Light Spirit Epic Chapter 1133: Lost in the Oasis (15)


Chapter 1133 Lost in the Oasis (15)

Bedivere instantly understood King Arthur’s plan. His whip flew out, and like a spear, it instantly stabbed and wrapped a mushroom man.

This mushroom man was ignited by sparks, and it hasn’t burned violently yet, but it’s dead! The werewolf’s whip swung hard and threw the very light mushroom man to the dead wood giant, just in time to meet the dragon fire ball thrown by Arthur!

Pounds! ! Like adding firewood to the flames, the mushrooms and fireballs that fell on the giant rotten wood burst into flames instantly, causing a violent fire storm! But this is not the end, Arthur throws more fireballs, Bedivere also rolls up another mushroom man who was caught off guard and smashes it at the giant!

Pop! At the moment when the fireball exploded, countless flammable spores were also sprayed from the mushroom man’s umbrella. When the fireball met the accelerant, a larger explosion was triggered, and a more powerful flame burned, and this time, the Giant Deadwood was finally ignited!

Whoa, whoa, whoa! ! The rotten wood on its whole body was burnt red and translucent, like coke in a fire. The monster writhes in the flames, seemingly in extreme pain!

“Phew! Is it finally resolved?” Bedivere finally breathed a sigh of relief.

The rest of the mushroom people cowered under the light of the flames, fearing that they would be ignited by the rain of sparks that bounced everywhere; while the deadwood giants struggled wildly in the flames, and gradually burned to ashes. The outcome of this battle is determined!

~ Get out! ! ~

“Huh?” A strange voice came from Bedivere’s mind. He groaned and looked at Arthur subconsciously again.

~Get out of this forest! ! ~

The King of Knights will also nodded his head: “I heard that too. Is that telepathy?”

“Telepathy? From that monster?” The werewolf turned to look at the burning deadwood giant: “Could it be that… plants are also intelligent?”

No. The werewolf thought about it, and it is not uncommon for intelligent plants.

The species of trees used by Druids are also self-conscious beings — or communities of life. Even in terms of [individual], the [Sacred Tree Seed] that resides in Bedivere’s left prosthetic arm has its own will and can undergo various changes under the command of Bedivere.

Although the deadwood giant in front of Bedivere can talk (with telepathy) and has a much higher level of intelligence than the Druid species, they are essentially the same.

What was the intention of the ancient gods to make these thinking plants?

Is this supply station really only built to supply wartime food reserves?

“Beddie, what are you doing!?” Seeing the werewolf thinking about things, Arthur immediately cursed. At that time, the king of knights was still firing fiery darts at the mushroom people in the distance, to eliminate the monsters that escaped or stagnated one by one: “The battle is not over yet, don’t let up!”

“Dang, of course…” Bedivere came back to his senses and was about to continue to clear the battlefield, but he didn’t expect something to suddenly shoot at him!

Whoosh! ——It’s a vine! ! It quickly wrapped around Bedivere’s condyle!

Where did the vines come from? ! The werewolf couldn’t help but wonder. It turned out that the vine came from the burning dead wood giant! The dead wood giant, which was on fire and died soon, still had amazing strength and tenacity, no less than the tungsten tongue whip of the werewolf! It yanked violently without warning, and threw Bedivere into the air!

Bediver, who was thrown into dizziness with a sharp pain in his leg, did not panic, but looked at the ground alertly.

Bediver, who was dumped in mid-air by a vine, is below a giant deadwood giant! Its cracked body is like a big mouth with an angry disk of blood, and there is an amazing fire burning in it!

Bediver understands. The dead wood giant knew that he was helpless, but he still wanted to pull an enemy to be buried with him! While realizing this, the dagger in Bedivere’s right hand quickly slashed out, cutting off the vine that wrapped around one of his feet! The werewolf who fell from the air wanted to use the tungsten tortoise tongue whip to escape, but another four vines flew quickly, entangling Bedivere! !

“Woohhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhn They had already been ignited, with high heat, like vines from hell. Bedivere’s whole body was tortured by scorching heat and heavy pressure, and he was unable to break free for a while! And these vines are dragging the werewolf into the monster’s mouth at an alarming speed! !

It’s over! Bedivere was unable to break free, seeing that his death was approaching, his consciousness became more and more blurred…

Boom! ! Four consecutive gunshots pulled the werewolf’s consciousness back to reality.

Clap clap clap! ! Four looming silver lights hit the vines precisely and accurately, breaking all the vines that bound Bedivere!

Bediver, who lost his restraint and fell freely in the air, should have fallen into the monster’s mouth, and was burned to ashes by the fire of the dead wood giant. But a black figure quickly approached the werewolf and rescued Bedivere at the last minute!

“Arthur…?” The werewolf opened his eyes slightly and looked at the King of Knights.

