Light Spirit Epic Chapter 1175: Selection in the ring (6)


Chapter 1175 Selected in the ring (six)

While the werewolf and tiger went to the storage room to investigate the item unlocking offer, Palamidis, his two sons, and the white bear Elaine stayed on the deck of the battleship and found a very remote corner to carry out Weapon modification.

Seifer spreads a clean white cloth on the deck, picks up a screwdriver transformed from a universal tool, and disassembles the newly purchased dagger like this. His main purpose is to remove all four plug-in systems on the dagger and install them on their own Luna Steel series of weapons.

Of course, the organizers of the Round Table Trial would not be pleased to see the Leopard youth doing this. That’s why they chose this remote corner to secretly engage in renovation work. The warship is still moored on the surface of the Red Sea. The weather is calm and the sun is shining. It is a good time to carry out secret operations. The other three orcs were sitting around Zaffir, blocking Zaffir’s figure with their bodies, so that outsiders could not see what the leopard youth was doing.

A drop of cold sweat condensed a large amount of depressing feeling from Palamidis’ forehead: “By the way… do we really need to be sneaking like this?”

“It’s necessary, meow. Otherwise, if Uncle Arthur catches me dismantling their military secrets, how should I explain me?” Saifel said as a matter of course. At that time, he had removed three sets of plug-in systems and displayed them one by one on a white cloth. They were made to be so finely crafted that a plug-in system consisted of a sophisticated circuit board, as well as the trigger, dozens of wires to the trigger, and hundreds of screws as small as a grain of rice. If it weren’t for Zephyr’s ingenuity, I would have broken part of the system before it was removed.

Next is the point. How to install such a sophisticated plug-in system on Luna Steel weapons. Seglade had reserved a slot for the plug-in system when he forged the weapon, and he reserved the slot according to the specifications of the weapon he had obtained earlier, and the plug-in system could theoretically just be installed. But in fact, the leopard youth can’t do it well, and the reserved space occasionally does not match the plug-in system. This caused Zephyr a lot of trouble – he had to sand the edges of the circuit boards of the plug-in system to fit them into the empty slots, or use glass glue to seal the gaps in the empty slots. Fill it out so that the board it fits in won’t drop during combat.

“It’s a paper-based system…” Palamidis looked more and more depressed: “Is there really no problem in fighting with this kind of thing?”

“No problem, unless you use brute force to wield it meow.” Saifer glared at his father, then suddenly changed the subject: “Oh, by the way, we didn’t plan to help Dad to protect you. Arm-mounted plug-in system, you don’t have to worry meow at all.”

“Don’t have my share?”

“It’s impossible to have your father, meow! The weapon in your hand is already strong enough, meow! If you strengthen your equipment for you, you won’t let people live, meow!” Saifer said angrily, Looking almost jealously at Palamides’ Eternal Nir spear.

“Okay, okay. I don’t want your help, brat.” Palamidis sneered, “If there is no accident, we will finally have a duel. You should try your best to strengthen yourself. , I will fight with all my strength, so I won’t let you down just because you are my son!”

“Humph.” Saifer snorted coldly, and continued to immerse himself in modifying weapons.

“Shh—someone is coming, meow.” Seglade, who was in charge of the wind, reminded: “Everyone is ready, meow.”

Elaine moved her body in the direction of Zephyr, trying her best to block Zefei’s figure with his figure. He thought that by doing so, the leopard youth could avoid people’s eyes and ears.

However, it was not the crew of the battleship, the examiners of the round table trial, or King Arthur. An elf girl slowly walked over, it was Chanel, the dark elf knight of the Knights of Saint Lily of France.

“What are you doing here? Sneaky.” Chanel asked with a smile as she approached. Her smile was like the morning breeze, making Seglade blush.

“Oh, we are, uh—” The Leopard Man wanted to say something, but stuttered because of his nervousness, biting his cat’s tongue repeatedly.

“It’s just a weapon modification, Mademoiselle Chanel.” Palamidis rounded up the field for his son: “We have our own battle plan, and we don’t want outsiders to know about it. If you can, please don’t tell outsiders.”

“Of course.” Chanel looked around curiously, hoping to take a peek at what Zephyr was doing behind the Ice Bear. But Elaine moved in a rude way, constantly blocking Chanel’s sight.

“Can’t you really let me see?” The elf girl was a little displeased.

“Yes, but—” What else did Stupid Bear want to say.

“Of course you can!” Saifer pushed Elaine away: “Miss Chanel, if you want to see it, you can come and see me at any time!”

“Huh?!” Elaine let out a sigh of grievance when she realized that she was disliked by both parties at the same time.

Chanel smiled and pushed the bear man away and leaned in front of Saifel: “Wow, you are disassembling their plug-in system and installing it on your own weapon? It really did it——hand What a coincidence!”

