Light Spirit Epic Chapter 1060: Explore in the dark night (13)


Chapter 1060: Exploring the Dark Night (13)

At the same time, the Grand Hotel in Cairo.

“Hiccup!” Palamidis burped his wine as he slowly touched the wall back to his room. In fact, he and Phileos didn’t drink and eat for a long time, because there was still a trip tomorrow, he had tried his best to restrain the amount of food and drink, and went back to the hotel when he was full.

“Wow!” Albert had just taken a bath and cleaned the smell of alcohol from his body. He didn’t expect to open the door and saw a drunk cat wandering around. He couldn’t help but startled: “Palami Uncle Dis, have you gone for a drink?”

That’s a well-intentioned question. Albert and Saifer went to drink (flower) wine, met Chanel by chance, and Tiger was “hijacked” by Chanel, and by chance overheard Palamidis and Phileos dialogue between. Of course, all this should not be known to the Leopard warriors. Tiger had to pretend he didn’t know, and used his acting skills to trick Palamidis so that the Panther would take him to see the old Sphinx tomorrow.

Not for any good cause or to help Chanel. Tiger was just out of curiosity, wanting to know what kind of ability this old Sphinx had to start a coup d’etat secretly. In addition, Albert has another purpose for meeting the Sphinx – a secret that cannot be told for the time being.

“Ahahahaha!” Palamidis sat on the sofa with the help of the tiger, “Uncle, I am so happy today! I can see my long-lost brother again, and he is doing well!”

“Uh, that’s fine. I’ll go get you a glass of hot water.” Albert pretended to be nonchalant and went to pour the tea.

“Huh? This smell is…” Palamidis sniffed, and the half-drunk leopard warrior had a particularly keen sense of smell.

After he confirmed the source of the smell, he immediately smirked: “Hey, hey, hey…Little tiger, how bad are you! You’re messing around with flowers and plants while Uncle isn’t around!”

“Uh!” After returning to the hotel, Albert had clearly taken a shower, changed his clothes, and dealt with all the “criminal evidence”, but he did not expect to be found guilty. He couldn’t help shivering: “Uncle, can you smell it?”

“Hoohoo, of course I can smell it.” Palamidis took off his tie and took a sip of hot water from the cup: “I knew you wanted money to go out to eat, it’s definitely not as simple as eating.”

He subconsciously covered his nose again: “Oh my god, this smell… When you go out to do [that kind of thing], did you take any safety measures?”

Albert blushed: “No! … uh, I mean, didn’t do the kind of thing you thought!”

“Really not?” Palamidis looked at Albert with a suspicious look: “But the smell coming from you is obviously ——“

“It was just an accident!” Albert blushed: “It was really just an accident!!”

“Hoohoo, all right.” The Leopard Warrior sneered, covering his forehead with a towel soaked in hot water.

“Uncle, you are so scary, I even know if I missed it…” Albert muttered as he walked to the bathroom, intending to take another shower to wash off the strange smell from his body.

“What did you just say? I was talking about the scent of your perfume.” Palamidis glanced at Albert.

“Ugh!” Tiger retracted into the bathroom: “Enough! Just spare me!”

“Hurry up and wash!” Palamidis suppressed his smile and urged the tiger man in the bathroom: “After you wash, the uncle has to use the bathroom!”

The tiger turned on the faucet depressedly and began to carefully smear the body with the shower gel, hoping to wash off the smell – especially “that” smell.

Ding dong! —About five minutes later, a bell rang from outside the bathroom. Someone is ringing the doorbell of the guest room.

Ding dong. The doorbell continued to ring, no one came in, and no one opened the door.

“Uncle?” Albert shouted: “Uncle, are you still meow? Hurry up and open the door!”

Paramidis did not respond.

Ding dong. The doorbell was still ringing, and the people outside seemed to know that there was someone in the house from the movement in the house, so they didn’t retreat, and continued to ring the doorbell relentlessly.

“Is it Beidi? Let’s talk about it tomorrow!” Albert was too lazy to take care of it, and continued to take a hot bath comfortably. The people who will come to find Albert and the others at this time are basically the only ignorant guys like Bedivere—just ignore it.

Ding dong. Ding dong. Ding dong. The stubborn guy outside the door kept pressing the door, and Palamidis didn’t know what the **** he was doing, and he kept answering the door!

Albert was so annoyed, with blue veins appearing on his forehead, he shouted from the bathroom: “Okay! Wait a minute!!”

Ding dong. Ding dong. Ding dong. Amid a series of annoying bells like a reminder, Albert hurriedly wiped his body, put on a bathrobe and ran out the door: “You bastard! Press a few less and you’ll die meow?!”

When he angrily opened the door of the hotel and cursed at “Bediver” outside the door, there was another person in front of him. A mysterious man wearing a black robe and a half-covered mask.

However, this so-called “mystery man” is not mysterious. Albert instantly recognized who the man was from the lower half of his face.

“It’s you.” The tiger elongated his face: “What are you doing here, meow?”

“I’m not welcome?” Arthur sneered: “Well, I’m not here to find you, I’m here to find Palamides. Let me in.”

