Light Spirit Epic Chapter 1210: Selection in the ring (41)


Chapter 1210 Selected in the ring (forty one)

Yes, Albert has no chance of winning.

But he had no chance of winning, but at this moment, his face was relaxed and happy, he leisurely opened the cartridge of the Storm Gun Blade, and stuffed it into it, the only shotgun bullet!

“If I’m serious, this blow will solve you.” With a poker face, Albert raised his gun blade and threatened: “Giant Nimitz, you’d better take all your If you have the ability, take my blow! Otherwise, you may die without a corpse!!” Tiger took the bluffing technique to a whole new level. At first glance, he seems to be worried that he will kill the opponent with too much force, so he makes such a declaration. But in fact? The power of his shot at such a long distance is unbelievable.

Nimitz certainly wouldn’t be aware of the fraud. His attention was all attracted by the Holy Spirit White Tiger behind Albert. In fact, with the help of the Holy Spirit, that small shot can indeed exert a super destructive power. Nimitz, who aims to become a Knight of the Round Table, certainly knows how powerful and terrible the Holy Spirit is.

No matter what Albert says, Nimitz intends to respond with all his strength. He even thinks it doesn’t matter if he loses an arm because of it. After making such a realization, the giant Nimitz grabbed a large amount of hair from the top of his head. It would have been a piercing pain that could tear the scalp, but Nimitz had no time to take care of it.

In the next blow, throw all the hair on your hand into a giant, and then unleash the chain punch of the giant’s arm! Using the most powerful attack he could come up with, Nimitz only hoped that he could tie with the power of the Holy Spirit! No matter how powerful the power of the Holy Spirit is, it is difficult to exert it at close range! As long as you can get close to the tiger, there may be a chance to win!

This idea is also in Albert’s arms, and he has planned to fight Nimitz in close quarters from the beginning! If you can get your opponent to approach you by bluffing, that’s the best thing!

The huge phantom of the Holy Spirit White Tiger began to shrink, turning into a cloud of white mist around Albert’s raised right arm. The Holy Spirit White Tiger is like a prostrate hunter, lying on top of the storm spear blade! It seems that as long as the trigger of the gun blade is pulled, it will be fired along with the shot!

Bah! ! ——Albert pulled the trigger, and the loud sound of tearing the air echoed among the stone pillars! A one-shot cartridge makes the best megaphone, making a single shot louder than ever!

Whoosh whoosh! ! Countless steel **** shot out from the exploding shot, and these bean-sized steel **** were immediately entangled by the white light of the Holy Spirit the moment they left the chamber! Dozens of seemingly invisible white tigers rushed out, seemingly menacing, but in fact they were just phantoms!

The moment he heard the gunshot, Nimitz also showed his hair with all his strength! The giant’s hair that instantly became huge turned into a rain of steel needles, and thousands of huge steel needles faced the mere dozens of white tigers (phantoms) of the Holy Spirit!

At the same time, Albert also leaned down on the ground and made a sprint!

Pop! ——The sound of breaking wind that burst out at that moment surprised even Albert himself. He knew that this sprint would be his biggest and last chance to get close to his opponent, so he used all his strength and rushed forward desperately!

The giant Nimitz also saw Albert rushing towards him, but he ignored it. The threat that the little tiger can bring to the giant after getting close is minimal, so he doesn’t take Albert seriously at all, and still fully responds to the oncoming Holy Spirit shot (the phantom).

Thousands of steel needle rains collided with Holy Spirit shotguns in mid-air, but they directly penetrated the dozens of big white tigers as if they were passing through the air, unable to stop them at all. Under normal circumstances, ordinary people will see through this phantom, but Nimitz has become a fan of the authorities, thinking that the power of the Holy Spirit White Tiger is powerful enough to penetrate his steel needle rain attack!

——Since the needle rain didn’t work either, he could only use his fists to deal with it! The giant’s fist smashed out frantically, and in an instant, two arms that swelled to about 30 feet, slammed into the white tiger army like a mountain! !

At the same time, Albert also approached Nimitz, and the distance between the two was ten yards! The rain of thousands of steel needles seems to be difficult to dodge, but they did not hit Albert as the target, but sprinkled with the Holy Spirit White Tiger Army as the target! Their targets have been predicted, which means that their orbits can also be predicted. If Albert avoids them, it will not be a problem at all!

Nine yards! At this critical moment, the tiger’s footsteps are unprecedented, and it can almost catch up with the leopards who are famous for their speed!

