Light Spirit Epic Chapter 1165: I will rest in the quiet night (4)


Chapter 1165 will rest in the quiet night (four)

“You want—I—to teach you swordsmanship?” Xinghuilong interrupted Husky eagerly.

This kid’s request is a bit excessive, and the evil star can’t wait to find an excuse to evade: “Forget it. Do you remember? I’m a dragon. This human appearance is not what I really am. These [swordsmanship] that I use in human form are just things I figured out by myself, just like a layman who doesn’t know anything about swinging his sword. Let you learn bad posture. If you really want to learn, you should go to your Uncle Arthur and learn more systematic and professional swordsmanship from them.” Husky pouted and said, “Don’t bark. Still Uncle Sha Xing’s sword swing is cool. Uncle Arthur’s movements are too simple and direct, not cool at all, so boring.” “Can you see the difference?” Sha Xing’s nerves were touched. Not because of the canine boy’s flattery, but because of surprise.

Shaxing’s swordsmanship was indeed self-taught while watching knights fight. But when he swings the sword, in addition to imitating other people’s postures, he also mixes a lot of his own movements – rough movements that flow naturally and naturally from the wild instinct of a dragon. He felt that his swordsmanship was not much different from others, at least not to the point of looking weird. But maybe it’s just because he feels good about himself? The kid Husky had clearly seen the difference.

“Um…how to say it, Wang.” The canine boy described awkwardly with his unsung tongue: “Compared to other people, Uncle Shaxing’s swordsmanship is better…. ..[Pure natural] Wang? Others think about how to move before they make a move, and play a set of moves. But Uncle Shaxing’s sword is more smooth, like dancing, and looks very comfortable. ——That’s right, it’s like Husky’s Daddy Wang. Daddy plays the sword like a dance, very smooth. It’s a pity that Daddy has always refused to teach others swordsmanship, saying that Husky He’s still too young.” “Heh…is your father also self-taught.” Sha Xing glanced at the dog boy. This puppy often talks about his wolf father, and talks about how powerful his father is, making the evil star also start to be curious. He wanted to meet the child’s father and see what a powerful person that guy was.

“However, it still doesn’t work.” Shaxing is not a dragon who will do whatever others tell him to do: “Dragon’s character is quite awkward. If there is no reward, he will not easily agree to any request of the other party. What. What kind of reward can you give me? Toys? — Huhu.” The dog boy was stunned for a while: “Husky’s pocket money…” “Who cares about your little devil’s pocket money?” Money!” Xinghuilong scolded as if offended.

“Wow!” The dog boy took a step back: “But Husky doesn’t have any other treasures…” “I know, you can’t give me anything.” Shaxing contempt Looking at the canine boy. Husky’s puppy’s face looked funny and poor, no matter how he looked at it, it couldn’t be the eldest young master with a lot of money. As for Xinghuilong, ordinary treasures such as Wang Jin and Baiyin are not uncommon for a long time. There is still a lot of gold and silver jewelry hidden in his dragon cave. There is no need to add more.

On top of that, the Fiend and Husky have no contractual relationship whatsoever. Xinghuilong can work for the King of Knights to receive the reward he deserves; but he will not do anything for anyone outside the contract, even if it is as simple as teaching a little devil to swing a sword.

Unless Husky can come up with the rare and coveted rarity that really attracts the evil stars and makes the star dragon coveted, it will all be empty talk.

“What a waste of time.” Xinghuilong shook his head and threw the canine boy out of the room with one hand.

“Wait.” Husky suddenly thought of something and shouted: “There is indeed a treasure. Treasure in Husky’s village!” Xinghuilong frowned: “The treasure in your village. ? Treasure of the werewolf (Eskimo)?” Huskies exclaimed, “No no no, the treasure of the Canine (Basak).”” And how do you know that Does the treasure belong to you?” “Because our village has been burned by fire, and all the people in the village are dead. Husky is the only child who survived. Papa said that the treasure of the Basak tribe is Yuha. Skye succeeded Wang.” “Oh?” The evil star was still suspicious.

“It’s true!” The canine boy hurriedly explained: “Husky is still young, Dad won’t let Husky touch the treasure. But Dad said, as long as Husky grows up, You can go back to the treasure room, and those treasures will be handled by Husky! Papa took Husky to the door of the treasure room, and Husky still remembers the way to go there. As long as Uncle Shaxing uses you Our teleportation technique will send us there, and we will see Treasure Wang right away!” “Hmph, unfortunately that’s impossible.” Xinghuilong smiled contemptuously: “Unlike your mother and your Aunt Vivian, I (Dragon class) teleportation can’t be teleported by memory alone. An anchor point must be set in that place to open the teleportation door there.” “Then we’ll go to Mommy right away——uh, No way…” Husky was about to ask his mother Lian Yin to teleport, but he shuddered like an electric shock and fell silent.