Arthur spread his wings, flew some distance in the air, and landed on the ground. Ignoring the high heat of the vines, he stretched out his hand and pulled hard, tearing off the vines that were entangled in Bedivere’s body!

Yes, Arthur can fly. The werewolf only remembered this when he came back to his senses.

But the sound of the gunshot just now was——?

The werewolf saw the figures of the two youths in the distance. It turned out that Evan and Tristan arrived in time!

Bediver suddenly thought of something, and asked with a long face: “Arthur, since you can fly, why didn’t you fly when you first boarded the golden ship, but you have to step on my whip to swing over, and you have to climb the golden boat. The armor of the ship?”

The king of knights put away his wings and glanced at the werewolf: “Uh, because you sent me there at the risk of death, I can’t hold back your enthusiasm.”

Bediver pulls his face longer.

“Okay, okay,” as if to appease the werewolf’s emotions, Arthur continued to explain: “Because I’m going somewhere in the future with very limited conditions, not only can I not use magic, but I don’t even have wings. I need to practice more now, in order to adapt to the harsh environment in the future.”

“In what environment?” Bedivere was at a loss.

“Let’s talk about it later. You will understand later.” Arthur said in a deep and earnest tone: “I have already booked your share of the journey to that place. When you are eligible, I will definitely take you. go.”

The werewolf tilted his head for a while.

“Your Majesty!” Evan and Tristan had already rushed over to join King Arthur. Bedivere saw that Ivan was holding two black iron pistols in his hands. It turned out that this guy shot and saved the werewolf.

“Stop chatting, let’s deal with that monster first!” Arthur shouted, “Tristan, Evan, find a way to kill that big monster as soon as possible!”

“Understood!” Ivan turned and shot the Deadwood Giant again. This time, however, he shot with a large-caliber barrel in the lower half of the pistol. The fired bullet flew out of the muzzle in a parabola, the size of a fist.

That’s a grenade. It is usually stored in the subspace of the lower half of the pistol, and is only used in emergency situations as a mass destruction weapon. Since it is only used to throw things out of the subspace with a very simple principle, its impact is not expected. The role of the grenade is to explode, and the instant it touches the object, it explodes, causing damage!

Clap la la la la la! ! The heavy freezing grenade exploded on the dead wood giant, and the compressed liquid nitrogen in it burst instantly, forming a huge ice cube on the monster! The two grenades exploded at the same time, freezing the outside of the monster!

“Uh, sprinkle ice on a burning enemy…?” Bedivere couldn’t help but wonder.

“Have you ever eaten fried ice cream?” Tristan sneered, charging forward with his spear raised.

Tristan stabs the spear with all his might! The slightly spiral-shaped peculiar gun head rolled up a violent vacuum storm, which easily sliced ​​ice cubes and rotten wood, and finally penetrated deeply into the monster’s body!

“Break it up!!” The murloc prince flipped the mechanism on his spear, seemingly activating a certain plug-in in the weapon.

Om——A piercing roar burrowed into the werewolf’s ears. It’s high frequency vibration!

The high-frequency vibration on the spear hits everything it touches, and through the deeply pierced spear head, the vibration spreads to every part of the monster’s body!

Evan and Tristan have an interesting tactic as they seal the fiery monster with ice. The outer layer of the deadwood giant, which was burning violently, was suddenly frozen, and there was a severe temperature difference between the inside and outside, and it was in a very dangerous critical state due to thermal expansion and contraction. As long as an appropriate impact is applied in this critical state, no matter how huge the enemy is, it will be——

——Break! !

Clap la la la la la la la la la la la la la la la la la la la la la la la la la la la la! ——— The ice blocks that sealed the outer layer of the rotten wood giant shattered sharply, creating countless cracks! The high temperature and high pressure in the monster’s body was stimulated by the high-frequency vibration of the long spear to become more and more unstable, and because of the blockade of the outer layer of ice, there was nowhere to vent! It has become a bomb that will explode at any moment!

“Hide away!” Ivan fired another grenade at Tristan’s The grenade hit the ground and immediately formed a thick ice wall, and everyone quickly moved to hide behind the ice wall !

Pounds——! ! As soon as everyone hid, the dead wood giant exploded! Shock and flame storm, accompanied by countless ice flowers and sawdust scattered everywhere, the monster was completely blown apart!

Pa-ta-ta-ta-tat-a small vine that fell beside Bedivere was still twisting, twisting like a snake until it was burnt to ashes by the flames, its biological activity really horrible!

“Disgusting!” Ivan grumbled softly as he pushed the frame of his glasses with his fingers.

“Okay, it’s over,” Tristan said handsomely, brushing his golden bangs.

“Not at all!” Arthur angrily said, “You two idiots! Didn’t anyone tell you to be quiet in Area Zero?!”

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