Light Spirit Epic Chapter 1178: Selection in the ring (9)


Chapter 1178 Selected in the ring (nine)

Inside the optical camouflage protective cover, is a huge array of stone pillars!

Thousands of huge stone pillars stand together on the surface of the Red Sea, the scene is spectacular!

These stone pillars are of different sizes, and the heights are uneven. They are vertically inserted into the bottom of the Red Sea, forming a forest of stone pillars. Among them, twelve main stone pillars are particularly huge, attracting everyone’s attention. [.xs51. Novel Wuyou] Those huge stone pillars that are a thousand feet high and three hundred feet in diameter, like twelve otherworldly giants, surrounded by other small stone pillars in a circle.

In the middle of the twelve stone pillars is a floating island with a large number of light stones at the bottom, which is powered by another twelve stone pillars! It floats in the highest sky, like a supreme king looking down on everything in the world.

This is the site of the third stage of the [Trial of Strength] exam, the Red Sea Stone Pillar Array.

“Oh my God!” Bedivere exclaimed involuntarily, “Look at what you have done! You have completely changed the landscape of the Red Sea! When you do this, the Egyptian and Sudanese governments will not say a word?!” “Actually, they want us to do this. Let’s not delve into the reasons.” King Arthur explained with a smile: “In addition to being the venue for your competition, this is also a device. In the near future, it will definitely be able to play its role. The intended use.” “But, what about the ecosystem of the Red Sea?! Inserting so many stone pillars into the Red Sea will not destroy the ecological balance here?!” The werewolf asked anxiously.

“Little Brady… The Red Sea was originally a stagnant pool of water.” Palamides reminded in a low voice.

Due to the Egyptian government’s perennial pollution and lack of governance, the waters of the Red Sea have long been highly eutrophic. Its sea is full of deadly red algae three hundred and sixty-five days a year. They absorb the oxygen in the water and replace it with nitrogen and ammonia, making the sea barren and fish and shrimp dead. As a result, only this red algae remains in the entire sea area. That bright crimson, under the sun like a sea of ​​blood.

This is an ecosystem that has been completely destroyed, and there is no reason for further destruction. The changes in its landscape can be concealed by optical camouflage.

However, it’s still crazy! ——King Arthur even placed these huge stone pillars in other people’s land and other people’s territory at will, and regarded it as his arena!

What’s even more crazy is that Arthur was able to transport such huge stone pillars to the Red Sea one by one and insert them into the sea! This is not a huge project that humans can do! Did he use the power of the Holy Spirit?

What is his purpose?

“But there are only thirteen arenas for fighting…is that enough for all of us?” Palamides looked at the twelve huge stone pillars and the floating island in the center of the stone pillar array , asked suspiciously.

The twelve flat-surfaced stone pillars are clearly the playing field, and their tops are perfect for playing—they’re simple and straight, a flat wasteland;

The floating island also looks like a playing field, but there is a forest, a rugged mountain, a small artificial lake, and a place similar to a sand dune. It seems to simulate the complex environment of field combat, so that candidates can fight as close to actual combat as possible.

The problem is, these thirteen venues are definitely not enough. The sixty-seven candidates were divided into twelve groups, and the initial elimination round for each group was three times twelve, that is, thirty-six battles had to be held. Unless all three battles of each group are put into the same arena——”Then, I don’t think you can finish them all at once, and the score is divided into three days?” The King of Knights smiled mysteriously.

Palamedes grunted. The longer the knockout rounds drag on, the more time the candidates have to prepare. For Palamides and his party, who were already well-prepared and their weapons could no longer be strengthened, this was obviously more of a loss than a gain.

But that’s fine too — it should be said, for fairness, it must be this way. Considering that every battle is an uphill battle, and there must be no shortage of wounded and near-death people, extending the race will be crucial. Abundant time means that candidates have the opportunity to recuperate and be better prepared for the next battle.

In any case, considering the “sudden death” nature of the knockout rounds, this knockout round will definitely be completed within six days. On the seventh day, it was the final battle of the winners of each group, the [big melee]. The candidate who can win the final [big melee] will be recognized as the most powerful person in this class of candidates, and he is not far from the position of the Knight of the Round Table.

While Palamidis was thinking, the battleship had already flown to thirty small stone pillars, slowing down and descending slowly.

