Light Spirit Epic Chapter 1131: Lost in the Oasis (13)


“Your Majesty, you really misunderstood. The concubine really didn’t mean that. The concubine just heard the two adults say that they entered the palace to ask the emperor. It just so happened that the concubine had just come out of the Cining Palace and knew that the emperor wanted to accompany him. The Empress Dowager, I was afraid that I would not have time for the time being. In addition, seeing that the two adults were in a hurry, and their faces were tired, I thought of taking the two adults to rest for a while, and then I would meet the emperor after leaving the Cining Palace. The concubines are really not wrong. Heart!” As soon as she was left behind, Xia Yuqing immediately hugged Feng Tingye’s thigh and wailed, secretly twisting her thigh in order to be realistic, the pain made her eyes water with tears. Gotta… pinch hard!

Feng Tingye’s anger had disappeared most of the way back on the way back, his mind was a little calm, and he immediately heard the omission in the words of the two people just now, and he already understood the whole story in his heart. When he opened his mouth, Xia Yuqing cried out first.

It’s good now, Feng Tingye’s interest has also come up, he stretched out his hand to pinch Xia Yuqing’s chin and raised her face, smiling until the situation changed: “Hearing is false, seeing is believing, what I have seen with my own eyes is true. Is there still a fake?”

Xia Yuqing was frightened by Feng Tingye’s charming smile. She pursed her mouth and said, “How can the emperor believe in his concubine?”

The big bad wolf groaned, and the little white rabbit, Hu You, who didn’t change his face, said, “Just now I saw that Concubine Ai and the two adults behaved intimately and talked ambiguous. Since Concubine Ai insisted on denying that she had been intimate with the two of them, she would It is time to come up with real evidence, I have always been fair and strict, and I will never wrong you.”

Xia Yuqing was stunned, then tilted her head and asked, “What evidence does the emperor want to see?”

Feng Tingye glanced at Xia Yuqing, his eyes narrowed slightly, and a bit of calculation was derived: “Of course it depends on whether there are traces of other men besides me on Concubine Ai?”

“Huh?” Xia Yuqing looked up at Feng Tingye with a puzzled look. She couldn’t wait for her to understand the deep meaning of Feng Tingye’s words. Someone had already started to test his possessions.

The second time she was crushed on the soft bed, Xia Yuqing’s head shorted for a moment, and she started screaming and calling the police. Damn, why were you pressed again? How long has it been, Master Chief Attacker, aren’t you afraid that X will die?

“Don’t…don’t come here, I warn you, the old lady has practiced 18 ways to defend against wolves. If you come again, be careful that the old lady will kick you and make you truly inhuman.” Seeing the big bad wolf approaching step by step, Xia Yuqing didn’t care about any interests or honor, so she picked up the quilt on the side and came out.

Feng Tingye was startled by the fierce appearance of Xia Yuqing’s sudden small claws. Suddenly, he was covered by the quilt that flew over, and he hurriedly tore the quilt off his head. Seeing that Xia Yuqing had run to the other side of the bed at some point, she took a step to the side, and Xia Yuqing took a step to the side.

The two stood on the other side of the bed, staring at each other, “Come here.”

Xia Yuqing looked alert: “No, come here if you have the ability.”

Feng Tingye narrowed his phoenix eyes, stepped up again, back and forth several times, and then… “Don’t move.”

“Not moving is a fool, I’m not a fool!”

“…” Knowing that arguing with someone is purely a stroke of his own, so he wisely chose to do it himself.

Bang——The servants waiting outside the Xiefang Hall heard the boss’s movement. This time everyone looked at the nose and heart, but no one dared to rush in and take the lead. Alas, the emperor and our mother-in-law are really energetic, and they have to come out like this every time. I don’t know if this is good or bad. far…

Xia Yuqing panted heavily, staring at Feng Tingye, who was pressing on her body: “You’re lying.”

“This is called outwitness. Hehe, Concubine Ai, you can’t beat me.”

“Hmph, I’d rather die than give in.” After Xia Yuqing said the same trick, she stretched her legs and quickly kicked at Feng Tingye.

Rao is that Feng Tingye was prepared to break out in a cold sweat, his legs were slightly lowered, pinching Xia Yuqing’s legs, making him unable to move. I have to say that the accident last time was not accidental, not only the so-called general manager Liu Yixiang was strong, but Xia Yuqing was no less so than her.

After several struggles, although Feng Tingye wouldn’t be thrown off the bed as she did last time, he couldn’t help her. Forced to do so, Feng Tingye had to resort to his last trump card: “Actually… I knew from the very beginning that what the two of them said was not true.”

Bent down and looked directly at Xia Yuqing’s moist eyes widened in surprise, Feng Tingye frowned slightly, “Zi Tang hated others to treat him as a child most in his life, while Yan Ran was the most in his life when others treated him the most. It’s unfortunate that what you said today seems to have offended them all, and you can’t blame them for bullying you like this.”

Unsurprisingly, Xia Yuqing’s struggling movements froze suddenly, and the movements in her hands relaxed a lot, allowing Feng Tingye to take advantage of the emptiness to enter.

Looking at Feng Tingye with a cute expression on her face, Xia Yuqing didn’t dare to say anything: “You mean, they just said that on to… slander and bully me?”

It’s too much, she’s doing everything she can to help them and let them and the General Attacker achieve a positive result. It’s fine if you don’t appreciate it, and she treats her like this!

After the grief and anger, Xia Yuqing realized later: “Since the emperor knew from the beginning, why did you just…” Xia Yuqing’s eyes suddenly widened, “You are also playing with me?”

Feng Tingye looked at the unpredictable expression on Xia Yuqing’s face as if the weather was unpredictable, and smiled more and more maliciously, leaned down, bit her tender earlobe, and said with a light smile: “No, how can I be willing to play you?”

With just one sentence, Xia Yuqing was moved to tears. It’s a pity that this feeling was not warmed up before it was completely… shattered by his next sentence.

“Of course I’m not kidding you, I’m just… teasing you.”

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