Light Spirit Epic Chapter 1155: Fighting at the Oasis (8)


Chapter 1155 The fierce battle in the oasis (eight)

“Why should I use my own dragon flames and scales to help you forge weapons?” Xinghuilong gave Vivian another look, annoyed. He had a feeling of being teased: “I helped you, what’s the benefit?” Vivian smiled again, and said mischievously: “If you don’t help, I will let this pair of dragon armor continue to display. In the warehouse. Our great Master Shaxing was once skinned and placed here—” It’s a testament to Shaxing’s shame.

“Humph!” Xinghuilong groaned as if he was being stabbed: “Okay, anyway, as long as you melt it so that no one can recognize it for what it is, right?” “Anyway. If you have to do it, just do it well, don’t get half a bucket of water.” Vivian leaned into the ear of the evil star and said: “When my plan is completed, I will give you something very interesting. This thing, you will definitely like it.” “Don’t sell it!” The evil star seemed to have little interest in the reward that Vivian prepared for him: “Anyway, tell me first, what are you going to make this thing?” Sha Xing whispered a few words in his ear.

“What?!” Xinghuilong gasped.

At the same time(?), Egypt, east of the black market in Cairo, in Father Odin’s workshop.

Clap la la la! When the hammer hit the crystal formed by the condensed moonstone, the crystal shattered immediately, and the completely annealed things sealed in it were also unsealed.

“This is the last one, meow.” Seglade sighed in relief and placed the last unsealed rapier on the table.

The newly released rapier is icy cold, seemingly infinitely powerful. Made of aluminum-titanium alloy tempered by moonlight, the originally highly transparent stabbing sword looks like an awl made of ice cubes, which will dissolve at any time under the reflection of the red fire. It looks extremely fragile, but it is actually made of a huge alloy rod as thick as an arm.

Also on the wooden table are eleven other moonlight steel rapiers of the same specifications with very little difference in shape. These weapons are mass-produced weapons produced by Seglade at the request of Father Odin. Father intends to put these weapons on the market for sale, and it is estimated that each of them can be sold for sky-high prices.

On the other hand, Seglade also started to wrap another batch of Moonlight Steel weapons in cloth, bundled them into a pile, and prepared to take them back and distribute them to his companions. These weapons are prepared by the Leopard youth for their companions, and are specially made for the arena match that starts tomorrow. Unlike those mass-produced moonlight steel rapiers, they are all meticulously forged by Seglade, spending a lot of effort to beat the plastic bit by bit, not only the sophistication has reached several grades, but also has its own unique design. . The inner core of this batch of refined weapons also has the Loen text carefully engraved by Father Odin, and its power has reached a new level.

“Thank you for your hard work. It’s not too early, you should go back and rest first.” Father Odin picked up the last moonlight steel rapier and began to polish the tip of the sword: “I will take these mass-produced weapons. Go sell it, and the money you earn will be divided equally with you tomorrow.” “No need, you keep it, meow. Wow…” Seglade carried the large bundle of moonlight steel weapons and moved forward. Stumbled. It wasn’t because the weapons were too heavy. On the contrary, the weapons were lighter than the Leopard youth had imagined. He overestimated their weight for a while and almost fell.

He finally managed to stand firm, and then said: “Cough cough… I also used your materials to make a batch of weapons for my comrades. The material cost of these weapons is the payment I charge meow. “”Okay, do as you like.” Father Odin hummed disinterestedly, and glanced slyly at Seglade’s weapon bag: “Speaking of which, it’s a really unique design. It’s hard to make The moonlight steel series of weapons, but adding that kind of thing to the weapon, don’t you think it’s a bit superfluous?” “No meow.” Seglade walked to the door of the house, ready to push it out. It was getting late, and the young Leopard Man, who was about to starve, was eager to rush back to eat as soon as possible: “If I didn’t make a mistake in my calculations, even with the current design, the characteristics of Moonlight Steel can still be displayed. Besides, no matter how powerful it is. The weapon of a blunt will always be used and worn out one day meow. I only added this kind of design to the weapon I made so that it will never be worn out.” “Hmph, it will never be worn out… I hope so.” Father Odin gave another mysterious grin as he watched Seglade walk out the door.

