Light Spirit Epic Chapter 1062: Explore in the dark night (15)


Chapter 1062 Exploring the Dark Night (15)

Pfft. Oncoming, is warm water with just the right temperature, like bath water, but the water quality is exceptionally clear. The current was very fast, and after Husky stabilized his body in the water, he slid forward along the current, while immersed in a burst of inexplicable doubts.

It is said that submarines need a lot of seawater to keep up and down, but this dimensional submarine does not seem to be sailing in the sea. Is this large amount of water necessary?

And, why hot water? Why not salt water (sea water) drawn directly from the sea, but this clear fresh water?

There seems to be some kind of light in front of Husky, it must be some kind of lighting magic cast by the murloc prince. The ball of light stuck to Calvin’s back, sinking and floating as the murloc prince swam, like a signpost. Husky did not have the strength to resist the current, but went with the flow, while ensuring his breathing, and galloping along the waterway without choking on the water.

Calvin is absolutely right, the journey will soon be over. Although the waterway has nine bends and eighteen bends and the distance is quite long, the teenagers moved forward quickly because of the rush of the water. The water channel in front became wider and brighter, as if it was about to enter a large room.

“Hold your breath!” Calvin shouted from the front.

“Ugh…” Husky took a deep breath.

Plop! ! They rushed down the waterway into a huge pool, the shock of the fall making Husky dizzy and nearly spit out a breath. Just when he thought he was about to drown, something stared at him from behind his **** and pushed the canine boy to the surface.

“Wow!” Husky exhaled deeply as soon as he reached the surface, expelling air from his lungs and inhaling fresh air.

After his dizziness improved a little, he had time to look around. I just glanced at it, the strange scene in this room, can’t help but let the dog boy slap his tongue.

This huge room is composed entirely of blue crystals, like a large plate holding a pan of clear water.

No, this size can no longer be described by [room]. It was a lake, a structure like some kind of underground lake, surrounded by a huge underground cave made of blue crystals. The clear water sent from the water channel just now poured down from the sky like a small waterfall, filling the lake. On the edge of the lake, there are several smaller channels that allow excess water to drain away.

“Yes, saved, meow!” Howl climbed up the shore of the lake, on a “sand” composed of countless tiny blue crystal particles.

“Hey! This way!” Calvin also waved to Husky on the beach: “Come and rest for a while!”

“Wow, woah!” The evil star, who was lying on top of Husky’s head, also came to his senses. He looked at this underground cave like a resort and couldn’t help but marvel: “The mermaids would enjoy it, but they built such recreational facilities in a submarine!”

“Because fish can’t live without water.” Husky agreed casually, swimming toward the shore.

He just climbed onto the beach and immediately picked up a handful of sand to study. This kind of finely broken blue crystal sand has been polished into a perfect spherical shape under the erosion of time. They are very transparent, with only an almost invisible light blue, but the sand of the whole beach is spread into one piece. The blue is magnified infinitely, embellishing the beach into a beauty with the ultimate ice blue.

It’s really beautiful. This rest area made of blue crystal is simply a paradise of water and glass.

But that’s not really what Husky cares about.

“Didn’t you say you wanted to show us a [great thing] woof?” Husky asked the murloc prince, “Where is it? There’s clearly nothing here?”

“Are you sure?” Calvin gave a sly smile, as if he knew Husky would ask such a stupid question.

“Sure.” Husky replied confidently.

When he almost drowned just now, he confirmed the bottom of this underground lake from the bottom of the water. The lighting conditions are very good, and the lake water is so clear that it is almost completely transparent, and the canine boy can easily see the spotless lake bottom.

——And it’s blank.

Not only this lake, but even this “resort” is blank. Blank beaches, blank cave walls, everything is empty.

——That is, is there really nothing here?

“Husky… meow behind you.” The leopard boy reminded in a low voice.

“What woof?” The dog boy turned his head to look.

The water was rippling, as if something had swum just now. However, the surrounding environment is still transparent, and there is clearly nothing in the water?

No. Although he couldn’t see anything, he could feel something swimming nearby. Is this a ghost?

Stamp, stamp. Something was touching Husky’s tail.

“Calvin, stop playing!” The canine boy thought the murloc prince was touching his tail again, and couldn’t help scolding.

I didn’t expect Calvin to cover his mouth and laugh: “Huhu… This prince didn’t play with your tail, so far away, how do you play?”

