Light Spirit Epic Chapter 1168: I will rest in the quiet night (7)


Chapter 1168 will rest in the quiet night (seven)

Squeak——The moment the iron box was opened, its iron hinges made a screeching sound due to friction.

Shaxing quietly watched what Husky did, smirking inwardly. The secret that the poor canine boy tried so hard to keep has long since disappeared.

The evil star, who is good at detecting breath, has long seen that this iron box has been opened several times recently – it is stained with the breath of several people except the canine boy. Was this done by the bad guys who came to catch Husky, or by the knights who cleaned up the disaster site, or by the thieves who took advantage of the situation to steal from the disaster area—there is no conclusion yet. . The only thing that is certain is that any valuable (or “unhealthy”) items in this box must have been taken by those who secretly opened the box.

After the box was opened, Shi Xing glanced inside, but did not bring too much expectation.

Sure enough, there was a lot of junk inside. Meaningless junk. Most of them were blocks, toys, dolls, rubber bands and the like—all those gadgets an eight-year-old could have.

The contents of the box could not be more ordinary. Except for one thing.

“That, that is!” Xinghuilong’s eyes widened, and he exclaimed as he looked at a small thing in Husky’s toy box.

“Uh, you said you didn’t laugh at Husky!” The canine boy hurriedly snatched an item from the box…a pacifier.

“Uh, pacifier?” Xinghuilong was interrupted by the action of the canine boy. When he caught a glimpse of the pacifier from the other side’s snatch, Shi Xing couldn’t help but chuckle: “Why are you kid——” “Don’t laugh! It’s the treasure of Husky’s childhood! Throw it away!” The canine boy put the pacifier in his pocket, blushing as if it was about to burn.

“Sure enough, it’s a brat. It’s still fresh.” Xinghuilong smiled contemptuously, finally solving a mystery.

However, it wasn’t the pacifier that really surprised Xinghuilong.

The thing that really surprised the evil star was lying quietly in a dark corner of the tin box.

A marble.

A clear glass bead with a strip of gold in it makes it look at first glance like some kind of sparkling, colorful toy that children love.

But oh no, it’s no ordinary marble. In Shaxing’s eyes, absolutely not!

Ordinary people will definitely think that it is an ordinary glass bead, and it is just a toy for a child who fits the status of a canine teenager.

However, Xinghuilong, who has a strong sense of photon smell, has long sniffed out the uniqueness of this marble. It exudes the breath of ancient dragons, and the transparent beads seem to be clear inside, but they hide deep and endless secrets!

It’s an ordinary dragon, maybe you don’t know the value of this small glass bead. But Sha Xing knew that he had seen something similar!

——That’s a soul spar! From a dead dragon, the crystallization of his life’s wisdom!

It is so rare that Xinghui Longsha Xing, who has lived for more than 10,000 years, has only seen two soul spar in his life.

One is the crystal formed by the death of his parents—Dragon Emperor Titans and Dragon Queen Ayaris, which condenses all the wisdom, knowledge, and even a small part of his parents’ lifetime memories. ;

The second is the soul spar that was split from Shaxing’s body and originally belonged to his younger brother, White Frost Dragon Xianvia. This hedron contains a great deal of knowledge of ice spells. According to Xianvia’s will, Shaxing gave it to Tristan, the murloc prince.

The small glass bead in front of him is the third soul spar that Shaxing has seen in his life. And it came from a very ancient old dragon.

Not all dragons can condense such rare spar in their bodies.

It is a highly quantized crystal of information, composed of a large number of intrinsic photons and some minerals in the dragon. Consuming a lot of inherent photons means that the vitality of a dragon will be greatly damaged. If something like a stone is produced in the body, the body will definitely not feel good. In short, the process of condensing the soul spar is long and painful, and it does no good to the dragon that made the spar — only the heir of the spar. Such a thankless task, only those dragons with selfless dedication would do it.

Unfortunately, dragons are mostly selfish, egoistic, arrogant creatures. A fool would do such a thing unless he realizes that he is going to die, unless he has truly caring relatives, unless the dragon wishes to pass on the wisdom of his life to some posterity–

Even if a dragon is willing to do this, it may not necessarily be able to make a soul spar. If the dragon didn’t have enough power, powerful spells or knowledge that they thought was worthy of boasting to posterity, they couldn’t make hedrons at all. Proud dragons physically reject this self-depreciating behavior, and are unwilling to leave things of no value to future generations. The knowledge hidden in a soul spar is not rare enough, and if it is left to future generations, it will only be made fun of!

