Light Spirit Epic Chapter 1111: Searching for secrets in the sand sea (33)


Chapter 1111 Searching for secrets in the sand sea (thirty-three)

“Uh, me? My name is Bedivere,” replied the werewolf.

The ball of light flashed a ray of light: “Login is complete, Acting Captain Lord Bedivere. Please take a seat.”

“But I’m not tired.” The werewolf looked at the light golden, hard-looking metal captain’s seat that didn’t seem very comfortable — would it hurt your **** to sit on it?

“Just sit down.” The King of Knights urged the werewolf: “Sit up and maybe something will happen.”

“Hey… well.” Bedivere reluctantly sat down. However, this “metal” captain’s seat was surprisingly soft. It is covered with memory metal, which can become as soft and elastic as human body when necessary. Sitting on this heavy memory metal chair feels like sitting on the most advanced metal leather sofa.

“Oh, not bad.” The werewolf leaned back in the chair to stretch his muscles and bones, and kicked his feet back and forth a few times restlessly.

“Then, the spaceship officially takes off.” Eve said, and there was a sudden commotion on the bridge of the ship.

Rumble rumble—With a low, screeching like cogwheels and steel bars, a huge gap opened in the ship’s deck. The part of the bridge where Bedivere and Arthur were located was driven by the mechanism in the ship, and instantly emerged from the gap in the deck of the spaceship and moved to the top of the golden ship. The armor plates on the four walls of the bridge were also removed and replaced by walls of tempered glass with a slightly pale gold color.

There are windows on all sides, and the surrounding field of vision is suddenly wide-the [ceiling] of the entire underground glass sea appears above the two of them!

“Wow.” The werewolf exclaimed as he looked at the surrounding scenery.

The scenery of the underground glass sea is very wonderful, and regardless of the ground composed of pure glass, like an endless transparent sand dune, even the ceiling of this cave is a huge glass, but there are thousands of glass. Unclear cracks. It’s very thick and looks very strong, after all it’s responsible for supporting the weight of the entire sea of ​​sand on it.

The sand that fell from the huge quicksand pit in the desert and re-floated again due to some force hit the glass ceiling full of cracks, seeped back through the cracks in the glass, and became the Saharan sand again. part of the sea.

“In ancient times, it is said that there was a war in the Sahara Desert, and this underground glass world was created by someone using forbidden magic at the end of the war.” King Arthur looked at the wonderful scene in front of him and said: “It and Camilo, the first capital of Great Britain, and the Turkic Swamp of Death, are both unnatural landscapes created by forbidden magic…a magic mirror.”

“Arthur, you already know this glass sea?!”

The king of knights said calmly: “I haven’t been here in person. The risk of the expedition team not being able to return is too great. But we threw probes into the bunker, and the general situation here is understandable. I don’t know about this ship. How did the ship pass through that glass ceiling?”

“There is no glass in the part of the quicksand pit. Go up from that sand, probably.” The werewolf looked at the flickering white lights in the sky. They were the quicksand pits in the sand sea. Even from the battleship, those white lights still look very far away, like stars in the sky—how thick is this zenith?

“That’s right, Eve.” Bedivere still hasn’t forgotten the original purpose,” explain a few questions to me first: First, what’s going on with this ship? Why is it sailing in such a ghost place Second, do you know how to get to [City of the Dead]? Can you take us there?”

The light ball composed of holographic images was silent for about a second before saying: “Search result of the first question: This tactical transport ship entered the automatic cruise state 16,882,798,220 time units ago. Recorded data before that. It is damaged and cannot be read further.”

“Who was your last captain?” Bedivere asked.

“The authority of the acting captain is insufficient, this system cannot answer this question.” Eve added.

“Tsk…” The werewolf gritted his teeth.

“The search result of the second question: It is presumed that the “City of the Dead” mentioned by Acting Captain Bedivere refers to the seventy-third supply station, the only supply facility that is still in operation. Please Confirm the course, if the course is correct, the ship will immediately set off for the seventy-third supply station.”

“Okay.” The werewolf nodded: “Take us there.”

“Understood. The main engine is ignited. The channel is corrected. The 73rd supply station will start to depart.” As Eve’s voice fell, the whole golden ship began to vibrate slightly, and the people in the ship could clearly feel the ship. of propulsion, although the landscape in front of them, in a vast darkness, hardly changed.

“That’s great, Arthur.” Bedivere smiled at the King of Knights: “I’ll get the Desert Rose soon.”

“I hope so.” The king of knights was thoughtful: “I thought that oasis was a natural landscape at first, but I didn’t expect it to be a supply station for the ancients. No wonder I couldn’t find it – if the ancients If people deliberately hide it, with our current level of technology, it is estimated that there is absolutely no way to find it. As a result, this time, it is completely dependent on your luck, Bedivere.”

“Hehe.” The werewolf scratched his head.

