Light Spirit Epic Chapter 110: Easy to change the fate of Huang Yan (true)


Chapter 110 Change of life to Huang Yan (true)

At noon on the same day.

“It hurts! It hurts, it hurts, it hurts!!!” Bedivere yelled, and the pain caused a lot of cold sweat on his forehead.

“Be patient, this thing has to connect to your nerves, it’s just so painful,” Merlin said, busy fiddling with the alloy prosthesis in his hand. A part of the prosthesis has been connected to Bedivere’s left shoulder, and the magical metal and skin are tightly fitted together without affecting the mobility of the muscles; something that looks like a special wire is connected to the nerve wire Together, this tight bond did not cause damage to the nerves.

“Now move your finger and try?” said the mage.

“Squeak.” The **** on the prosthetic limb curled up, really as dexterous as a human finger.

“Very good!” Merlin said.

“That’s not good! I want to move my index finger!” Bedivere said with tears in his eyes.

“It’s all fingers anyway, there’s no problem.” Merlin said with disapproval, and he didn’t care which finger moved.

“‘No problem’ shit!——Please fix it for me!” Bedivere was about to cry.

Outside the sterile room, Kai couldn’t help but ask: “The mage is really powerful, he can even do prosthetic limbs.——Are you really just a mage?”

“Well, I just lived longer and spent a little more time than ordinary people to study these messes.” Merlin said while adjusting Bedivere’s arm, “Actually, it’s just It took me 30 years to master the production technology of [Neural Linked Prosthetics].”

The knights looked at each other, thinking the wizard was joking. Merlin’s appearance is only in his twenties, what has taken thirty years, is this not a joke?

“Okay, move your arm to see.” The Master said, “Although there will not be too many problems in normal life, it is better not to be too reluctant in battle. What you lose is not the right arm that holds the sword, really Great.”

“Not good! The left arm is used to draw the bow!”

“That’s even better! The mechanical left arm must be more stable and powerful than the right arm, and it is the most suitable for drawing a bow!” Merlin praised how useful his products were like a businessman.

“…What should I do when I become mad? Will this be broken?” the werewolf boy asked unconvinced.

“This is a special memory alloy. Like your body, it absorbs photons and becomes giant. The process of absorbing photons and giantizing is controlled by brain waves. You see, no one in the world is more talented than me. Did you make such a miraculous thing?” the mage said proudly.

Bedivere thought for a while, he took off his shirt, and immediately changed into——a wolf.

“Ah, really.” The wolf said, “Even [Beastization] can change with my body. Well, I admit, Master, you are really a genius.”

“—–This is amazing! When did you master the ability to become a beast?” Merlin asked curiously.

“A pure-bred orc would have taken decades of practice to become a beast. Because [beastization] has no practical use, almost no one would waste time practicing.” Bedivere explained, “However, the mage After you gave me that talisman, for some reason, I gradually realized that I could change.”

“The purpose of that amulet is to increase the cell’s resistance to photons. I gave it to you only to reduce the burden of the spell on you.” Merlin said, “But… um, use Perhaps some unforeseen change happened to the orcs?——Maybe I inadvertently changed history, tsk.”

Mage, how self-centered do you have to be to say this? Bedivere wondered.

“That… is this all right? Can I go?” The werewolf boy put on his clothes and said.

“No! Don’t go——” Merlin took out a huge syringe, his eyes glowing coldly: “Your body, let me check it out first.”

“No!!!!!” The werewolf boy scrambling to escape from the operating room.

Arthur looked coldly at Bedivere in the operating room. He could see the boy’s fake That smile was just to hide the sadness in the boy’s heart.

Looking at Bedivere, who pretended to be happy on the outside, but had blood on the inside, an idea appeared in Arthur’s heart.

(What Bedivere needs is a family member. Give it to him then.)

Originally, Arthur, who had no feelings and did not know what love was, knew what caring was.

At the same time, Morgoth’s research institute. She is testing some kind of value through some kind of instrument.

“Huhu…Is this the whole process of [Anon fusion]? It is possible to directly transform dark sons from inherent photons. The phoenix is ​​really an interesting creature. It’s a pity to kill it.”

She looked at a black-armored knight standing quietly beside her.

“Gangse, it’s almost your turn to appear.” Morgoth sneered, “Go and play with your lovely brother.”

“Yes, Lord Morgoth.” The knight in black armor said without emotion.

“The answer is too blunt and completely unqualified!” Mogos said, “You want to go back and study the way humans speak?”

“Yes, Lord Morgoth.” The knight in black armor was still dispassionate. Then he turned and walked away, disappearing into the darkness.

“Arthur, it’s time to face your [truth].” Morgoth looked at the dark void outside the window, a cruel smile appeared on the corner of her mouth.

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