Light Spirit Epic Chapter 1125: Lost in the Oasis (7)


Chapter 1125 Lost in the Oasis (7)

Bediver followed the holographic light guiding the way, and it didn’t take long to come to the edge of [Zero Area].

As Eve said, this area is blocked. It was surrounded by an energy field so strong that it could be faintly seen with the naked eye, deflecting the light, making the dense forest in Area Zero only faintly visible. Bedivere tapped the energy field with his hands curiously, and the energy field bounced off the werewolf’s fist like a thick concrete wall.

With such a grand event, the mutant plants in Area Zero must be very ferocious.

“The entrance to the blocked area will be opened next. Are you ready?” Eve’s voice only came through the intercom.

“Come on!” The werewolf was ready to fight with a tungsten turtle tongue whip in hand.

“Is there anything I need to pay attention to?” Arthur also drew his lightsaber on guard.

“There are three points to pay attention to.” Eve explained: “First, although there is no definite data to prove it, according to the speculation of this system, the mutated plants are always plants, and their resistance to flames is not high. Using fire weapons is the most effective way to deal with them. But fire must be used with great care in the forest;”

“We don’t have fire weapons anyway,” Bedivere said impatiently.

“Second, according to the information obtained from the connection with the supply station, mutant plants are very sensitive to sound. Please try to keep quiet and avoid making too much noise. Otherwise, you may be besieged by a large number of mutant plants.”

“Understood.” Arthur replied coldly. Siege? Do these mutant plants still have legs?

“Third, please pay more attention to your feet. These mutant plants are carnivorous, and they are best at setting traps to catch their prey. Please avoid stepping in their traps – your feet may be seriously injured. “

“Oh, great! We’re going into a minefield.” Bedivere complained again, “You really want us to be killed, don’t you, Eve?”

“This is one of the duties that the acting captain needs to perform.” Eve replied dispassionately, and a beam of light simultaneously shot from the communicator in Bedivere’s ear, hitting the shield. The shield in the zero area immediately opened a circular gap.

Arthur and Bedivere crept in quietly, and the circular gap closed immediately behind them.

Then there is silence. This area is eerily silent – completely different from the silence outside, with its own, deep stillness. The quieter it is, the greater the danger lurking in this gloom. Bedivere swallowed a mouthful of saliva and watched everything nearby.

Not only is this forest quiet, it’s also quite dark. The shield that blocks the zero area has a certain effect of deflecting light, so that the light of the stars and moon outside cannot shine in well. And the only light source left in the forest is the flying luminous insects. The problem is that the number of noctilucent insects in this forest is also significantly less than outside. Are they unable to live in large numbers due to lack of food, or are they preyed on a large number by the predators here, so that the numbers are scarce?

Not good. It’s bad anyway. In this quiet and dark area with complex terrain, the enemy can lurk behind any tree shadow. The werewolf regretted coming in first and didn’t wait to join Ivan and Tristan. If Ivan with Eagle Eyes is in charge of monitoring, this woodland should be much easier to walk.

“Do you think the AI’s words are credible?” Arthur asked in a low voice, following behind the werewolf. Eve’s communications seemed to be cut off after entering area zero, and they were free to speak – although this “freedom” came with great risk.

“Credible?” Bedivere was still full of anger when he said this: “It’s the initiator of this matter, and it’s obviously that it tricked us into coming here on its own initiative. Do you think I would still believe it?”

“Let’s leave this aside for now.” Arthur continued, “I’m talking about the matter itself. How could the artificial intelligence of this supply station ignore the safety protocol written in the system and independently develop dangerous genetically modified organisms? It is not the first time we have dealt with artificial intelligence in modern times, but it is the first time we have seen such an arrogant artificial intelligence.”

“You mean, this incident may have been man-made?” Bedivere asked suspiciously: “Who else could be doing things in this supply station? Ancient people? Aren’t they dead?”

“I don’t know.” Arthur lowered his volume, “but nothing is absolute. God knows if there are still ancient gods alive in the world. In short, as long as we continue to explore, we will always encounter some something.”

The werewolf nodded. Arthur Ken entered Area Zero, perhaps not just to find the Desert Rose. The king of knights has a strong interest in ancient civilizations, but as long as there are ancient ruins, Arthur will not give up until they find out.

In the middle of their conversation, something suddenly flashed past, startling Arthur and Bedivere.

“Bedie! Did you see that?!” Arthur exclaimed in the lowest voice.

