Light Spirit Epic Chapter 1187: Selection in the ring (18)


Chapter 1187 Selected in the ring (18)

Bediver’s whip didn’t just trip Logan’s foot just now, it had another kill! As soon as it gained [time] and was able to move, it stabbed straight at Logan’s bracelet! !

The whip is mind-controlled, even though Bedivere can only move slowly in a time-stopped world, the whip is not! Its reaction time is comparable to the speed of light, and it can act immediately when the werewolf thinks of it! It has direct contact with Logan, and it grabs more time from the old man! It’s lighter and moves faster with limited [time]! !

Although the dagger on the end of the whip is not very sharp, it can easily knock Logan’s bracelet off with a single blow! !

Logan looked at the item bracelet floating in the air, dumbfounded! He wanted to reach out to grab the bracelet and inject “time” into his body again, but the werewolf’s machete hit the bracelet first!

Clap! A crisp sound touched the wizard’s nerves!

Crack la la la la! ! ——-In a world like slow motion, the Luna steel machete slowly pierced into the bracelet. The glass-like machete pierced the silver bracelet as if it had broken glass!

The characteristics of the Luna Steel Scimitar can easily cut through a stone, so what’s the point of splitting a small magic bracelet?

It was only a small crack at first, but the cracking on the bracelet continued in an irreversible trend. Twist it up! !

The bracelet is like a broken water pipe with water dripping out of it.

Then a small column of water, then a large column of water, and then a huge stream of water! ! The storage bracelet has been destroyed, and the sealed subspace has also begun to tear. Of course, the theoretical pure water hidden in the subspace cannot stay silent, but can only be squeezed and sprayed out by the tearing subspace! !

“No———!!” Logan’s voice stretched and twisted in a world where time stopped.

Whoa, whoa, whoa, whoa! ! ———The bound warp and the bracelet will be destroyed together! A large amount of pure water stored in the bracelet rushed out like a flood, washing away Bedivere and Logan at the same time! The powerful impact made them involuntarily pull the distance – or maybe not!

“Haaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaa!!” He and Logan got those [extra time] out of the water at the same time, and they are now equally conditioned to have a fair fight to the death in this time-stopped world! !

“Damn!!——” The mage also rushed forward with his sword raised against the flood, and drew a sword towards the werewolf! !

Keng! ! Useless! ! Bedivere’s powerfully enchanted Luna steel scimitar collided with Logan’s ordinary iron sword, and the result was predictable! The machete cut off the ordinary sword made of mortal iron in an instant! And the werewolf fell, with the potential to split Logan in half from head to toe! !

“It’s not over yet!” Logan dodged the werewolf’s attack with an amazing reaction speed and punched at the same time! This blow can shatter Bedivere’s skull! !

“Humph!” The werewolf seemed to have anticipated Logan’s actions, and the tungsten turtle tongue whip in his hand had already moved with him! The whip wrapped around Logan and twisted to one side with the mage as a fulcrum, so that Bedivere’s face just brushed past Logan’s fist, unscathed! !

Zha! ! The machete of the werewolf youth has penetrated the chest of the old mage! !

Whoa! ! ———The surging water spilled all over the ground and spread on this vast circular battlefield! The [extra time] is quickly absorbed by the time of the world and becomes part of the total time of the universe! The effect of [Time Stop] is over immediately! !

“My research! Time magic that I have been studying for decades!——Ugh!!” The mage was so angry that he spit out a big mouthful of blood.

“Humph.” Bedivere pulled back the Luna steel machete, the crystal-clear blade covered with the blood of the mage: “As long as you understand the principle, you won’t be able to make ten or twenty bracelets. Question?” “What do you know! That bracelet is made of very rare ore, which can minimize the loss of [time] in the bracelet! This kind of ore is hard to find!!” The old man spat out another mouthful of blood.

“It’s not my problem.” The werewolf raised his knife and pointed at Logan: “Are we going to continue fighting? It seems that you can still fight dozens of rounds depending on how energetic you are?” “Forget it,” Logan shook He grabbed his head, covered the wound and got up: “Forgive my old bones. Call me an ambulance!” The old man looked at the crystal scimitar in Bedivere’s hand and the crystal-like dagger at the end of the werewolf’s whip. : “What is the construction of this weapon. They **** more [time] than I thought. Much more.” “Huh?” The werewolf didn’t understand what the other said. Although his tungsten tortoise-tongued whip had just knocked Logan’s bracelet off at unexplainably high speed, the werewolf couldn’t detect the difference in time. Only Logan, who is constantly active in the [Accelerated World], can detect the problem.