“Um… as you like.” Albert did not stop the King of Knights, and let Arthur walk into the messy, alcohol-smelling room. He hurried out of the bathroom to answer the door just now, and didn’t have time to check on the condition of Palamides. At this time, he followed Arthur into the living room, only to find that the Leopard Warrior was taking off only a pair of pants and lying on the ground. sleep. There was already a large pool of objects in rainbow-colored mosaics on the floor he was on.

“Wow.” Tiger couldn’t help covering his nose sadly, and the smell was really intoxicating.

“This guy can get drunk too?” King Arthur was very calm, kicking the drunk Leopard Man while questioning the tiger: “What did you do to him?”

“I didn’t even do anything!” Albert looked innocent: “He met his long-lost brother and was drinking outside. After drinking, he was so drunk when he came back.”

Arthur looked at the disheveled tiger who had just come out of the bathroom in a flimsy bathrobe: “Really?”

“Ow…really!” Albert said angrily, wrapping his bathrobe tighter, “I don’t have the hobby you think you are, you pervert!”

“But you have a strange smell on you.” Arthur looked at the tiger coldly.

Albert blushed: “That was before with Chanel… uh! Leave my personal affairs alone!!”

“**.” The icy gaze of the King of Knights shot out from under the mask, piercing straight at Albert like a sword, and the tiger looked at him with a chill from head to tail: “Anyway… deal with it first. Let’s take a look at this big cat. I’ll help him wash it, you come out on the ground on this beach…thing.”

Albert protested rightly: “You want me to clean this mess!? Why can’t I do it the other way around!”

“So, do you want to bathe the drunk uncle?” Arthur asked.

“…Okay, I’ll just clean up.” Albert suddenly felt like he was losing.

“Um… Phileos…” Ten minutes later, the drunk Palamidis was placed on the bed, rolling back and forth while talking in his sleep.

“Then.” Arthur opened all the windows of the room to let the smoky smell in the room dissipate as much as possible, and then he found a chair and sat down: “Looks like I’ll be interviewing Palamides tonight. It’s impossible. Although the order is a bit off, let me talk to you first.”

“Talk? What’s there to talk about?” Albert endured the huge nausea, cleaned up Paramedis’ vomit, and then took a breath and sat beside the bed. Sit down: “I have nothing to say to you.”

He and Arthur are simply incompatible existences, and their faces elongated at the same time as soon as they met. That’s right, he was almost killed by the King of Knights seven years ago, and the final battle between the Dark God Albert and King Arthur before the Wall of the World is still vivid in my mind. Regardless of who was right and who was wrong, Albert’s dislike of King Arthur couldn’t simply change.

“If I can, I don’t want to see you again.” King Arthur also disliked the tiger, or he was still wary of the tiger, fearing that Albert would one day turn into darkness again God: “But well, this is official business, let’s talk about it.”

“Official business?” Tiger narrowed his eyes, as if he knew the purpose of the King of Knights’ trip.

“[Round Table Knight Mutual Aid Program], you should have heard of it?” Sure enough, King Arthur brought this up to talk about it: “Every year at this stage of the exam, I will conduct a private interview with every qualified candidate. Listen to their wishes. If you do become Knights of the Round Table in the future, I should be prepared to help you realize your wishes.”

“I’ve heard of this too.” Albert pretended to understand: “So, you’re here to hear my wish, meow?”

Actually, Tiger just heard about it from Chanel a few days ago. Before that, he didn’t even know there was this [mutual aid plan], so he took part in the round table trial.

“Yes. Although it is someone like you—” Arthur glanced at the tiger with disdain in his eyes: “But tell me your wishes.”

“Any wish is fine?” Albert wiped his head with the towel hanging from his shoulders and dried the damp hair.

“Any wish is fine, but it doesn’t matter.”

“Nah… If I become the Knights of the Round Table, I hope you will use the power of the Knights of the Round Table to carry out a major cleaning of the Dawning Region, wipe out all the dangerous beasts in the wilderness, and return the orcs to a safe place. residence.”

“Yes. Yes.” Arthur thought for a moment: “Although it is more troublesome, it is indeed possible.”

The tiger froze for a moment.

“Is this your wish?” After observing the change in Albert’s expression, Arthur immediately stood up and prepared to leave, as if he didn’t want to stay any longer: “Goodbye then, hypocrite.”

“What did you say?” The last sentence of the King of Knights aroused Albert’s dissatisfaction: “What did you say just now?”

“I said you were a hypocrite. Am I right?” Arthur sneered at the tiger: “The wish you said was not the wish you really wanted. You don’t have any wish at all. Reached, just randomly made an excuse for yourself to move on. You said you wanted, but in fact you lacked everything; you said you cared, but in fact didn’t care about Your ending, I It can be foreseen—a guy like you who lacks motivation will not be able to become a knight of the round table after all.”

“I don’t have…”

“Then, don’t go around in circles and tell me!” Arthur stared at Albert and asked sternly: “What do you really want?”

Albert widened his icy blue cat eyes and fell silent for a while.

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