Light Spirit Epic Chapter 1213: Selection in the ring (44)


Chapter 1213 Selected in the ring (forty-four)

As soon as the transport boat arrives, the battle between the two begins.

No, it should have started

But Viscount Roosevelt swaggered and drew a hilt-only weapon from his waist.

“Lightsaber——” Seglade was stunned when he saw the weapon: “Can you get a lightsaber in a ghost place like Egypt, meow?” Bedivere had tried I found it on the black market in Cairo. At noon they even rummaged through the arsenal of the Britannia battleship, trying to buy a lightsaber, but in vain. Things like lightsabers are originally regulated weapons, so it is impossible to easily buy them in the private sector!

“Humph~” Viscount Roosevelt gave a sneer and pressed the switch on his lightsaber.

The blade of light emitting a cold blue-blue light immediately shot out from the hilt, and the light was clear and translucent. Judging from the clean and stable light of the light blade, the output of this lightsaber is extremely stable and its lethality is great. It can be said that it is the most advanced thing among the lightsabers.

Not only did Roosevelt get a lightsaber—he got it, but it was the most advanced lightsaber ever! This guy really has a good way!

While Cyglade observes his opponent, his opponent observes the Leopard Youth. Viscount Roosevelt understood from Seglade’s eager eyes that the young Leopard Man is also a savvy person, and sneered again: “Oh, you also know how powerful this lightsaber is? Since that’s the case, you should also be very good at it. Clearly, you have no chance of winning. This sword only needs to collide with those glass weapons in your hand, and they will shatter. Put away your fancy artworks, so as not to be embarrassed!” Leopard Young Man After being silent for a while, he said, “What weapon do I want to use to fight? It’s my freedom cat. But I’m curious, where did you get this kind of premium item?” Rusford shook his hand a few times. The lightsaber in the middle seems to be doing warm-up exercises, but it is actually observing the surrounding situation. After he waited for a bee golem monitoring the battle to fly away, he lowered his voice and said, “This kind of thing, as long as you know the way, you can get it.” “Isn’t it expensive?” How much did you spend, meow?” “Not a penny.” Roosevelt replied recklessly.

“What meow?!” “Huhuhu.” The Viscount smiled gracefully: “Before the round table trial began, for the sake of fairness, the test organizer did take away all the candidates’ personal belongings, including the Money. But that’s a little trick that works for the helpless in a foreign country. My family has its own private land, all over Europe, even in Africa. All I need is to talk to my family Just say a word, and they will send me supplies from the family’s arsenal.” “What, so meow.” A drop of sweat appeared on Seglade’s forehead: “This is cheating, meow.” “Cheating? Huhu Huh, how is that possible.” Roosevelt continued to sneer unscrupulously: “The test organizer has never said that candidates cannot rely on the power of a third party? In order to win, candidates can of course use all the contacts and resources that they can use. This is strength. How can it be called cheating?” Seglyde was refuted and speechless. Unlike Seglade and others, whose private property has been confiscated and is now poor and white, Viscount Roosevelt himself has a strong family background. The powerful influence of their family even spread from Europe to Africa. It’s a matter of course to rely on everything you have to fight. This is not a “cheating” act of cheating, and the organizer of the round table trial may have known it for a long time. They are very clear, but they have never organized Roosevelt, which is equivalent to acquiescing to Roosevelt’s “cheating” behavior. Since the organizers are turning a blind eye, what can Seglade protest?

“You’re the one.” Seeing the puzzled look on the Leopard Man youth’s face, Roosevelt continued to make fun of him: “What’s up with that long tomahawk and that shield? People with a little common sense wouldn’t take this kind of thing. Are you going to fight? Where did you get them? Are they homemade?” “It’s really homemade,” Seglade replied without thinking clearly.

The Viscount continued to ask, with a face full of contempt: “What kind of idiot in the ravine made it?—-you?””Uh—“Seglade almost wanted to curse. . But he suddenly remembered Father Odin’s instructions that he must not tell the secret of Luna Steel, let alone make the fact that he was the creator of Luna Steel to the world. Therefore, the words that were originally on his lips were swallowed back by the young Leopard Man. He just showed a plain smile and waved his Luna steel tomahawk: “The maker of this weapon is unwilling to announce it. My identity, please don’t ask me, meow. But I can’t pretend I didn’t hear the words you insulted him just now, meow. Let’s compare the performance of these weapons to see meow.” “I just hope you don’t regret it. That’s good.” Viscount Roosevelt was ready for battle: “Artistically speaking, that weapon is indeed beautiful. Even I would not be able to bear to defeat such a delicate and delicate work of art with my own hands.” Seg Ryder only felt amused in his heart – Rusford could smash the Luna Steel Tomahawk!

