Light Spirit Epic Chapter 1150: Fighting at the Oasis (3)


Chapter 1150 The fierce battle in the oasis (3)

“Really beautiful. Novel free download” The Queen of Gems Rosetta also smiled generously, drinking red wine while admiring the view of the fireworks, obviously she also knew about the fireworks display in advance.

Palramidis sat down blushing, as if he was the only one making a fuss. The shame he felt at the moment was indescribable.

Speaking of which, Father Sphinx really spared no expense to negotiate a deal with Rosetta, the queen of gems, and even prepared such a large-scale fireworks show. Setting off fireworks is equivalent to burning money. The large-caliber fireworks that crackle and explode in the night sky are very expensive to manufacture. Dad arranged for everyone to have dinner in the crystal box of this restaurant tonight, precisely in order to stage the most grand and most expensive fireworks feast in this best viewing seat.

Just to please a woman, a business negotiator.

So much trouble for a deal, how big is that deal they’re talking about! ?

“My dear lady, how do you feel?” Papa Sphinx asked with a smile, “Are you satisfied with today’s dinner?”

“Not bad.” Ms. Rosetta seemed to have no resistance to fireworks at all. Her eyes never left the night sky where fireworks were constantly exploding, and she greedily had a panoramic view of the colorful world of fireworks: “But , the scenery here is still limited. It would be better if you could see the fireworks more closely.”

“It couldn’t be easier.” Father Sphinx clapped his hands and summoned dozens of hotel staff: “It may be a little bumpy next time, please sit tight.”

The staff began to operate on the walls of the crystal box, fiddling with some kind of mechanism hidden in the crystal wall.

With the vibration, the entire crystal box begins to move. The mechanism cleverly hidden in the wall of the box began to rotate, driving the entire room to move up together to the top floor of the entire restaurant. The ceiling slowly opened like a flower blooming, and the wall of the crystal box began to shrink downwards, turning into a waist-high guardrail.

The entire sky appears outside the open crystal box. The night wind was bleak, blowing the slightly smoky air. The smell of gunpowder came along with the sound of fireworks exploding, but it was isolated to the maximum extent by some kind of enchantment, and it could only be faintly smelled.

Paramedis swallowed and his feet began to tremble. Although it is protected by a barrier, the box has been fully opened, and everyone is exposed to the height of thousands of feet, unobstructed and unobstructed. [.Super many good novels] The fear of heights of the leopard warriors has started again.

“Are you afraid?” Father Sphinx came over and patted Palamidis on the shoulder: “Sit honestly and be patient.”

“Um…” The leopard warrior tried to focus his eyes on the fireworks exploding in the air, so that he had no time to fear heights.

Clap! Clap clap clap clap! The fireworks party at the moment is the most exciting time. Hundreds of fireworks cannonballs are exploding every second. The splendid brilliance dyes the night sky into colorful colors, and the sound of explosions almost blinds everyone. Ear. The dazzling dance of light and shadow makes people hold their breath involuntarily, as if random breathing will disrupt the beautiful rhythm at the moment.

At this time, Rosetta, the queen of gems, also stood up. She approached the edge of the guardrail and watched the beauty from a closer distance. Palamidis’ eyes widened, and he couldn’t help but set his eyes on Ms. Rosetta.

In fact, Rosetta is the real beauty compared to this beautiful firework meteor shower.

The colorful brilliance set off her delicate and smooth skin like ice jade, and the night wind gently flicked her show, making her long black waterfall looming into the night sky.

She didn’t wear any accessories on her show, she didn’t need it. The light of the stars and moon falls into the eyes of everyone through her light and dancing show, and they are her accessories. She didn’t wear makeup either, she didn’t need it. The light of the fireworks reflected on her face, and the looming, rainbow-like rainbow light was her gorgeous makeup.

So beautiful, yet so heart-wrenching, heart-wrenching, and heart-wrenching.

She is so lonely in comparison. Because there is no man in the world who can match her beauty———Compared to it, the mortals in the world are just mud on the ground.

Just as Palamidis’s heart was pounding, Ms. Rosetta turned around and gave the cat a look.

The eyes of the two made contact with each other, and the moment was frozen.

Then there is darkness, utter, never-ending darkness and serenity.

“What?!” With a sense of dizziness, Palamidis came to his senses, only to realize that he was in this darkness.

What the **** is this place, Big Cat has no idea. He seemed to have fallen into a different dimension in an instant, floating in a dark and hazy world.

“Finally able to chat with you for a while, Mr. Palamedis.” Ms. Rosetta’s voice came from the darkness. Her figure also walked out of the darkness and came to the front of the leopard warrior.

