Light Spirit Epic Chapter 1083: Searching for secrets in the sand sea (5)


Chapter 1083 Searching for secrets in the sand sea (5)

At the same time, in the black market of Cairo, in the stone house of Father Odin.

Seglade looked a little dazed. In front of the Leopard Man youth are a dazzling array of countless rare weapons, each of which is a treasure of invaluable value. Unexpectedly, such a dilapidated stone house is filled with such a number of treasures!

And Father Odin, who made these rare weapons, is holding his iron hammer at the moment, repeatedly beating on an iron ingot, the rhythm is rigorous, like a precise clock.

“What are you waiting for, kitten?” Father Odin gave Seglade a look. “Sit down over there. There’s a bunch of parts on the table, try to fit them in.”

Seglade dropped his luggage and walked helplessly to the table and sat down. He glanced at the pile of inexplicable things on the table, and couldn’t help but wonder: “What are you… planning to let me assemble meow?”

“Anything is fine,” Father Odin said nonchalantly: “It could be a gun, a sword, or even something inexplicable that doesn’t even count as a weapon. Anyway, do whatever you want. I’ll see in an hour. Goods received.”

This is a test. Seglade understood in an instant.

Papa Odin has yet to fully trust the Leopard Youth. Dad seems to be particularly wary of cats, and seems to believe that cats are playful and loose, and it is impossible to make any good weapons, let alone become an excellent weapon craftsman.

Being so despised, Seglade couldn’t help but feel aggrieved and wondered. It looks like he’s going to have to work a little harder and make something amazing that will surprise the despised old man.

But, having said that… the pile of things on the table is a pile of steel scraps, not only in different shapes, but also irregular to the extreme, not even a three-dimensional puzzle. With this kind of thing, can you really assemble any useful tools? A cold sweat broke out from Segrad’s forehead.

Anyway, pick it up and build it up first.

The leopard youth carefully picked up two pieces of iron from the table and tried to fit them together.

No, not at all.

There seems to be some kind of magnetic repulsion between the iron pieces. When they are butted together, they begin to repel each other. The closer they are, the greater the repulsion. When the leopard youth wanted to forcibly merge the two pieces of iron together, they resisted so fiercely that they flew out of Segred’s hands, one smashed into Segled’s face, and the other flew out. One flew out parabolically and landed on the ground.

“Huhuhu.” Father Odin sneered on the side, without even looking at the young Leopard Man, and continued to knock on his iron ingot.

“Ouch.” Seglade stroked his cat’s face. It was as if he had been slapped on the face, and the pain caused by the iron plate hitting his cheek was unforgettable for the rest of his life.

This is just a toy. Seglade could clearly feel the nature of the pile of scrap iron in front of him.

This is just a toy. As long as these seemingly irregular iron pieces are assembled, they will definitely become a certain shape. Yet it is a meaningless, worthless, play-only toy.

It’s just a toy — but Seglade can’t even assemble a toy!

When he picked up another piece of iron, the shape of the thing seemed to be a face, and even it was sneering at the leopard youth! What a joke! It’s just a stupid toy!

Seglyde is more serious, with blue veins appearing on his forehead. Even if it’s a matter of spirit, you have to build this **** toy!

In an hour.

“Ugh…” The young Leopard Man had blue smoke on his forehead, his head was hot as if he had a fever, and he was lying on the table weakly, in a state of complete abandonment.

The most hateful thing is Father Odin. This guy was knocking on the iron continuously for an hour. The sound of ding ding dong dong not only made the young Leopard man completely unable to concentrate, but also made the already irritable The Seglyde made it even more irritable!

“Can you please stop knocking meow!” Maybe it was just an anger for no reason, the leopard young man finally couldn’t help shouting: “It’s so annoying meow! You keep knocking like this, how can I calm down? Solve this puzzle meow?!”

“Puzzle?” Father Odin gave the Leopard Man a sneer full of contempt: “Did you understand something wrong?”

“Uh… what?”

“The pile of things I gave you is not a puzzle at all.” Father Odin said mysteriously: “It is not a puzzle, it is not something that can be built in a certain order. If you If you really want to build it out, don’t rely on logic, use other methods to build it out. I can only tell you so much, if you can understand it, you should understand it, if you can’t understand it—— It’s time to get out.”

Seglade rolled his eyes at Father Odin and said nothing. Although he had so much to complain about, he knew very well that complaining to such a stubborn old man wouldn’t help. Instead of wasting energy complaining, spend more time thinking and trying.

