Light Spirit Epic Chapter 1108: Searching for secrets in the sand sea (30)


Chapter 1108 Searching for Secrets in the Sand Sea (Thirty)

Heaven is dead, so am I—the young apprentice knight knows that he can’t escape the fate of death this time! A death pit that can only be challenged by a fifteenth-level knight is still too difficult for a group of teenagers with a low level!

“Hey, hey, can’t hold it anymore?” The evil star on the side smiled gleefully: “I will take over the battle from here, do you have any opinions?”

“Bye, please, Uncle Shaxing, meow!” Hal gasped.

“Very well, let’s see what I can do.” Xinghuilong drew his lightsaber and prepared to take on the big boss of this battlefield!

Meanwhile, the vibrations of the Deathmatch Pit ended, and a huge skeleton monster emerged from the pile of human bones in the Deathmatch Pit.


More correctly, it’s part of this pile of human bones!

The Necromancer is composed of tens of thousands of giant skeletons. He is covered in a huge black gas cloak, and the huge sickle in his hand climbs up with this monster and is 30 feet long!

The skeleton giant stretched out a scythe made of human bones at the evil star, seemingly trying to challenge the star dragon.

“Arthur, this guy is still as uncreative as before.” Shaxing sneered and complained: “A giant made of bones? Please! It’s an outdated design!”

“Roar ah ah ah ah ah ah ah ah ah ah ah ah ah ah ah ah ah ah ah ah ah ah ah ah ah ah ah ah ah ah ah ah ah ah ah ah ah” I was angry. The Dead King made an empty and horrible hiss, and the sound was like a roar from the depths of hell.

In exchange for more skeletons, about thirty necromancers emerged from the ground out of thin air, as the guards of the undead king, together with their king, sprinted towards the star dragon! !

Xinghuilong also laughed wildly and charged towards the monsters! !

The green light shines, and wherever it passes, there are mutilated corpses.

The necromancers who rushed up first couldn’t resist the onslaught of the evil star, and were easily shattered by the lightsaber!

Pounds! ! The Necromancer took the opportunity to slash down with a sickle. However, the evil star has already rolled over and easily dodged!

“Want to hit me with this cumbersome and deadly weapon?! Wow ha ha ha ha ha ha ha!!” Sha Xing laughed even more arrogantly.

No, it’s not that the skeletons are bad. Husky had fought necromancers before, and he knew everything. The swordsmanship and evasion of the necromancers were well done, which made Husky and the others feel quite difficult in the fight just now. And these skeletons are the guards of the undead king. You can tell from the movement of swinging the sword that they are stronger than the miscellaneous soldiers that the teenagers had fought against before!

However, these elite necromancer warriors with very good skills were simply slaughtered by Xinghuilong. The incomparably dexterous movements and fierce onslaught of Xingxing seemed to be like combat skills [Combat Skill Enhancement: Melee Combat ], [Inner and Outer Unity], and [Spiritual Unity] are activated in an infinite series!

Shaxing doesn’t need to level up in this game, and there’s no need to learn combat skills!

Real warriors don’t rely on the little tricks provided in the game to help fight! True warriors are strong from the very beginning, and they are strong without any suspense. The so-called combat skills have long been hidden in their souls! This is the strength that Uncle Sha Xing has in reality. How can it be compared by Husky and others who are assisted by the system?

“This is the gap…” Daniel was stunned as he watched Xinghuilong’s battle. Although they had watched the battle between Shaxing and Red Fire Dragon before, looking at it now, they still felt that Xinghuilong’s actions were very incredible.

No! It should be said that the evil star is also getting stronger! He gradually became accustomed to fighting with a human body, and his swordsmanship became more proficient. In the end, he became like this, fiddling with the powerful enemy in front of him with ease and joy!

The Necromancer’s scythe slashed again, the evil star jumped to dodge, the scythe whizzed past his feet, raising a large cloud of dust. While the evil star could not dodge freely in the air, the three elite necromancers raised their weapons and jumped, thinking that they would be able to hurt Xinghuilong. However, Sha Xing twisted and rotated in a wonderful posture in the air, and the lightsaber in his hand suddenly turned into a wheel of light. The evil star spinning at high speed was unstoppable. The blade of the necromancer broke immediately before it touched the blade of the lightsaber. The monsters didn’t even have a chance to touch the evil star, and were slashed from the sky at high speed. The light wheel was split in half!

As soon as the evil star landed, the Necromancer raised one hand, and several spikes shot out from its bone-like arm. This was an extremely sharp spear composed of arm bones!

Xinghuilong, however, raised his sword and slashed, slashing down the flying props that were shot in the face, and at the same time sprinting towards the monster!

“Ah, ah, ah!” The monster frantically waved its scythe to protect itself, intending to force the evil star away!

Xinghuilong dodged left and right, and the sickle slashed from his side, but it never hit the evil star! On the contrary, those elite necromancers attacked indiscriminately and were chopped to pieces by their bosses!

Swish swish swish! ! ——More bone spears shot at the dodging Xinghuilong, which was shot directly from the mouth of the Necromancer, a spear with terrifying corpse poison and miasma!

