Light Spirit Epic Chapter 1204: Selection in the ring (35)


Chapter 1204 Selected in the ring

Amid the frigid winds of the West Siberian snowfields, the contest between the two big boys begins. Web

Of course, they are holding the Holy Spirit—a wooden sword transformed from a hut in the woods. It is a training wooden sword that will be instantly broken when it hits the opponent’s body. It can be swung freely without worrying about hurting the opponent.

Albert, who is proud of his swordsmanship, plans to repair Bedivere fiercely and frustrate the spirit of this arrogant werewolf.

But he soon realizes how naive he is.

“Then——” Bedivere easily dodged Albert’s blow, then gently slashed down with his sword, hitting the tiger on the head: “Congratulations, you died the first time. Twenty times.”

“Ow!” Tiger was knocked dizzy. Although the wooden sword broke and disappeared the moment it hit him, the strength and angle of the blow were just right, which caused Albert a big concussion and caused the young tiger man a big blow ! His legs softened, and he knelt directly in the snow, panting.

“Wu…why…why…why can’t you hit you!?” Albert muttered unconvincingly: “Obviously, in terms of swordsmanship, I should be the better one. Strong…”

“Of course, idiot.” Bedivere laughed: “I know you’ve been hunting monsters with all kinds of blades for seven years, and your swordsmanship must be very good. But it was developed by the monster hunter organization, [for monsters] The swordsmanship used in battles—to hunt down those beasts who have no brains and just act with wild intuition, may come in handy; however, [war against people] is another matter. You don’t expect me to be the same size and mobility as the monsters? You don’t think I’m just as brainless as those monsters, and only know how to act with intuition?”

“Damn!” The tiger grabbed a handful of Snow White as if venting his anger, and squeezed it tightly.

Despite his reluctance to admit it, Bedivere’s analysis is not wrong at all. Although Albert’s swordsmanship is sharp and powerful, the routine is too simple, and the trajectory of his moves will be easily seen through. Those ups and downs of swordsmanship are indeed very effective against monsters, but they are useless against people, especially against guys with quick skills and flexible thinking like Bedivere. Werewolves are like catkins in the wind, but how fast and violent is Albert’s sword, Bedivere can easily dodge! Every strike of the tiger is foreseen, and even the occasional unforeseen move, the quick-response Bedivere can dodge the attack with his super reflexes!

If it goes on like this, let alone a hundred battles, it is impossible to touch a single wolf feather of Bedivere in a thousand and ten thousand battles.

But the tiger just doesn’t give up. He got up again: “Damn——I haven’t lost yet! Come again!!”

“A guy who doesn’t teach a lesson.” Bedivere smiled contemptuously, raising his sword. As if releasing water, the werewolf’s leisurely posture of holding the sword left him full of flaws.

Of course, there can be no flaws in Bedivere, it’s all an illusion made by a werewolf.

Albert raised his sword and attacked without saying a word. When he was about to swing the sword, he raised the other hand that was not holding the sword!

Sand! The white snow in his hand flew out and splattered on his opponent’s face! That was a handful of snow that Albert snatched up when he fell to his knees just now! He is smart and knows that there is no way to hit the werewolf with a frontal attack, so he adopts this side-by-side approach, thinking that this can be used to make a sneak attack——

“Too naive!” The werewolf easily dodged the oncoming snowflake and raised his sword to meet it! He already knew Albert’s next attack trajectory, even if there were snowflakes blocking his vision, it would make no difference at all!

Pfft! The two wooden swords collided, but the werewolf attacked Albert’s sword with the tip of the sword. The tip of the wooden sword was more powerful than the body of the sword, and Albert’s sword was broken as a matter of course! The tiger was taken aback, and before he had time to sprint forward, he slammed his shoulder into the tip of Bedivere’s sword!

“Wow!” The impact made Albert’s eyes instantly dazzled, the air in his lungs was expelled by the impact, and he flew back several yards and fell heavily on the snow!

“Oops!” Bedivere knew that his hand was too heavy, and hurried over to check the tiger’s injuries. There was a large bruise on the tiger’s shoulder, and the blue-black even showed through the white tiger fur, which looked very serious. Fortunately, the wooden sword broke off in time and disappeared, and did not penetrate Albert’s shoulder.

The dizzy tiger slowly got up and said desperately: “Ow…snap attack won’t work meow…”

“It’s a good idea, but unfortunately the technique is too tender.” Bediveville giggled: “I have faced opponents that are hundreds of times dirtier and more despicable than you, and I still win. How could this little trick work for me?”

The tiger frowned. Indeed, the difference in combat experience between them is too great, especially against people. Is there no way to win?