Husky turns to look at the murloc prince again. Indeed, Calvin was nearly ten yards away from Husky, and he and the leopard boy stood side by side on the beach honestly, so it was impossible to tease Husky’s puppy’s tail across the distance.

It’s not his words, which means——

Husky turns his head in horror.

“Beep?” Some kind of large creature called out to Husky. The voice is extremely cute, but because it can’t be seen, it makes people feel particularly scary.

“You, ghosts?!” Husky took a step back towards the shore in horror. Are there really ghosts, or water ghosts? !

“Beep!” The thing seemed to want to tease the canine boy, and got closer. Judging from its voice, this creature is clearly in front of me, but Husky can’t see anything at all. This ghost is so scary.

“Wow, ah, ah, ah, there’s really a ghost!” The dog boy exclaimed and stepped back, as far as possible from the lake!

“Puff hahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahaha Husky’s actions caused a series of laughter from the murloc prince: “Okay, stop playing, come out now, Bit!”

“Beep~” sounded a little reluctantly, and the owner of the voice finally showed a prototype.

A highly transparent creature with a body like transparent jelly gradually appeared in front of Husky’s eyes. As if the optical camouflage had been lifted, its black eyes appeared first, then its less opaque, pinkish innards, and finally his outline.

That’s a dolphin! —At least he grew into the shape of a dolphin.

“Come and meet our crystal dolphin, Bit.” Calvin introduced: “This is one of the few rare and endangered species in the world!”

“Beep!” The crystal dolphin echoed the words of the murloc prince, while rolling cutely on the beach.

“No, not a ghost, or a water ghost?” Husky asked suspiciously, looking at the ten-foot-long fish.

Calvin walked over and stroked the crystal dolphin’s forehead, like petting a pet: “Bit is not a ghost! Crystal dolphins have the ability to deflect light, which can make the already transparent body more transparent. This is his normal appearance, but if he gets really serious, he can make himself completely invisible! Awesome!”

“It’s really powerful…” Husky then remembered that when he was almost drowning just now, something completely invisible pushed him from the water. It is estimated that it is what Bit does.

“Beep beep, beep!” The crystal dolphin shouted cheerfully, retreated from the beach, and swam in the clear and transparent lake.

“Hehe, wait for this prince, Beet!” Calvin laughed and ran after him, chasing the big fish in the water.

“Really, it’s awesome, meow.” Hal gave Husky a wink with a wry smile: “Don’t worry about Hal, if you can swim, just go play in the water, meow.”

“Now is not the time to play in the water.” Husky was puzzled, so he was not in the mood to play: “That guy brought us all the way here, it can’t be just for us to see a big fish Huh? There must be something else…”

“Dolphins are not fish, they are mammals!” Calvin’s ears are very bright, Husky’s rant is not over yet, the little fish-man prince has already swam over on a crystal dolphin: “You guys really don’t understand style, it’s rare Come over to play once, can’t you have a good time first, and then do business?”

“Let’s see what you mean by [business] first.” Husky felt that every time Calvin came up with something good, it would be no different this time. The sooner you know what the little murloc prince wants, the better, so that the dog boy can be mentally prepared.

“Hmph, okay.” Calvin stroked the crystal dolphin’s head lightly, “Since you are so impatient, this prince will not give a shit.—-Bit?”

“Beep!” The crystal dolphin made a baby-like cry, as if controlling something.

Rumble rumble rumble. In a jolt, something popped out of the sand. It was several crystal pillars, hollow, blue crystal pillars that seemed to fit just enough to hold a person. The crystal pillars popped out of the beach so abruptly, obviously incompatible with the entire beach and crystal cave, but unexpectedly filled with a wonderful sense of What is this? “The more Husky read, the more he didn’t understand.

“Deep submarine (full) cabin.” Calvin threw out a series of very difficult professional words: “In short, it is a personalized small operating room for photon information submarine intelligence technology.”

“Cough!…what woof?!” Hal was almost half scared by this string of words, and was in a daze: “What…submarine intelligence…operating room woof?”

“It’s a personal mini-operating room for photonic information sub-intelligence technology.” The Murloc Prince slid off the Crystal Dolphin’s back and repeated, “Using this, with the help of Bits, we can It can connect to any photonic network in the world and conduct espionage warfare.”

Calvin’s face showed a sly look: “Let’s break into the photonic network of Great Britain?”

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