If he asks his mother to teleport, he will ask Uncle Shaxing to teach swordsmanship. Suddenly taking Xinghuilong to visit the treasure room of the Basak tribe, this is something that can’t be explained. No matter how many crazy ideas are in Husky’s mind, he can’t justify it.

Once their learning of swordsmanship is revealed, they are questioned by their mother, and then they follow the clues, and all their adventures in that virtual game world these days will be revealed. Let moms know about this, and the consequences can be serious.

Seeing Husky’s silence, the evil star grinned and slapped Husky’s **** with a slap: “Stinky boy, it’s a bad habit to lie!” “Ow! Husky really No lie, Wang!” The canine boy felt very wronged and shouted with tears in his eyes.

“Then what do you use to prove that you once owned this treasure?” The dragon asked Husky again, slapping the buttocks fiercely.

Whether the treasure is valuable or not is irrelevant to the evil star at this time. He just thought it was funny Husky’s ramblings to tease the dishonest kid a little more.

“Ow!” The spanking wasn’t that hard, but Husky subconsciously felt the pain. He hurriedly shouted: “It’s true, it’s true! — By the way, Husky actually sneaked into the treasure room once. He didn’t bring out any valuable treasures, but it was very interesting to get one. A quill pen!” “Oh? A quill pen?” In the treasure room of the family, there are no good treasures hidden, but the quills such as quills are stored. It is conceivable that this treasure of the Basak tribe is made by a What kind of garbage is made of piles.

“It’s not just a quill, it’s a magic quill!” Husky described vividly: “Its ink sac can **** up several liters of ink, never worrying about writing It says no ink!” Warp magic. Shaxing thought to himself. It’s just a huge subspace hidden in the ink sac, and the ink is stored in it.

“Also, it can also write by itself!” The dog boy continued to compare his hands and feet: “As long as you hold it once, it will automatically write on the paper and even turn pages. No matter what you think, it It can be turned into text, and you can write it on the notebook for you!” “Oh?” This is interesting. Fully automatic brain-controlled quill pen. Shi Xing became more and more curious. Brain control technology is not absent in this era, but its application has not yet been popularized. Even if someone makes a brain-controlled device, they can only perform some very simple operations, such as making weapons fire.

If Husky is telling the truth, then this fully automatic brain-controlled quill has actually concentrated a very high degree of science and technology. It might even be a supercivilization legacy ahead of its time.

If I remember correctly, Husky’s hometown should be in the deepest mountainous region of the snowy plains of Western Siberia? In a small village in a remote mountainous area, there is actually such a super-civilization heritage hidden? is that a lie?

No, it’s not a lie. Ancient people have hidden various relics all over the world, and many of these relics have not yet been discovered by modern people. It is also possible that the Basak people discovered the remains of an ancient man and stole the treasures inside. That explains what happened to the Basak treasure.

“Okay, you said you have this quill pen, where is your pen?” Sha Xing asked, “You must still hide such a precious treasure?” “Well, just keep it at home, In Husky’s treasure chest!” said the canine boy wagging his tail, this time there was finally something to prove his innocence. But when he thought about it, his face immediately turned pale again: “Oh, no! Husky’s house has been bombed…” Shaxing’s face changed: “You kid is really lying. In fact, there is nothing at all. A treasure of the Basak tribe, right?” “Really wow, really woof!” The canine boy struggled innocently, hoping that Uncle Shaxing wouldn’t spank him again: “What does Husky want? What should I do, Uncle Sha Xing is willing to believe Wang?!” “Huhu…I have a way.” Xing Huilong laughed wickedly, and sniffed next to the canine boy’s face: “You This I have already remembered it. Finding your bombed-out home is a piece of cake if you make up your mind to look for it.” Husky suddenly smiled hopefully: “And we might still be able to. Find the quill pen from the bombed-up ruins.” “Positive solution.” Sha Xing took off a dragon scale from his body, hid it under his bed, and picked up an iron one from the bedside table beside him. Container: “You know the rules, go in.” “Go to Wang now?” Husky was a little surprised.

“Just go and go back quickly.” Xinghuilong used magic to make the dog boy smaller, and said nonchalantly: “I have already marked it with dragon scales outside Arthur’s bedroom, and set off from there to your house. Ten minutes at most.” In fact, if the Shaxing were to fly at full speed, it would only take ten minutes to fly over the entire territory of Great Britain.

“Then… well bro.” Husky got into the container and watched Uncle Shaxing close the lid of the iron container.

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