almost completely avoided by Viscount Roosevelt, the Luna steel yakuza suddenly shortened! !

No, not the overall shortened weapon! More correctly, the long handle of the tomahawk has shortened! !

It was originally a Luna steel weapon made by relying on the principle of mass collapse, and combined with the power of the Rune Rune carved by Father Odin, not only did the Luna Steel Long Yue have an extremely superior attack performance, but also made it a certain Some parts can be stretched and shortened according to the user’s will! ! Its handle is one of them!

The originally seven-foot-long Luna Steel Tomahawk has its handle shortened to less than half a foot in an instant. The entire weapon is held in Seglade’s hand, and the long tomahawk instantly becomes Scimitar! !

Viscount Roosevelt is only an expert in the use of weapons, but he didn’t make the lightsaber himself!

And to build his own Luna Steel weapon, Seglade knows the characteristics of Luna Steel weapon like the back of his hand. Not only can he use 100% of the weapon’s performance, but he can even use its performance to the limit. above! !

He has absolute trust in, and [love] the weapons he makes with his own hands. This weapon is of one mind with him, a part of his body! With a Luna Steel weapon, he will never lose to anyone in the use of weapons! !

“What?!” Roosevelt didn’t expect this change at all, and he didn’t even have time to exclaim, Seglade’s machete had already slashed at his shoulder. go down! !

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