“Hehe—” Saifel blushed, involuntarily showing a smug expression.

“What kind of weapon is this? It’s so beautiful!” Chanel looked at the highly transparent Luna steel scimitars, and was attracted by the crystal clear blade of the scimitars and the strange cold light on it, and she almost caught fire. fan.

“This is the Moon God Steel Meow I forged.” Seglade hurriedly said, “If you like it, how about I find a chance to help you forge one?”

Palamedes wondered. His two sons were as happy as puppies when they saw a beautiful woman. They will be planted in the hands of women one day.

“I understand your kindness.” The elf girl smiled and politely rejected Seglade: “But another day. Now I just want to fight with the weapons I have chosen, there is no time left. To adapt to other weapons.”

“Oh—” Seglade grunted.

“Speaking of which, what about the tiger?” Chanel rolled her eyes and succinctly said her true purpose.

“Albert meow?” A glint of jealousy flashed in Seglade’s eyes: “You sometimes see Mr. Albert meow?”

The elf girl was evasive: “I asked him to help with one thing before, and now I’m eager to know from him how things are going. So, where did he go? Don’t you all stay there all the time? together?”

Seglade paused for a while before saying reluctantly: “Mr. Albert and Mr. Bedivere went to the storage room together to investigate the offer for unlocking items.”

“I heard that unlocking items will cost ten times the original price, would they be willing to do so?” Chanel expressed confusion.

“It’s just to ask, I shouldn’t really spend money to unlock it, meow.” Seglade got up from the ground: “Miss Chanel, are you looking for Albert, meow? If you want to find him, I can take you to meow.”

(By the way, I will be courteous, meow.)

Zizzy, zizzy. Seefer was soldering the plug-in system in place with a soldering iron, giving off an unpleasant, burnt chemical stench.

“Oh, the battleship is not very big, I can find the stupid tiger.” Chanel said, covering her nose and taking a few steps back: “You guys are busy, I won’t bother.”

Seglade, a young Leopard man with a keen sense of smell, is indeed the best guide, he can quickly find the tiger by following Albert’s scent. However, Chanel’s own hearing is also very sensitive, and she can determine the direction of a specific target from the constant sound of footsteps in the battleship. Finding the tiger is only time for him.

“Then—” Seglade was about to say something, but Chanel saluted and hurried away.

“Hey—” Seglade could only sigh.

“Miss Chanel is not easy to make meow.” Saifer sighed in a low voice while immersed in his homework: “After all, they have progressed to [that point] meow.”

“So, that kind of situation? What level meow?!”

Seifer stopped what he was doing and looked at everyone mysteriously: “I saw Meow. Just two days ago, in that [Lost Paradise] bar, she kissed Mr. Albert Meow.”

“Uh!” Seglyde was stabbed, and his whole body was stunned.

“Ugh…” Elaine also covered her face, and White Bear’s face flushed red.

“Lost, lost paradise?!” Palamidis looked at Safer in disbelief: “You mean, two days ago?! That small bar next to the Cairo Hotel?!”

“Yes, there are a lot of pretty girls to accompany drinks~” Saifer giggled: “Miss Chanel is also working there, meow~”

Clap! Palamidis punched his son on the head: “Stinky boy! You go to that kind of place to drink flower wine! No wonder the tiger came back smelling of alcohol, and – uh – strange smell.. …”

“Ow…what?! That guy Albert, shouldn’t he already be with Mademoiselle Chanel——!”

Palramidis did not speak, squinting at the back of Chanel who had gone away, even though that back had completely disappeared on the edge of the deck.

On the same night that Albert and Zephyr went to drink floral wine, Palamidis was also in the [Lost Paradise] bar, reminiscing with his righteous brother Phileos. Palamidis didn’t find it strange at all that the two idiots, Albert and Zephyr, were there. But the eldest lady of Chanel who is obviously very disciplined…

Some intuition tells the Leopard Warrior that the girl is definitely not easy. What is the purpose of her mixing into such a complicated place? Could it be—to follow Phileos?

Some kind of intuition tells the Leopard Warrior that girl is definitely not easy. What is the purpose of her mixing into such a complicated place? Could it be—to follow Phileos?

Must be! Phileos is a frequent visitor there, and his relationship with Father Sphinx is so special that many forces are following him. People who know where to go to find him will naturally go there to find him.

So, that woman used Albert in order to investigate Phileos, and even used **? **That tiger? Did you do that with him? !

Sure enough, women are all monsters, and that seemingly innocent and cute little girl is no exception!

The poor little tiger was being played with applause without realizing it. The leopard warrior thought to himself. After the tiger came back, Palamidis was going to give the tiger a long education (discussion) and asked him all the information about Chanel from Albert. ——If possible, let the little tiger see the true face of that scheming watch.

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