Light Spirit Epic Chapter 1193: Selection in the ring (24)


Chapter 1193 Selected in the ring (twenty-four)

At the same time(?), Great Britain, the second capital of London, the temporary institute of Chancellor Merlin.

“Then just put this part on, spliced ​​it up and welded it on…and that’s it. [.xs98.novel bar]” Vivien rolled several microtools through her hair, Pack a very quiet electronic component. That thing is made up of various electronic ballasts, resistors, capacitors, and circuit boards, which together form a complex three-dimensional structure that, at first glance, looks like the inside of a mechanical watch, dazzling. And such a complex pile of parts, the total volume is only the size of a soybean.

“It’s amazing.” Husky leaned on the table beside him, looked through the magnifying glass he set up, and couldn’t help exclaiming. It is not only these complicated parts that are powerful, but also Aunt Vivian. It was amazing how she could operate such a sophisticated tool with one hair of her own. In addition to being awesome, it’s terrifying.

“But, what is this meow for changing?” Little Howl asked his mother curiously.

“Oh, this is an automatic valve.” Vivian explained with a smile, “In short, it controls the opening and closing of the warp. Of course, it is a bit more advanced than ordinary valves and can be controlled by brain waves. .

“Oh.” Shaxing stretched Erlang’s legs and half-lying on the sofa, as if he didn’t care much about all of this: “Isn’t the subspace just for storing things? Just reach in and take the things from the inside. Well, why not get a brain-controlled valve?” Li Daoyuan, who was beside him, was busy drawing detailed blueprints for the newly designed supply boat, and he couldn’t help laughing when he heard Xinghuilong being so clever.

Dragon is not happy: “Did I say something wrong?” Vivian explained coldly: “Shaxing, this valve and its corresponding warp device are installed in a helmet that can decontaminate the armor. It is used to store air and nutrient solution. When you are wearing a helmet, you can’t reach in and take things.” “Oh, very good…” Xinghuilong snorted and stopped talking.

“And I made an extra gadget for you.” Vivienne changed the conversation again and smiled at her young son Hal: “This is just for Pochi to use.” “What?” Hal tilted his head and asked. His pet balloonfish also swims curiously beside the Leopard Boy’s face.

Vivian took out from the pile of equipment a matchbox-sized thing that looked like some kind of pendant and had a button on one end that could be attached to a belt.

“This is Pochi’s den. You let Pochi go in and see if he likes it?” “This meow?” Hal was even more puzzled. But judging from his mother’s work just now, this little matchbox-like thing should also be some kind of storage device bound to the subspace. It’s not surprising that there is a very large space in it.

“啾?” The little carp approached curiously and kissed the outer wall of the pendant with its small mouth. It immediately opens a portal – the subspace portal is larger than the side of the box. The balloon fish snuck in and couldn’t wait to see what’s new inside.

“Pochi, it’s a big cat inside? Comfortable cat?” the Leopard boy yelled at the small box.

“~啾!””Press the button here to see what’s inside.” Vivian continued to explain.

Hal notices a small button on the edge of the small box and presses it. With a swoosh, the box’s hidden projector projected a holographic image of the subspace inside.

The space is three feet square, and a small fish can swim freely in it. And Vivian arranged a lot of gadgets such as crystals and corals in Pochi’s “room”, which is like a small aquarium, which is very pleasing.

“In this way, Pochi will have a nest to dig into when he sleeps at night, so he doesn’t have to sleep beside your pillow.——You turned around and almost crushed him in bed last night, so don’t do it again in the future. That’s good.” Vivian patted her son’s head and smiled.

“Yeah! Got it meow!” Hal said happily. His little pet fish also finished visiting his den and sprang out of the warp. From the look of Pochi scurrying around, it can be seen that he is very happy.

“It’s so good. Husky also wants one!” The canine boy said enviously.

“You’ll have to wait for your pet and the pet house. It’ll be available in a few days.” Vivian smiled at Husky again.

“Yeah!” Husky’s puppy tail wagged happily.