Those “small” pillars are not small at all, their surface is not large enough to hold a ring, but their radius is thirty feet. And they seemed to be tailor-made for the British battleship, the surface of each stone pillar was smooth like a mirror, and each stone pillar remained at the same height, almost half a foot. Thirty stone pillars were arranged in a random arrangement, which happened to be the shelf of the [Attack Palamidis], allowing [Paramides] to land smoothly.

“What’s the matter now?” Bedivere watched as dozens of small transport boats emerged from the battleship’s mechanical warehouse, thinking the transport boats would take the candidates to their respective playing fields.

However, the transport boats had no intention of carrying people down to participate in the competition. They were moored on the deck of the battleship one by one, and they were parked in two neat rows. ——Then turn off the flame and never move again.

“Huh?” Bedivere was taken aback. Many candidates present also showed the same confused expressions as werewolves. What a joke! Are these transport boats all decorations?

“Lunch time.” King Arthur pointed to his watch: “For the knights, eating is more important than anything else. If you don’t eat enough, you won’t have the strength to fight. Everyone, go to the dining hall.” King Arthur glanced: If he knew there was still time for dinner, he would not have to rush to make weapons for his companions.

At the same time(?), Great Britain, [Second Capital—London].

“So—you brought the kid here again?” Merlin gave Husky a stern look. The chancellor still vividly remembers the incident when the dog boy destroyed a large number of Merlin’s official documents last time. He thought in his heart that Husky was a petty catastrophe, a wreck, and a troublemaker who couldn’t be saved.

“And there’s an extra kitten…” Merlin glanced at the leopard boy Hal again. This time it was the double trouble of kittens and puppies, and it was simply unbearable.

Hal stuck his tongue out to show that he was innocent meow.

“Mage Merlin, this is the visit day that was promised last time.” Vivian replied lightly, “I said I would bring the children to visit the projects we are doing in our research, and you nodded in agreement. Yes.—Did you forget?””I promised?” Merlin pretended to be quite innocent. He has a lot of work every day, and he is already too busy to die. Maybe the women had told him this and he listened and nodded in agreement.

“Okay, if I promised…” Merlin relented, “but are you really okay with bringing these two brats here? Who’s going to take care of them? Are you sure they don’t? Will they mess around in my office again with their kitten and puppy paw prints on documents to be signed and stamped?” “That’s why this dragon came along.” Vivian patted the evil star shoulders.

Xinghuilong made a very annoyed expression. He had never applied to be the babysitter for those two little devils.

“Oh, stupid dragon.” Merlin gave Xinghuilong a contemptuous glance. At that time, the evil star used magic to transform into a human appearance, but not an adult, but a teenage boy. And this kind of evil star looks very unreliable.

“Are you sure you won’t make trouble with the two little devils, Grand Duke Shaxing?” Chancellor Merlin said jokingly, “You’re already a 10,000-year-old adult dragon. The appearance of a subhuman teenager. It’s really a childish innocence.” “You don’t need to worry about my affairs, Mage.” Shaxing glared at Merlin: “And this is force majeure, and I didn’t voluntarily become like this.” “Hehe, really?” When he said this, not only Merlin, but also Vivian and Lian Yin looked at the evil star with incredible eyes. Those present are all powerful mages, and they also know a little about transformation. The transformation technique that can only change into a specific appearance does not actually exist.

Xinghuilong didn’t bother to explain, he was used to being misunderstood, so he forgot the shame of it.

“All in all Come on. I’ll show you around before lunch.” Vivian picked up her young son and walked out of Merlin’s office with a smile.

“Yes, you are the boss, you have the final say.” Shaxing led Husky to follow, and gave Merlin a mocking glance at the same time.

“Be good, don’t make trouble—-” After sending off Husky and others, Lian Yin immediately turned around and apologized to the chancellor: “I’m sorry, Master Merlin. I promise Husky and the others. This time I will be good, and I won’t make trouble.” “I hope so.” Great Mage Merlin shook his head, sat back on his office chair, and continued to bury his head in reviewing the mountains of documents on the desk.

Husky walked innocently behind Uncle Shaman, but his mind was already out of the sky. The last time the canine boy messed up at Merlin’s institute was because he was too bored, had nothing to play with, and wanted to get his mother’s attention. But this time is different. He has a little friend to play with him, and he is addicted to a certain virtual game. In fact, he just wants to find a way to log in to that game and continue playing. He is not interested in visiting the research institute at all.

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