Light Spirit Epic Chapter 1189: Selection in the ring (20)


Chapter 1189 of the secluded pavilion is selected in the ring (twenty)

It was a perfect sneak attack, the attack came from the back of the swordsman Selun———It’s the ancient Nir,,

Big cat’s meteor gun is one of the ancient artifacts. It is equipped with a sophisticated identification system and an automatic navigation system. Once the owner is identified, it will never be lost, even if it is thrown from a distance, as long as its owner has The meaning of recycling the long gun, as long as it is within the “signal range”, it will eventually return to the original owner,

The reason why the big cat threw the spear in such a way is not to hit the opponent directly, but to catch the enemy from behind by the meteor spear on the return journey by surprise, although it was far less powerful when it returned. , but as long as the direction and angle are calculated correctly, you can also play sneak attacks from behind and fly the weapons in the hands of the enemy,

Syron, who thought he was going to win, launched the final blow on Palamidis, but he didn’t move at all in the air, and his whole body was full of flaws, like a living target, even if it hit the ancient Neil’s The control is not fully proficient, but Palamidis can easily hit this live target,,

Syron, who lost the [Sky Sword], no longer had the ability to float, and fell uncontrollably from the air, and Palamidis did not give his opponent any breathing space, and once he retrieved the spear, he threw it again fiercely. out, a blow pierced through the abdomen of Sailun, “pinning” the swordsman diagonally to the ground,

“Crack,” Sairon spat out a mouthful of blood: “I admire…the calculation is really accurate…”

The big cat took off the ice cubes on his shoulders. Although it also ripped off a large piece of his flesh at the same time, it was painful to him, but as a green knight, Palamidis has a strong self-healing ability. , this little wound can be healed very quickly. From the beginning of the battle to the present, Sailun has been attacking non-stop for more than ten minutes. It seems to be a great threat, but in fact it has no effect on the leopard warriors.

“Should we continue to fight,” the big cat carefully moved his injured foot and walked towards the opponent step by step: “Your idea is good, I have worked hard to win, but you are still too I’m young, I lack combat experience, and the moment I thought I would win, my whole body was exposed. With your mentality, you can’t beat me. Go back and practice for another ten years.”

“Huhuhu…ahhahahaha,” the swordsman responded with a wild laugh: “Sure enough…it’s exactly the same as what that guy said, it’s really impossible if you don’t be cruel. win you,”

“What,” Palamidis frowned,

Does the opponent still have something behind? Sailun’s abdomen has been penetrated. This injury is already a life-threatening serious injury, but the swordsman Sailun still intends to continue fighting, why?

Salon took a small syringe from his belt and said feebly, “I didn’t want to get to this point…you forced me to,”

Before Palamidis could stop him, Syron had already pressed the syringe on his arm, and the blood-red liquid in the syringe was quickly injected into the swordsman’s body,

Put, a huge heartbeat stimulated Palamidis’ eardrums, swordsman Selun’s whole body began to glow with a dangerous dark red light, Palamidis involuntarily took a step back,

Pfft, Sailun directly pulled the spear from his abdomen. He didn’t seem to care about the wound in his abdomen at all. Blood spurted out from his wound, but it stopped within a few seconds. His wound was enigmatic. The red crystals were blocked, and the crystals kept spreading, covering his whole body,

Pfft, that guy started to get huge, and the size of the whole body has doubled,

Crazy transformation, it’s impossible, it’s obviously an art that can only be used by orcs, that is to say, the sudden change of Sailun is related to the red liquid he injected just now, what is it, stimulants, anesthetics,

Palramidis took back his meteor gun and kept his gun on alert. Regarding the red potion, the big cat first thought of the [Hero’s Medicine] that people used during the Great War, which is a kind of instant strengthening The stimulant of the biological physique can instantly increase the combat effectiveness, but its side effects are also very large. It will turn people into a crazy destruction machine that only knows how to fight, and will continue to fight until they are exhausted and die.

From what Sailun just said, even if he wasn’t using [Hero’s Medicine], it must be something similar. In short, this guy will start to become a dangerous fighting machine, and it must not be taken lightly, /

"吼啊啊啊啊啊啊啊啊啊,,"怪物化的赛伦全身被红色的晶体覆盖,犹如披了一身盔甲,他狂啸着冲过來袭击帕拉米迪斯,手中A heavy fist full of crystal spikes slammed into the big cat’s face,

“Humph,” Palamedis crouched down to dodge, and the ancient Neil in his hand stabbed at the opponent’s abdomen at the same time,

