Light Spirit Epic Chapter 1191: Selection in the ring (22)


Chapter 1191 Selected in the ring (twenty-two)

The glass-like arm armor that looks like it will shatter at the touch of a button is so hard that it blocks Sailun’s full-strength punch! What kind of magical equipment is this? !

And the right fist that Sairon used to smash the big cat shattered! His ultra-hard red crystal armor burst, and the blood on Sailun shattered to the ground! The sight is unbelievable!

Seeing this scene, Palamidis had an idea and finally thought of a cracking method.

Of course, that must be the way to defeat Sailun without killing Sailun! It is extremely difficult to do that, and it takes a lot of physical strength, but if the big cat wants to advance smoothly, he has to do it like this!

As if responding to Palamidis’ wishes, part of his arm armor suddenly fell off, and the falcon’s mouth was re-buckled, becoming an additional gauntlet armor.

It completely covers the area above the second knuckle of the big cat, like a pair of… fists!

This set of Lunasteel Armguards and Leggings is more than just armor! Depending on the situation, they can also be weapons! Fighting gear for close quarters!

Palramidis smiled knowingly: “My son knows me best.” Palamidis had the artifact Meteor Gun in his hand, and he was already strong against the sky. Despite his reluctance, Seglade made this armor for his father—reluctantly! However, the craftsmanship of the leopard youth in making weapons is not sloppy at all. Even the simplest set of protective gear has been carefully designed by him and can be used in a variety of situations!

The big cat shoved the ancient Neil on the ground and discarded it. The ancient artifact with the strongest power is just a burden in this case. —— Eternal’s normal attack can’t pierce the opponent’s armor; the power of the charged slam is too great, and it may directly blow Sailun into powder.

To inflict heavy damage on opponents without killing Sailun, the only suitable weapon is the Luna Steel Gloves!

Faced with monsters, people may have the upper hand in strength, but people have wisdom.

Wisdom is the key to truly turning defeat into victory! Always will be!

This pair of Moon God Steel Gloves is the crystallization of Seglade’s wisdom, which represents the highest power of human beings – the power of [wisdom] that uses tools to defeat nature!

The monster-turned Sailun is unaware of the impending failure. He has completely reduced to a monster without wisdom! He roared towards Palamidis, still slamming his opponent frantically with both fists, trying to kill the big cat!

This is right in the arms of Palamidis! The big cat did not dodge the opponent’s heavy punch, but waved his fists to meet it!

Palamidis’s (relatively) much slender arms collide with the monster’s stout as a giant arm! collision! Collision again! !

That’s a boxing counter-attack! The savage clash of fists and fists, a power showdown that should have been a lose-lose!

Pounds! Pound pound pound!

——The arm was then broken, shattered, **** and bloody, and the bright red liquid flew like a storm! !

However, no one would have thought that it was Sailun’s arm that broke! ! Those thick and solid arms like a giant wooden torso! !

And, no one would have guessed that Palamidis’ arms that were dozens of times thinner than his opponent’s, like a twig-like arm, would be unscathed! !

Under a layer of “glass” armor, those slender arms are stronger than monster-like giant wrists? !

“Unbelievable meow…” Zephyr sighed: “The monster shell that the ancient Neil couldn’t penetrate, was smashed by Dad’s fist, meow?” However, Bedivere had already seen it through. Everything: “No, just the opposite. It was Sailun’s own power that smashed his own fist.” That’s right, if there is action, there is reaction! It was Sailun’s own strength that smashed his own fist!

Palamidis just punched at the right time, punched him one punch at a time, and collided with Syron’s full-strength punch!

The big cat’s Eternal Neil really can’t pierce Syron’s armor with a single blow, because the big cat is not a power-type fighter and is not strong enough when attacking!

However, when Syron used his amazing brute force to smash Palamidis’ armguard with all his strength, it was equivalent to the Luna Steel armguard hitting Syron with the same force! If you add the arm strength of the big cat itself, the impact will be even greater and the lethality will be greater! !

When two objects collide under the same force, the tougher one will survive, and the weaker one will of course shatter! This is just the most simple and basic principles of physics! (Although collision physics is a very complicated subject!) The result of the monsterized Syron, who waved his fists indiscriminately, ushered in self-destruction! !

And he doesn’t know how to be good, so he immediately regenerates his **** fists and prepares for the next blow! Enough of this mindless monster!

“It seems that you can’t stop until all the potions of yours are exhausted, right?” Palamidis sneered: “Then, in the next ten minutes, you will be in Hell!!” Clap! Lightning flashes!

Clap la la la la la! —— More sparks exploded beside Palamides.

The big cat applies high voltage electricity all over its body. The black cat hair on the **** panther gradually glowed with golden light under the action of the electric current!