“This…is this?” Palamidis looked around, though he knew it was useless.

The whole world has been frozen, there are no other people around, and there are only hazy and dark reads;.

The splendid fireworks in the night sky seemed to be frozen in the distant but extremely close time and space. Their dazzling brightness was also reduced to one-tenth of the original, and they became only looming in the forest. ‘s stream firefly. The burning and falling fireworks drifted little by little at an astonishingly slow pace, falling towards the ground, and the speed was so slow that it could only barely be judged that it was moving.

“Don’t panic, Mr. Palamedis. This is the [Shadow World] I created with magic.” The Queen of Gems explained with a smile, but her mouth didn’t move, and her voice went directly to the Panther Man In the soldier’s mind: “This is a kind of advanced telepathy, which can not only talk to you with telepathy, but also speed up your somatosensory time by thousands of times. Even if we talk here for an hour, the outside world just passes by. It’s only a few seconds.”

“W-what? Why did you do this?” Palamidis was shocked, thinking that he had fallen into the other party’s illusion. As a result, this is indeed a kind of illusion.

“Because I want to discuss something with you without interruption.” Ms. Rosetta said with a smile that was not malicious: “First of all, I want to ask you—you Do you really not remember me?”

The big cat frowned suspiciously, or he wanted to frown, but his body didn’t move at all: “Have we…really met?”

The Queen of Gems heard the doubts in the words of the leopard warrior, and knew that what the big cat said was true. She smiled again: “Your crotch was still made by my grandma, why did you forget it immediately?”

“You…what?!” Palamidis exclaimed: “You were that…grandmother back then?!”

Indeed, before the dinner, Palamidis was walking along the coast when he came across a woman whose handbag had been robbed. After helping the “grandmother” get back her handbag, Palamidis’ crotch also cracked due to the violent running. At that time, the big cat, who was worried about going to the dinner party without pants, accepted the proposal of the mysterious “grandmother” and followed her to her slum dwelling, and asked the “grandmother” to help him mend his pants.

The woman was wearing a long robe that even her face was tightly covered. The dress was indeed the dress of an Arab woman, the dress of a widow, and the dress showed that her husband died of natural death.

Palramidis judged the other person’s age by the dress, and always thought that the woman was an old grandmother, she should be at least half a hundred years old. did not expect——!

Ms. Rosetta, Queen of Gems, explained with a smile: “I’m not lying to you, today is indeed the wedding anniversary of my first husband and I. But it has been three hundred years since my first husband died. .”

Elves have very long lifespans, much longer than humans. In Ms. Rosetta’s life, she had more than one feelings, and sent off more than one lover.

Even so, she still cherishes every piece of her feelings, and cherishes the treasures her love has left her.

The Queen of Gems played with a small bracelet made of black jade in her hand and continued: “Today is my first husband and I’s anniversary, and I was going to walk undisturbed by the sea, and then Let’s go to our hometown to remember. I didn’t expect to encounter a robber, and my husband’s belongings were almost taken away. Fortunately, you helped me and took my handbag back.”

“That’s just a little effort——“

“That’s not it.” The Queen of Gems added, with suspicion in her eyes: “No one would help a stranger you’ve never met, and to that extent. The trousers are all torn. It’s a Horus suit, and it must be expensive. This is really too coincidental, and I have to suspect that this is a game set up by you and the Sphinx to establish my relationship with the Sphinx. Your favor.”

Having said that, Palamidis was immediately stunned. It was indeed a but Big Cat didn’t think about it that much at the time, he just wanted to help. Unexpectedly, this will also arouse the suspicion of the Queen of Gems, and also usher in such a question.

“However, that’s weird,” Ms. Rosetta continued, “and you say you haven’t seen me. There’s absolutely nothing false in what you say. If this is your game, it’s not going to make sense. . So I’d love to know, Mr. Palamidis, what the **** were you thinking. Would you really sacrifice yourself to help a stranger you’ve never met?”

“But I really didn’t think about it that much at the time…” Palamedis replied glumly.

“No.” Ms. Rosetta shook her head, her black pupils were scrutinizing the Leopard warrior, as if seeing his soul through the eyes of a big cat: “Your actions are very illogical, all this This is impossible. Unless there are good reasons, a person will never help others at the expense of his own interests.”

She stared straight at Palamidis and asked unceremoniously, “So, let me ask you again, Mr. Palamidis. —What the **** were you thinking then? “() “Act of the Light” only represents the views of the author Raven D Vickers, if you find that its content violates national laws, please delete it. The position is only committed to providing healthy green reading platform. 【】,thank you all!


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