“Wait!” He suddenly remembered something, and quickly added: “I have some replacement clothes here. Before you go out, change your clothes.” “Uh, it’s necessary. Meow?” “Necessary.” Father Odin said solemnly: “Remember? You went out at noon and sold your first moonlight steel weapon. After half a day, the market has probably caused a stir. Then there will be a lot of bad-minded guys who will start attacking you. They will go around asking about your whereabouts, they will try to kidnap you and let you make weapons for them. Although you were covered at the time, the clothes you were wearing were no different. It would be very dangerous to go out dressed like this.” “No, not so, meow…” “As for. In short, change your clothes first.” Father Odin warned again: “If you ask for I don’t have to worry about that unworthy descendant of Lal, he will be kidnapped, after all, he can at least protect himself. But you? — Hehe, you will be taken away in an instant.” Seglade’s forehead Big blue veins appeared on the top, and he seemed to be completely underestimated by Father Odin. But Father Odin is right at all, be careful to sail the ship of ten thousand years. Seglade would rather keep a low profile and take less risks than go into the dark and fight a bunch of gangsters of unknown origin—and with all the weapons on his back, a fight would probably get in the way.

Papa Odin pulls a suit from his humble closet. At first Seglade thought it was Uncle Odin’s clothes, which must be big and dirty, full of the uncle’s stench. But it doesn’t. The clothes were obviously young people, and they were clean and in good condition.

“Whose clothes are these meow?” Seglade couldn’t help asking.

“Hank…my son’s. You don’t have to worry about it. Anyway, when you run out, remember to return the clothes to me tomorrow, understand?””Okay meow…” Segredra lifted the hood of her clothes, covered half of her face, and hurriedly pushed the door and left.

Father Odin closed the door, and without a word, threw the clothes Segred replaced into the furnace and burned them to ashes, and then continued to work on those moonlight steel rapiers.

It was late at night, and there were indeed several sneaky figures peeking outside Father Odin’s small stone house. When they saw Seglade running away with a pile of debris on his back, they divided into two groups of people, half of which continued to stay outside the hut, while the other half secretly followed the Leopard Man youth in the dark.

At the same time, somewhere in the Sahara Desert, in area zero of [City of the Dead].

Along the road paved with countless fluorescent flower locks, Arthur and Evan are led to a clearing.

“Wait!” When the King of Knights wanted to walk out of the woods and into the vast open space, Evan said to stop him: “There is a high-energy reaction ahead. This is definitely a trap, Your Majesty!” No need for Evan to say more. , Arthur can also easily observe how bad things are ahead. The original dense forest has revealed such a barren clearing out of thin air. This huge oval-shaped clearing with a radius of 300 feet is covered with transparent glass sand, just like the glass ceiling of the [City of the Dead]. as barren.

Once in this clearing, Arthur’s dragonfire attacks cannot threaten the forest. The sand absorbs the heat of the flames, and the hairless clearing is not in danger of igniting and starting a forest fire. In other words, the King of Knights can no longer threaten this forest with dragon flames.

No matter what their opponent is, it must have a good mind and know that this game is planned in advance, so that the actions of King Arthur and others will be limited to the greatest extent. This is their home field, and the King of Knights and his party who have penetrated deep into the enemy’s hinterland will definitely fall into a decisive disadvantage.

Even so, Arthur still has to attack. In order to put an end to all this, and to find out what happened in this mysterious forest, even if there is a trap in front of you, you have to step on it.

“Let’s go.” King Arthur smiled disapprovingly, and walked out of the jungle, his feet already in the sand.

However, nothing was born. Perhaps it was because Arthur was still too close to the edge of the forest, and the enemy was reluctant to attack prematurely.

“Your Majesty, be careful.” Ivan followed helplessly, pushing his glasses frame. His eagle eye is ready, his dark iron pistol is loaded, and if the enemy suddenly emerges from the ground he can also respond in time.

One step. Another step. The two walked cautiously, but the enemy never moved. When Arthur was getting closer and closer to the center of the clearing, the King of Knights was surprised to find something, lying quietly in the center of the clearing.

This [Area Zero] was originally an isolation area, and a strong protective shield closed it so that all creatures in the isolation area could not escape. This strong shield can even deflect light, keeping most of the light outside from entering it, so the area is rather dark.

However, this barren clearing alone has an extra glow. It is located in the center of the protective cover, the top part of the hemispherical protective cover is relatively weak, and the ability of the protective cover to deflect the outside light is relatively weak. Therefore, the light of the stars and moon in the desert night, which penetrated from the weak point at the top of the shield, poured down like a waterfall and landed in the very center of this clearing.

The moonlight also happened to fall on something in the center of the open space, making it very conspicuous in the eyes of everyone.

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