Keng,, I didn’t expect that the penetrating ability of the ancient Neil was not enough to penetrate the opponent’s body. It flicked the knife, and Palamidis’ hand holding the spear couldn’t help but feel numb, and the crystal on Syron’s body was numb. Why is it so hard,,

The big cat suffered a loss with just one miss. Syron’s kicks followed one after another, kicking the belly of Palamides, the big cat vomited a mouthful of blood, and the whole person flew far away Thirty yards out,,

What a terrible power, this guy is probably more powerful than the orcs after going crazy,

The big cat is trying to balance his body in the air, so that he will not be injured when he falls, because the battlefield is still full of traps, full of dangerous ice thorns, falling directly on the ice thorns, will definitely seriously injured,

And Palamidis’s response is to stab the ground with a gun after a flip. He uses the incomparable sharpness and tenacity of the ancient Neil to carve a deep gap in the rocky ground. The big cat intends to In this way, using the spear as a fulcrum to stand on the ground full of ice thorns can at least slow down the damage when landing,

But the monsterized Syron didn’t give Palamidis any time to breathe. He had already rushed up with a roar. The red crystal on his body was much harder than ice thorns, leaving him on the ground full of traps. He ran freely and didn’t care about the foot injury at all. He had already approached the landing spot of Palamides, and planned to chase after the big cat before it landed.

“Ha,” the leopard warrior had an idea, and spread his “wings” from behind. Those wings were the light stones that Palamides had absorbed before. Although they could not make the big cat fly, they could slow down the falling. Speed, it acts like a parachute, but it is not enough to deal with Syron’s ambush, and Palamides stabs the ground again,

Pop, , the tip of the gun of the ancient Nir rarely shoots out a plasma shock wave, Palamidis has not yet used this ancient spear, many functions can not function properly, but he can often be in a critical time. Unlock the extra ability of the spear, maybe this is a function of the ancient neil to protect its master,

With the help of the shock wave and the floating ability of the wings, the big cat not only did not land in the expected place, but instead rose higher and flew to a height of more than ten yards,

The monstrous Syron saw Palamidis in the air, and also opened his mouth to roar. He grabbed the ice thorn on the ground and threw it frantically at the big cat in the air,

Palamidis fluttered his wings and repeatedly dodged the icy arrows that came in his face. He was ready to go, and raised his meteor gun high. The dazzling rays of light contained enormous energy, and in order to penetrate the incomparably hard armor on the opponent’s body, the ancient Neal was calculating and collecting the strength that could compete with it,

——Will not kill the opponent, but just enough to destroy the power of the monster’s exaggeratedly hard armor,,

Whoosh, whoosh, whoosh, countless ice arrows brushed past the big cat, occasionally leaving some innocuous small wounds on Palamidis, the big cat kept dodging left and right as it fell in the air, But never launched an attack, the purpose is to seize the best time to attack,

He landed on a ground covered with ice thorns, but the big cat landed lightly with the help of the anti-gravity of his wings, without being hurt by the ice thorn, and tapped his toes on a huge ice thorn, using the help of The reaction force jumped high,

Swish, swish, swish, swish, swish, swish, swish, swish, the monster-turned Syron continues to throw more ice thorns to snipe Palamidis in the air. The monster obviously has more efficient means of attack, but is persistent in using The ice thorn attack, it is estimated that Selun’s IQ has been eroded by the potion, and he only knows how to fight with brute force and intuition,

If this is the case, Palamidis will be sure to win. The big cat dodged another ice thorn attack and immediately aimed at Syron’s body. The ancient Neil also accumulated enough energy to attack at any time.

Whoosh,,——The spear flew straight out with a destructive force, and collided with the oncoming ice thorn rain. Without encountering the meteor gun, the gun body wrapped by the plasma storm shattered one after another,

And the ancient Neil is like a broken bamboo, to the pressure of the monster Selun,,

“Roar ah ah ah ah ah,” that brainless monster didn’t dodge or dodge, but stretched out his hands to catch the spear. He thought that with his own strength, he could take the spear next,

pound,,—— the light engulfed everything, causing an explosion in a deafening roar, and the destructive storm of plasma formed a huge sphere of light with a radius of thirty feet, constantly chipping and slicing the impact Everything in the range, the storm it set off caused the ice spikes on the surrounding ground to shatter and fly away, clearing the entire battlefield, while Palamidis rode the storm to fly higher, looking down at the sky. everything on the battlefield,

After the light passed, there was a large pit on the ground with a radius of forty feet and a depth of twenty feet. Palamidis looked expectantly towards the center of the pit, trying to recover his Gonni Er, but unexpectedly found…

——Sailun actually blocked the attack of the ancient Neil unscathed, just standing in the center of the big pit,

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