Then he had a whim and asked a lot: “In fact, there is such a convenient subspace, isn’t it very useful to solve the housing problem? Wang? It’s enough to make a lot of subspace rooms for people to live in. Will there be no more poor people in Great Britain who worry about housing?” “Oh dear, you have a good idea.” Vivienne smiled and said, “But this is really not suitable for people to live in. First of all, inside It is a closed subspace with only a small subspace exit connected to the outside world, which can be described as very stuffy. Although a ventilation system is installed, it is still possible for small animals to live temporarily, but it is too uncomfortable for humans to live in it. “”Isn’t it enough to keep the warp exit open all the time, meow?” Hal also asked curiously.

“No, there will be a [space leak].” Shaxing suddenly interjected.

“Space… leaking meow?” “After all, that is extra space created by magic, not a natural thing, and will disappear completely one day.” As Vivian continued her work, While explaining: “The more closely the warp is connected to the real world, the faster it disappears. The situation is like opening an ice cave, and the ice inside will melt faster. In order to prevent it from disappearing too quickly, usually We will shrink the warp portal to the size of a pinhole, and only expand the portal to access things in it. But if nothing is done, the warp will eventually disappear. To avoid this, it is necessary to Replenish the Warp Magic every once in a while.——If you keep opening the entrance and exit as Husky said, the consumption of replenishing magic will be huge, so it is better to directly in the real world. Find a house to live in.” “Yes, yes Wang.” Husky scratched his head: “Husky also intends to ask Mommy to use warp magic to build a big house, let us live in… ..” If you can endure that kind of closed and suffocating environment like a prison, this is not a big problem. But people still have to enjoy life and hope to live comfortably. Husky’s proposal is only suitable for the kind of people with special needs, in short, it is not practical.

The air was silent for a few seconds. These two energetic children still have a whole morning to consume, and it is obviously unrealistic for them to watch the adults work here.

Vivian felt this cold atmosphere, she sighed and put down the tools in her hand: “Okay. You two little naughty people are also visiting the research room, are you bored? Then go to another place to visit, let us continue to work. Shaxing, please take the children downstairs, please? There will be someone there to meet you and take you to continue to visit the base of the Eastern Knights.” She was glad that she had early There is another fallback plan.

Because the original research institute was burnt down, Merlin’s temporary research institute moved to Elsenburg – the base camp of the Eastern Knights. King Arthur’s office is also in another wing of Fort Elsenburg. It can be said that it is heavily guarded here. Even if the evil star is running around with two children, Vivian can rest assured.

Xinghuilong muttered unhappily, “Huh? Use me as a nanny again…” He was about to protest, but was greeted with a stare from Vivian. Sha Xing didn’t say anything else, just got up from the sofa and stretched out: “It’s really troublesome… well, kiddies, follow me.” “Uncle Sha Xing, when are we going to go fishing again Wang? ?” Husky asked in a low voice when he walked to Xinghuilong.

Of course, his goal is not to “fish”, but to find an excuse to reunite with the murloc prince Calvin, and then log into that virtual game to continue playing. But in front of Aunt Vivienne, he could only say that he was going fishing—otherwise everything would be messed up.

“Oh, you guys suddenly fell in love with fishing?” Vivian still seemed to sense something, and glanced at Husky and Hal suspiciously.

“And swimming. We’ve got to teach Hal to swim.” Husky’s words deftly slipped through.

“啾~” The little carp also sneered and circled over Hal’s head.

“ The woman nodded convincingly.” Then you can find a chance to go to the lake area again and teach Hal more how to swim. Like his brothers, this land duck trembles when it touches water, and we have nothing to do with him. “”puff. “Shaxing picked up the Leopard boy and walked to the research room: “It’s too troublesome. Let’s talk about that one. “Without the company of other knights, it is difficult for Shaxing to find a good excuse to persuade the mothers of the children to take the two little ghosts out to the countryside to play. Even if they find a knight to accompany, Shaxing has to spend his lips and tongue to keep the other party a secret. Not all knights are as talkative as brother-in-law Lancelot, and the fewer people who know the secret, the better.

Anyway, this is a very difficult thing to do. It’s okay if the same thing happens once or twice, but it’s annoying when it happens more than once. Sha Xing had no great interest in that virtual game, and would not be as obsessed with that virtual game as children. Every time he took the children in, he reluctantly agreed because Husky and the others were pressing too hard.

Husky pouted and looked at Uncle Shaxing unhappily. Uncle Sha Xing said that he wanted to teach the dog boy swordsmanship, but his attitude didn’t seem like he wanted to teach him at all, which was really worrying.

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