If you want to build this pile of scrap iron into a certain shape, without logic, what else can you rely on?

Probably, just rely on intuition.

In this way, everything else is superfluous.

Since it is impossible to judge how these iron pieces are connected from the shape, then the vision is redundant;

Since there is no need to think about the rules that connect these iron rules, then thinking is superfluous;

The only thing Seglade can do at the moment is to fully relax and let the body’s senses follow.

…To put it bluntly, it’s just a matter of luck.

The leopard youth took a deep breath, took off his shirt, and covered his eyes with it.

“Oh?” Father Odin let out a mysterious low hum when he saw Seglade’s strange behavior.

Seglade is too lazy to listen, too lazy to listen. He went even harder, even plugging his cat ears with the sleeves of his shirts, trying his best not to be affected by the **** banging of iron.

He tried to do something that Turkic elephants often taught him to do, but impatient Leopard youths rarely do——


Let the spirit settle and let the consciousness return to nothing after extreme concentration.

Then people will enter a spiritual realm beyond the material, forgetting the self, but expanding the self infinitely, extending in the whole universe.

Then the world of Seglade was quiet. He sank into absolute silence and darkness, and the ding-dong sound of iron beating in his ears could no longer affect him, even though he was here, his heart was thousands of miles away.

The leopard youth slowly stretched out his hands and groped among these disorganized sheets of iron. Not to build anything, but to understand and analyze the essence of these iron pieces with the body and heart—a certain essence beyond their physical properties.

At this moment, these thousands of iron fragments of different sizes and shapes are a universe.

In this seemingly chaotic and chaotic universe, there must be some kind of order. As long as this order is found, everything will be solved.

——Or, it’s not that Seglade found the order in this little universe, but this order that found him?

The leopard youth grabbed two iron pieces at the same time with both hands and closed them together.

This time, the iron pieces are not mutually exclusive, but obediently put together into one, a seamless one.

The moment the first correct step was established, a certain inspiration poured into the mind of the Leopard youth like a flowing water. His hands began to work frantically, splicing the pieces of iron on the table together! The thing gradually took shape. It’s getting bigger, it’s getting more correct, it’s getting more and more like a certain shape.

At the moment when Seglade put the last piece together, a black hammer with wonderful tiny cracks on the surface fell into the hands of the young Leopard Man!

The annoying pounding of iron in Seglade’s ear also stopped unknowingly.

“Stinky boy! You really have [that] talent…” Father Odin stopped what he was doing.

That is some kind of special talent that even the magic swordsman Solal has never possessed. It is precisely because of this talent that a dragon hunter can truly be called a dragon hunter, and can create a weapon that only a dragon hunter can create—Longwu.

“Is this your answer?” Dad asked, pulling off the leopard youth’s shirt covering his head.

Seglade did not answer, instead staring at the hammer in his hand. That thing seemed to have its own will, and it was congratulating the young man in its own way.

——It lies in the hands of the young Leopard Man, from the size to the weight, from the thickness of the handle to the center of gravity of the hammer head, everything is so called, as if from the beginning A tailor-made tool from Seglade.

“Passed. I’ll let you use it, the forging hammer of the dragon hunter family.” Father Odin narrated in a low voice, his voice was steady and powerful, with almost no emotional ups and downs.

Seglade held his smelting hammer, and involuntarily glanced at the magic weapon around him: “Can you use this… to create the same magic weapon as these?”

“Use this to create your own weapon,” the old man replied ambiguous.

As for whether they belong to the category of magic weapons, only after Seglade has really worked hard will he know.

“It seems to be qualified.” The magic swordsman Solar heard the sound of iron hammer disappearing in the house, and he guessed it. At this time, he couldn’t wait to peer out of the window to come in to announce the congratulations: “Congratulations, my friend!”

“Crap!” Father Odin scolded fiercely, “Who let you into my house? Get out!”

“I just took a look…”

“Unworthy descendants have no right to enter my workshop! You can’t even take a look!” The old man swung his hammer away and drove Solar away from the window.

Seglade felt a subtle sense of accomplishment. Even in this workshop that Solar was not allowed to enter, Father Odin allowed the young Leopard Man to come in from the very beginning. Perhaps he had already gone further than the others, in every sense. –6139+xs156861–>() “Act of the Light” only represents the views of the author Raven D Vicksas. If you find that its content is in violation of national laws, please delete it. The position is only Committed to providing a healthy and green reading platform. 【】,thank you all!


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