“Hmm!” The werewolf still had an afterimage of that thing on its retina.

The thing that looks a little like a human figure, drilled from the shadow of one tree into the shadow of another tree. The distance between the two trees was nearly ten yards, but it was extremely close to tenths of a second. Passing through in a short time, it can be seen that its speed is unimaginable!

“That speed can catch up with Palamides!” Arthur exclaimed in a low voice: “No, move fast! Staying here will only be ambushed!”

“Isn’t Arthur’s mind-eye technique also working?” Bedivere and Arthur asked curiously while moving towards the place where the trees were sparsely distributed.

“The Eye of the Mind is a technique to detect the hostility of the enemy, but if the opponent is a violent beast, you don’t need to think about it when attacking, and the Eye of the Mind may not work!” Arthur thought of the crazy desert shark (Matt) at noon. , couldn’t help pinching a sweat again: “And our opponents are plants. It is unknown whether plants have the same ideas as animals!”

“Tsk…get it. I’ll do something!” The werewolf raised his tungsten tongue whip, electrifying. After being powered on, the whip moved freely like a tentacle, and circled around Bedivere and Arthur, forming a circular (actually only three-quarters of a circle) protective circle.

The circle, about three yards in diameter, hangs at isosceles height on the werewolf, protecting Bedivere and Arthur in a wraparound fashion. In this way, even if the enemy makes a sudden charge from behind them, even if they don’t hit the werewolf’s whip protection circle, Bedivere can use the whip to sense the vibration of the air in advance to determine the direction of the opponent’s attack, and do it first. Prepare to dodge or counterattack!

Let’s take a step back and say that even if the attacking force of the opponent cannot be detected, the opponent will hesitate a bit before they see this circle of whips floating in the air. That slight hesitation would give Bedivere and Arthur valuable tenths of a second to survive the enemy’s attack.

This is also the protective move he came up with at noon when he fought against the desert shark that Matt turned into. At that time, the whip was placed on the ground to sense the vibration of the ground, but Bedivere felt that he could do better. The direction of the enemy’s attack could be judged from the vibration of the air.

“It’s a good idea.” Arthur looked at the whip protection circle released by the werewolf and asked, “But what if the enemy attacked from the air or from the ground?”

“There’s no way to do it then,” Bedivere said with a wry smile. With only one whip in his hand, he couldn’t guard against so many directions: “At that time, we could only rely on adaptability. At least we need to pay attention to less directions. a few.”

“Okay.” Arthur didn’t ask any further questions. They have come to a relatively open space. The surrounding trees are not very high. If the enemy wants to attack from the air, in addition to flying, they can only climb to the top of the tree and jump out suddenly. But doing so will definitely make a loud noise, and Arthur and the others should be able to notice it.

“The enemy’s speed is very fast, and it’s easy to ambush in the jungle. Let’s wait here. Wait for Evan and Tristan to come and join us.”

“Yes.” After seeing the speed of the strange shadow, Bedivere didn’t dare to neglect at all. Instead of being a living target of the enemy in the jungle, it is better to hold on to your position, shrink back a little, and wait for the support of your companions. Although it will be very embarrassing, in this case, survival is the most important thing!

“Come on!” Arthur reminded. Seeing that the enemy could not occupy the land, they had to attack in groups. A large group of monsters wandered among the shadows of the trees on the edge of the clearing, and there were at least ten of them.

“Arthur, do you have any spare weapons to pick me up?” Bedivere only had a tungsten snake whip in his hand, and he had to use it to form a defensive circle.

“Remember me when you go back with this” Arthur shoved a short photon dagger into the werewolf. This is also the only backup weapon that the King of Knights can use when he travels. He could have unlocked the seal of the holy sword and used it to take out the sword of the holy king, but the situation was urgent, so if he tried to unseal the holy sword by himself, he would be easily attacked by monsters!

“Never mind!” Bedivere held the photon dagger in his right hand and the whip in his left for alert. The photon dagger emits a crimson light, and it seems that its nature is more inclined to generate high heat than to cut. Better that way, Bedivere thought. Thermal weapon attacks are more effective against plant monsters.

Back to back, Arthur and Bedivere face the enemy in a defensive circle of tungsten tongue whips. One long and one short, one green and one red, the two light blades reflect each other. As soon as the two were ready, the monsters charged like crazy. Under the excess light of the light blade, Bedivere saw the appearance of these strange creatures for the first time:

They are…

They turned out to be——

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