Grump——–the rumbling in his stomach is getting louder. The amount of exercise today was quite large, and the ration bar that Arthur gave just now was not enough to fill Bedivere’s stomach.

“You glutton.” King Arthur glared at the werewolf, just about to take out another emergency ration from his pocket for Bedivere to eat.

Unexpectedly, Eve said first: “The restaurant of this transport ship has been unlocked. If you need to replenish food, please go to the restaurant to eat.”

An ice-blue light beam appeared on the ground, extending deep into the battleship, presumably a holographic image used to lead the way.

“Oh, does this transport ship still have a restaurant?” The King of Knights frowned slightly, his face full of curiosity.

“But hasn’t this transport ship sailed alone for thousands of years?” Bedivere also frowned and asked: “Even if the refrigeration equipment here is good, the food stored here is rotten thousands of years ago. Something, right? That kind of thing is something the devil wants to eat!”

“No, this transport ship does not need to store food. The food regeneration system on the ship only needs carbon and water to synthesize food. The water storage of this ship is very sufficient, and it will go to the supply station to refill it every once in a while. New water resources. Carbon is electrolyzed from carbon dioxide in the air and can be used indefinitely.”

“So you can conjure our dinner out of thin air? Cool!” The werewolf jumped up from his seat: “Look how delicious you can make food out of air and water.”

“You can look forward to it.” Arthur followed Bedivere towards the dining room: “The battleship of Great Britain is also equipped with a similar system, but its system is not perfect, and it can only be done with air and water. The tasteless ration bar you just had. I wish this transport ship could do better.”

“Eve, I want a sirloin steak, eight mature.” The werewolf deliberately used difficult cooking to make things difficult for the battleship’s artificial intelligence.

“Understood, Acting Captain.” Eve replied dispassionately, but seemed confident.

“Then, I’ll have pretzel fries, and kebabs with lemon juice. Can that be done?” Arthur’s order was even more tricky.

“Understood, friend of the acting captain.” Eve replied without emotion, really not sure how it made things like chili and salt out of air and water.

Far beyond their expectations, when they followed the blue light beam of the navigation to the restaurant of the golden ship, an aroma of food was already blowing.

The floodgates of the restaurant opened with a click from both sides, and the luxurious restaurant full of gold color appeared in front of the two of them.

The entire restaurant is more than 600 square feet, enough for hundreds of people to dine at the same time – considering that this is a restaurant for a transport ship, there must be a large number of crew members at that time, this size is natural.

Although the entire restaurant is golden from the layout to the seats, Bedivere knows that those metal chairs must also be made of memory alloys, which are not as hard as they look, and they will definitely be very hard to sit on. Comfortable. Although the shots of the tables and chairs are square and very simple, they vaguely show an elegant and refined atmosphere.

In the middle of dozens of dining tables, two plates of food were placed on a particularly large dining table. The small scarab golems that brought the food had just retreated, and the food was covered with a lid, and its contents were not clearly visible for the time being. Although I can’t see the content clearly, the aroma of the food is not fake at all. Arthur could clearly smell the pungent aroma of black pepper, the fragrance of lemon, the rich and mellow aroma of steak, and the tenderness of lamb.

“Can something like this be done…” Bedivere walked into the table, intoxicated before he lifted the lid.

Arthur explained eloquently: “Sweet, sour, bitter, spicy, fresh, and even aroma, these substances that affect the sense of smell and taste are mostly organic polymer compounds. No matter how complex the structure is, their essence is indeed carbon. , hydrogen, oxygen and other basic elements. The salty taste can be obtained by purifying the minerals in water. It is theoretically possible to synthesize these things with water and air.”

Bediver had a lot of cold sweat on his forehead: “Okay, okay! Stop talking! Let’s eat!”

He lifted the lid of his plate of food. The tender and juicy steak was still sizzling, and that was the oil boiling — the steak seemed to have just been fried and placed on the on the plate. The werewolf sniffed, and even his proud sense of smell couldn’t tell the difference between this thing and a real What I want to say is that its shape is too square and the texture of the meat is too perfect, It looks a little fake. Aside from these shortcomings, this melt-in-your-mouth sirloin steak is indeed the same as the real thing, and it tastes amazing!

“Yeah, yes.” Arthur was also chewing on his kebabs. The mutton was tender and gluten-free. It also melted in the mouth, and unlike ordinary mutton, it didn’t have that mutton smell— –These unnecessary things may have been ignored during the synthesis process.

“Very good! In this way, I can eat enough at any time in the future!” The werewolf said with a smile: “During the time when [The Cabin in the Woods] was not available, I enjoyed a lot less food!”

The king of knights gave the werewolf a white look: “Eat so many high-calorie foods, you won’t gain weight at all.”

Bedivere took a big bite of the steak: “Hey, the body of an orc is not easy to accumulate useless fat, and you won’t get fat even if you eat and drink. Are you envious?”

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