Looking at the lost Albert, the werewolf showed a hint of pity. He took off his small iron pendant and threw it to Albert: “You are too weak, your actions are too guesswork. You can’t win me in a hundred games, it makes me feel like I’m bullying you. It’s just a waste of time to go on like this, let’s change the bet.”

Tiger narrowed his eyes: “What’s the bet?”

“The hints in this iron card can be read, and you can fully grasp the essence of it. But once you read it, you can’t stop. You need to try to hit me within ten hits, otherwise , hehe—-” Bediveville thought of a big punishment for Albert: “Otherwise, you will do all the housework for the next month, including cleaning and cooking. , and laundry. Is that okay?”

“Why do you want to cook, your magic house can make meals with just what you think…”

“But I still want to eat some meals made by others occasionally.” The werewolf grinned: “Don’t worry, I will send you as much as you like in the next month, and I won’t let you idle.”

Albert rolled his eyes at Bedivere: “Okay. I’ll take the bet. . . . But I~~absolutely~~don’t wash your pants for you, because, it’s disgusting meow. “

Bediveville responded with a sneer, watching Albert pick up the small iron card from the ground.

Tiger can’t wait to open the little iron card, trying to find any hints that will help him defeat his opponent.

And in the mezzanine of the small iron plate, there are only two lines of small characters:

Abandon the rules and keep the true meaning;

There is nothing new under the sun.

After reading this, Albert frowned deeply.

(I don’t understand it at all.)

(What the **** does this mean?)

“Don’t you understand?” Bedivere raised his sword and sneered: “Unfortunately, I won’t tell you the answer, you need to understand it yourself.”

“And I won’t give you time to understand it slowly!” Before Albert could react, Bedivere stabbed the tiger head-on, knocking the tiger’s eyes with gold stars: “Win first. One! We have nine games left!”

“Ow!” Tiger reluctantly took a few steps back: “What a despicable fellow!”

“You can’t escape, you can’t hide, you will take care of the housework this month!” Bedivere continued to attack with his sword, and the attack was even more severe than before!

Albert had no choice but to swing his sword to block, avoiding the fierce attack of the werewolf first! Fortunately, the wooden swords were made by the Holy Spirit—the cabin in the woods using magic. They would automatically break and disappear when they touched the human body. However, when the wooden swords collided with the wooden swords, they would not break, and the firmness was still guaranteed to a certain extent.

Boom, boom, boom! The two wooden swords collided violently, and the sound was rather harsh. Albert was beaten to the point of being defeated, but he didn’t dare to fight back, fearing that if he hit the air with his sword, he would reveal his flaws and be defeated by Bedivere!

However, he can’t keep defending like this. After all, the wooden sword in his hand is just a wooden sword, and it is constantly shattering and collapsing in the process of blocking! In particular, the cunning Bedivere kept hitting a certain fixed part of Albert’s wooden sword repeatedly with his wooden sword, while Bedivere’s own wooden sword kept changing the hitting point! Although the material and structure of the two wooden swords are exactly the same, if it goes on like this, even Albert can clearly foresee that his own sword will break before the opponent’s sword!

Clap! Broken! The werewolf performed the previous move again, stabbing with a wooden sword! The point of its sword stabbed straight on Albert’s wooden sword, and it exerted pressure in that part that had become very fragile after being struck repeatedly! As a result, Bedivere’s wooden sword instantly pierced through Albert’s wooden sword, and hit Albert’s shoulder together!

“Wuu—” Before the tiger could scream, it was immediately knocked out by the powerful impact of the sword strike, and landed heavily again!

His shoulder hurts so badly, he’s caught in a numbness! The **** werewolf not only destroyed the tiger’s wooden sword with the same sword move, but also hit the same part of Albert’s shoulder with the same move! The previous old injury is superimposed on this new injury, and the tiger’s left arm cannot move freely for the time being!

“Eight times left.” The werewolf reminded with a grin.

Albert shuddered suddenly, thinking of something.

(There is nothing new under the sun


Bedivere’s sword moves are different from one blow to the next, and each blow is an impromptu, unpredictable move. It is precisely because of this that Albert has been suffering. He has to exhaust his mind to predict the trajectory of Bedivere’s attack, and react instantaneously according to these trajectories to block.

In terms of reaction speed, Albert is definitely not as good as the experienced Bedivere. Therefore, Tiger can’t defeat this opponent no matter what.

But…is that so?

He seems to have been ignoring something, something very important?

Tiger doesn’t have time to think much. Looking at the werewolf attacking head on, Albert could only hurriedly pick up the wooden sword on the ground to fight.

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