Light Spirit Epic Chapter 12: Fortune is the first time


Chapter 12: The Prosperity (Part II)

Beitian Knights Base, the third conference room.

“Sorry, I’m late…” Arthur paused for a while, and was startled by the group of people in front of him “…?”

In the center of a conference room, there is a large table. A large group of high-ranking knights sat neatly beside the table. There are no less than ten staff members as Gaia knights. They looked serious, as if they were having some kind of important meeting.

“Sorry, I’m in the wrong room, I’m disturbing you.” The young Arthur quickly exited.

“Where do you want to go?” A big man in front of the door blocked the boy’s way. As he was walking backwards, Arthur rammed into the big man awkwardly.

The young man turned his head and looked at the person blocking his way. He was shocked and annoyed—this big man was the Grand Duke of Leon Dickens, the leader of the Knights of the North, who had been playing tricks on Arthur’s that big man.

“…Is this another joke from your Excellency?” Arthur asked in a low voice.

“It’s not a joke. Anyway, let me in and sit down! There are so many people waiting for you, so politely you should sit down and listen to what’s going on?” The Grand Duke of Lyon Dickens pushed Arthur’s hand.

The teenager half-walked and fell, reluctantly entered the conference room and sat down, avoiding everyone’s gaze. The boy who never had any fear in his heart in the face of such a terrifying monster, was so restrained at this moment that he didn’t say a word.

Arthur hasn’t forgotten who he is at the moment. He was just a servant, and he was bought from the slave market by the Knights. In front of these powerful and powerful people, how humble and ridiculous this little servant is.

He never belonged in this place. And he knew he might never belong in this place—in every sense of the word.

“Are you all here? I’ll make a long story short.” The Grand Duke of Lyon Dickens sat in the center of the conference room and stretched his legs.

At that moment Arthur was sure he smelled alcohol.

“The twelve golden knights, seven Gaia knights, and I, the heavenly knight of the Northern Heavenly Knights, Aarend Leondigens, are here to testify, this apprentice knight, S. D. Kelton, officially upgraded to Silver Knight, awarded the title of Viscount, and will be incorporated into the special operations force from today. Do you have any comments?”

The knights present didn’t say anything. They looked at Arthur with some kind of expectation, as if they had already reached a conclusion. Now this [meeting] is just a superficial form.

No one objected to such a ridiculous thing. This left the boy at a loss for a while. However, after only a moment, Arthur had an idea and said, “Thank you very much for the promotion of Your Excellency the Grand Duke, but it is difficult for me to obey.”

“Why?” The Knights Commander frowned. “How many people have struggled all their lives and may not be able to climb the seat of the Silver Knight*, but you refuse to even think about it?”

(*Note: The ranks of the Pantorack Royal Knights from low to high are:

Bronze Knight (Bronze Knight) –> Iron Knight –> Silver Knight –> Golden Knight –> Gaia Knight –> Celestal Knight (Celestal Knight)

Generally speaking, every time a knight is promoted to a level, he needs to pass a very strict test, and those who cannot pass the test will not be promoted. Arthur was suddenly upgraded from a servant to a silver knight, which was equivalent to jumping three levels in a row, which was an unprecedented promotion. )

“I don’t want to be a knight.” Arthur replied firmly (coldly), still indifferent to such a huge temptation: “I want to be a swordsman, not bound by the rules of knighthood, Exist only to be the strongest.”

“But aren’t you in the Knights now?” asked the Grand Duke of Leon Dickens, puzzled.

Duke Cameron, who was on the side of the staff, immediately whispered to the Duke of Leon Dickens: “Strictly speaking, he does not belong to the Knights. He was originally a slave, because the welfare plan of the Knights bought him back and hired him. A servant until he pays for himself with his wages. He is now the entourage of Viscount Richard the Knight.”

“Tsk.” The Grand Duke snorted dissatisfiedly: “What a mess of identities. Dragons really can’t be bound.”

“Your Excellency the Grand Duke?” Arthur was stunned.

“It’s nothing.” Leon Dickens hurriedly changed the subject to cover up his gaffe, “That is, you don’t want to be bound by the rules of the knight, right? No problem. The Rangers are originally based on the principle of independent action. , you won’t be bound by the rules. Kill and set fire, do whatever you want. As long as the task is successfully completed — the reward is great!”

Mentioning the reward, a subtle expression crossed the boy’s face: “…I don’t particularly care about the reward.”

“There will be a very difficult task waiting for you, and it should be a very good exercise for you.” The staff officer added.

The boy thought for a while.

It was obviously a pit, but he had to jump into it. There were dozens of high-ranking people watching Arthur. The Grand Duke of Leon Dickens offered such generous conditions, and if Arthur did not agree, the people present would probably be in trouble.

Using enormous social pressure to force Arthur into submission—is this what the old fox wanted?

The teenager sighed: “Deal.”

(This I will always figure it out with you, the Grand Duke of Ondigens.)

“Very good.” The Grand Duke smiled smugly, “Since everyone has reached a consensus, it’s settled. Come here to sign, and then let’s go.”

The knights came to shake hands with the boy one after another, signing the official documents and saying some congratulatory words. Arthur just agreed politely, finally completed the signing, and immediately squeezed out of the meeting room from the crowd.

“It’s still a monster.” Chief of Staff Cameron whispered to the Grand Duke, “Do you really want to deal with such a monster? What a dirty deal.”

“It doesn’t matter, as long as it is strong. All we need is his strength. If there is any problem with the character itself, we can use time to slowly transform it. Didn’t I tell you? I have a talent for taming monsters. Yes.” Heavenly Knight said.

Leon Dickens is delighted to have gotten a new toy.

His son was not happy at all.

Dark Iron Knight Richard Leon Dickens lurked outside the conference room window, learning of Arthur’s promotion.

The little servant that Richard usually despised the most, actually climbed three ranks and climbed onto Richard’s head.

What an unacceptable fact. Richard’s face was as black as ink.

If he could, he really wanted to strangle his father, the alcoholic old man.

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