Light Spirit Epic Chapter 1127: Lost in the Oasis (9)


Chapter 1127 Lost in the Oasis (9)

After getting down to earth, the Leopard Warrior finally breathed a sigh of relief.

Even he doesn’t know what’s going on with him. Why did the long-lost fear of heights suddenly flare up again? When I was on an adventure with Bedivere and the others, I was clearly flying high in the air in a hot air balloon, so I wasn’t afraid at all.

The big cat subconsciously loosened the tie around his neck a little, and then he finally understood what was going on. It’s this suit. In the previous adventures, he wore loose clothes and was very convenient to move, and he could respond in time to emergencies. But now, this monkey suit restricts the big cat’s movements. His whole body is like being tightly bound by a rope, and he can’t deal with emergencies.

Perhaps it was instinct, or maybe it was his body that had seen through it long ago. When Palamidis wore this suit into the high and dangerous place of the revolving restaurant, Palamidis subconsciously felt to fear.

Palramidis, who has become a green knight, is closer to the “beast” than other orcs, and his senses are more acute, and he can detect the dangers lurking in the environment early. Thanks to this excessive acumen, Palamides is more afraid of heights than he used to be—at least when he’s wearing the restrictive monkey suit.

“Cheer up…” As he walked out of the hotel, he muttered to himself: “There’s a dinner party tonight, how can you be so weak now?”

In order to soothe her nerves, Palamidis decided to head towards the beach first. Anyway, there are still about twenty-five minutes before the banquet starts, and the high-speed elevator is very fast. You can go back to Tianjie Restaurant in a few minutes, and there is plenty of time. Maybe a few breaths of the sea breeze could soothe his nerves and calm the frightened beast inside him? God knows.

While Palamidis was pacing towards the beach, a figure quickly ran past the leopard man.

“Wow! Be careful!” the big cat cursed. Fortunately, the other party did not hit Palamidis. He was wearing this high-end suit that was rented. If it was scratched and damaged by passers-by for no reason, who should pay for the suit?

The man looked in a hurry and ran away despite Palamidis’ scolding. Judging from his tattered cloth, he should be someone from the slum. Although the Cairo Hotel is a place where the wealthy gather, it was deliberately built beside the suburban beach in order to have a good view. And there is a slum near it, and the poor people occasionally come to the hotel to beg, which is quite annoying.

“No! Stop him!” Palamedis was just beginning to get distracted, but another voice brought Big Cat’s thoughts back to reality: “That man is a thief!! He stole my handbag! !”

The big cat came to his senses and looked in the direction of the voice. The one who spoke just now was a woman…probably. Her whole body was tightly wrapped, and there was a small slit between the turban and the veil, and two of her eyes were looking desperately at Palamides.

This is typical Arab women’s attire, their culture does not allow any part of a woman’s skin to be exposed in public, even in such a hot place, it must be so tightly wrapped. And Palamidis, who had been studying etiquette all afternoon, also recognized the woman as a widow from the other’s veil and turban, and her husband died naturally in his life.

Palamidis looked at the poor woman in slightly worn clothes with a few patches on her clothes, then turned to look at the thief who was running away. The thief had run far away, and his back almost disappeared under the streetlights on the coast.

“Grandma, that person stole your handbag?” Palamidis scratched his head and asked helplessly: “That person… I’m afraid he won’t be able to come back. What do you think of this? , tell me how much your handbag and the contents are worth, and I will give you the money and let you buy a new handbag, okay?”

“No way!” The woman’s trembling voice came out through the veil, slightly blurred: “My husband’s relics are in the handbag. For me, they are priceless treasures and cannot be bought back!”

Palamedes froze for a moment, then looked at the poor old woman again. Then he took off his coat and stuffed it into the grandmother’s hands: “I see. Please help me get my clothes and wait here.”

“Sir, are you going to——?”

Whoosh! ! ——Before the woman finished speaking, Palamidis was already running at full speed, chasing in the direction of the thief’s escape!

As the fastest of the Leopards, Palamidis, who can run at supersonic speed, even if the magic power is sealed, the mere humans are by no means his opponent! Moreover, with a keen sense of smell, he can track the smell of thieves, and it is definitely not a problem to chase to the ends of the earth!

“You brat!——” The big cat caught up in an instant, ran behind the thief and shouted angrily: “Stop for me!!”

Clap! With only a light hand of a knife, Palamides knocked the thief down. He didn’t bother to pay attention to the thief anymore, and ran back after taking back the old man’s handbag.

