Light Spirit Epic Chapter 1087: Searching for secrets in the sand sea (9)


Chapter 1087 Searching for secrets in the sand sea (9)

Arriving on the outskirts of Zvar, Bedivere looked lost.

“What’s with your expression?” King Arthur was not blind, he had already seen the deep frown on the werewolf’s face.

“I’m sorry, Arthur…” Bedivere found his hidden cavalry from behind the sandstone, took off the covering cloth, and raised a cloud of dust: “I was just here to check the situation, no Thinking of this happening, I swept away your Yaqing.”

“It doesn’t matter.” The king of knights said generously: “Thanks to this, I have inquired a lot of useful information. This trip is a great harvest.”

He took out his mobile phone from his arms and made a call: “Tristan, where are you now? Our business is over, and we will meet you soon.”

“We are in the middle of the desert, Your Majesty!” The murloc prince’s depressed voice came from the other end of the phone: “The water vein has been found, and then we just need to investigate along the upper reaches of the water vein, and we will surely find it. Oasis. We signal as we move, will you follow the signal?”

“Okay.” Arthur glanced at Bedivere’s iron cavalry again, but the navigator on the iron cavalry was dismantled last night and has not been put back in yet.

Just as the king was about to start worrying, the Knight of the Round Table, Cador hurriedly chased after him: “Your Majesty! How can you run so fast!”

“Cador?” King Arthur looked at his subordinates, and Cador was holding an instrument in his hand, which was the part that the King of Knights needed most at the moment: “Well done! Did you bring the navigator back! “

“The investigation of the records of the Sword Saint Jacques has been completed?” Bedivere took the navigator from Cador and hurriedly installed the instrument on the cavalry.

“In short, copy all the records and store them in the database first. This navigator is temporarily out of use.” Cador looked at King Arthur and Bedivere, and said reproachfully: “What the **** are you thinking! I drive in the desert without even installing a navigator, what if I get lost?”

“But I know the way…” Bedivere put the navigator back bit by bit with a screwdriver, and was busy connecting the wires, skillfully.

Cadore continued to scold: “You can’t do this without knowing the road! Your Majesty, too, how can you ride in a car that doesn’t even have a navigation system! What if something goes wrong!”

King Arthur scratched his head and said nothing. He knew that continuing to theorize would only attract more nagging from a long-winded guy like Cador.

“Okay!” Bedivere installed the navigator, and the instrument’s radar immediately showed the signal of a companion, presumably the dragoon driven by Tristan and Evan. It is only ten kilometers away from Zvar, and you can catch up in no time.

“Then,” Arthur jumped into the back seat of the cavalry: “Let’s go. I’ll contact you if I have something important, Cador.”

Knights of the Round Table knew that it would be useless to nagging him any more, so he sighed: “I wish Your Majesty a smooth journey.——You must protect Your Majesty! If you let His Majesty bump into you. , I can’t spare you!”

“Haha…” The werewolf smiled wryly, stepped on the accelerator, and galloped away on the iron cavalry.

At the same time, the Grand Casino in Cairo.

Paramedis led Zephyr and Albert into the casino. They were still wearing their brand new [Horus] suits and strutting around the casino like a bunch of tycoons.

And the panther, Phileos, is also waiting at the main entrance of the casino for Palamidis and his son (and Albert). Like yesterday, he was like a casino bodyguard, wearing a refreshing tight-fitting martial artist outfit, which fully reflected the perfect lines on his body. Ordinary people will be in awe when they see this fit and tall leopard.

“Oh, Paramy!” However, the scary big blue cat gave Paramidis a warm hug as soon as they met: “I’ve been waiting for you all day.”

“Ahem…” Palamidis whispered after hugging his righteous brother, “How do I get to see that old Sphinx? Is he in this casino?”

“Yes, Dad is waiting in the VIP room. Come with me.” Phileos smiled, with an inexplicable warmth on his smile: “Dad will be very happy to see you. It’s a family reunion.”

Palramidis is silent. Phileos completely treats the underworld boss as his family. Such fanatical loyalties are sometimes terrifying.

And when Phileos led Palamidis and his party to the VIP room of the casino, Albert used his ice blue eyes to observe the surrounding environment restlessly.

It’s only been one day, and yesterday’s gamblers are still haunting this casino. Many of these people have witnessed the “deeds” of Palamidis and his party. At this time, they couldn’t help but cast a respectful look at the leopard people, thinking that the Palamidis and his son (and Albert) were the ones who were blessed by the goddess of luck, and they were able to make a huge fortune from this big casino. .