This is just the electrical energy produced by the discharge organ in Palamidis’ body. The magic power is sealed. The electrical energy and power that Palamidis can produce is limited.

But it’s enough to deal with monsters like Selen!

Pounds! Syron threw a punch, and that fatal punch swept across Palamidis’s chest!

Whoosh! Useless! What he hit was only the afterimage of Palamides! The real leopard warriors have already sped out, dozens of feet away!

“First of all, the feet!” After the big cat ran a distance, it galloped again!

He threw out both fists, and the power-on Luna steel glove slammed into the monster’s condyle angrily! Light like a butterfly dance, and sting like a bee sting!

Clap! ! The red crystal armor on Syron’s feet shattered!

Speed ​​is power! The destructive power brought about by sprinting at high speed is extraordinary, and this alone can defeat Selun’s armor!

With a single blow, it left immediately, and Palamidis continued to run for dozens of feet, circled in a circle, and charged at Salem again!

Clap! ! Another sprint and slam, smashing into the monster’s thigh! More rifts are spreading on the red crystal armor!

Palamidis fled with another blow, like a golden meteor, oscillating around the “celestial body” of Sailun, sometimes continuing to approach and sometimes drifting far away under Sailun’s “gravity”! Every approach of the big cat is a devastating blow, using the strength of the whole body of the leopard warrior, using the acceleration, fast and ruthless impact!

And Selun can’t catch Palamidis at all! The big cat runs so fast! Even if the monster spreads his arms and wants to increase the range to grab a catch, Palamidis’ powerful sprint attack will smash Sailun’s arm directly! !

Whoosh! Whoosh whoosh whoosh! ! Palamidis ran faster and faster, and more and more wounds were smashed on Syron! The monster’s armor is constantly disintegrating, regenerating, and disintegrating again, repeating the process of destruction and reorganization hundreds of times!

The regeneration ability of monsters can be described as powerful, and it is stimulated in the continuous destruction, and the regeneration is getting faster and faster! !

Palramidis is also showing signs of exhaustion – moving at such high speed is exhausting!

Although Sailun’s condition is not much better! Regeneration must continue to consume energy!

Continue like this, and the battle will become a constant war of attrition until both are exhausted! The result depends on whether Palamidis, the emerald knight, falls first, or the monster-like Syron falls first! !

Better, the poisoner who watched the battle on the deck of the battleship, couldn’t help smiling smugly. Even if Palamidis cannot be wiped out in this battle, this leopard man will definitely lose his vitality, and the next battle will definitely lose his current vitality! Either way, Bet will benefit!

——Or maybe not!

Palamidis pulls the distance again, picking up the meteor gun on the ground and throwing it all out! This is not a war of attrition, this blow will end everything! !

——Whoosh! ! The spear penetrated Sailun’s chest, plunged several inches into the monster’s body, and was nailed to his chest like this! !

Palramidis followed suit, slamming his fists hard!

Clap! ! Palamidis stabbed the Meteor Gun even deeper, allowing it to completely pierce the monster’s chest, then pierce through its back and fly away! !

Such a powerful second consecutive attack made the huge Sailun unable to stand firm, and it fell backwards powerlessly! !

And Palamidis, who is far superior in speed, has already circled behind Syron, holding something in his hand, and stabbed into the big hole in his opponent’s chest! !

Zha! The moment that thing entered Sailun’s body, it immediately emitted a powerful indigo-blue light!

It’s Sailun’s [Sky Sword]!

Palramidis gave a wicked smirk.

“Huh?!” The monster Sailun exclaimed, even if he was clueless, he realized that something was wrong!

Fuck! The monster’s super regeneration ability killed him! His rapidly regenerated wounds blocked the [Sky Sword] together, leaving the dagger on his back! !

Once the Sky Sword comes into contact with its “owner”, it activates its ability immediately, creating a gravity bubble and causing the monster to float in mid-air! !

However, Syron couldn’t hold herself back! ! His consciousness has been eroded by the has long been fragmented and cannot control the flight well at all! He just floated uncontrollably in midair, like a clumsy turtle that was knocked upside down and unable to move freely! !

He waved his hands, trying to pull the dagger from his back! No results! His arms, clad in red crystal armor, were clumsy and rigid, and were nowhere near long enough to reach his back! No matter how he struggled, he couldn’t pull out the [Sky Sword] on his back!

Sailun was actually trapped in mid-air, unable to move! ——He lost the ability to fight! !

Everyone guessed the beginning, but not the ending! With thick armor and powerful regeneration ability, Selun, who should have been extremely troublesome, was trapped by his own artifact, and was instantly killed by a trick of Palamides! !

“The first game of the second group, the battle is over! The winner, Sir Palamidis!!” The referee, who had seen everything, announced loudly, ending the game!

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