The staff had already arrived at the battlefield by transport boat, and loudly announced: “The Great Mage Logan surrenders! The battle is over! The first knockout round of the first group, the winner: Silver Wolf Bedivere!” It’s over.” Bedivere finally breathed a sigh of relief. Although he was also scarred, he finally won the first game and defeated a strong opponent like Logan!

Buzz buzz buzz~ Something flew past the werewolf’s ear, and Bedivere thought it was some kind of small flying bug, and immediately reached out and grabbed it.

“Ah, don’t ruin it!” A staff member hurriedly shouted: “That’s a bee golem! It’s used to record battle footage!” “Video?” The werewolf raised an eyebrow. Has the showdown with Logan just now been recorded?

“Don’t you know, child?” Rogan, with a pale face, sat on the ground, surrounded by several medical staff, receiving bandages of his wounds: “Our battles were all broadcast live and can be watched on Egyptian TV. Arrived. Europe should be able to see the live broadcast, although the signal is unstable.” “We fight…will it be broadcast live?!” Bedivere’s eyes widened: “Oh, damn… I put the secret of your magic—“”It doesn’t matter, child.” The old mage smiled generously: “The existence value of magic lies in being recognized. If no one understands the details of this magic, there will be no Someone will understand the mystery of it.——In that case, it would be too lonely.” It was only then that Bedivere understood that Logan’s goal was not to win. The old man has too many chances to kill Bedivere in seconds. Isn’t it easy to win? But the mage chose to go step by step, so that the werewolves had a chance to understand the essence of [time magic]. In order to let the world know the greatness of [time magic].

The old mage just wanted to take the opportunity of this competition and the [round table trial] to publicize. His goal has probably been reached. —— Even, because of Bedivere’s active performance, Rogan’s goal was achieved better than expected.

Werewolves have a sense of being used.

The portal opened, and the medical staff were about to take Logan away on a stretcher, but the old man waved his hand, as if he wanted to finish the matter: “Son, are you still interested in the proposal just now?” “Proposal? “”It’s my proposal to take you as an apprentice. I’m serious, I’m not kidding you. You’re very smart and willing to use your brains. You have a talent for learning spells, and you won’t just die like the nerds in the ivory tower. You will become a talent.” The werewolf Bedivere couldn’t help but let out a “poof” sneer: “Old man, has your dementia attacked? I—yes— Orcs—humans. I can’t use any other spells except madness and beastification!” I can’t even use spells, so why should I be a magician’s apprentice?

Logan didn’t speak, just smiled mysteriously, and let the medical staff carry him away.

After returning to the battleship from the transport, Bedivere found himself the second person to return from the knockout rounds.

The first one to come back seems to be Solar——that kid faced off against a low-ranked candidate. He won very easily, and it is said that he killed his opponent with one blow. It would have been a no-suspense duel.

Ignoring the half envious half hostile glances of the candidates, Bedivere found an empty seat on the deck and sat down.

His injuries were not too serious, so instead of calling medical personnel to treat the wounds, he applied medical gel to himself. Saifer walked through the crowd to congratulate Bedivere: “You won, Mr. Bedivere. You defeated the Great Mage Logan with just a few moves. The win is really exciting.” “No. It’s a matter.” Bedivere said with a wry smile. In fact, he has been at a disadvantage since the beginning, and has been pressed and beaten by Logan.

But Logan can stop time, and the process of their battle is often a fleeting sight, and outsiders can’t see why unless they look carefully.

Most of the battles between the two take place in a world where “time stops”, and the Bee Golem can’t completely record the conversation between the two. Therefore, there are many details that outsiders can’t understand at all, and they just think that Bedivere and Logan have hurriedly chopped off a few times and it’s over.

People who don’t understand naturally don’t understand. Those who can understand can understand the Bedivere sighed and began to inquire about the situation of the other companions: “Where’s Palamidis? He should have almost won the battle, right? ?” Considering that the candidate who fought against Palamidis was a “Swordsman Selun” ranked after 30 (Bedivere can’t even remember this person), Palamidis should be able to Easy to win, right?

Zefer shrugged, with a mixed look on his face and pointed out: “The big screen at three o’clock…you can see it yourself, meow.” The werewolf frowned slightly. , looking in the direction of the leopard youth’s finger.

On the screen, Palamidis is half-kneeling on the ground, one eye is blurred by the blood flowing from his forehead.

Palamidis, who was ranked 15th and took part in the battle with the [Ancient Artifact Meteor Gun Gengnir], faced a hard fight against the 30th ranked swordsman Selun, who had never been known for a long time!

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