Of course these people don’t know that the jackpot that Albert and Zephyr won yesterday was actually the secret manipulation of the casino. The purpose is to let the tigers win money and face, and enjoy the scenery on the surface.

No, actually, they’re more beautiful now. Phileos led Palamidis and his party into the VIP room, and before they fully stepped in, the edge of the red carpet on the ground emitted a luxurious golden-red light. The lights on the edge flickered and then stabilized, they focused, shot upward from the bottom of the carpet, seeped through the most ingeniously hidden gaps in the red carpet, revealing wonderful patterns in the carpet that were usually invisible.

Aside from the splendid buildings on both sides of the VIP hall, the neat and neat uniforms, the guards who greeted Palamidis and his party along the way, are enough to explain the pomp of this meeting. How big is it.

——It’s almost like visiting His Majesty the King.

Albert couldn’t help but wonder. The other party went around in such a big circle and invited them to come over. Before meeting, they stuffed enough bribe money, and the pomp before the meeting was so exaggerated. What was it for?

They are just a bunch of penniless orcs of humble origin. They are not particularly famous, nor are they particularly heroic (at least the outside world will not know their record).

So, what is it for?

Crossing the hall, walking straight along the patterned red carpet with backlight, crossing countless pillars of the hall, passing thousands of guards, they finally came to a room.

On the door frame, cast in real pure gold, are two ruby-carved gates, each big enough for a strong man to pass. Elegant gold-red backlighting quietly seeps through the ruby ​​carvings, making these two magnificent doors even more exquisite.

With great respect, Phileos cautiously opened the door. He just waited in front of the door, made a “please come in” gesture, and let the Palamides (and Albert) enter the room.

It was a dark room, and the windows did not appear to be open. However, the exhaust system in the room is very good, the air in the room is not stuffy at all, but there is a kind of soothing incense faintly coming from the inside of the room, which makes people feel more relaxed.

Palamidis glanced at his son Zephyr, then at Albert. He swallowed a mouthful of saliva, and together with the two young people, tremblingly walked into the VIP room where the boss of this mysterious underworld was.

In the distance of the dark room, at the end of the twelve ruby ​​steps, sitting on his throne, that tall figure is the legendary Father Sphinx, the boss of the gang. The faint flame of the incense burner and the ruby ​​ray of light between the carvings on the throne lightly reflected the big man, and his silhouette was portrayed in a low-key manner.

Daddy Sphinx rose from his throne.

So tall. Can humans have this height? This guy is like a little giant. And what’s up with that fluffy hair?

Dad asked in a low, even tone: “I walk on four legs in the morning, two legs at noon, and three legs at night—what am I?”

Palramidis is taken aback. Is this a puzzle? I seem to have heard it somewhere before…

“It’s a human meow.” Saifer couldn’t wait to answer: “When he was a baby, he crawled on four legs. When he grew up, he stood on two feet. When he was old, he walked on three legs with a cane.”

“Correct answer.” Father Sphinx smiled and took another step closer to the crowd: “I am a king, but I never wear a crown; instead, I have the beard of a king to maintain my majesty with my appearance; An overlord who never hunts and kills; instead, I sit on my own throne, waiting for the tribute of my servants—what am I?”

Palamedes frowned again. What the **** is this doing? A quiz meeting?

“It’s a lion,” Albert couldn’t help but reply: “The lion of Africa, the undisputed king of the grasslands.”

“Correct answer.” Father Sphinx smiled again and took another step closer to the crowd: “I am invisible and colorless, but I blind people; I am neither poisonous nor harmful, but people fear me, Drive me away with fire; people keep me at a distance, but have to rely on me for peace.——What am I?”

Paramedis already had the answer in his mind, but he remained silent, expecting the young people to answer.

Seifer thought for a while: “It’s darkness, meow.”

“Huhuhu…the correct answer.” Father Sphinx smiled with satisfaction and walked closer to the crowd: “I come without a shadow, go without a trace, never stay anywhere in the world, too fast Capture; but when people open a certain window, they can always capture me; I am neither quality nor immeasurable, and always ignored by others; but I am able to benefit all things and let the weak grow up. —- –What am I?”

Albert wagged his tail. This puzzle is probably the easiest one to answer even with closed eyes: “It’s light.”

“Correct answer.” Father Sphinx applauded lightly and walked ten yards in front of everyone.

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