Light Spirit Epic Chapter 1081: Seeking secrets in the sand sea (3)


Chapter 1081: Searching for Secrets in the Sand Sea (3)

After the Werewolf’s cavalry entered the Sahara Desert, the surrounding scenery was quickly replaced by endless sand dunes. If a person enters this vast sea of ​​sand without any equipment, the consequences are quite terrifying.

Luckily the cavalry is very fast – its engines and thrusters are designed to navigate the desert – and it only takes an hour or two to traverse the desert, and Bedivere has been meticulously groomed before heading out to make sure the machine doesn’t break down in the middle of the ride.

What worries the werewolves the most now are the desert sharks that haunt the sand sea. Although the sound of the iron cavalry’s engine running is very thin, it usually won’t disturb the magic shark, but there are always exceptions to everything. God knows what will happen to them on their next journey?

“Arthur, are you sure you don’t have to drive? The weapons on my body are more suitable for guarding against enemy sneak attacks.” Bedivere asked casually.

“No.” The king of knights took out his lightsaber, holding the sword on guard with one hand, and wrapping the werewolf’s waist with the other: “My skills have not declined in peacetime, and desert sharks and the like are just a piece of cake. “

“Uh…is that so?” Feeling his waist being embraced by the King of Knights, Bedivere blushed and said, “Okay, okay.”

“Speaking of which, this is really a world that is not peaceful.” King of the Knights: “I have never heard of desert sharks attacking people before. These **** sharks originally only hunted in the deep sand seas. They are in the desert. The attack on people has only happened in recent years.”

“Really?” The werewolf wondered for a while: “Really, why?”

“[Bliss]().” King Arthur suddenly spit out a wonderful word: “Have you heard of this?”

“[Bliss]? Do you mean…the world that people go to after they die?” Bedivere understands in connection with the culture of the Egyptians.

Arthur giggled a few times as if he had heard a joke: “Huhuhu. No. [Bliss] refers to a kind of narcotic. In recent years, drug dealers selling this narcotic have become very rampant, causing serious damage to the whole of Europe. No small trouble. And according to reliable sources, the source of the production and sale of this anesthetic is Egypt.”

Bediver was stunned for a moment. He remembered the Mohammed business group that was in charge of the **** yesterday. The cargo of the merchant ship had an unpleasant smell, which happened to smell like some kind of narcotic.

“Some people say that because [Bliss] is widely circulated in Egypt, there are too many merchant ships transporting the raw materials and finished products of this anesthetic back and forth in the sand sea, which has caused the activity of the desert devil shark. A slight leak from the merchant ship The dust of the anaesthetic will drive those big, honest sharks crazy.”

Sure enough…!

“Huh? Bedivere, do you know anything?” Arthur could not help but ask, noticing something unusual from the werewolf’s silence.

“No…nothing,” Bedivere replied casually.

Even so, the matter has nothing to do with Bedivere. Whether or not the Mohammedan syndicate is illegally transporting narcotics is a thing of the past. Bedivere is not an Egyptian, nor will he stay in this desert country for a long time. He has no obligation to report the lawbreakers in this country… and there is no need for it. Even if he told Arthur about it, the King of Knights probably wouldn’t do anything. After all, this is not the territory of Great Britain, and King Arthur has no right to interfere in the affairs of other countries.

“Okay, if you don’t want to say it, forget it.” Arthur didn’t ask further, and he probably thought about the same as Bedivere’s. No matter how rotten and rotten the country of Egypt becomes, Great Britain has no right to intervene.


Sure enough, a desert shark suddenly burst out of the sand sea and flew towards Bedivere’s iron cavalry.

“Damn, again…” The werewolf was about to complain, thinking that he would be drenched in the blood of the desert sharks again.

Om! But Arthur’s lightsaber slid across quickly, cutting the oncoming monster in two. The high-output lightsaber has a fiery red light, cutting the body of the creature like chopping melons and vegetables, and it has an amazingly high heat, cutting the desert shark in half, and quickly burning and sealing the monster’s wound. Avoid the blood of the desert shark splattering everywhere.

Clap! The monster’s body fell next to the iron cavalry, and was thrown a large distance by the iron cavalry in an instant.

“What did you just say?” The King of Knights clenched his sword with one hand, and wrapped his arms around Bedivere’s waist tighter with the other.

“No! Nothing!” Bedivere replied, blushing. Although it is a blessing not to be drenched in the blood of monsters, they can’t be careless now, after all, there may be more desert sharks attacking.

“By the way, what happened to the [metal detector] you mentioned just now?” In order to ease the tension, Bedivere asked casually.

“Oh, that’s it.” King Arthur glanced at the surrounding environment, and said while being alert: “It’s just a little preparation to find the Desert Rose.”