Therefore, the glass bead in front of the evil star must be an earth-shattering treasure, a rare crystallization of wisdom from an ancient dragon! What’s hidden inside? Is it a powerful spell? Or, some valuable information?

“Ah, found it, Uncle Shaxing! It’s right here!” While Shaxing was dazed, Husky also found the magic quill he mentioned in the toy box. The end of its dark silver body is adorned with large, beautiful feathers, the bright red feathers shining like a blazing tongue of fire.

“I…can I touch it?” Shaxing whispered, fascinated.

“Oh, of course Wang.” The canine boy raised the quill over his head and presented it to Xinghuilong, who was crouching on his head.

However, Shaxing ignored Husky’s quill at all, jumping into the toy box and reaching out to touch the soul spar.

The huge will turned into thoughts, like a tangible voice, slowly flowing into Xinghuilong’s mind.

~ The great sky dragon, Urluk, rests forever. ~~Leaving the words for future generations, it is closely tied to a secret. ~~Those who intend to liberate our clan will absorb this soul crystal. ~~Otherwise, please go away and stay out of it. ~ ~ This is a curse, but also a blessing. ~~If it is not for the talent of the emperor, nothing can be accomplished. ~ If you accomplish this career, you will be the king. ~ “Wow!” As if struck by a strong current, Sha Xing withdrew his small claws in a burst of exclamation.

“Uncle Sha Xing?” Seeing that Xinghuilong had been acting abnormally since he touched the worthless glass bead, Husky asked worriedly, “What’s the matter with you, what’s wrong with you? Wang?” “Where did you get this bead from?” Shaxing solemnly held up the soul spar of the sky dragon Urluk and asked, “It came from the treasure room of your dog people. Did you steal it from here?!” “It’s stealing…that’s too much!” Husky protested, pouting: “They’re just piled up in the corner of the treasure room, Papa said. It was just a worthless little toy, so Husky took one to play with—””What?!” Xinghuilong rushed to the face of the canine boy and asked nervously. : “You mean, there are a lot of such things in your treasure room?” It hurts Husky…” Long was stunned for a second. He just lay still on the mouth of Husky’s puppy, with no intention of coming down or jumping on the head of the canine boy.

“Uncle Sha, Sha Xing?” Husky was even more puzzled. His nose was so itchy from Uncle Sha Xing’s tail that he wanted to sneeze.

Xinghuilong came back to his senses, picked up the small glass bead and stuffed it into Husky’s puppy’s paw: “Take this. This thing is very important, don’t lose it.”” But , this is just a small marble…” The dog boy murmured in dissatisfaction.

Ordinary people can’t see the mystery of this small glass bead at all. Of course, the evil star can secretly possess this soul spar while Husky does not know the goods. In fact, Sha Xing really wanted to swallow this soul spar directly into his body more than once to obtain the huge knowledge and information in the spar. But he held back. Dragons have high self-esteem, and he is unwilling to **** other people’s possessions without permission, not to mention that it is a child’s possessions. If it is known that he robbed a treasure from an eight-year-old child, wouldn’t it be a great shame for the evil star?

For Xinghuilong, the only correct way to obtain this soul spar is to complete Husky’s commission and get this small glass bead righteously in the form of a reward.

In other words, even if she was extremely unwilling, Shaxing had to agree to Husky’s previous request and teach this puppy Shaxing gave Husky a vicious look, lest the dog boy be young No answer: “Do you really want to learn swordsmanship?” “Yes, of course you want to Wang.” “That’s fine. You don’t need to care what it is, and you don’t need to care about its value. Just do what I say.” Sha Xing said coldly, but couldn’t hold back the ecstasy in his heart. The big fish he wanted to catch was about to arrive: “One day, we’ll go to the canine treasure room. I don’t need other treasures, just all the marbles in the treasure room. Take that as a reward for my teaching you swordsmanship.” “Hey, Uncle Shaxing’s hobbies are really weird…” Husky couldn’t understand Uncle Shaxing’s intention at all, and only regarded Xinghuilong as a He is an old man with a strange hobby of collecting marbles.

“Long-winded! I want you to take care of it!” Blue veins appeared on the forehead of the evil star.

“Shh!” But he suddenly trembled with alertness, grabbed Husky and quickly hid under the bed, shouting at the same time: “Don’t make a sound! Come with me!” , the first time to see the genuine content! ]

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