“Grandma, this is your handbag!” The big cat ran back so fast that it almost scared the woman: “Please check to see if there is anything missing?”

“Thank you, young man.” The grandmother didn’t open the bag at all, just weighed it to make sure there was nothing missing. She probably knew how much the contents of the handbag weighed.

She then glanced at Palamidis again and quickly looked away: “You are such a noble person. I would rather be wronged to help me get my bag back.”

“Uh…that, nothing…” Palamidis knew what the grandmother was talking about, and the Leopard Warrior was embarrassingly covering his crotch with his hands front and rear.

——Yes, he was running at full speed just now to chase the thief. And this high-level but incomparably delicate suit, of course, can’t stand such a rough action of Palamidis, it splits a big hole from the crotch, enough to fully expose two-thirds of the crotch of the leopard warrior. Come. Palamidis sighed secretly, he was really bad luck. It was obvious that he was going to a dinner party soon, but at such a time, an accident happened for no reason!

And, the biggest problem is that this [Horus Card] high-end suit is on loan! If you break it like this, it is estimated that you will have to pay a huge fine! Palamidis scolded himself if he was obsessed, and there should be a limit to helping others. He helped others to get himself into trouble. Is he crazy? !

“Are you troubled?” The woman saw the unease on Palamidis’ face and asked directly: “You are kind to me, do you want me to mend your pants for you, grandma?”

Palramidis couldn’t hide the frustration on his face: “Fix…not likely. The pants are torn to this extent…and I have a party in twenty minutes. To attend…”

“Twenty minutes? That’s more than enough time. Grandma, I promise to help you mend your pants to look like new, absolutely no one can see the flaws.——Or, you don’t trust my craftsmanship, grandma? “

“No, where…” Out of respect for the elderly, Palamidis dared not say no. Although he did doubt very much how good the old ***’s craftsmanship could be.

Looking at this old ***, I’m afraid she has only worn poor sackcloth all her life. She never knew how finely tailored the super-premium brand [Horus] was. Is it really because of the confidence brought about by ignorance? Palamidis couldn’t help but smile bitterly.

“Okay, that’s it.” The old grandmother walked into the alley of the slum: “The big house where I lost my wife is not far away, time is running out, come with me.”

“This——” Palamidis wanted to decline, but then he thought, since his trousers have been completely destroyed, it is better to be a living horse Doctor, it doesn’t hurt to let this old lady fix it.

If it really doesn’t work, Palamidis can borrow a pair of her husband’s pants from the grandmother’s house to make up for it. As long as the colors are similar, today’s dinner can be fooled. It’s better than he is now. Hurrying to the clothing store to get new pants to replace (and the nearby clothing store is already closed)?

Uneasy, Palamidis follows the grandmother. They turned around a few cold alleys in the slum, and finally came to a very inconspicuous square. Under the dim and yellow streetlights, the grandmother slowly took out the key and opened the door.

“Come in. Just don’t despise the mess here.” The grandmother pushed open the door and walked in, explaining as she walked, “This old house has not been lived in for a long time. Today is my husband’s death anniversary. Come back occasionally to mourn.”

“It turns out…that’s really disturbing.” Palamidis, still maintaining the awkward position of covering his crotch with both hands, crept into the room.

Grandma says it’s It’s not at all.

Although the house is poor and dilapidated, and the ceiling and walls are cracked and yellowed, the house is kept clean and tidy. The tablecloths and bed sheets in the entire living room (also the bedroom) are washed very cleanly white, and the floor is spotless. It doesn’t have that long-lasting feeling at all. A faint scent of lavender fills the house. It is estimated that the owner of the house often sprays the room with some kind of natural plant-purified antiseptic and mildew-proof spice to prevent the corners from becoming moldy due to prolonged absence of sunlight.

Although the grandma is right, there has been no one here for a long time, and there is a cold and unpopular feeling, but maybe the grandma or her neighbors, relatives and friends come back regularly to clean up.

Anyway, it’s a very neat house. The people who live here are never down, no matter how poor they are, they are very good at living.

The old grandmother sat at the table by herself, opened her handbag, and said in a calm voice like a calm sea: “Okay, young man. Take off your pants and sit on any stool and wait.”- -6139+xs274885–>() “Act of the Light” only represents the views of the author Raven D Vickers. If you find that its content is in violation of national laws, please delete it. The position is only committed to To provide a healthy and green reading platform. 【】,thank you all!


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