The evil star who didn’t know the inside story naturally raised his sword and slashed, but he didn’t expect that the thorns that were cut off would explode! Pound pound pound pound! ! A cloud of black miasma spreads in front of Xinghuilong!

“Oops!” Xinghuilong immediately held his breath, but he still inhaled a small amount of poisonous gas!

The miasma made him dizzy and his vision began to blur! This is not a poison gas that kills instantly, but it is eye-catching! Taking this opportunity, the giant scythe of the Necromancer has fallen like raindrops! !

Zha! ! An iron arrow stabbed the monster in the knee. It turned out that the apprentice knight Daniel, who was watching the battle from a distance, couldn’t stand it anymore, so he took the initiative to support Xinghuilong!

Although this arrow didn’t hit the key point of the monster, it was just right. It made the monster lose its balance in an instant, and the momentum of the slashing also slowed down for a moment!

Winning or losing is only a matter of this moment! The hesitation caused by the arrow in the opponent’s knee gave the evil star an opportunity, and the star dragon suddenly rushed out of the miasma and slashed at the monster’s left leg with a lightsaber! !

Om! The green light blade cuts iron like mud, even the thick leg bones of the Necromancer can’t compete with it! The light blade cut off the huge monster’s leg bones in an instant, leaving an incision as smooth as a mirror, and this incision even glowed with a high-heat red light!

Clap la la la la la la la la la la la la la la la la la la la la la la la la la la la la la la! ! The undead king, who lost a leg, began to lose his balance and fell to the ground!

Xinghuilong chased after the victory, intending to end the battle with one blow! He jumped to the monster’s chest in an instant, raised his sword and slashed!

It’s not over yet! The undead king opened that terrifying bone mouth and spewed deadly venom from his mouth! The highly poisonous black thick liquid is also super corrosive. It flew towards Xinghuilong’s face, and it was about to smear the evil star’s face!

“Humph!” The dragon swung his sword and slashed recklessly, slashing out dozens of swords in an instant! The lightsaber has an absolute speed advantage, and its body has high heat. It is only a momentary thing to evaporate the thick liquid in front of it!

The black goo touches the blade of the lightsaber and is instantly vaporized into a venomous vapor, but the vapor is still highly corrosive! It is getting closer and closer to the evil star, and it is getting more and more deadly! !

Xinghuilong clenched the hilt of the lightsaber tightly, pushing the output controller on the hilt to the limit, and the blade of the lightsaber instantly expanded several times! Sha Xing held a huge green light blade in both hands and slashed down with a shocking force! !

Whoosh! ! ——The huge wind pressure it blows is enough to blow away the poisonous steam! Its giant blade pressed down head to head, completely severing the Necromancer from head to toe! !

“Die, die, die, die, die, die!!” As soon as Xinghuilong landed, he waved his huge light blade and swept it, cutting the already divided monster into two pieces. More broken, more broken, more broken! !

Then, all is quiet!

Zhi…Because of the high power output for a long time, the handle of the lightsaber glowed red due to the high heat, and smoked blue, burning Xinghuilong’s hands. The light blade can no longer be maintained and completely dissipated!

Is it a win this time?

No! it’s not true! !

The broken bones are still stirring, the Necromancer hasn’t been destroyed, it’s just chopped!

When the evil star hurriedly ran and planned to escape from this dangerous area first, it was already too late! ! A storm composed of bones rolled up around the evil star, surrounding the Xinghuilong! Countless incomparably sharp small bone fragments cut through the skin of Xinghuilong like a razor!

“Damn, so tenacious!” The evil star can only take a defensive posture to protect the vital parts of the body! The weapon in his hand is completely damaged and can no longer be used, and he has no spare weapon! In this battle, he underestimated the enemy, so he fell into the so-called crisis!

Zha! Daniel, however, was caught off guard by the arrow, which plunged into something in the air. Warm, thick black blood filled with a strong **** smell dripped from that thing in the air and landed on Xinghuilong’s cheek.

Shaxing looked up and saw a black heart-like organ squirming in the air. Daniel’s arrow hit the left side of the heart, causing the monster’s heart to spurt blood as it beat.

“Found you!” Xinghuilong sneered. This is the core of the Necromancer, its real vital part! Xinghuilong jumped up with all his intends to grab the beating black heart with his bare hands!

Aware of the evil star’s counterattack, the blade storm composed of bones also raged even more, and they swept towards the star dragon at the center of the storm at an alarming speed, cutting the evil star into minced meat at any time! !

Boom! ! Before the bone fragment storm engulfed the evil star, something huge hit it, forcing the storm to disperse! ——That is the giant ice arrow made by the little murloc prince Calvin with multiple magics!

“Hey, hit Wang!” Husky grabbed the sword and laughed. The huge ice arrow was hit and flew out by the canine boy with his strengthened arms!

Without the last means of protection, the Necromancer’s attack no longer poses any threat, and the evil star has jumped into the air, grabbing the huge black heart with one hand!

Grab and crush! !

Smack zi zi zi zi zi! ! ——The monster’s heart exploded in Xinghuilong’s hands! –6139+xs235911–>() “Act of the Light” only represents the views of the author Raven D Vicksas. If you find that its content is in violation of national laws, please delete it. The position is only Committed to providing a healthy and green reading platform. 【】,thank you all!


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