At the same time, the first shot entwined with the phantom of the Holy Spirit White Tiger collided with Nimitz’s giant fist! Snapped! It fell apart as a matter of course, and shattered into dust-like metal **** under the huge kinetic energy of the giant’s fist!

No touch! The giant Nimitz noticed that something was wrong at that moment, and began to think that there was a fraud. But this guy has a more thorough understanding of the Holy Spirit than ordinary people, so his fear and attachment to the Holy Spirit are also deeper than ordinary people! He stubbornly thought that Albert, who was rushing towards him, was just a pretense, and the real killing was always the Holy Spirit! And those dozens of shotguns—although the first one didn’t feel good—must hide the real killer move! ! Maybe a second shot? Or maybe the third one? Even the last shot? ! Since it was impossible to tell the truth of the Holy Spirit White Tiger Army, Nimitz decided to take every attack with all his strength! !

The opponent’s stubborn idea was in Albert’s arms. When everyone thought that the Holy Spirit White Tiger was the key to victory, Albert planned to stab Nimitz with his own hands. Win or lose! !

Eight yards! Seven yards! Six yards! ! Albert continues to approach his opponent! Nimitz punched with precision and speed, and received one after another attack of the Holy Spirit White Tiger environmental shot! However, every shot is an illusion, every blow is a pretense, Nimitz is more and more puzzled!

But he still doesn’t want to talk to Albert. That’s right, the tiger has been beaten from the very beginning, and the fighting ability from long distance to close range has been completely suppressed by the giant Nimitz, and the giant has long ignored Albert! This little tiger is just trash, even if it is close to it, it can’t pose much threat. If the tiger wants to reverse the situation, the only thing he can rely on is the power of the Holy Spirit!

Five, four, three! Albert, who was completely underestimated, was rapidly approaching Nimitz without flinching at all. That straight-line sprint can obviously be blocked by the opponent with a simple punch, but because of Albert’s confident and impulsive sprint, Nimitz is even more convinced that the rushing tiger is just a cover! !

Clap! ! The last shot of the Holy Spirit White Tiger was also destroyed by the giant’s arm!

But still no feel!

What is false is what is true, what is true is what is false. Using bluffs to trick the opponent and let the opponent fall into the trap set by himself willingly, this is the real fighting method of the monster hunter!

Everyone looked down on Albert’s profession, thinking that monster hunters were just cowards who hid in the shadows and attacked monsters by insidious means. —— But actually the exact opposite! !

Most of the monsters are more cunning and treacherous than people think, and can be called liars and traitors in nature! Albert, who has been fighting against such treacherous creatures for seven years and survived, has long been well versed in fraud and anti-fraud! He played a good show, played a perfect poker face, made his opponent despise him, and then waited for the opportunity to surprise him and give his opponent a fatal surprise in an instant!

——Like a tiger who was thought to be a sick cat suddenly rose up and bit the throat of its prey instantly!

Two yards! ! When Nimitz suddenly realized and finally realized that the tiger was the real killer, Albert had sprinted close enough! !


At this distance, it is impossible to hit Albert with a fist. But the giant Nimitz, who has rich combat experience, is still in danger. He bends his elbows and presses down with the elbows of his two arms, vowing to crush Albert into meat sauce! !

The tiger sprints faster and lowers its center of gravity in what looks like a race for speed! Obviously, the giant Nimitz has been released, and the giant arm that can press down on the tiger’s head at any time has a better speed!

(Stupid tiger, no matter how hard you struggle, you still can’t beat me!) (Born waste, you should be willing to make a muddy mess and wiggle on the ground peacefully!!) Giant’s elbow Press it down! !

Pounds——! !

The dust was flying and the sand was chaotic, but Nimitz couldn’t feel the feeling of hitting when his elbow hit the ground! !

——Without that smooth feeling of a fuzzy mass of flesh sticking to your hands!

Because the tiger isn’t here!

Albert is gone! disappeared out of thin air! ! He was clearly locked by Nimitz’s It is impossible to get lost from the giant’s field of vision, but he suddenly disappeared from the world and can’t be found anywhere! !

——[Shen Yin] (), activate!

Except Bedivere, a magical skill that no one in the world has ever seen, reappears at this moment, turning the world around and turning the impossible into the possible! !

When Nimitz sensed Albert’s breath again, the tiger had circled around the giant’s back. The Moon God Steel Scimitar can cut stone and gold, cut hard armor like cutting butter, not to mention the ** of a frost giant! It pierced deeply into the giant’s vest and pierced through its chest, crisp and clean!

——Zha! ! That strike was not at all imposing, it could even be said to be a plain, boring, bland attack—but it was a sure-fire strike!

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