Light Spirit Epic Chapter 108: Easy to change to Huang Yan (middle)


Chapter 108: Change Life to Huang Yan (Part 2)

“By the way, where are we?” It was late at night, and Kay looked at the surrounding fields and couldn’t help but wonder, “Is this in France? Or in Pantoracken?”

“The phone has a signal. It’s in Pantoracken,” Arthur said.

“That means, can you contact the Archmage?” Bedivere asked hurriedly.

“Yes. What’s the matter? (Actually, you can roam outside the country, idiot)” Arthur picked up the phone, “Oh, worried about your brother?”

The werewolf boy used a fake smile to hide the haze on his face: “En—“

“Wait a minute.” Arthur called.

“Oh, it’s really Arthur. It turned out to be like this.” Merlin said as he looked around Arthur.

“Don’t look at people like they’re your experiments,” Arthur said displeasedly.

“Haha, sorry. Come on, go to my lab first,” Merlin said.

Before everyone noticed, the teleportation magic took everyone away. Bedivere thought that the magician of the archmage is still superior to others, and the teleportation technique can be used so seamlessly.

“Bevier?” a voice said.

“Brother?” Bedivere turned his head to look, and the white bear Papalov was soaking in a container.

“Mage, what do you mean?! Let my brother out!” the werewolf boy said angrily.

“It’s okay to release it. But I’m now using neural connections to connect his brain to an additional quantum computer to support his logic operations and memory system indexing functions,” Merlin said.

“What are you saying, I don’t understand!” Bedivere said angrily.

“What I’m saying is, if I let him out of the machine, he’s going to be that idiot with no memory and no ability to think.” Merlin said, “Do you want me to do that now? ?”

Bedivere swallowed her stomach, “Okay. I’ll talk about that later. Now can I have a word with my brother alone?”

“Talk slowly. We’ll wait for you outside,” Arthur said, waving the others out.

When the others went out, Bedivere sat down on the ground: “Hi, Papa.”

“Long time no see, Beibei.” His brother said, “I didn’t expect that I would be able to talk to you like this in my lifetime.”

“It’s alright, Papa.” Bedivere whispered, “No matter what you become, I will always take care of you. I want to buy a house in the village of Pantolaken and settle you down. Then live a quiet life together. I will take care of Papa’s daily life.”

“Calm down…” The bear man sighed, and then he seemed to have made up his mind, and said, “Leave me alone, and now do your own thing first. The key must not be handed over to the orcs. The wall of the world must be guarded, or the world will perish.”

“Death, perish?!”

“That wall…” Papalov’s tone was filled with fear, “there is an endless darkness, an evil thing that can subvert the whole world.

The other side of the World Wall is the dark continent in the east [Han Empire], where the Zenon tribe lives. “

“Dark Spirit?!”

“My business doesn’t matter. Even if you are locked in this container all your life, or an idiot all your life.” Papalov said, “But you…you must stop this world from perishing! You must live Go! You… must be happy!!”


“Oh ah ah ah ah ah ah ah ah ah ah!!!” The Bai Xiong’s body suddenly huge. The mad white bear broke through the glass container and rushed out, rushing towards Bedivere.

“Papa?!” Before Bedivere could figure out what was going on, the Ice Bear threw him to the ground.

A terrifying high fever hit, and it was not completely covered. Bedivere’s exposed left hand felt heart-piercing pain!

“Warning: Level 1 biological contamination detected! Dark sub-concentration 80%! Complete annihilation mode activated!” Arthur said mechanically as he rushed in.

“Ah! What?” Bedivere got out of his brother’s body.

“Bang!!!!!!” Arthur grabbed a black phoenix in one hand and slammed it against the wall. At this time, Arthur’s eyes emitted a strange white light, and his body was also covered by photons that were thick enough to be seen. It was very similar to the phoenix, and his whole body radiated white excess light!

“[Dark Annihilator], activate!” Arthur said. He raised his right fist and hit the Black Phoenix hard! !

Whoosh! ! ! ! The black phoenix that was hit exploded in an instant! The scattered black smoke disappeared immediately.

——Like the radiance of God, it drives out the darkness.

All that remains is the dark shadow on the wall, and the broken wall.

“The target has been annihilated, the module has been completely annihilated, and now it is in a dormant state.” After speaking, the light on Arthur also disappeared, leaving only Arthur with a blank face.

“Well, Bedivere? How are you—” Arthur looked at Bedivere in surprise, who had lost a left hand.

“Ah!” Brady came back to his senses, and his first reaction was to look at his brother.

In order to protect his younger brother, Papalov, who had just covered Bedivere like a shield, was scorched by terrifying black flames. The black flame that had just been extinguished seemed to tell Bedivere that his brother’s life was in danger.

“If one person is born because of this, another person must die because of it. Are you willing to sacrifice yourself in order to save the one you love?” The words of the phoenix sounded in the werewolf boy’s mind. The boy seemed to understand something for a moment.

“This, this is not true——” He reached out and gently stroked the white bear man who had turned into coke. He took a deep breath: “Brother ———————–!!!!!!!!!!!!!”

In Bedivere’s blurred vision, he saw that the figure of the white bear passed by him, and had already walked away with the phoenix.

The road Papalov is going to take is definitely not the road to survive.

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