Without saying anything, the two suddenly charged towards each other. One of the most basic tactics in a fight is to use words to let the opponent loose, and then hit the opponent in one go!

Although Seglade’s Luna Steel Tomahawk is also very light, it is always a long weapon! In terms of the portability of weapons, Viscount Roosevelt’s lightsaber is indeed better! He deftly bypassed Seglade’s long yakuza strike, rushed to the front of the Leopard Man youth, and stabbed Seglyde’s chest fiercely! !

Keng! But the stab of the lightsaber was blocked! The Luna Steel Middle Shield that Seglade raised his left hand was the first block. The seemingly fragile glass shield easily resisted the heavy stab of the super-powerful lightsaber!

“What?!” Roosevelt was really taken aback. What happened in front of him was far from common sense, and normal people would be surprised!

“Success, meow!” Seglade sneered and waved his long tomahawk, slashing towards Rusford’s left arm! This blow was both ruthless and leeway. The young Leopard Man planned to chop off one of Rusford’s arms without killing his opponent, so that the battle would end soon!

Boom! ! But the Luna Steel Long Yue was unexpectedly blocked! A light shield shot out from the armguard of Viscount Russford’s left wrist, blocking the blow of the Moon God Steel Tomahawk that could easily shatter steel!

“What meow?!” Seglade was also taken aback. That light shield and Roosevelt’s lightsaber should be a pair of weapons. It also exudes a clear and stable light blue light on its surface, and at a glance, it is known that it is a high-end product!

“Humph!!” Roosevelt pushed hard, and the two took advantage of the situation to back away from each other, and they were separated by about ten yards in an instant!

“I originally wanted to keep this secret weapon and take it out in future battles.” The Viscount looked displeased: “It seems that I underestimate you, little blue cat.” Ryder popped out of his forehead. Like his older brother Zephyr, he had never liked being called a blue cat since he was a child. The weird blue hair on their bodies makes them discriminated against in the leopard society, and it is really uncomfortable to have this scar exposed indiscriminately!

“However, the shield and the long tomahawk are really surprising.” Roosevelt ignored the angry Seglade, and concentrated his attention on the two weapons in the hands of the young Leopard Man:” That shield can actually resist the attack of my lightsaber, and the blade of the tomahawk is not broken after being blocked by this light shield. It is obviously made of crystal-like material, but it is surprisingly tough.” So many flowers?” Seglade wanted to scold people, but the young Leopard Man’s cultivation is not bad, and he respects every craftsman who makes weapons in the world – especially the Roosevelt family, the big arms family. people.

Viscount Roosevelt said arrogantly: “Actually, I don’t want to talk too much about people like you. But the performance of the weapon in your hand is really strange. I don’t know everything before defeating you, and I feel uncomfortable. “A blue vein appeared on Seglade’s forehead: “Say as if you will definitely win.” “Of course you can.” Roosevelt sneered: “Even if the performance of the weapons in hand is not far from the difference, our strength There is also a difference between clouds and mud. I have received formal knight training since I was three years old, and swordsmanship has been taught by dozens of well-known swordsmen in Europe. In terms of swordsmanship, even that swordsman Lancelot is only You can draw a tie with me. How could a genius like me lose to This little wild cat who never knew which ravine came out?” Seglade clenched his fists, and couldn’t wait to think To go up and beat this opponent.

But Viscount Roosevelt was still chattering: “Ah, yes, I remember! Your name is Palamides, right? You’re the son of the orc hero Lord Palamides who gave his life to seal the world’s wall. , right!—So your mother is Countess Vivienne, the genius of weapon-making known as the [Goddess of the Lake]?” Seglade, who was about to rush to cut people, suddenly He suppressed his anger and asked curiously, “What kind of title does Aunt Vivian have? I really don’t know about that, meow.” In the Everglades, they deal with elephants every day. They know very little about the outside world, especially the human world.) “That’s of course. Dame Vivienne recreated King Arthur’s [Sword of the Holy King]. Artifact, this feat alone is enough to make her famous for eternity. What’s the matter, don’t you even know how great your mother is?” “First of all, she is not my mother, at most she can only be regarded as a stepmother. Meow.” Seglade said in a low voice, “Secondly, don’t worry about my family, meow!” Then he rushed up without warning, swung his long toe, and gave his opponent a stab from the front!

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