“How to find the method?” The werewolf was confused. What is the causal connection between finding a flower and a metal detector?

“It is the most sensitive metal detector in the world made by mermaids.” Arthur explained: “With that, not only can you find the metal waste buried in the sand sea, but you can also easily find the underground water veins. Legend has it that the flower blooms once every thousand years, like a dreamy desert rose, which is hidden in an oasis in the Sahara Desert—[City of the Dead].”

“Dead… what?!”

Arthur smiled: “It’s just a nickname given to it by the people of the desert. That quiet and beautiful oasis only emerges from the Mirage Tower at sunset, just like the souls of the dead in ancient Egyptian mythology. In short, according to my analysis, it should be protected by some very powerful illusion, natural or unnatural illusion.”

“And to find this phantom oasis, we can only search along the underground water veins, bit by bit.” The werewolf finally understood: “I’m afraid it will take a lot of time.”

“You can only trust the performance of the mermaid metal detectors…and your luck.” Arthur patted Bedivere on the shoulder: “At three o’clock, be careful!”

Whoosh! As soon as Arthur’s voice fell, a desert shark burst out of the sand sea and attacked Bedivere’s iron cavalry without warning! The werewolf turned the steering wheel to avoid the desert shark’s attack as much as possible, and King Arthur behind him also drew a sword.

Brush! The blade of the lightsaber pierced through the monster fiercely, splitting the monster in two again. The desert shark was instantly killed by King Arthur’s sword, but not even a drop of blood splattered. This was due not only to the power of the lightsaber in Arthur’s hand, but also to Arthur’s neat and consummate swordsmanship.

Bedivere avoids the shark’s attack and turns the steering wheel back again. His iron cavalry twisted an S shape on the sand dune and soared into the sky along the top of the sand dune.

“Yoho!” Bedivere let out a cheery cheer as he watched the oncoming scene go by quickly.

“The driving skills are not bad.” The king of knights behind him praised: “I must race with you when I have time.”

“I made you laugh, Arthur.” The werewolf smiled contentedly: “You’ve been driving the iron cavalry for so many years, how can a layman like me be comparable to you.—-Don’t say it, Zvar It’s here!”

After a puff of sand and dust, the shadow of a small city several kilometers away loomed in the desert’s heat-twisted air. It seems far away, but at the speed of the cavalry, it only takes an instant to get there.

Five minutes later, Bedivere parked the cavalry in a remote corner of the desert city, cleverly hiding it behind a piece of sandstone, then spread it with the prepared camouflage cloth, sprinkled with sand, and let the cavalry Disguised as part of sandstone.

“The iron cavalry itself is locked and cannot be stolen without a high degree of electronic cracking means. Is it necessary to make it so complicated?” Arthur asked inexplicably as the werewolf was busy.

“Arthur, you don’t know the Egyptians in these slums.” Bedivere carefully checked the disguise to make sure it looked seamless before saying with satisfaction: “Anything that can be stolen, they will steal it. Go. Even if the horse is locked, they’ll probably get a van to take it all away.”

“Hoohoo, that’s scary.” Arthur didn’t seem to care.

“It’s such a terrifying world.” The werewolf took out from behind the sandstone, carefully observed that there was no one around, and then led the direction of the center of the Arthur Dynasty city: “I hope you remember the way to the underground cave. The roadway is too complicated.”

The King of Knights silently followed behind the werewolf, observing the scenery along the way as he walked. Zwar’s slum is the most dilapidated and rotten area in the whole of The surrounding houses are made of dilapidated stones and wooden boards. It is cold in winter and hot in summer, and it is dilapidated. The stench of ** is simply not a place where people can live.

And most of these houses are uninhabited and are only hiding places for gangsters. Occasionally, some naked mummies appear in the empty house, which is also a common occurrence. Walking in such a place, even the king of knights did not dare to neglect, he grasped the hilt of the lightsaber with no light blade unfolded, and quietly and discreetly hid the lightsaber in the sleeve of his black robe, ready to deal with it. Raid at any time.

And Bedivere, who was ahead, was doing the same thing. As he identified the way to the hiding place, he gripped his tungsten tongue whip, his only weapon at the moment. There were already many unfriendly figures lingering in the city’s rooftops and alleys, but these guys seemed to be very sensible and did not dare to provoke Bedivere and Arthur, who were on guard.

The two walked without saying a word, turned around several deserted alleys, got rid of those unfriendly guys, and finally came to the secret place where Sword Saint Yake hid yesterday. –6139+xs150584–>() “Act of the Light” only represents the views of the author Raven D Vixas. If you find that its content is in violation of national laws, please delete it. The position is only Committed to providing a healthy and green reading platform. 【】,thank you all!


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